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  • 1. By LewisBrady ARTIST INFO

2. MARK MCCREERYCrash received a scholarship to theAr t Center Col lege of Design, inPasadena, graduating with a BFA ini l lustration in 1988. That sameyear he met Stan Winston -consequently establ ishing aworking relationship that wouldlast for 12 years. Crash's firstdesign chal lenge was Predator I I ,directed by Stephen Hopkins. Hesoon found himself immersed inthe work that he could before onlyadmire as a fan. Soon af ter, hecol laborated with Tim Bur ton for"Edward Scissorhands." Bur ton wasindeed a hero of Crash's, and assuch, Crash reveled in thecol laboration. 3. CECIL KIMParasite Eve team saw Ceci l's potentialin game level concept design, Ceci lbegan sketching several game levelsinclude NYPD HQ level. Towards the endof PE production, Ceci l moved toHonolulu, Hawaii to join Final Fantasy IXteam for 2 1/2 years where he createdalmost 150+ game level maps for thegiant project includes memorableLindblum Castle. Ceci l returned to LA tojoin Sony Santa Monica Studio in 2000where he worked on popular games suchas Twisted Metal Black and God of Warseries. 4. ROBERT JEFFERSON (STEEL PONDShor tly af ter discovering the work ofNatsumi Honda I stumbled onto thework of Rober t Jef ferson Travis Pondof Steel Pond Studios. Pond uses al lmater of scrap metal from motorcyclepar ts to old gears, steel handles, andother found hardware to weld theseimposing, wel l -armored birds, fish,and other beasts. Watch the time-lapseabove to see how he works. (viacuriopt)STUDIO) 5. JOHN BANOVICHJohn Banovich is an Americanoi l painter knowninternational ly for his large,dramatic por trayals of iconicwi l dl ife. To d ay, Ba nov i c h s wo rkcan be found in museum,corporate and privatecol lections. Banovich emergedas a talent to watch twodecades ago when his paintingswe re s e l e cted Be s t o f S h owtwo consecutive years at thePacific Rim Ar t Expo, then thepremier showcase for wi ldlifear t in the world. Since then,Ba nov i c h s wo rk h a s a p p earedin many prestigious venues 6. ALBRECHT DRER (1471-1528)Albrecht Drer was born in thecity of Nuremberg, a l ivelycultural and commercial centre in15th century Germany. He was thethird of eighteen chi ldren.Originally taught to draw by hisfather who was a goldsmith, heseems to have inherited thatcraf t's appreciation of fine detail.Although Drer became one of thegreatest oi l painters of theNor thern Renaissance, he isequally famous for his exquisitewatercolors, engravings andwoodcut prints. 7. PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)Pablo Picasso created 'Bul l'around the Christmas of 1945.'Bul l' is a suite of elevenl ithographs that have become amaster class in how to developan ar twork from the academic tothe abstract. In this series ofimages, al l pul led from a singlestone, Picasso visually dissectsthe image of a bul l to discover itsessential presence through aprogressive analysis of its form.Each plate is a successive stagein an investigation to find theabsolute 'spirit' of the beast.

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