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APPLIED GSBPM IN GSO. by Ha Do Statistical Standard Methodology and ITC Department General Statistic Office Vietnam. Content. Introduction Develop Enterprise architecture (EA) for GSO Business architecture development: Applied GSBPM for GSO Information architecture development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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APPLIED GSBPM IN GSO by Ha Do Statistical Standard Methodology and ITC Department General Statistic Office Vietnam 1 G e n e r a l s t a t i s t i c o f f i c e V i e t n a m



by Ha DoStatistical Standard Methodology and ITC DepartmentGeneral Statistic Office Vietnam1General statistic office VietnamContentIntroductionDevelop Enterprise architecture (EA) for GSOBusiness architecture development: Applied GSBPM for GSOInformation architecture developmentBuild application Application architecture developmentTechnology architecture development Finding and conclusion

2General statistic office VietnamIntroductionVertical structure: consistent statistical management from central to local levels: 63 PSOs, 771 District statistic officesStatistic data source: reporting regimes, sample surveys, administrative records.GSO conduct 43 surveys every yearMethodology and standard are concern in all surveys. International standards were applied: ISIC(VSIC), HS Metadata was built but separate in each domain

3General statistic office VietnamLimitedEach department has its own collection methods and no standardized data between survey formsThe system of classifications is the weakest element among statistical tools for the development of data production, dissemination and analysisLack of systematic process to integrate data across GSO departments4General statistic office VietnamBusiness architecture development - BA(Applied GSBPM for GSO)Following Vietnam Statistical Development Strategy 2011-2020 and Vision to 2030. In 2011, GSO had a bidding package to build Enterprise Architecture (EA) under supported of WB; EA was applied base on OIO framework to built BA business architecture, IA information architecture, TA technical architecture and AA - application architecture Follow four strategies: (i) Metadata-Driven Statistical Production; (ii) One Centralized Virtual Database; (iii) Synchronized Data Collection; (iv) Intelligent Statistical Analysis and Modeling5General statistic office Vietnam5Business architecture development - BA(Applied GSBPM for GSO) cont.Current statistical processes are quite similar across all departments and consists 5 steps: (1) Survey Preparation / Formulation; (2) Data Collection; (3) Data Processing; (4) Data Analysis; (5) Information Dissemination.Reference: Eurostat SBPM version Designed for all surveys in National survey programNext phase, the model will be reviewing for all other resouces6General statistic office VietnamGSO SBPMQuality management/ Metadata managementIdentify needsPrepare collectionData collectionData processingData analysisInformation disseminationArchiveIdentidy output indicatorsDevelop survey plan Interview for data collectionPerform data cleaning and verificationAnalyse entire survey dataDraft publishing reportRestore survey dataDesign questionnaireBuild metadataCorrect dataCalculate and integrate dataCalculate reportReview publishing reportConduct evaluation of processDevelop survey sample frameCreate output templateCode and classify dataCalculate weightVerify survey resultPublish statistical product Conduct evaluation of end usersReview survey planConsolidate collected dataProduce final reportConduct survey trainingInput data7General statistic office VietnamInformation and IT architecture development - IA:SituationStatistic information is owner in difference departmentStatistic information was supported by more than 35 silo applications and many of them execute similar sets of business processesNo integration between applicationsSolutionNeeds to be standardized, centralized and follow unique information flow under GSBPMMetadata-drivenA configurable workspace application: interface to just ONE GSO IT systemReference methodology: GSIM

8General statistic office Vietnam

9General statistic office VietnamApplication architecture development - AAThree most significant important principles are: (1) Open, service-oriented Application Architecture; (2) Meta-data driven; (3) One Centralized Virtual DatabaseGSO built the System of statistic information collection (SSIC) and Statistical Hub (SH) application to supported all step in the GSBPM.

10General statistic office Vietnam

Identify needsPrepare collectionData collectionData processingData analysisInformation disseminationArchive11Prepare metadata for surveyPrepare data modelBuild survey planDesign data input formApprove survey planPrepare system performanceData entry

Consolidate collected datadataTransfer data to SHTransfer to data modelUpdate data martTransfer data ETL2Create OLAP CubeCreate reportPublic reportIT CenterMetadataDepartmentPSO11General statistic office VietnamRestore dataSSIC supports three first steps:Identify needs (accept metadata management, that is done in SH and integrated with SSIC)Prepare collectionData collectionSH supports fourth last steps:Data processingData analysisInformation disseminationArchiveDatabase is centralizesEasily build data input form, data entry is onlineSupport statistician share data between domains, departmentsPublic report (OLAP Cube) directly through intranet portal12General statistic office VietnamTechnology architecture (TA) developmentTechnical Reference Model (TRM): defines the group standards and technologies

13General statistic office VietnamFinding and conclusion Establish the Core team include key persons from all difference statistical departments who understand current business process to give situation and problem need to be improve.Choose the Model as reference and customize: 2010, we choose Eurostat GSBMP. International Version 5.0 was released in 2013Request to have an application support all main step of GSBPM to keep union business process between difference domains and difference departments.Standardize the statistic data is the focus of work and takes time.Metadata-driven is the key to connect all component and statistic indicators that allows to share data and communicate more easily.14General statistic office VietnamTHANK YOU!15General statistic office Vietnam