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A Slide deck I created for the AR
  • 1. Mobile Computing Information on the go!By: Meg Riegel

2. So many mobilesMobile device, mobilecomputing, mobile hardware,mobile software, mobilecommunication, mobile app,mobile network, mobileinternetHow do we make sense of allthese words?? Lets start withone MobileComputing 3. Mobile ComputingA type of Human Computer Interaction (HCI)Taking a computer and all necessary files andsoftware out into the field. (Wiki)The idea is that we can have all the power of acomputer into a device that is easier to transportand take on the go 4. 3 Main Categories ofMobile Computing1. Mobile Hardware Devices, pieces, accessories2. Mobile Software Apps, bundles, coding3. Mobile Communication Cellular networks and services 5. 1. Mobile HardwareIncludes (but not limited to):PDAs Palm Pilot, other versions by Palm, first in 1984 6. Mobile Hardware (cont)Smartphone A miniature computer that can also place and receive phone calls iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc First smartphone by IBM in 1992 called Simon(http://cellphones.about.com/od/coveringthebasics/ qt/cellphonesvssmartphones.htm) 7. Simon?The first Smartphonecreated by IBM in 1992Yours for Simon had features such as touchscreen, email, and PDA ,only $899 which was extremely advanced for its time(at the 8. Mobile Hardware (cont)Tablet computerA larger version of aSmartphoneMoveable, more flexible usecompared to a computer (nomouse, keyboards, etc)iPad, Blackberry Playbook,Kindle, HP, Samsung, Acer,and many more have theirversions of the tablet 9. Mobile Hardware (cont) Ultra mobile PC A class of laptops launched by Microsoft and Intel in 2006 A mixture between Smartphone & tablet Sometimes include keyboards and webcams 10. Mobile Hardware (cont) Wearable computerAka Body borne computersConstantly in contact with the user, noon/off switchInteracts with the human bodyCommon example is a running watchThey are UP AND COMING!!!!! 11. NY Times cited: Wearable devices, or wearables for short, have enormouspotential for uses in health and fitness, navigation, social networking,commerce, and media, (Bilton 2012) 12. This is our future?! 13. Evolution of MobileHardwareGetting smallerCheaper- cost productionhas greatly decreasedFaster- increased batterylife, longer talk & standbyLighter- they weigh lessMore efficient, morecapabilities & features 14. Infographic 1983-2007http://joaogeraldes.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/1-infographic-evolution-of-the-mobile-phone.jpg 15. How does a Smartphone work? Inside the phone is a speaker, microphone, keyboard, display screen, and a very powerful circuit board They all act together to make the phone work Signals are passed back and forth from the device to the nearest base station (tower) Communicate via radio wavesbut this is subject to change! 16. A look insideA cell phone is much like an onion, it has many layers that sit atop each other,helping to carry out tasks on the phone 17. Circuit BoardPhones are generallypowered by battery.Electric signals aretransmitted throughwires and boards tocreate a transmissioncascade within thephone, which is thendisplayed on thescreen 18. 2. Mobile SoftwareOperating Systems (Mobile OS)Much like the operating systems for computersPalmOs, Nokia Mameo, Android from Google, iOS, webOS, Bada OS from Samsung, Blackberry OS from RIM,Windows for Mobile devices from MicrosoftCombines features such as touchscreen, wirelessnetwork, Blutooth, GPS, camera, voice recognition, etc 19. Mobile Software (cont)AppsAre a software application designed to runon a mobile deviceApps are BUNDLESOriginally, designed for general productivity Info retrieval, email, calendar, contacts Easy access to large amounts of infoMore recently , designed for entertainment Games, banking, GPS services, purchases 20. Mobile Software (cont)Apps (cont)Application Distribution- apps come a variety ofplatforms such as app store and app worldSome apps are pre-loaded on the device and lockedOthers are bought or downloaded for free 21. How apps work?Apps are bundles of code that work much likeprograms on a computerThey must be downloaded, installed, and opened tooperatedA lot of hard work and code goes into the making ofan app! 22. Apps that are really useful 23. Apps for fun 24. 3. Mobile CommunicationThe idea that our mobile devices can act ascommunication devicesWorks by sending & receiving radio waves through achip built into the deviceSIM Card- microchip Subscriber Identity Modelthat stores informationSlowly moving away fromthese 25. Mobile Communication (cont) Phone Calls- much like radio waves, two or more people communicate on a channel SMS & MMS MessagingShort message service (a text), multimedia messagingservice (picture/video message) Internet accessAbility to connect to WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE networks Short-range wireless sharing (Blutooth, Infared) 26. Benefits of Mobile Devices Information on the go, at our fingertips Generally user-friendly Lower cost compared to PCs Less energy to run Connects people across the world Entertainment Safety- they can carry medical emergency information Can help with special accessibility needsVoiceover, speech recognition 27. Major benefit Mobile devices in the workplace Can connect workers & help them to communicate Can be used as reference or tools to collect info Mobile devices in the health field as hospitals begin to go paperless Reference guide for physicians and nursesUltrasound mobileattachment 28. How mobile devices can ease everyday tasksMonopolysnapped editionplayed with theiPadiPhone credit card sliderWiFi Body scalethat sends info toyour mobiledevice 29. More cool gadgetsA chip on your pets collar to track wherethey are at all timesiBaby Mobile Baby Monitor 30. DisadvantagesProduces non-thinkers, reduces our creativity andability to think on our ownHarder to protect intellectual propertyLess privacy- your information is being tracked everysecond 31. Disadvantages (cont)Negative health affects Links to cancer? Exposure to radio wavesThey can be distracting Texting and drivingOlder generation mighthave a hard time using 32. SummaryMobile computing can be performed on multipletypes of devicesThese devices are much more portable and thusincrease our capacity to find informationHowever, our dependence on them is becomingapparent and they can sometimes be distractingMobile devices are moving towards morewearable devices in the future