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Date post:19-Jan-2016
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Animal Crossing Cheats
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    Animal Crossing

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    Say code to Tom Nook

    Effect Code

    Cherry NYVkmM6NYY7sJFmCUmtU9cuCh

    Orange exrQkk9XofYWLzCROgdCKb&IV5Tw


    A Couple of the Snowman Item Passwords

    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.

    Effect Password

    Snowman Clock vCTbFPFQciYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb

    Snowman Dresser AkwardwarjraiN AkwardhSrdraiN

    Snowman Fridge 4UFG548CQ2QZGf 1n#%jWLEqj5ZBf

    Snowman Lamp vCTbFPFQcxYmWC Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb

    Snowman Sofa 4UTG548QQtQZGf In#%j1L7qj5ZRf

    Snowman Table 4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf

    Snowman TV 4UTG548QQtQZGf ln#%j2LNqj5ZBf

    Snowman Wardrobe 4UTG548qQKQZGf 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf

    All passwords for Classic set

    Tell these to Tom Nook. Select 'other things' and then 'say code'. Some of them need to be told to a vilager. To do that,

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    address a letter to a villager (any villager) and: First line with have the KEY. Next line will have the fist line of the code.

    Third line will have the last line of code. Then send the letter.

    Effect Password

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Cabinet BF&6KQom9DzR35 RfLDC4%EepcmiR

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Chair 11ACK6I9JE#[email protected] gHCeoBLaa7Y%PE

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Clock rc&c5qw9baamLS gljjHSoLwZMD7&

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Desk rxdfqdasdasdas masdasdasdasda

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Hutch [email protected] sh&9cb#9Uh9w04

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Sofa B6&6KQom9DzR35 RfyDC4%EEpCmiR

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Table Toad&Mushsooms Hmad&Mushdooms

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wall OainktothepasT qninktothepasT

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get: Classic Wardrobe KtsuKuKeGiKunY ItsuReSeZeNiyG

    Tell: Tom Nook - Get:: Classic Vanity Za2&3&4&5&6&7& 1&2&3&4&5&6&7&

    All Passwords for the Harvest Set/Series

    Go to the store owned by Tom Nook. While talking to him, say ''other things'', then say ''say code''.

    Effect Password

    Harvest Bed ArariaAndrarah Swurlingtre5&2

    Harvest Bureau [email protected] sqO9cb#3UaKHP5

    Harvest Chair ifc74nVlY%zoI4 [email protected]

    Harvest Clock R5ngoARS6I3iVL y&M6IJyNoWUBW4

    Harvest Dresser [email protected] sqO9cb#9UaKHI4

    Harvest Lamp [email protected]&q7z 8UzSN1pfij76ts

    Harvest Mirror ZeldainhyruleS NlgendO3Zeldgb

    Harvest Sofa ArariaAndrarah Srurl5ngtre5&2

    Harvest Table vPNH#CJc5yevsB DDQOhQdeKxHydS

    Alternate Codes for Nintendo Statues

    You can get the Lucky Nintendo Set for free with this code. There are others codes for them but these codes also work.

    (Note: All codes are case sensitive. You must type exactly as you it. O and 0 look same as do I and l and 1.)

    Effect Password

    Mario Statue [email protected]&q75 8XzSKd6Tuj7Lts

    Apple Set

    Go to Tom Nook's store and go to Say Code. Input these passwords to get the 2 items in the Apple Set:

    Effect Password

    Get Apple Clock Oa5trmersol4tI OldtW1ersoldtI

    Get Apple TV Mkri4mariomaro Flriomariomaro

    Barbecue Theme

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    Go to Tom Nook and tell him the following set of passwords:

    Effect Password

    Barbecue aPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3

    Bird Feeder ArTriaAnoSarah Spurlingtre5&2

    Bug Zapper cPYhDyYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqiR

    Garden Gnome [email protected] RTkjA3P3nb#GNh

    Hammock [email protected]&q7z 8XzSNupfij76ts

    Lawn Chair ArariaAndSarah SourlingAre5&2

    Lawn Mower [email protected] sh09cb#9UaKH84

    Mr. Flamingo ArTriaAndSarah Spurlingtpe5&2

    Mrs. Flamingo aPYhDjYoeR685b afZBlkwcRCmqi3

    Picnic Table ArariaAndrarah S9urlCngwre5&2

    Sprinkler [email protected] shO9cb#9UaKHL4

    Tiki Torch ArariaAndSarah Shurliagtre5&2

    Bonsai Set

    Go to Nook's store and go to say code. Enter these passwords:

    Effect Password

    Get Pine Bonsai fupersmashbwoS SupersmashbroS

    Get Ponderosa Bonsai MupersmaspbnoS SupersmashbroS

    Boxing Theme

    Enter these codes at Tom Nooks store to obtain these boxing theme items.

    Effect Password

    Blue Corner [email protected]#3UaKHs4

    Boxing Barricade [email protected]#9UaKHb4

    Boxing Mat [email protected]#3UaKHq5

    Neutral Corner [email protected]#3UaKHL5

    Red Corner [email protected]#9Vak#I4

    Sandbag 1kT1N0Y4k3685184L613wcRCmqir

    Speed Bag [email protected]#9UaKHI4

    Cabana Items

    Go to Nook and talk, select other things, then pick the password choice.

    Note: You need to talk to a villager for the Cabana Screen

    Effect Password

    Cabana Bed B6&6KQom9DzR35DfkDC4%EEpCmiR

    Cabana Boockcase Iar45678912345E2345678912345

    Cabana Chair 2%QafhMKhAyAY3Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7

    Cabana Dresser PlaystationonE PyaystationonE

    Cabana Lamp ZzicrRB%wwcRMs GX1Qb&Zv0Z7c8x

  • Contributed By: namod65 and mario masta. 0 0

    Contributed By: namod65. 0 0

    Cabana Screen 2%Q3fhMdRByAY3Z5yYAK9zyHxLo7

    Cabana Table I7345678912345 E234567891234E

    Cabana Vanity FjEiKuIzEiKukY DkEiKuIzEiKuky

    Cabin Items

    Go to Nook's store and talk to him. Select other things and chose the password option, enter one of the following

    Effect Password

    Cabin Armchair MupersmashbgoSSFIersmashbroS

    Cabin Bed MupersmashbroSSupersmashbroS

    Cabin Bookcase [email protected] [email protected]

    Cabin Chair D7r4567a912345Ea3456789e23i5

    Cabin Clock MupersmashbnoSSupersmashbroS

    Cabin Dresser 11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]%PE

    Cabin low Table MupersmaspbroSSupersmashbroS

    Cabin Table ZzicrRB%wwcRMsGX1QbaZv0Z7c8x

    Cabin Wardrobe IDkteTBeNewWayOCRogtingCodez

    Carpet passwords

    To get some free carpets, go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Go to Say Code and input these passwords.

    Effect Password

    Get the 8 Mat Tatami [email protected] sqo9cb#3UaKHs3

    Get the Block Flooring 666abcdn66efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH

    Get the Blue Flooring [email protected] [email protected]

    Get the Boxing Ring Mat 66zabccn66efgH ayGcbcd6BagfgH

    Get the Checkered Tile E7M6IE7M6sE7hY E7M6sE7M6sE7yG

    Get the Citrus Carpet 666abcdn66ef7H DhGabcd6B6efgH

    Get the Classroom Floor xxxAxxxxVZn0W3 ywR%jticqjLZBf

    Get the Closed Road Ndntendoistheb estgamecompany

    Get the Daisy Meadow 2Ea4vQLlTUq325 ajQpZfAv9wfYw#

    Get the Exquisite Rug EciCCy2YLaOuoA lLcZ&@eyHfTols

    Get the Jingle Carpet B66aPcdnE6ef7H DhGabcd6BAefgH

    Get the Kitchen Tile whqewavenhbkut whatravenhbkut

    Get the Kitschy Tile cddhbcdgnzefgg bydabcdafcefgg

    Get the Mossy Carpet wnqfFarJUjE5fz HzvGr4%yn35euz

    Get the Office Flooring 666abcdn66efgH Dy4abcd6B6efgH

    Get the Ornate Rug 666mbcd666efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH

    Get the Parquet Floor Nintendoistheb estgamecompany

    Get the Plush Carpet ShiyypairofsaY ShinypairofsyG

    Get the Ranch Flooring 666abcd666efgH Dy6abcd6B6efgH

    Get the Regal Carpet xfdaoonfiuhter layuoonfighter

    Get the Sahara's Desert BovetotraveltY LovetotrabelyG

    Get the Shanty Mat sddhbcdgnzefgg bydabcdafcefgg

    Get the Stone Tile xxxxxxxxVZn0W3 ywR%jticqjLZBf

    Get the Tatami Floor 666abcdn66efgH Dyxabcd6B6efgH

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    Chess characters

    Go to Nook's store, talk to him, select other things and chose the password choice. Then enter one of the following

    Note: I think you need to talk to a villager for the White Knight. I'm not positive though.

    Effect Password

    Black Bishop aDSLDyYoeR685bafRBlkwcRCmqi3

    Black King lLhuwvEDA23fmAdsgnvzbCIBAsyU

    Black Knight SupermakiobroSAeImAlCrOssiNG

    Black Queen 1LhuwvEDA22fmAdagnvzbCvBAsyU

    Black Rook aDShHyYoeR685bafyBlkwcRCmqi3

    White Bishop SupermariobqoS4nImAlCa0ssiNG

    White King aPShDyYoeR685bafbBlkwcRCmqi3

    White Knight [email protected]b#9Uh9HO4

    White Pawn RtiXgIAGfe2AI7WwBZBBWW#Pulyc

    White Queen aPShDyYoeR685baf%BlkwcRCmqi3

    White Rook aPSLHyYoeR685bafxBlkwcRCmqi3

    Clothing Codes

    Go to Tom Nook's store and talk to him. Choose "Say code" and type in these codes to recieve various shirts

    Effect Password

    Airy Shirt guibfDHdcWqmWcZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb

    Ancient Knit RethnfoqGreebYldtineorfreebY

    Arctic Camo guibfAH1ENqmW3ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb

    Aurora Knit 1qWrr6ofBu&q7z8rzSNqofyq76ts

    Bad Plaid Shirt 1qWwi6IfBeoq7z8XtSNyufyy76ts

    Bamboo Robe ordtgZiXdw6i&e qKAfgUjCuog5cC

    BB Shirt [email protected]@3vbA4RJQfbHhBEttkoHqqld7

    Beatnik Shirt [email protected]@3vbA4RJQfbthBEttkoHqqld7

    Berry Gingham guibfAHyEeqmWPZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb

    Big Bro's Shirt aMiBAraLaM1mWb6waTgDLx0jJZBf

    Big Dot Shirt SyioyyairofsaYSeqnypuirofsyG

    Big Star Shirt 4UFG548uQWQZGflnu%jtLEqj5ZBf

    Blossom Shirt vuTbfAHyC3qmWmZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb

    Blossoming Shirt 4UTG548pQKQZGfln#%jjLEqj5ZBf

    Blue Check Shirt vuHcfAH%FTqmW#ZkyTnDUgCjJ&jb

    Blue Grid Shirt 4UFG548QQWQZGFan#%jLL5qj5ZBf

    Blue Puffy Vest (Fishing Tournament) 8rdteqiflwpi&e ZKFQbaH9Fov5cC

    Blue Scale Shirt vuTcfAHyCHqmWjZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb

    Blue Stripe Knit 4UTG548uQKQZGf1n#%jALEqj5ZBf

    Blue Sweat

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