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Artist Lineup

Date post:10-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. presentsTHE BANGKOK LANDING
  2. 2. Headline Act - The Bloody Beetroots: Bloody Beetroots has always been ananomaly amidst the cocooned trends and coddled pedigrees of dance music.After fits and starts in Italian garage-punk bands, Rifo launched Bloody Beetrootsin 2007. Over the next three years, he would win the support of electro househeavyweights Etienne de Crecy and Alex Gopher in Europe, and Dim Maks SteveAoki stateside, with each production more elaborate and ambitious than the last.
  3. 3. Headline Act - Roni Size &Dynamite MC: The co-headlinersfor this amazingevent are none other thanDrum & Bass legend Roni Sizeand Dynamite MC taking thehelm with an all out highoctane frenzy of beats andbass.Roni Size, the Mercury award winningartist, is at the pinnacle of his game, withcountless accolades and productions andwith a brand new album released thisyear, he is ready to take things to a wholenew level and show why he is still one ofthe most respected Drum and Bass artistsin the world.
  4. 4. SKiSM: Having been a major player inthe bass scene for the past five years,SKisMs technical prowess and energyon his 4 deck setup has gained himnotoriety as one of the busiest andmost electrifying mixers on the circuitand he has toured the world time andtime again. His productions haveracked up over 14 millions views onYouTube alone.
  5. 5. Far Too Loud: Far Too Loud, a.k.a. Oli Cash, has gained a reputation for hi-tech,dancefloor-destroying music that makes people throw their hands in the air and gocrazy. Since his first release back in 2005, things have gone ever upward. Winning'Best Single' at the Breakspoll Awards in 2007 and since then touring the globe withhis trade mark fuel filled sound.
  6. 6. Arcadia Soundsystem: Arcadia Soundsystem are a collective of core members ofthe Arcadia crew that have formed to provide a DJ showcase of raw unprecedentedpower. Their sound features a wide selection of tunes that have been tried andtested on the Spider stage, rocking many thousands of people over the years.
  7. 7. Freestyle Seed: Freestyle Seed has become an institution in Thailand, as a club/radio DJ. He has headlined music festivals all over Thailand and beyond,performing to crowds of up to 150000 people at the Honda Music Festival in HuiHin, DJd alongside the likes of Fat Boy Slim at the Coke FIFA World Cup MadnessFestival and played at virtually every club in and around Bangkok itself.
  8. 8. +Adsorb + Bass6 MC: Adsorb aka Adam Dowding is always pushing theboundaries with his unique style of Breakbeat/Electro House. He was nominated atthe 2009 International Breakbeat awards as Best Breakthrough DJ, Adsorb alsoreceived another nomination as 'Best Free Track' coming 4th in the world. This timehe will feature with the incredible beatbox skills of Bass6 MC.
  9. 9. DJ Suharit: DJ Suharit is somewhat of acelebrity DJ in Bangkok. Always speakingup to what he believes in and always at thecentre of featured events. His style isserious party business, full of crowdpleasing tracks that are sure to get thecrowd jumping. His stage presence is asmuch a show as is his music, a trueentertainer through and through.
  10. 10. Bangbangbang: What do you get when you combine one of the most successfulhip-hop producers in Asia and a seasoned master of the keys together? Well, theanswer is you get BangBangBang. This dynamic duo consists of two members'Khan', who is the mastermind and producer behind Thaitanium, and then you have'Keezy' (aka Mista Keez), who has been working as a keyboardist and producerthroughout Asia, Europe, and Australia.
  11. 11. Machina: MACHINA is an uprising electronic dance music producer/DJ based inBangkok, Thailand. At the age of 21, he is a rising star in Thailand's electronic dancemusic industry. Currently, he is one of the main power house of Lazerface Records,though began his career as a lead vocalist for a Metalcore band HELLO MASSACRE!
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