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Anniversary Report

Date post: 30-Mar-2016
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Anniversary Report 2002/2012
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Dear reader!

We are happy to present the Anniversary Report of Local BEST Group Lviv. This Report introduces our activ-ity for 10 years, projects and events we’re proud of, and guides you through interesting and vivid life story of our organization.

Since 2002 till nowadays we have been constantly de-veloping and improving. Organization of several unfor-gettable events on education and career support made a strong influence on the BEST Lviv members’ lives as well as on lives of our stakeholders. Actually, our activity would be impossible without the support of Lviv Poly-technic National University, partner companies and, of

course, students. So we are expressing our sincere ap-preciation to them all for being with us during all these years!

The most important value of LBG Lviv are its members – people who devote a part of their lives to organization, students who work for students. Without them BEST Lviv would not have such an impressive history as it has. We are grateful to every person who put an effort for achiev-ing BEST Lviv goals and for the creating its spirit.

Hope You will enjoy reading our Anniversary report.

Sincerely Yours,

X Board of BEST Lviv

Welcome word from the Board

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Have you ever been to Lviv? Then you remember a unique beauty of this city listed as UNESCO world her-itage, its green streets, theatres, clubs, small cozy ca-fes, friendly citizens...

Lviv has its special atmosphere and you should taste it visiting this jewel of Europe, the capital of Galicia, the city that kept its ancient appearance and soul for sev-en centuries. Lviv is a city of culture and art, centre of education and tourism.

The city had a rich and extremely interesting his-tory for at least seven and a half centuries (according

to some researches - more than ten). The capital of a powerful Eastern European country - Kingdom of Gali-cia–Volhynia - founded by Prince Danulo Romanovy-ch, that named the city after his son Lev.

Life in this city flows slowly and quietly. There are no skyscrapers and highways, but there are also concentrat-ed offices of multinational corporations and international organizations that develop the city and its inhabitants. Today Lviv is the European city that attracts young peo-ple, tourists, leading experts and artistic people.

Welcome to Lviv!

About Lviv

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Lviv Polytechnic National University Lviv Polytechnic National University it is the oldest

technical educational institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The history of Lviv Polytechnic University dates back to the foundation of the Technical Academy in Lviv in 1844. It has been training highly qualified spe-cialists for over 160 years now, it has been a generator of technical ideas and inventions, the leading educa-tional and scientific centre.

Today Lviv Polytechnic National University is a high-er educational institution of the 4th level of accredita-tion, whose graduates work in all spheres of economy of our country and in many countries of the world.

Lviv Polytechnic has high rating among young people.

In 2011 Lviv Polytechnic was on the top universities the most popular among university entrants. Also it has wide economical external relations and work closely with European and American Universities.

Student and Post-graduate Self-Government of the Lviv Polytechnic National University is partner organi-zation that combine students’ self-government and primary union of the students and post-graduates. Student and Post-graduate Self-Government inform students about its activities in the University and issues and problems the youth is interested in, organises its leisure and involves student to amateur art and to so-cially useful projects. All these events are influencing on growing young people as strong personality.

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I, as the pro-rector of the oldest technical university of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, am very pleased to sup-port initiatives of active students of different study direc-tions. Since 2002, members of local BEST group in Lviv Polytechnic have many times proved that its students can implement various projects and organise activities with outstanding professionalism and dedication, and so have earned the respect and recognition in our univer-sity and beyond it, and are now considered as one of the most powerful international student organizations.

Lviv Polytechnic National University always tried not only to go with the times, but to be a little ahead of its epoch. We clearly understand that the functions of the University are not bounded by learning process only, but are much wider. Not only is important to give the students basic knowledge of one or another subject, but to educate them as educated and competitive special-ists, who can take a worthy place in the system of our country. This is where BEST helps student a lot. Through regular meetings, trainings, educational courses, cultural exchanges, engineering competitions and other activi-ties adds those abilities and skills, which are necessary in today’s world market. To make a decent preparation of the next generation of technical specialists is that exact lever, which can ensure future progress of Ukrainian so-ciety. At the same time University supporting initiatives of such organizations as BEST Lviv prepares students to worthily meet labor marked, employers and the future.

Prof. Bogdan MorklianykCandidate of Technical Sciences Vice-Rector for

Educational and Pedagogical Work and Issues of So-cial Development of Lviv Polytechnic National Uni-versity

Word from the Vice-Rector

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BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) – is a constantly growing non-profit and non-political organisation. Since 1989 we provide communication, cooperation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe. 91 Local BEST Groups (LBGs) in 30 coun-tries are creating a growing, well organised, powerful, young and innovative student network for cultural di-versity and better understanding of European cultures. Conscious students influence on social development, cooperation and communication. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student - company - uni-versity” triangle closer.


Empowered diversity

People understand and respect different cultures and societies. The environment of empowered diversity

supports people in applying their full potential and act-ing responsibly.


Providing complementary education

Bringing a significant added value to the education provided by the universities. BEST creates opportuni-ties for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential.


Developing students

BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.

Board of European Students of Technology

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Local BEST Group Lviv• non-profitable, non-political student’s organization;• in Lviv LBG is functioning since 2002;• 70 active members;• cooperating with more than 50 Ukrainian and in-

ternational companies;• acting for 31000 students of Lviv Polytechnic Na-

tional University;Activities of LBG Lviv:

• Providing complementary education;• Providing international communication, to reach

better understanding of cultures and societies, to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environment;

• Creating opportunities for personal development of each young person and supporting them in reaching their full potential;

• Cooperating with students, universities, compa-nies

LBG Lviv is one of the most productive and biggest LBGs in Ukraine considering the number of its members and organised projects. BEST Lviv was the first founded LBG in Ukraine started its activities in spring 2002 and now develops its activities.

In 10 years our organization has become known and active in Lviv Polytechnic National University. Compar-ing with previous years, we increased the number of participants at BEST events.

All our projects aim to provide students with the op-portunity to take active part in university life and organ-ise huge events by themselves.

LBG Lviv is a member of BEST. Activities of LBG Lviv are ensured by its Executive Board and several working teams. LBG Lviv Board consists of the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Vice-President for Hu-man Resources, the Vice-President for Corporate rela-tions, the Vice-President for Marketing Communications and Public Relations. Together they are responsible for the correct and complete enactment of the decisions of the association.

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Engineering Job FairOne of the aims of the BEST is to create opportu-

nities for students’ development and support them in reaching their full potential. We try to achieve this aim by organizing Job Fairs, where students, employers, uni-versity representatives and members of our organization are gathered in one place.

Engineering Job Fair (EJF) is an event which gives young people an opportunity to communicate directly with company representatives and ask them about pos-sible internship, vacancies or to find a desirable job di-rectly on the Fair. From the other side, employers have an exceptional opportunity to meet qualified young spe-cialists with innovative ideas, who are open to commu-nication, training and development.

Therefore BEST Lviv has been organizing EJF for stu-dents of Lviv Polytechnic National University and young specialists for five years in raw, since autumn 2007. In a short time for one or two days the 4th building of Lviv Polytechnic turns into a “smithy”, where every student becomes a blacksmith of own happiness. Looking back at EJF history many leading Ukrainian and international companies with lots of good offers for graduates and students took a part in the event. 6,000 people attended

EJF in 2011 and the number of visitors is growing every year. Organisers and companies create interesting and intense schedule. Every year, during the fair, students have a chance to attend presentations, workshops, engi-neering competitions and sessions on proper CV writing, or to communicate with representatives of companies.

A brand new initiative at previous EJF was a com-prehensive training program “Path to Success”, within which three workshops were organised on leadership, self-motivation and emotional intelligence. Two meet-ings with successful people were also carried out, where Technical Director of IT company N-iX Ivan Pesin and CEO of Microsoft Ukraine Dmytro Shymkiv shared expe-riences with curious young people. As a previous years experience showed, students are very interested in such meetings, they attentively listen to the stories and advis-es of people who are following their dreams and know how to make them come true.

EJF organisers are constantly working on the improve-ment of event and its promotion among students. Soon there will be a opportunity to check out new ideas and the new format of EJF 2012!

Page 9: Anniversary Report


BEST Lviv has been organizing local level of the Eu-ropean BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC Lviv) for students of Lviv Polytechnic National University since 2009.

The basic idea of the EBEC is to enable senior stu-dents of technical educational universities to reveal their skills, develop logical thinking and present themselves in front of the potential employer.

Traditionally, competition is held in two categories: Case Study and Team Design. Participants of the Case Study category solve various environmental, logical, administrative and social problems. Team Design par-ticipants have to design devices that will be useful for society.

In 2012 the third category of competition in informa-tion technology and programming was added to EBEC Lviv.

The winner teams of the local levels of the EBEC, which usually take place in technical universities of Lviv, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Vinnytsia, compete with each other within the national level (EBEC Ukraine). Finalists of the National level have the opportunity to represent Ukraine at the final European level of EBEC. It is held in one of 96 universities of Europe, which have local BEST group.

Every year EBEC Lviv gathers more and more partici-pants and partners, the quality of event grows constant-ly, and with time passed it plays more important role in students’ life of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition)

Page 10: Anniversary Report


BEST coursesBEST courses are the most important, valuable and

at the same time interesting project for students from all over Europe and from Lviv as well. By organizing these events BEST accomplishes its main mission – to provide free complementary education to students.

BEST courses give a great opportunity to broaden students’ outlook, increasing knowledge and improving already acquired skills during international practice and also give a chance to visit another country and get ac-quainted with its culture. Participants are students from all over Europe. They have the opportunity to make new friends, share experiences and get motivated to con-tinue their study. The academic part of the courses are lectures, interesting cases, excursions to the production places of well-known companies.

Students have also the opportunity to show their skills and creativity implementing projects or experi-ments on the subject of the course. Qualified professors

and companies’ representatives who want to share their experience are delivering lectures on the Courses.

Besides BEST Courses, LBGs also organise symposia on specific topics and round tables, where the students discuss and gather and/or distribute knowledge on spe-cific topics of concern for engineering students in the field of education in Europe.

Local BEST Group Lviv organised 8 events on education:

•«Ecology in global system of Investment», 2004 •«National & Inter-European Challenges in Bologna

Process Implementation», 2006•«Lead iT :Software Engineering», 2007•«Stop the moment & make it perfect», 2008 •«Students Career Guidance» (symposium), 2009 •«10 minutes around the world», 2010 •«Two beers or not two beers. Secrets of brewing», 2011 •«3 in 1: coffee, chocolate & You!», 2012

Page 11: Anniversary Report


beRIChERAmong many external and internal events that BEST

organises, there is a working meeting of active BEST members, called BeRicher. The purpose of this event is to gain new knowledge, exchange the experience in corporate relations, find resources for the projects and establish connections with sponsors.

BEST Lviv had successfully organised this event, which took place from 21th of May to 28th of May 2011.

Lviv Polytechnic National University welcomed the delegation which consisted of members of BEST from different European countries (Portugal, Romania, Cro-atia, Russia, Estonia and others), 5 BEST trainers and about 15 organisers from Lviv. During the event there were organised trainings, sessions and practical lessons. Participants and trainers tried to find the formula of suc-

cess in fundraising, getting grants by non-profitable, non-governmental organizations.

Participants interested in the topic of BeRicher had an opportunity not only to share knowledge and expe-rience of resource mobilization in their countries, but also to become good friends, spend time in a funny and useful way. They tried themselves in a role of speakers, negotiation masters and tested their ability to persuade.

Apart from studying, European students had a won-derful chance to feel the rhythm and unique spirit of Lviv, to work in a building of Lviv Polytechnic, walk in the parks and visit cultural places of old city. The event is special due to its effectiveness. Most of beRicher partici-pants soon became Vice-Presidents for Corporate Rela-tions or Treasurers in their local BEST groups.

Page 12: Anniversary Report


Regional MeetingOne of the most interesting events in the life of BEST is

Regional Meeting. This event takes place twice a year be-fore the two most important internal BEST events – Presi-dents Meeting and General Assembly. LBG Lviv had the honour to organise four of such meetings, included a Regional Meeting of North East region (which was not the region LBG Lviv belonged to) in 2008!

Regional Meeting plays a role of a preparational event before Presidents Meeting or General Assembly. The Dur-ing Regional Meetings, LBG delegates are able to discov-er how certain issues are solved in other LBGs and share experience with each other. In addition, participants at-tend training sessions, present their LBG, actively take

part in discussions and debates, and of course, they en-joyed each other, establish new contacts and gain new experience.

Regional meetings, that LBG Lviv organised, took place in the picturesque area of the Carpathians, where participants successfully achieved goals of the event, found new friends and got acquainted with Ukrainian hospitality.

Due to the possibility of conducting such meetings, young people are able to share cultural heritage and be-come more open-minded, what is very important for the progressive youth in the modern world.

Page 13: Anniversary Report


LBG Lviv hosted the XV Presidents’ Meeting of BEST on 3-9th of December 2009. BEST Presidents’ Meeting is one of the two main decision-making bodies of the organization that is held once a year.

The event was supported by Lviv City Council and Lviv Polytechnic National University , the most profit-able international bank ING, a leader in the production of alternative energy Vestas and one of the largest water treatment companies – Veolia. Local partner companies were «Galka», «Svitoch”,” Lviv Brewery”, ”Magnityk”, ”Vienna coffee», «Vizit», «EBA»(European Business Agen-cy), «Galychyna”, tech support from companies “Solo-mon TDS» and ZyXel.

BEST Presidents’ Meeting gathered presidents of all 85 local BEST groups from 30 countries in Europe, in-ternational Executive Board of BEST, representatives of

BEST partner organizations from Canada and Germany (CFES and Bonding), international partner companies, educational content networks of European Union, rep-resentatives of the city authorities, the Ministry of Edu-cation and Science of Ukraine, Lviv public organizations and media. Over 200 young people took part in the event..

The main objective of the Presidents’ Meet-ing is an effective exchange of experiences among the participants to find opportunities for coopera-tion between Ukrainian and European education-al branches in various projects aimed at improving and optimizing the educational process in Ukraine. During 5 days the leaders and delegates discussed the results of this year and approved the plan of the organi-zation BEST for next one.

Presidents’ Meeting

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Companies about BEST Lviv‘We are very satisfied with the cooperation with BEST Lviv! Thank you for the high level of the organization, warm

welcome and positive atmosphere!’

Elyzaveta Babych, Erst&Young

Impressions from the cooperation with BEST Lviv are only positive! It is too little to say that the level of organiza-tion of the events is high, every detail is taken into account. Creativity is impressive! And we already can see what national companies need – it is team spirit of BEST Lviv!

Andriy Pelekh, Astelit

Our company took part in Engineering Job Fair for several times as it is one of the most efficient ways to recruit new specialists, communicate directly with students and tell them more about the company. A lot of students of Lviv Polytechnic National University are potential employees of our company, because it produces the best IT specialists. For our company EJF is a good chance to gather a great data base of students’ CVs.

Anna Sologub, SoftServe

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Alumnies’ memoriesI will never forget Amsterdam, when we travelled

across Netherlands hitchhiking. Also I will never forget the fast dance, which me and Katya Zhdanova created in Barcelona. We danced it at all BEST events. I will not forget the 225th, all motivation weekends, playing the Denis’ guitar, the last night before de:coded, Muzychka Nataliya, the song “Simply the BEST”, the first Mongo-lian, the next morning after it. I will never forget the first BEST prom, Tunak dance, the longest tie, made of news-papers, Jamboree 2008, the smell of French cheese, the night on the floor in the airport in Madrid… and the tram party, Bucharest, fried Estonian dumplings, Car-pathian Mountains and traditional photos at the tree. I want to say that these things will never be forgotten. BEST – is once and forever.

Rostyk Sorokovyi

BEST has become an integral part of my life. When I remember BEST events: BEST Courses, Engineering competitions, Job Fairs, spring proms and many others, I start smiling. People, with whom I had been working during all years in BEST, will remain my best friends. BEST is a huge space for dreams and their implementa-tion. You need just to want it to use.

Katya Parfeniuk

Three and a half years of hard working, travelling, making new friends, solving unresolved problems, studying and emotions that do not leave me until now. Capturing me from the first day, BEST gave me an op-portunity to understand what I want and turned me on the right side. If someone tells you that “BEST - is not se-rious, this is children’s game” - just do not pay attention to them. They can not deal with all the responsibility that falls on BEST-member’s shoulders every day. Nego-tiations with the HR managers of the best of Employers of Ukraine, meeting with the University administration, training of junior colleagues, deciding what foreign stu-

dents are unworthy to come to our events - this is not a complete list of tasks that follow. I am very happy that I had a chance to carry out them! Ariki tara kuma ;)

Sergii Miakshynov

“Best, Best, Best. You realize that it corrects, or even creates the vision. The vision of interesting, confident and eager people. Having taken certain principles and challenges by applying a little initiative, you would get the opportunity to get out of everyday life and to build the world around yourself, do it together with people with courageous views which are not confused by lan-guage, strangers or big companies, because they have a desire to develop themselves and all around them. It is inspiring me and I am glad that I have the opportunity to know such people in BEST. “

Dariy Solskiy

BEST gives push, changes outlook, inspires, but only those who desires to develop, improve themselves and appreciate their time. LBG Lviv is a small society with its rules, norms, relationships between people and to work. For me the BEST - it is primarily those people who want something, who works, make mistakes, but don’t stop. They are active, decisive, energetic, and I am sure that in the fervour of these people after graduation won’t disappear, it will go into another phase, which is sure to make this person successful.

Roman Petrychkovych

LBGLvivisthefirstlocalgroup,myfamiliaritywiththe BEST began with it, which, gave a direct impetus to creation the LBG in Kyiv. Thank you very much! Lviv people always show an example of a serious attitude to business that they do, example of cohesion, motivation, and, of course, all this is a guarantee of success. It is nice

Page 16: Anniversary Report


to see the team of people who purposefully are going to the goal, having a strategy and clear vision of the outcome. And there are real friends, and it is probably more important than any organization! I wish you to grow and develop more than a decade! Happy events, distant travel, interesting people and pleasant memories!

Iryna Zagirska, the founder of LBG Kyiv

Probably the main quality of LBG Lviv always was and is that crazy energy that they spread without compensation. I can say only one thing: thanks to their openness, friendliness and support, at its time Observer Group Zaporizhzhia strengthened, contracted with the BEST Spirit and desire to do a lot of interesting, vivid and high-quality projects. Thank you for the wonderful friendship in and out of BEST, for several vivid common events, and a lot of funny moments, that in some “strange” way, always happen in company with you:)

Inna Granishevska, the founder of LBG Zaporizhzhia

When your student life is over, then you realize very well that those were the most beautiful years and it does not mean that your adventures, friends, happiness, developmenthadfinished,thatisjustabeginning.Justinthoseyears,youfindfriendswhobecomeafamily,thedensity of adventures and travelling is just impressive, sleepless, nights are not numbered; courses with a wide range of topics, from logistics to space technologies in the most prestigious universities. The adrenaline of non-profitbutideologicalandambitiousprojectsbecometothefeeling,like“firstearnedmillion”.However,asmallcaveat but it is all true, if your students’ years you are in BEST :)

Iryna Oleksyn

I am grateful to BEST, that took me and gave a chance to develop myself deeper than I expected it from the university. BEST gathers talented, creative, not like the otherspeople,whofindeachotherinagreymass.

So, what did BEST give to me? It showed me my strengththatIhad,buthadnotseenbefore,confidence,feeling of responsibility. It also showed me people who are worth of being an example for others. BEST gave me new contacts and without them I would not be there where I am now. It is the job with high salary, with the perspective of career growth and European standards. BEST destroys the walls of doubts and words like “I can’t” or “I don’t know “.

Anatoliy Ornatovskyy

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2002-20031st BoardPresident: Maksym FedorovVice-president: Roman PolyanytsyaSecretary: Nataliya ChuloyTreasurer: Viktoriya VoytsekhovskaRMName: UPS Meeting Lviv 2003Dates: 6 March 2003 - 12 March 2003Organiser: Maksym Fedorov

2003 - 2004:2nd BoardPresident: Roman PolyanytsyaVice-president: Artem BerendaSecretary: Vita LukasevychTreasurer: Maryana ItsykovychIT coordinator: Yuriy KhrobakPR: Yaroslav HusarWinter leisure eventTitle: Ski-week “Danger! High Voltage 2004 MEGA Volt!”Dates: 27 January 2004 - 04 February 2004Organiser: Kateryna YukhymchukSummer leisure eventTitle: Discover Crimean seaside!Dates: 25 August 2003 - 04 September 2003Organiser: Vita Lukasevych

2004 - 2005:3rd BoardPresident: Artem BerendaSecretary: Marta VoytovychTreasurer: Iryna BabychVice-president: Vita LukasevychIT coordinator and PR: Yuriy KhrobakFR: Taras KovtaloSummer BEST CourseTitle: Ecology in global system of investmentDates: 05 September 2004 - 16 September 2004Organiser: Artem Berenda

2005 - 2006: 4th BoardPresident: Taras KovtaloSecretary: Marta VoytovyhPR: Ihor KravetsIT coordinator: Vitaliy HamuhaFR: Olha KoshchiyenkoTreasurer: Iryna Oleksyn

RMName: Central-East Meeting Lviv 2005Dates: 28 October 2005 - 31 October 2005Organiser: Iryna OleksynAutumn BEST CourseTitle: National & Inter-European Challenges in Bologna Process Implementation Dates: 03 September 2006 - 12 September 2006Activity responsible: Ihor Kravets

2006 - 2007:5th BoardPresident: Oleksandr YavlinskyyTreasurer: Anastasiya RybytskaSecretary: Iryna GordiienkoFR:KostiantynTrefiakMC&PR: Kateryna KovalchukHR: Nataliia GurianovaDE:CODEDDates: 4-6 May 2007Organiser: Oleksandr YavlinskyyAutumn BEST CourseTitle: lead iT: Software EngineeringDates: 28 September 2007 - 06 October 2007Activity responsible: Zoryana Kostynyuk

2007 - 2008:6th BoardPresident:KostiantynTrefiakTreasurer: Hryhoriy FilFR: Borys BezukladovMC&PR: Iryna GordiienkoHR: Zoryana KostynyukEJFDates: 28-29 November 2007 Organiser:KostiantynTrefiakSpring BEST CourseTitle: Stop the moment & make it perfectDates: 26 March 2008 - 04 April 2008Activity responsible: Kateryna Kovalchuk & Olga LemkovaRMName: North East Meeting Lviv 2008Dates: 4 April 2008 - 7 April 2008Organiser: Oleksandr YavlinskyyDE:CODEDDates: 18-20 April 2008Organisers: Nataliia Gurianova & Ivan SolskyyRegional Adviser of the Mongolian: Oleksandr Yavlinskyy

10 years of LBG Lviv

Page 18: Anniversary Report


2008 - 2009:7th BoardPresident: Yevheniy BosenkoTreasurer: Romana KostsykSecretary: Denys SorokhanFR: Oleksandr OliynykMC&PR: Darij SolskyyHR: Roman PetrychkovychEJFDates: 26-27 November 2008Organisers: Yevheniy Bosenko & Hryhoriy FilLECDates: 28-30 April 2009Organiser: Yliya LyashenkoSpring BEST imposiumTitle: Take the future in your hand!...We will live in futureland!Dates: 03 May 2009 - 11 May 2009Activity responsible: Solomia MaksymovychDE:CODED:Dates: 29-31 May 2009Organiser: Borys BezukladovRegional Adviser of the Mongolian: Nataliia Gurianova

2009 - 2010:8th Board President: Darij SolskyyTreasurer:SofiyaKholyavkoSecretary: Darya ZhdanovaFR: Sergii MiakshynovMC&PR: Anastasiya TumanovaHR: Maksym MotaIT coordinator: Yuriy BaturynskyyThe Secretary of XXII International Board of BEST: Nataliia GurianovaPMDates: 3 December 2009 - 9 December 2009Organisers: Hryhoriy Fil & Oleksandr YavlinskyyAlumni meetingDates: 5 December 2009 - 8 December 2009Organiser: Kateryna KovalchukEJFDates: 28-29 April 2010 Organiser: Oleksandr OliynykLECDates:27-29 April 2010 Organiser: Olha DanyloSummer BEST CourseTitle: 10 minutes around the world

Dates: 11 July 2010 - 25 July 2010Activity responsible: Marta Pirikh

2010 - 2011: 9th BoardPresident:SofiyaKholyavkoTreasurer: Iryna KalymonSecretary: Kateryna ParfeniukFR: Victoria RyabovolHR: Anton SemenyukIT coordinator: Olha DanyloMC&PR: Marta PirikhRMDates: 29 October 2010 - 1 November 2010Organiser: Maksym MotaEJFDates: 23 March 2011 Organiser: Sergii MiakshynovLECDates:18-20 April 2011Organiser: Anna UstinovaTrainshop beRIChERDates: 21 May 2011 - 28 May 2011Organiser: Iryna KalymonSummer BEST CourseTitle: Two beers or not two beers Secrets of brewingDates: 09 July 2011 - 19 July 2011Activity responsible: Nataliia Pysko

2011 - 2012:10th BoardPresident: Iryna KalymonTreasurer: Andriy YackibchuckSecretary: Ivanna KushnirukFR: Anna UstinovaMC&PR: Tetyana SmirnovaHR:AndriyTrefiakEJFDates: 30 November 2011Organisers: Andriy Yackibchuck & Anton SemenyukLECDates: 12-16 March 2012Organiser: Ruslan VoronyakSpring BEST CourseTitle: 3 in 1: coffee, chocolate & You!Dates: 23 March 2012 - 01 April 2012Activity responsible: Iryna Kruk

Page 19: Anniversary Report


Visions for the Future10 years is a huge period of time. Looking back-

wards, one can see a great amount of work, which was done by the members of our organization. But we won’t stop on this!

BEST is an organization that always goes on. It con-stantly modernizes, improves, changes due to the needs of its target audience.

The main goal of BEST is providing students with opportunities for self development and professional growth. So we increase number of educational and ca-reer events for Ukrainian students every year.

The members of local group work to make the organ-ization associate with international environment, where everybody can show him or her self, learn something new and find new opportunities. In future we would like to keep the positive image of BEST through the re-alization of already well-known and completely new projects.

We welcome everybody, who shares the same values and cares about the destiny of students. And we believe that our openness to cooperation with associates makes our projects more powerful and effective. This strategy will be the base of all our further activity.

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