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Applying for Nursing & Midwifery

Date post: 11-Feb-2016
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Applying for Nursing & Midwifery. Jennifer Geary Admissions Manager Health Schools Admissions. King’s Programmes. BSc Adult Nursing Mental Health Nursing Children’s Nursing Midwifery. PgDip Adult Nursing Mental Health Nursing Children’s Nursing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Applying for Nursing & Midwifery Jennifer Geary Admissions Manager Health Schools Admissions

Applying for Nursing & Midwifery

Jennifer GearyAdmissions Manager

Health Schools Admissions

King’s Programmes

BScAdult NursingMental Health

NursingChildren’s Nursing


PgDipAdult Nursing

Mental Health NursingChildren’s Nursing

Midwifery (for registered Adult


BSc Entry Requirements

• A Levels with grades BBB

• GCSEs - 5 A-C grades including English, Maths and Science or equivalents

• BTEC L3 Extended Diploma in a relevant subject with DDM

• Access to HE with 30 Distinctions, 12 Merits, 3 Passes

More information in our prospectus

Preparing the personal


• This is a really important part of the application

• It is a chance to stand out from other applicants

What are we looking for?• Spelling, grammar, punctuation

• Understanding of the specific branch of nursing/midwifery applied for

• Experience, and skills/knowledge gained from it

• Motivation, why the applicant wants to be a nurse/midwife and activities undertaken in support of this goal

• Overall presentation, no missing information

Healthcare experience

Healthcare experience is an advantage but...

• Applicants must tell us about experience, don’t assume we know

• What have they have learned from this work and how this would be useful for the course

• Has working in a healthcare setting provided insight into the course?

Like this!

I currently work as a Nursing Assistant in a busy ----- unit at--------. This involves supporting qualified nurses in delivering high quality patient care. My role includes ------. At work I have seen how the nurses ------

Do’s and don’ts• Checking the presentation and spelling on the form (spelling ‘nursing’ incorrectly

does not look good!)

• Thinking about what nurses and midwives do and what skills and knowledge they may need. Then think about what they have done or what attributes they have and try to address as many as possible

• Include all relevant information, we can only assess applications on what is included

• Complete every part of the application form, provide references and predicted grades if required

• Try to avoid using up the limited word count on things we already know “ I am writing this statement as I wish to apply for midwifery”

• Don’t plagiarise!

What does this look like?

“ Nursing has always appealedto me as it combines qualitiesof caring and sensitivity alongwith the need for in depthknowledge of the workings ofthe body and the mind. I believeI have the personal qualities needed to become a nurse andmy choice of both biology andpsychology at A level have inpart prepared me to studythese aspects at a higher level.”

SelectionInitial selection is based

on...• Meeting the academic

requirements• Good reference• Good personal


If the applicant meetsour requirements they will be invited to a selection day

Numeracy Test

• Basic calculations, percentages, ratios, averages, fractions

• Practice tests are available

• Most applicants who are unsuccessful at the Selection day will have failed the numeracy test

Literacy Test

• Free writing task, plus some questions

• Written communication skills rather than knowledge of nursing/midwifery

• Handwritten

Group Discussion

• 6 – 8 people complete a relevant task with discussion as a group

• Speaking, listening, teamwork, group contribution

Points to Note

• Days take place between December and April

• We can accommodate special requirements (e.g. extra time) if applicants let us know in advance

• Limited ability to reschedule, particularly towards the end of recruitment


Applications should be made via UCAS

Get applications in by 15th January 2015 for the best chance of being invited to a Selection Daywww.ucas.ac.uk

For more information forNursing & Midwifery Admissions

Email: [email protected]: (0) 20 7848 1450/ 1656/ 2388