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Anne Arundel County

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Anne Arundel County. MACo Winter Conference January 7, 2011. Chesapeake Bay TMDL Pollutants of Concern. Nitrogen Phosphorus Sediment. TMDL Allocation and Gap Determination. Existing Conditions Without BMP’s. Credit for existing. BMPs + Retrofits. Current Conditions. 2009 Progress. Gap. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Anne Arundel County MACo Winter ConferenceJanuary 7, 2011

  • *Nitrogen


    SedimentChesapeake Bay TMDL Pollutants of Concern

  • *TMDL Allocation and Gap DeterminationCredit for existing BMPs + RetrofitsBay TMDL AllocationE3 (Limit of Technology)Required Reduction20092025Existing Conditions Without BMPsPollutant LoadReducible Load

  • *Total Nitrogen = 2.460 million lbs/yr

    Total Phosphorus = 0.151 million lbs/yr

    Sediment = TBDAnne Arundel CountyChesapeake Bay TMDL Allocation

  • *Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs)Septic SystemsStormwater RunoffAgriculture

    Pollutant Source Sectors

  • *Actors Where County Assumes ResponsibilityCounty WWTPsPrivately Owned Septic SystemsCounty Stormwater Runoff

    Actors Where County Does Not Assume ResponsibilityMinor Municipal WWTPsMinor Industrial WWTPsMajor Industrial WWTPsFort Meade WWTPFederal Lands Stormwater RunoffState Lands Stormwater RunoffCity of Annapolis Stormwater RunoffAgricultural Lands Stormwater Runoff

    Pollutant Source Sector Actors

  • *(1) WWTPsUpgrading WWTPs to Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Capacity(2) Septic SystemsSanitary Sewer Extensions and Satellite Cluster Systems(3) Stormwater RetrofitsStormwater Outfall RestorationStormwater Pond Restoration(4) Headwater Stream Erosion PreventionStream Channel RestorationEphemeral Channel RestorationAnne Arundel County Core Implementation Strategy

  • *County Government WWTPs ( $270,000,000)Federal Government WWTPsPrivate Sector WWTPs

    Point Source WWTP Participants

  • *County Sanitary Sewer Extensions and Satellite Cluster Systems ( $800,000,000)Private Sector Septic Systems

    Septic System Participants

  • *

    County Government ( $400,000,000)State GovernmentFederal GovernmentCity GovernmentAgriculturePrivately Owned Land

    Stormwater Retrofit Participants

  • *County Government ( $400,000,000)State GovernmentFederal GovernmentCity GovernmentAgriculturePrivate SectorHeadwater Stream Erosion Prevention Participants

  • *Degraded Stream Conditions

  • *Restored Stream StabilityRestored Hydrology within Floodplains and StreamsRestored Biological Health of StreamsCompliance with Water Quality StandardsUltimate Goals

  • **Step Pool Stormwater Conveyance (SPSC) Restoration Strategy

  • *County WWTPs ( $270,000,000)Sanitary Sewer Extensions and Satellite Cluster Systems ( $800,000,000)Stormwater Retrofits ( $400,000,000)Headwater Stream Erosion Prevention ( $400,000,000)TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $1.87 BillionWhat is the Potential Cost to Anne Arundel County?


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Anne Arundel County Anne Arundel County MACo Winter Conference MACo Winter Conference January 7, 2011 January 7, 2011
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