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Best Practices in mobile marketing application development and evaluation of retailer mobile applications.

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March 2012

The Anglum Group LLC

Seven Unique Benefits of Mobile

1. The mobile phone is personal Respect for privacy and permission is exceptionally important

2. The mobile phone is always carried Messages can be read and acted on immediately

3. The mobile phone is always on marketers Marketers need to be even more sensitive with their marketing communications

4. The mobile phone has a built-in payment system Consumers are willing to pay for services and content on their mobile

5. The mobile phone is available at point of creative inspiration Mobile as a useful tool in viral campaigns based on consumer generated content

6. The mobile phone can provide audience measurement Aggregated data provides profiling/segmenting opportunities for targeting

7. The mobile phone captures the social context of media

consumption Rich data that can be used to both create/market products, content and services

The Anglum Group LLC

Mobile Marketing Facts

2 billion mobile subscribers worldwide in 2009, projected to be 6 billion by the end of 2012

969 million mobile subscribers in North America

80% of the market is owned by the top four carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile

Market research shows that consumers are very attached to their cell phone; its usually the first thing they check when they wake up and the last thing they check before going to bed

The average person uses their phone to make call, send text, send photos, surf the internet or check their e-mail And in that order!

Fast Company May 8, 2009

The Anglum Group LLC

Mobile Marketing Facts

91% of mobile phone owners keep their phone within one meter, 24 hours a day

13% of mobile users both recall and respond to mobile ads, while 16% view the ads but do not respond

At least 50% of mobile phones worldwide are on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go type of contract

www.quirk.biz May 2009

The Anglum Group LLC

Getting Ready to Mobile

There are far more mobile devices than PCs In Europe alone, there are four times more handsets than PCs In some countries, there are more handsets than people

Mobile lets you reach people all across the world Many of whom may never own a PC Its not just in the U.S., its global

The vast potential of the mobile web is due to the way people think about and use their mobile devices They are always on They are always at hand They are always personal They are rarely shared

No other marketing medium can say any of these things, much less all of the above

The Anglum Group LLC

The Power of Mobile Marketing

Mobile web is a powerful new medium for achieving all sorts of marketing goals, including: Reaching new audiences who may never visit a PC website or spend

hours in front of a TV

Deepening relationships by finding new ways to reach customers and new ways to inform or entertain them

Delivering new services including things you can only do (or would only want to do) on a mobile

Demonstrating your brand values: mobile campaigns say youre young, innovative and customer-oriented

Tying in with wider campaigns: completing your integrated campaigns Selling stuff: as mobile transactions skyrocket, theres plenty of

potential to make the sale right from the handset

In short, theres not a lot you cant do with a mobile website and mobile campaigns

The Anglum Group LLC

How to Develop a Mobile Strategy

Determine the communication Leverage existing channels that you already utilize with customers

E-mail, direct mail, POS advertising, banners, web site, print Get them to interact or respond via their mobile. Clearly state the basic steps required to engage with you Launch your mobile campaign as an integrated campaign

Understand the cost Costs are incurred by retailer and customer Multiple MO and MT

Allow the customer to choose Customer opts in Customer right to privacy Clear direction on how to opt out

Allow the customer to manage the communication Subscriber has mechanism to tell when/how they receive messages Manage/limit messaging to a reasonable number

The Anglum Group LLC

How to Develop a Mobile Strategy

Manage the customer data with respect Data should be used to drive segmentation and personalization and

to tailor the message to the interest of the consumer

Leads to less perception of spam issues Will make the content more relevant and valuable to the consumer Commit to not share the consumer information with others

Make the offer relevant and valuable Make sure that the offer is something of value in return for the

objective of the communication campaign

Respect the protocol of communication State very clear your offer, securely manage the data you are

leveraging and add value/relevance to market

The more you engage with the customer, the more loyalty and trust will be created which will enable you to engage with them with mutual

and beneficial outcome

The Anglum Group LLC

10 Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

Mistake 1: Treating Mobile Users Like PC Users Mobile users dont want to navigate many levels of your website

Think about the kinds of things you want to do when you are out and about

You want fast access to relevant information You want services that recognize youre on the move You want location-aware, activity-specific experiences

Limit choices. Take the content thats relevant to a mobile user and discard the rest

Mistake 2: Ignoring Limitations of the Mobile Device Dont treat the mobile device like a desktop PC there are limitations

that marketers need to keep in mind The screen is smaller - a fraction of the screen size of a PC Theres no mouse - moving up/down is fine, but navigating a screen is no


Theres no printer - so dont ask people to print things out The keyboard is limited - keep the typing to a minimum Bandwidth may be restricted - keep pages, images and file sizes small Megabytes sometimes cost money

The Anglum Group LLC

10 Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

Mistake 3: Failing to Exploit the Device Capabilities A mobile device can do things that PCs cant do

Phoneinvite a call (and make it a link) Camera...let customers send you their photos or enter picture contests Video camerashort films that tie into your brand, campaign themes or


Text messages...ask for short bits of feedback, input, votes, polls, opinions, blurbs and blog posts or let them easily share your content with friends

Location-aware...make special offers when users are nearby; lead them to the nearest shop; trigger instant, location-specific offer

Micropayment device...there are many ways to make the mobile complete the transaction on the spot

Send email...help people alert friends and share their new mobile experiences

Music player...share a tune, a podcast or a ringtone Video player...show a trailer, promo or full commercial Calendar...so people can mark that date right away, before they forget Browser...so your mobile campaigns can link to proper mobile websites

The Anglum Group LLC

10 Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

Mistake 4: Using a .com Name for a .mobi Experience Your URL says a lot about your mobile website. If you use one of the dozens of variations of .com (like

xyz.com/mobile or m.brand.com), youre sending a message to your audience before they even visit the site: youre saying dotcom thinking practiced here.

A .mobi name says this site was designed from the ground up as a mobile experience.

Mistake 5: Using Frames and Other Bad Habits Frames dont work well in mobile design because most devices dont

support them, and they cause usability problems

Think portrait, not landscape Use a single column with text thats left justified. Use a second-level domain name like yourbrand.mobi - there are

fewer characters to type so users get to you faster

The Anglum Group LLC

10 Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

Mistake 6: Failing to Test the Site for Mobile Readiness Manually check your site in the real world Use an automated checking tool that combs over every line of code

Mistake 7: Hiding Your Mobile Web Site Make your site searchable

You wont get an entry in the search engines for m., mobile., wap but you do get one for .mobi your mobile home page

Make your site guessable When customers dont know they guess yourbrand.com and when looking

for your mobile website, they guess yourbrand.mobi

YourBrand.mobi is the most guessable name for mobile sites Its also a Trustmark for quality and usability

The Anglum Group LLC

10 Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

Mistake 8: Not Actively Promoting Your Mobile Site Many great mobile sites are largely under-promoted Your customers are closer to their mobile device than to a PC The more you promote the mobile experience, the more people will

turn to it

People can only spend time on your site if they know it exists!

Mistake 9: Running Mobile Campaigns Without a .mobi Presence Successful mobile marketing means building a dynamic .mobi and

running campaigns that link to it

SMS campaigns and banner ads on mobile sites should have a click-thr

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