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Arrowhead Lodge Recovery 8.2013

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  1. 1. You are not what your business card says you are. You are not who society says you are. You may not know who you really are, although you may know who you are not the alcoholic/ addict you have become. Addiction robs us of the things that matter most in life primarily our soul. Recovery allows us the opportunity to return to our natural, authentic state of being. At Arrowhead Lodge we will show you the way back and the way forward so that you may enjoy a life of peace, happiness and joy. Come to Arrowhead Lodge and unplug from your busy life for as long as you can. Its a safe place for a man to fall apart in order to heal. Residential Extended Care Recovery for Adult Men In the mountains of Prescott, Arizona www.ArrowheadLodgeRecovery.com Your private recovery retreatYour private recovery retreat A message from our founder: VISIT US ONLINE www.arrowheadlodgerecovery.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/arrowheadlodgerecovery TELEPHONE 1-888-654-2800 EMAIL [email protected]
  2. 2. Arrowhead Lodge is a long-term residential co-occurring treatment program for men. Located at 6,300 feet above sea level outside of Prescott, Arizona, we are a licensed facility that houses eight men in a 10,000 square foot mountain retreat. This luxurious and tranquil setting is a perfect place where a man can fall apart and start the process of creating a life of purpose and joy. Addiction is a disease of the body, mind and spirit. We focus on core male issues to help you find your true authentic Self. Therapy is provided for substance abuse, mental and emotional problems as well as psycho-education for addiction, family, mindfulness and meditation. We emphasize physical fitness with scheduled workout time as well as outdoor hikes and activities. Treatment plans tailored to the individual Variable lengths of stay Twelve-step based Up to 30 clinical hours weekly Substance and process addictions Individual, group and family therapy Grief, trauma and loss Healthy sexuality Relapse prevention Anger management Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Family Week Spiritual Development Outdoor activities MONTANA is an acronym: Men Of New Thought And New Awareness. It reflects the change necessary for a man to enjoy a clean and sober life. One must think in new ways in order to recover. During the process of recovery a new awareness of ones authentic self occurs leading to ultimate freedom, happiness, peace and joy. The MONTANA model is twelve-step based and focuses on key issues that men struggle with in recovery. We help men learn how to not only see the world differently, but to find purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Through proven clinical practices, twelve-step work, nutritional training and spiritual practices, we help our clients become healthy in body, mind and spirit. Spiritual awareness, through practicing the twelve spiritual principles of recovery, is the keystone to a life of happiness. Through personal experience our clients change how they think so they may continue their recovery long after they complete our program. In short - The MONTANA Model helps men discover their true authentic selves. Your private recovery retreat PROGRAMTHE MONTANA MODEL ABOUT US OUR FOCUS
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