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ASAP Associate Accelerated Program ASAP Associate Accelerated Program.

Date post: 16-Dec-2015
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ASAP Associate Accelerated Program
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  • ASAP Associate Accelerated Program ASAP Associate Accelerated Program
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  • What is ASAP? One year associate degree program Cohort-based program Every region has its own learning community Regional Director/Student Success Coach Faculty Teaching Team These learning communities result in strong retention and completion rates state-wide. 86% of ASAP students earn a degree or are still enrolled after 12 months a rate five times better than the average for all Ivy Tech students
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  • The ASAP Student Referred/Nominated by High school Guidance Counselor Minimum 2.5 High School GPA with a strong attendance record No older than 21 years of age Parent/guardian must agree to provide room and board The program is specifically designed for students from low- income households, and targets students during the critical transition period between high school to college.
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  • Subtitle Click to edit Master subtitle style Pilot Programs Indianapolis, Fort Wayne Lumina Foundation = $2,240,000 (2009-2013) CHE pledge = $269,378 Statewide Expansion Funding Lumina Foundation = $2,223,400 (2013-2016) Smith Family Foundation Gift = $1,000,000 (Lafayette 2011) Old National Bank = $250,000 (Evansville 2014-5 year grant) Vectren = $250,000 (Evansville 2014-5 year grant) Total Contributions = $5,733,278 Funding Sources
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  • State-wide Implementation Timeline Fall 2010 Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Fall 2011 Lafayette Fall 2013 South Bend Summer 2014 Muncie, Anderson, Richmond, Columbus, Terre Haute, Evansville Summer 2015 Gary, Kokomo, Lawrenceburg/Madison, Sellersburg, Bloomington
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  • Retention Results 2012-2013 ASAP Retention Rates RegionTerm 1 to 2Term 2 to 3Term 3 to 4Term 4 to 5Term 5 to Degree Completion Fort Wayne91%95% 94%100% Indianapolis90%78%97%100% Lafayette88%95% 100%
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  • Graduation Rates 12 Month Degree Completion Rate
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  • After Graduation RegionRate of Transfer to 4-year Institution Rate of College Persistence* Fort Wayne62%100% Indianapolis78%100% Lafayette88%100% 2012-2013 Graduates *This data includes students who chose to stay at Ivy Tech and work on another degree.
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  • National Media Attention This article from the Wall Street Journal was published on November 3, 2013.
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  • ASAP Fast Facts 50% of ASAP students are male, which counters the current trend toward a predominantly female overall college population 50% are minorities nearly twice the percentage of Ivy Techs student body as a whole The overwhelming majority of students enrolled in ASAP are first- generation college students The bottom line: ASAP works for populations traditionally underserved by Americas colleges. The mentoring and guidance provided by the program gives students a chance to succeed and changes their lives.
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  • The experience has been incredible. You not only learn the subject matter, but also about yourself. The best part is that the credits transfer to other schools. I feel that its prepared me for a demanding job.