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Aquaponic Orchids

Date post:10-Apr-2015
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David Kushnirov, Ph.D.

Fig. 1. Flowering Phalaenopsis sps.

Fig. 2. Components of aquaponic system.

Fig. 3. Humidifier.

Fig. 4. Fish tank with a biofilter.

Fig 5. a). Dendrobium phalenopsis hybrid introduced into the system at 16.06.10. It had one leafy spray and another new-sprung spray; b) the same plant after ten months at 8.04.11. Initially there were two buds on one inflorescence, one of which soon turned yellow and fell off.

Fig.6. June 2011:

Fig.7. The very same plant as in Fig. 5 at Nov Jan 2011. Fig. 8. Apr Jul 2012.

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