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Date post:16-Feb-2017
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  • S a f e , S e c u r e T r a n s a c t i o n s


    Arttha is the only mobile payments platform that provides you with a payment card and pre-paid value vouchers as standard features.

    The Arttha team over the years has evolved into a 360 degree payment platform that allows service providers to create massively collaborative financial ecosystems. Enabling complex payment instruments like cards and vouchers adds to achieving that aim by introducing many innovative features and creating interfaces where collaboration becomes standardised and easy.

    Alone we can do little;together we can do so much.

    artthaS a fe S e c u re Tr a n s a c t i o n s


    Contact: +91 120-4621010E-mail: [email protected]: www.arttha.com & www.artthanepal.com

  • Card ManagementThe Arttha platform provides a comprehensive card management as a standard out-of-the-box feature.Service providers can issue mag-stripe, chip and NFC cards to their customers and link them with various accounts like savings, loans, and credit.The Arttha platform is capable of acquiring card transactions from EFT POS devices and processing them as per business rules.

    Voucher Creation & RedemptionCreation, distribution, redemption, and termination: the complete lifecycle management of stored value vouchers make the Arttha platform essential for any service provider dealing with pre-paid instruments.These vouchers can be used to provide services like top-up, remittance, VAS sales, gifting, promotional activities, cash-in.Arttha enables you to create one-time or partial redemption vouchers.

    Cards & Vouchers FeaturesOWASP & PCI/DSS compliant

    Card PIN and OTP

    Dual CVV capability

    Unlimited voucher types

    Partial redemption vouchers

    Voucher distribution management

    Empowering Financial ServicesPayment instruments like cards and vouchers extend and empower your financial service ecosystem by introducing many innovative services and making integration with 3rd party service providers possible.Vouchers provide a novel and cost effective medium of transferring stored-value across market segments and can enable multiple services like loyalty gifts, remittance cash-outs, wallet cash-ins, top-ups, VAS sales.

    The highly intuitive UI and a minimal configuration approach makes it a breeze to create and launch complex financial products.

    Fast Roll-OutsPayment instruments created on Arttha can be configured to work with specific services. For example a voucher type can be restricted to work with a specific retailer or a set of retailers.

    Service SpecificAll cards and vouchers created on Arttha comply with global payment industry standards. This guarantees complete interoperability with 3rd party systems and international payment gateways.

    Industry Compliant

    To learn more about our payment card and voucher management capabilities, visit us at www.arttha.com and ask for a demo.

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