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Artist Engage Lesson 1 of 4
Date post:23-Aug-2014
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For slides from following workshop, check out: www.slideshare.net/ravindave For video recaps of each week, check out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4nfuvxE4gbQOwBMiEn1_agxMjQvbC4tu
<ul><li> July 10, 2013 A Digital Crash course for artists Hashtag: #ArtistEngage In partnership with </li> <li> Workshop One PURPOSE: - Introduce and get to know the group. OUTCOME: - Constructive, collaborative conversation about off-stage fan engagement, what works and what can we do to get better engagement. STRUCTURE: 1. Introductions (15 mins) 2. How the game has changed (15 mins) a. People consume differently b. Why engagement matters 3. Group Discussion: (90 mins) a. Flip the switch b. Engagement c. Recruitment 4. PUi Band Meet / Greet / Q&amp;A (30 mins) </li> <li> HOW THE GAME CHANGED </li> <li> 2013 Print Live Concert Live Concert Print 2003 HOW THE GAME CHANGED People consume differently today, than they did just ten years ago... </li> <li> HOW THE GAME CHANGED PEOPLE ARE SPENDING ON MUSIC - JUST DIFFERENTLY </li> <li> "Fans want more, There is a desire to engage at a different level than what they have." The music industry is missing out on Millions of dollars of revenue due to lack of fans engagement. </li> <li> Today off-stage engagement is as important as your on stage performance. FLIP THE SWITCH ON </li> <li> FLIP THE SWITCH #ArtistEngage do you flip the switch when you step off stage and the lights come on? </li> <li> RAGE &amp; ENGAGE How are you adapting to digital culture, what tools do you use to engage with your current fans? #ArtistEngage </li> <li> FAN RECRUITMENT How are you adapting to digital culture, what tools do you use to engage with your fans? #ArtistEngage How do you recruit and engage new potential fans who want to know more about you? </li> <li> Introducing PUI #ArtistEngage </li> </ul>
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