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  • 1. Social Networking

2. 3.

  • We will utilize all the popular and upcoming social networking and blogging sites to continue reaching potential, current and alumni to maintain presence.


  • Allows potential students to browse current activity and get a feel for real campus life.
  • Encourages current students to post and communicate socially with the school and give feedback in a neutral environment.
  • Promotes alumni to stay involved.
  • Inexpensive, word of mouth advertising.
  • Great for maintaining business to business relationships.
  • Relationship enhancement and career building for students through networking.


  • Facebook
    • Corporate Fan Page -www.facebook.com/antonellicollege1
    • Ohio Campuses www.facebook.com/antonellicollegeohio
    • Hattiesburg http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Antonelli-College-Hattiesburg-Campus/127187233960363?ref=ts
  • Twitter
    • Corporate-www.twitter.com/Antonelli1
  • Linked In
    • Corporate -www.linkedin.com/companies/54402
  • Blogger
    • Corporate -www.antonellicollege.blogspot.com

6. By maintaining active status on sites like Linked In, the college can stay connected with recruiters and businesses looking for employees.Antonelli Career Services can actively invite people to connect with them.Actively seeking out local and regional companies in the career paths of our students degrees on facebook and becoming fans of their page and asking them to return the favor will keep Antonelli in the eye of these companies.Twitter fans are very dedicated once they decide to become fans.They have options of receiving your tweets directly to their cell phones via text message even.Many companies use Twitter to network with each other and stay connected to businesses in their field.Blogging offers your followers something more useful.Its information about what you are doing in the community.What services you have to offer and an idea of what student or campus life is like.Foursquare allows users to check in when they visit.They can be students, staff or prospective students.Make sure your location is in the database. 7.

  • Building a facebook fan page:
  • Create a personal page using your Antonelli email account to make an Antonelli persona for yourself.It can use your name, however it must not be used for personal status updates it should use an Antonelli logo as the profile picture, or a picture of yourself with the Antonelli logo watermarked onto it.This should be your work identity.
  • Send a friend request to any of your personal friend contacts that you think might be interested in Antonelli College or be able to help you make other connections.Tell them why you are creating a secondary page for an Antonelli account so they are aware it is not recreational.
  • Have the lead person on your facebook administration team make a facebook fan page if the page is already created, add all the members of the team as administrators.(Click on edit page and there will be a button to add others as administrator).Be sure to add Nicole and Sarah as administrators as well so we can help you as you are getting rolling.
  • Update your page with correct accreditation and licensing information as well as campus info, pictures, etc.
  • Use the supplied image as your profile picture to create a branding identity for all campuses.
  • Once the page is created and completely filled out all administrators suggest the page to their friends.

8. Create a Page for My Businesscan easily be found by visiting another business page. ie. Antonelli College. DoNOTcreate a community or group page.Chose education under local business for the type of page. 9.

  • Once you are to 25 fans you can create a custom URL.Visitwww.facebook.com/username When you create the username make it ie. Antonelli College Jackson Campus, Antonelli College Hattiesburg Campus,Antonelli College Online
  • Create a custom tab search Static FBML on facebook.Like it.Then click under the profile picture add to my page.Go to your page and click edit page under the profile picture and FBML tab will be visible.You will need to edit it to create a custom tab name, you can insert HTML to have an image in the tab.Also be sure to make it a tab instead of a box.There are good resources and tutorials on youtube and websites if you need more help with this.
  • Post insightful, informative or question oriented status updates daily.
  • Encourage students at campus to become involved by talking about it on a regular basis and including the links anywhere you can.
  • Add the link and images to Antonelli social networking to your email signature line in Outlook.
  • Answer questions and comments in a timely manner.Dont delete negative comments, just address them appropriately.


  • Repeat visitors are key to success for fan base.These repeat visitors will likely be current students or very interested prospective students.
  • To gain repeat visitors the visitors must have a reason to come and be able to quickly and easily navigate the page.
  • Examples:
  • Frequent status updates and info on local events or news.
  • Photos to browse from each program and campus.
  • Galleries submitted from current students and highlighted on a monthly or weekly basis.* They will tell their friends and family to view the profile and Antonelli will gain new fans!
  • Tips:
  • Dont overwhelm them with lengthy status updates, too much information at once or spam.
  • Make it easily navigated.
  • Spell check after all we are a college.
  • Make it pertinent information.Dont use it as a personal rant forum.It must be related to our school and degree programs.
  • On that note: DO incorporate local events and holidays in the page.


  • Keeping Antonelli on the minds of local businesses.Considering the students for internships and job placements.Joining forces in events and raising campus awareness.Developing media presence with activities and community involvement.


  • Local area businesses:Find area business and networking organizations like the chamber on social media sites.Fan their page and link them to your page.Ask them one time to check out your Antonelli Fan page introduce yourself and be very friendly.
  • Organizations that relate to our degree programs:Find local organizations that are related to your degree programs and fan their pages and ask them to do the same for your page.
  • Government Offices and Officials:Whenever Antonelli hosts an event, whether its a commencement , fun day or fundraiser, government offices and officials will be notified and formally invited.The goal would be to have them attend or send a letter of recognition.Take pictures and post it on your social media pages.
  • News/Media Outlets:Post press releases as well as stories you find related to the college on your social media page.You can add video from commercial spots or stories done.

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Build your own success!

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