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Date post: 27-Mar-2016
Author: jordan-gonzalez
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This a magazine containing the events of College Track ASAP Summer program told by the students who made it successful.
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  • ASAP

  • WHAT IS COLLEGE TRACK? ASAP College Track is a program where students get support with their education and transform their community. It not only does that, but it also gives you scholarships for college. The program sticks with you even until you go to college just in case you need that extra help or money to borrow for school. College track is very beneficial because it helps you at school, prepares you for college, and even offers you scholarships and loans. -Monse Garcia

  • Beginning Of College Track!! ! !

    By Juan Carlos Rosas

    In the beginning of College Track, we began by taking

    the ACT exam to see where we were in our academics.

    We didnt know each other yet, so no one was talking,

    and the testing made extra quiet. After the tests, people

    began talking and getting to know each other. Now, we

    are all good friends; more like a big family. We started

    playing games such as the human knot, Giants, Elves &

    Wizards, and many other icebreakers. !


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  • Interviews Describe what College Track means to you.

    - Fun (x2) - Inspiring - Helpful (x4) - Successful (x2) - Motivating - Interesting (x2) - United - Informing - Social (x2) - Transformational - Supportive

  • Questions from the staff: -What made you want to join College Track? I was inspired by the mission of College Track and I feel that College Track has a prove of success.- Tina -Why do you believe College Track was made? I think that there was a need for it because there wasnt that many resources and opportunities.-Tina -If they had College Track when you were in High School, would you have joined? I think so, I always knew that I wanted to go to College Track for help in financial aid.-Tina

  • What made you create College Track? I didnt create College Track, it was already created, and my friend Will I. Am. introduced the program to me. So I could check it out. Since I checked it out, Will I. Am. and I brought College Track to Boyle Heights, because there wasnt a program like this in Los Angeles and we wanted a great program to be in LA. because of the program I was able to do more than just being a teacher.- Legaspi

  • Kaycees Perspective College Track in my eyes means an opportunity for teens to get in the right path for college. College Track is a program for teens to achieve their goals, dreams and motivate them to succeed in the future.

    -Kaycee Matzumoto

  • Thoughts by Mariano Friday August 3rd will be the last end of a four week summer program, ASAP. We all enjoyed the fun activities, fieldtrips we visited but , this is only the beginning of tons of exciting moments to come. College Track has helped us this 4 weeks, and will continue to help us our freshmen year, our whole High school adventure we will be offered tutoring for extra support, and college Track will create workshops of different types to make sure we keep focus in our goal of going to college and have every single College Track member graduate high school College Track with the help of our teachers and co-site directors will provide us with more field trips to make learning fun and interesting. College track will make sure that we are completing our work and getting, A's and B's in all our classes. Our co-site directors will have direct contact with our teachers to see and be able to understand us by understanding our High School standards. So the ASAP program is just the beginning of more adventures throughout our High School years and even at college. -Mariano Bonilla

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