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Date post: 17-Dec-2015
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Humor in Graphic Design in india Poorva Dubey
  • Humor in Graphic Design in india

    Poorva Dubey

  • Objectives

    -To identify the importance of humour in vi-sual communication.-To identify techniques for graphic designer to incorporate humour.-To investigate the scenario of humour in graphic design in india.-to Analyse humour in different media of graphic design-Prints.ads promotions etc.

  • Problem Statement and methodology

  • Humor and its importance in graphic design

  • Humor is structural.It has two parts to it.The familiar and the play and it has two elements surprise and recoginition

    How does humor work

  • After knowing how humor works I tried to analyse whats the scenario in India

  • Classic creative Ads from chosen for the humor element.

  • Invitations and other Creatives

  • Conclusion

    Thank You