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Date post:26-Mar-2015
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Argos Moving Quickly into the Community University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service bknox @uaex.edu Bruce Knox Project/Program Director a. k. a. Database Programmer Analyst ABUG 2009 Arkansas Tech University Russellville May 28, 2009 Slide 2 Introduction Purpose: Discuss the Argos User Community Converting to Argos Overcoming Organizational Inertia Benefits: Free Software Conversion Tips Tools for Ad Hoc Banner Reporting Slide 3 Agenda Slide Whats an Argos? Trying the Product The Argos Community Converting to Argos Banner Record Selection Criteria Argos Training Overcoming Inertia Example Apps Slide 4 Whats an Argos? Slide 5 Argos is a Web Based Evisions Ad Hoc Reporting Tool Designed for Banner Slide 6 A.R.G.O.S. Ad hoc Report Generation and Output Solution Easy to Use Fast Secure Slide 7 Argos, in Design Mode looks a lot like MS Access Slide 8 Whats an Argos? MS Access++ Built for the SQL Database Slide 9 Trying the Product Slide 10 Trying the Product: Get a Password Slide 11 Trying the Product: Download and Install Slide 12 Trying the Product: DBA and SysAdmin You will need IT for early parts of the Server Install Slide 13 Trying the Product: Download Slide 14 Trying the Product: Install Slide 15 Trying the Product: Import Sample DataBlocks Slide 16 Trying the Product: Client Written Query Slide 17 Trying the Product: Note the Credit Given Slide 18 Trying the Product: Visual Design Slide 19 The Argos Community Slide 20 Community is a big part of Argos Sharing in Argos secured repository is encouraged. Slide 21 The Argos Community Slide 22 Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 Converting to Argos Slide 26 Converting to Argos from a GUI Tool Slide 27 Converting to Argos from SQL Slide 28 Converting to Argos Either way will work for you, but you still need to know the Banner Record Selection Criteria Slide 29 Banner Record Selection Slide 30 -- names_create.sql Current Records VIEW from TABLE SPRIDEN-SPBPERS CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW NAMES ( PIDM, ID, NAME, LEGAL_NAME, SORT_LAST ) AS SELECT SPRIDEN_PIDM, -- PIDM, SPRIDEN_ID, -- ID, SUBSTR(DECODE(SPBPERS_NAME_PREFIX,'Mr',NULL,'Mr.',NULL,'Miss',NULL,'Mrs',NULL, 'Mrs.',NULL,'Ms',NULL,'Ms.',NULL,NULL,NULL, SPBPERS_NAME_PREFIX||' ')|| RTRIM(DECODE(NVL(SPBPERS_PREF_FIRST_NAME,'X'),'X',spriden_first_name,spbpers_pref_first_name))||' '|| RTRIM(spriden_last_name),1,25), -- Name, SUBSTR(RTRIM(spriden_last_name)||', '||RTRIM(spriden_first_name)||' '||RTRIM(spriden_mi),1,25), -- Legal_Name, SUBSTR(spriden_last_name,1,15) -- Sort_Last FROM SPRIDEN, SPBPERS WHERE SPRIDEN_PIDM = SPBPERS_PIDM (+) AND SPRIDEN_CHANGE_IND IS NULL AND SPRIDEN_ENTITY_IND = 'P' ; Slide 31 Banner Record Selection With Current Record Oracle Views anyone can quickly create error free results. Slide 32 Banner Record Selection Now a Quick Example Slide 33 Banner Record Selection Slide 34 Slide 35 Slide 36 Slide 37 Look for: Current Record Set or Special Views in my scripts repository http://betwinx.com/BannerScripts.htmhttp://betwinx.com/BannerScripts.htm This is password protected and if you need the scripts password, just ask me for it. Slide 38 Banner Record Selection You should find these and many other Views: Active_Employees Active_Jobs Age FTVFUND_V FTVORGN_V FTVPROG_V FTVACCT_V FTVLOCN_V GOREMAL_V Names http://betwinx.com/BannerScripts.htm Slide 39 Argos Training Slide 40 Argos Training: Many Options Free On-Line Recorded Training Free On-Line Live Training On-Site Training (Consulting and Development) Slide 41 Argos Training Slide 42 Slide 43 Recorded Training for Designer Slide 44 Argos Training Could it be easier? Slide 45 Recorded Training for Designer Slide 46 Overcoming Inertia Slide 47 Designers are the hardest to move Give them a Fast Path Give them Obvious Improvements Give them Examples Slide 48 Programmers or Designers These help: Folders for each Application or Functional Area A Connection for any Shared ID/pw Use a Banded Report Standard Scheduled Reports can be Direct to Printer Reports via http:// Links using the API Slide 49 Programmers or Designers Slide 50 Slide 51 Slide 52 Slide 53 More Argos Resources Slide 54 More Argos Resources: Argos Training Slide 55 Knowledge Base, Listserv, Help Desk, Slide 56 Examples Apps Slide 57 We have these non-Banner Apps HelpDesk Publications Irrigation Wildlife AIMS Slide 58 Banner Support Apps Administrative Support Cash Management Spot (Luminis) Slide 59 Report Viewers Need very little help They already know Windows Slide 60 Argos Training: Report Viewers Slide 61 Report Viewers Just give them something useful Slide 62 Report Viewers Slide 63 Slide 64 Slide 65 Slide 66 Summary Download and Try It! Argos is the Web Based Ad Hoc Reporting Tool for Banner Go to the Argos Community for Free Code and Help Slide 67 Questions??? Bruce Knox at bknox @uaex.edu www.uaex.edu/bknox/ www.uaex.edu/bknox/ Slide 68 More Argos Resources http://www.evisions.com/products/argos/index.asphttp://www.evisions.com/products/argos/index.asp Argos http://betwinx.com/BannerArgos.htmhttp://betwinx.com/BannerArgos.htm BannerArgos http://www.uaex.edu/bknox/http://www.uaex.edu/bknox/ Banner Reporting Solutions

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