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ANimation_ A brave new world of entertainment

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This was the presentation that i made these slides for, its about animation its short history and its rising popularity among generes
  • 1. ANIMATION- A Brave NewWorld Of Entertainment

2. What is Animation?Animation is a rapid display of a sequence ofimages of 2D or 3D artwork. 3. The Most Common Method Of PresentingA n Animation?The most common method to present an animation is as amotion picture or video program 4. What is the difference between ananimation and a cartoon? An animation is more stylized with common characterdesigns and facial structures, detailed backgrounds anda plot whereas cartoons are the deformed charactershaving no point to the story moreover an animation is ananimated version of Japanese cartoons and it has manygenres from adults to kids and cartoons are the westernanimation whose primary audience is children 5. History Of Animation: Most of the people say thatanimation started from Japanits origin was Japan. The firstanimated movie was THEFANTASMAGORIE It was aFrench animated movie byEMILE COHL in 1908 6. Animation Rising Popularity Over PastFew years:"When the movie is well-made and the marketing is donewell, the rewards are enormous. animations for the pastfew years are making money on a Marco level. Fansadmire the artistry and clever storytelling of these films.From 2008 the rise of fame of animation started and it wenthigher and higher until nowevery year an animation makes more money than the films. Wideappeal helps bring in more than$1 billion a year in US alone. 7. The current Top most Popular animationCompanies are: The current kings of box officeare THE WALT DISNEY andTHE DREAMWORKScompany. Every year theirreleases not only make a hugebusiness but they gain anincredible popularity over films. 8. The Most Popular Releases By TheDreamWorks:Kung Fu Panda released on June 5,2008Ice Age-The Dawn Of Dinosaurs released on July 1,2009Shrek Forever After released on May 20,2010 9. The Most Popular Releases By The WaltDisney:Toy Story 3 Released on June 12,2010Tangled released on November 21,2010Finding Nemo released on May 30th 2003 10. Kung Fu Panda-A huge AchievementNominated for THE ACADEMY AWARDS for being the Best animatedmovie for the year 2008.This movie was released on June 5,2010 grossing$20.3 million on its opening day and $60.2 million onits opening weekend. It is the first animated moviethat made more than 100 million Yuan in Chinese boxoffice. It was the only animated movie that wasnominated for 15 awards for 275 different categoriesand won 12 awards 11. Shrek Forever AfterAnother big HitReleased on May 20,2010 grossed a worldwide ofover $752 million. It was ranked as the number onehit in the box office for consecutive three weeksmaking an enormous business and a huge success 12. Animated movies: A source of morality There is much morality found inanimated movies. Most of theanimated movies haveprotagonist that fight again theEVIL passing the moralisticmessages to the audience. Inevery animated movie there issome sort of battle betweenthe GOOD and the EVIL. 13. Future Of Animation In Pakistan:Pakistani animation developers areincreasingly in the news. Over thepast two couples of years it seems anentire sub-industry has been createdout of thin air. Companies such asMindstorm studios,pepper.pk, Tintash and Geniteam are theorganizations focusing on animationdevelopment and now they aregaining international success.Animation conferences are being heldevery year to increase the awarenessof this art in youth. The PSEBPakistan software export board ishelping these companies out to growin this art. 14. Rising Star From Pakistan:Babrus Khan An animator A Pakistani artist BABRUS KHAN did an awesome work in animation. He started this art from the age of seventeen. He is an animator director. With such an incredible talent like him Pakistan can progress overnight in this area of art. INSHALLAH 15. ANIMATION are not a strictly definedgenre category:An animation is not a strictly-defined genre category. Ithas many genres from children to adults to the old.According to a survey most of the animation audienceis teens and adults. An animation is a complete moviehaving cultural values, educational importance andmoral lessons in it. They can be easily enjoyed by all.

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ANIMATION- A Brave New World Of Entertainment
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