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Date post: 23-Jan-2015
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Social Media presentation for the CASE ASAP conference held at WPI in February of 2012.
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WELCOME TO Social Media: Getting the Most from Your Post
  • 1. WELCOME TOSocial Media:Getting the Mostfrom Your Post

2. Social Media: Getting the Most from Your Post 1. Know your audience 2. Be creative 3. Good curation is not just aboutfinding but about rephrasing foryour needs 3. 1. Know your audienceOur audience is alumni who: are primarily in STEM disciplines Have affinity towards WPI 4. 2. Be creative Our audience is alumni who: are primarily in STEM disciplines Have affinity towards WPI Here is what we are doing now 5. what we are doing now Creating a focused SM hub in FBthat branches into Twitter andLinkedIn for certain content How are we doing it? Let me showyou 6. What we are doingWhat is Wrong with this Historic WPIPhoto on Fridays.UforLifeNorthSocial apps 7. Historic Photos www.facebook.com/wpialumni 8. Your Social Media Strategy Starts Here 9. They will keep in touch with each other long aftergraduation, will they keep in touch with U? Where will they be in 30 years?How do you keep track?Maintain a connection? Take a donation? 10. U For Life extends the schools Facebookpresence with personal & engaging modules Integrated with Facebook Newsfeed updates Linked to Schools FanPage Nostalgic and current contentloaded into application Photo tagging promotes alumni toalumni communication Branded for the school Provides Updated data Email addresses, etc. Can help discover lost alumniUforLife 11. NorthSocial apps and Fan-Gating Feature 12. NorthSocial apps and Fan-Gating Feature 13. NorthSocial apps and Fan-Gating Feature NorthSocial 14. Not just what but how What vehicles you find to be creative isfine, but how you approach it iseverything.If content is king, then context is queen 15. 3. Curation and RephrasingCuration is finding the best content fromtrusted and reliable sources andorganizing for distribution in varioussocial media platforms.Rephrasing is taking the content youfind and tweaking the lead in to fit youraudience and your needs. 16. Leaderships means having followersLeadership is a relationship between those whoaspire to lead and those who choose to follow.- From The Leadership Challenge 17. Organizing the process AssessCreate EvaluateDeploy 18. Define yourself in simple terms 19. Pinterest 20. 20Engage, engage, engageDialogLearnSupport Innovate 21. Key capability:The ability togive up the need to be in control 22. Creative DialogueScott Hadley Mgr. of Integrated MediaDevelopment & Alumni RelationsWoecester Polytechnic Institute [email protected]