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Date post: 28-Mar-2016
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This is a very simple message that only needs to be heard once for the process of awakening is moving at a rather rapid pace. There is great preparation for the introduction of those in the earthly sphere to the existence of sentient beings within the multi dimensional realm, of points of consciousness and awareness that have been in existence since the beginning and are part of the pattern of inter relationships between all dimensions.
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Greetings and Salutations from the center of Oneness of the Love and Light of the universe. All is One. Why should there not be a conscious union with that Oneness and those which are the attachments and the points of attention within the third dimensional density be simply discarded and released. This is a time when such release is not only happening at a very rapid pace as there is an illumination and an enlightenment of consciousness taking place, but it is also mandatory for there is no other pathway open to the expanding consciousness, expanding awareness of souls on Earth.

This is a very simple message that only needs to be heard once for the process of awakening is moving at a rather rapid pace. There is great preparation for the introduction of those in the earthly sphere to the existence of sentient beings within the multi dimensional realm, of points of consciousness and awareness that have been in existence since the beginning and are part of the pattern of inter relationships between all dimensions.

This is a time when there will be a presentation and an awareness gained of such multi dimensional reality. There is going to be a resistance by some to this presentation. There are those who will not accept and will be fearful of this transition to multi dimensional reality. There are those who will be curious and who will look at what is occurring but not really understand. There are those who will understand a little and thirst to know it all. And there are those who will instantly know the totality of the truth being presented for there has been much preparation in the inner realm for those who would participate in and be part of the, let us say, welcoming team who would assist others in making the transition to the truth of their existence.

This is a time when it is most important to pay attention to the signs around you, to pay attention to the inner urges and nudges within you and to listen very carefully for the new voice of guidance that is present and will be ever present as the process unfolds.

We come collectively as radiant beams of Love and Light. Those who are part of the ascension team, you might say, have only one mission and one purpose and that is to be of service, to be of service to Earth and its inhabitants as this transition and evolution of consciousness takes place. There will be those who know the truth of what is being offered and then there will be those who will resist and not want to accept the truth of what is being offered. They will resist the awakening process.

For you see, ascension is another word for awakening. Awakening is another word for illumination. Illumination is another word for enlightenment. Enlightenment is another word for knowing. You see, it is all the same. Different words resonate and call forth certain dimensions of understanding from various souls related to the portals of expanded awareness that need to be opened. These portals have been established since the beginning of time, but the doorway that covers the portal has been erected through the experience and habits and patterns of attachment to limited perceptions that have been erected by the individual soul.

Even though all is One, it appears as though there are many different aspects of creation. Each soul is One with the All in All; but each soul has, to a measure,

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individualized itself through these resistive patterns. So the ascension process is one of opening the portals of understanding one by one, seeing the totality of existence, knowing the truth of Oneness, being illuminated where all resistance and limiting patterns of thought are dissolved.. It is all very direct, very simple. At the same time, it appears to be very difficult and even unreachable by the soul who is resisting the patterns of awakening.

We would simply say, turn around, look the other way. Look over the horizon of possibility and see the infinite Light of creation beckoning, calling, welcoming you home. Ascend into the radiant receptive arms of this Light. Feel the Love of creation that is the source of energy for all existence, that is the foundation of energy for the Light that is welcoming you home. Feel that Light penetrate every cell of your awareness. Feel all physical, emotional, mental, and ego centered identifications simply fall away into the nothingness from which they were created. Merge with that Light and ascend into the truth of your real self. All is One. All is One. All is One. Know the truth and be free. I AM the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe.

ASCENSION: 19970319M

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In the consciousness of Oneness, the place within the consciousness of the soul where truly all is One, there is no separation, there is no division between the elements of existence. All creation is seen as a whole and in this perspective, all of the life’s experience of a soul in the three dimensional existence is also seen as a whole. Everything is related to one’s internal observations. Everything is related to the view that one has from within of that which is being observed or experienced. There is a central core. There is a central place of existence from which the soul can see and view all of its created experience and can relate each element of that experience into the greater reality of existence. This is a pattern of discovery that a soul is destined to go through to come to this place in the center where all is known, all is seen, all is understood. It is the destiny pattern of every soul to come to this place although there are many routes and many chosen pathways that each soul has selected for its own experience, for its own learning cycles, and to balance the activities of both past earthly experiences and the current experience being lived.

There is always a pathway unfolding, a balancing taking place, and steps being taken toward the ultimate goal of coming into the center of one’s being. Throughout history this has been observed as a pattern of awakening and has been referred to often as the process of Ascension.

This has been a pattern of recognition in terms of souls looking into the vast physical universe and feeling that there is something out there, something that is beyond the human comprehension that one is ascending toward awareness. There have been comments in various philosophical writings about, as above so below, which reinforces the notion of something external that is above and beyond the human experience but yet is something that is the goal of every soul to reach. There have also been various externalized observations of prophets and other great spiritual teachers who have in fact been lifted up and who have ascended into another dimension. In observing and hearing about such events again the externalized concept of ascension becomes crystallized in the thought process of man. The greatest impact in this understanding of course was with the great teacher and avatar, Jesus of Nazareth. The story is quite well known of how after the so called crucifixion, there was a time within three days when he appeared again to those who were part of his inner circle. In this appearance there was a sense of other worldliness, of something beyond that which is of the physical, and in the end of this time, he simply ascended into the ultimate dimension of Oneness with the very Creator.

So again the process was externalized in the thinking and understanding of the human mind. It must be known that all externalized observations are the result of inner awareness. When one considers ascension, there is much more to what is being considered than simply some externalized physical statement. The external physical statement is the result of limited understanding and restricted perceptions of the soul as it is going through the school of earth. Ascension is always within the consciousness of the soul. Ascension is in consciousness coming into the fullness, the completeness, the totality of the consciousness of Oneness. It is thought to be an elevation or a rising up when in reality it is an expansion of going within. Ascension is releasing and letting go of that which would tie one to the physical and the emotional and the intellectual realm of experience. Ascension is coming into the understanding of one’s true self.

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Ascension is the evolution of awareness where one comes into the greater reality of their existence. It is easily seen how such concepts of ascension have been externalized. It is important to look within and realize that the ultimate ascension in consciousness only happens within. It is an individual step by step progression for each and every soul, but it is the only pathway that is worth following. For ascending in consciousness is releasing all that is of the external nature. Ascending in consciousness is coming into the totality of the consciousness of Oneness and in this ascension there is the connecting with the reality of who you really are as a soul.

Consider what ascension really is. Feel that expansion of awareness. Know the truth of your being and allow that which is not necessary, that which is of the externalized nature simply be released. As the weight of the material world disappears, as the weight of the attachment in consciousness to that material world disappears, the soul will become freer and freer and the ascension process will become accelerated. In that acceleration, it will be seen that all is connected, that all is One, and that within the consciousness of the soul there is total freedom. Ascension is the rise in consciousness to that state of knowing, to that understanding and to the total freedom of the soul.

Know that the ascension in consciousness can only happen within. Come into the center of your being. Know the truth and ascend in consciousness to the Oneness that is your inherent birthright. Know the truth and be free.

.ASCEN: 19960401M

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We come to you in the vibratory essence of the consciousness of Oneness, but beyond that, the consciousness of your environment where you are finding that the frequency of vibration, the frequency with which your entire being is resonating, is increasing and becoming more fine as a substance, and is generating changes that are most interesting to observe, most important to occur, and most necessary as the transformation takes place from the consciousness rooted in the earthly activities across the bridge to the fullness of the consciousness of Oneness.

This is a transition, one that is gradual, one that is irreversible and one that is transformable in that it does indeed rearrange the molecules, activates the energy patterns of transformation at the cellular level, and as you move into and blend with and expand with this increased frequency, there is a gradual refinement of the matter and the material which you call your earthly body. There is an advancement, you might say, in the qualitative nature of the very essence of the physical body. In this transformation, there is an alignment that takes place beyond the alignment of the spiritual, mental, and physical of which we have spoken. But this is an alignment of the fundamental molecular and cellular structure of matter which aligns with and becomes in tune with the molecular structure of the universe. It is as though the entire macrocosm of the universe can be known and seen and felt and aligned with from the cellular level of increased awareness.

It has always been a puzzle to the inquiring soul as to both the vastness of the external universe and the even greater vastness of the internal universe. When one observes the physical arrangement of manifestation, one comes into the observation that within the cellular structure, within the microcosm of the internal energy patterns and structure of the physical world, there is as vast a potential for experiencing infinity as there is in observing the vastness of the exterior universe.

Isn’t that interesting that as your scientists probe and look at the structure of the cellular level, at the structure of atoms, and subatomic particles, they keep discovering more and more particles and more and more components of creation that are all part of and are all a manifestation of the one creation. It makes no difference where one would go in the entire vastness of the physical universe, the microcosmic cellular and subatomic structure is still evident, is still there. Everything is connected and from this perspective, it should not be too alarming or surprising that within the bodily function that is the vehicle for the expression of the consciousness of the Creator, that all of that which is created is contained within this bodily form. That may take a little time to fully comprehend what we are suggesting, but as the evolution or the expansion of consciousness takes place, the body does indeed become more aligned with these infinite forces of creation and there is an atunement from the cellular subatomic level to the outer physical form. There is an atunement to the range of frequencies that are indeed the harmonic statement of creation.

So you see there is always an advancement taking place when one has moved into the channel of expanding awareness. There is a trigger that has been pulled and as the body begins to respond to the what you might say, shock waves of that which has been stimulated, the frequency of the body changes, the physical nature of the body changes, and as this would continue ultimately to a point where the consciousness of

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the soul and the external consciousness of the body are truly one. For the frequency of the vibration of the cellular structure of the physical matter becomes so in tune with the consciousness of the soul that it simply blends and is as though there is only a shimmering light in place of the physical vehicle. This would be truly the point at which the consciousness of Oneness is fully realized. When this point of consciousness arrives, there would be no separation in even the smallest iota between the consciousness of the soul, the consciousness of the oneness of all creation and the consciousness of manifestation. It is all One. It is all the same and it is only to the extent that there is a separation and a diminuation of the consciousness of Oneness that there is indeed the physical universe manifested at all.This is the pathway you are on. This is the pathway that all souls are on. For it is a time when this consciousness of the physical world does indeed become aligned with the consciousness of the inner spiritual realm. When this again fully occurs, you can simply be who you are, where you are, as you are, and you can in an instant, be wherever you need to be. You can literally walk through walls and can transmute all of the physical surroundings to the perfect harmonious vibration of existence that is consistent with the consciousness of Oneness.

In your history and in your spiritual records, you have heard of and read of such vibratory essence that has occurred in the physical which has been truly in a sense, miraculous and unknowable for those who have observed such as it might be called phenomenon. This is the time when such things occurred as the bodily form and the soul simply blending as one and disappearing from physical sight in the physical plane. This has occurred many times on your planet and it will occur more frequently as there is this conscious alignment of the vibratory essence of the physical body as it is transmuted into the true vehicle of light and then blends with in consciousness the consciousness of the soul, the consciousness of Oneness.

This is not a pattern to be alarmed about nor concerned about. It is only a statement of the reality that is. As the spiritual quest progresses and as there is a continuing and increasing attention paid to this refinement process, and as there is the integration of the experience of the moment by moment expression of the light body with that which has been known for some time as the physical body, as there is attention paid to the nuances and details of this relationship, there will be an increasing understanding and awareness of how truly it is all one.

You at times in your meditation or in other experiences may feel in the physical, a tingling sensation or a sensation of what you might call a vibratory activity in your body. This is a pattern of where the frequency of light is being activated, is being generated, and is being integrated with the physical. You at times in your meditation, and this will happen more frequently, feel the radiant energy of the universe pouring in and through the upper portion of your head and coming down and through the entire cellular structure of your body and then exiting through your feet. You feel this but perhaps don’t always recognize the totality and significance of this flow of energy. It has been explained as being a rain of golden and crystal light and in a way that’s what it is. It is the energy of the very core of the universe. It is the energy that flows forth as light from the very creator. It is the energy that is the totality of the expression of love that flows into and through all of creation. It is the energy that is the anointing of the soul as it consciously aligns with that energy and remembers who and why it is.

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Ponder these things we have mentioned and integrate all that you experience into the fullness of your consciousness. Let it be what it will be and you will progressively see the refinement taking place. As you spend time, as you spend attention and focus on this process, it will be greatly enhanced and you will be aligned with the consciousness of Oneness that you are. This is a marvelous wondrous experience. It is the ultimate experience of every soul for this is the putting on of the mantle of the consciousness of the living Christ as it has been called. The Christ energy is this energy of Love and Light that is the shepherding energy of all souls who are created and are coming into the fullness of the Love and Light of this Christ energy. It is indeed a blessing, but it is also your birthright for you are the fullness of the Christ Light. It is only to be remembered that it is so.

ASCEN: 19951218M

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We begin, we continue, we complete the cycle moment by moment of awakening to the reality of who you really are as a soul. It is a continuous process as there are many points of connection along the pathway of awakening and there is what might be called an ascension through each point. There is a transformation, there is an understanding that evolves into knowing the truth of how each point is connected. So we say, we begin, we continue, and we complete the process of ascension.

There are no final points. The beginning will be discovered to be the final point for it is all a process of returning from the extremities of conscious manifestation to the very center, the source of all creation. This source is not a place. It is not a singular definable entity. This point is pure consciousness that pervades, that permeates, that is the essence of all creation. In the linear thinking of the human mind, there is a desire to find a beginning, to find a point from which all emanates. There is a desire to find a linear process that begins, continues, and ends. It is not that way.

When you consider the essence of the truth of Nowness, you begin to move closer to the understanding of the infinite presence of the essence of creation that is always in existence everywhere at every moment within all of the manifested and unmanifested presentations of the universe. Even using the words manifested and unmanifested provides a pattern of linear thinking where the human experience says what is in the three dimensional world is manifested and what is not in the three dimensional world is unmanifested. But isn’t this a little narrow in perception, for there is certainly a wide and infinite statement of manifestation or of presentation or of interpretation or of conscious statements of creation along the entire continuum of existence. Manifestation is not solely a three dimensional existence although it is often referred to as that from the limited perception of souls embodied in the three dimensional density at this moment.

There are manifestations of energy, manifestations of soul energy throughout the continuum. It is for this reason at this time that there are many who are part of the flotilla of light bearers who are part of the awakening and ascension process taking place on Earth at this moment. There are many who are performing certain tasks in the pure sharing of the Love and Light of this essence of all creation and in so doing, are calling forth that same Love and Light from the depths of the consciousness of souls who are embodied within the earthly experience. So you see, this is just another aspect of what might be called manifestation.

It is important to stretch, to dissolve, to go beyond all possible boundaries and limitations of perception. It is important to allow the infinite flow of wisdom and understanding that leads to absolute knowing to emerge and to bubble forth from within the consciousness of the soul. There are no limitations and the essence of the pure consciousness of creation welcomes you into its embrace for that is the point of the journey. It is the point of completion which is, at the same time, the point of beginning. For you see, there never has been a beginning. There never will be an ending. It is simply what it is. Feel the release from the bondage and the grip of the mind, the emotions, and all of the habitual patterns of perception that hold the consciousness of the soul in the prison of limited perception. Loosen that grip and feel the consciousness of the soul simply flow out and into the infinite landscape of the

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universe, of all aspects of the universe, of the universe that extends far beyond the physical universe, the universe that extends far beyond all dimensional perceptions along the continuum, the uni-verse that is the one statement of creation, the uni-verse, the one word of Love that is the pure consciousness, the pure essence of the infinite expression of consciousness that is all there is.

ASCN: 70326

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The concept of ascension is viewed from many perspectives and depending upon the perspective from which one is considering what ascension means, there will then be certain interpretations of that meaning and will be certain implications and anticipations then made regarding what ascension really is.

There is an underlying truth that must be clearly understood in order to fully comprehend the concept of ascension. This underlying statement of truth is that all expressions externally, all expressions of manifestation are simply a projection of consciousness. It is all a matter of consciousness. So when we speak of ascension, the pure concept of ascension is that of ascending into, moving into, arriving in the very center of consciousness, the very center, the very core of your consciousness as a soul. This point of inner alignment is what has been spoken of so often as the Consciousness of Oneness where there is no differentiation, there is no separation, there is no participation in the duality or other concepts of differentiation points of consciousness. If all is One and if the Consciousness of Oneness is truly manifested and known and merged with, then all is simply One, not two or more.

So the ascension in consciousness is coming into this point of Oneness and as ascension occurs, there is a patterns of expressing the progression of ascension that appears to take one into various dimensional points of existence. There has been much discussion about ascending from three dimensional consciousness into fourth or fifth dimensional consciousness. Don’t all ladders have rungs? Don’t all stairways have steps along the way? So what! Those are only points along the progression of ascension into the full consciousness of unity, the Consciousness of Oneness, the consciousness of merging with and as the very Creator.

It is not important to be concerned with the incremental steps. These will occur. It is important to identify with and to comprehend the infinite pathway that one is on and to recognize not the steps along the way, but to recognize the ultimate point of the journey and to hold one’s focus on that which is the ultimate statement of the Consciousness of Oneness. Certainly along the way there will be manifestations of that which are the rungs of the ladder or the steps that one is taking. In this ascension process, there will be a transformation of energy patterns wherein that which is physical takes on a finer substance and can indeed be transmuted into that which is of another dimension. But that is not important for that is but part of the process where the total ascension of consciousness can instantly transmute all existence from that which is three dimensional, fourth dimensional, fifth dimensional, or beyond to the twelfth dimensional pure density of absolute Oneness and pure Light.

So be not concerned, be not focused on, be not limited in the possibilities of ascension by being overly concerned about each step along the way. Know the purpose and the process. Know the truth of the ultimate destiny which is merging with and as the Consciousness of Oneness. In this progression there will be the transmutation of all form of all substance into that which is absolutely pure and merged with the pure Love and Light of the Creator.

ASCEN: 19970318M

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This is a day of ascension. It is a day in the history of your universe that resonates to the essence of the creative impulse. It is a day that is aligned with the true essence of Love. It is a day that also resonates to the Light that is the sustaining flow of energy of the universe. So this is a day of Love and Light, a day of ascension into the reality and the truth of what Love and Light really are.

Ascension has been spoken of in many ways, through many presentations, many teachings, and through many who have to a degree experienced the process of ascension. Ascension by its very nature has the pattern imbedded within the process of elevating, of rising up, of moving into and through various layers of density into a refined and, as has been said, an ethereal or multi dimensional consciousness.

Ascension is much more than that for ascension is the entire process of realigning and coming into the fullness of knowing and identifying with, blending with, merging with, the infinite expression of Love and Light in the universe. Ascension begins from right where you are. It is first important to recognize that you are indeed, as we have said so many times, a soul, a spark of the divine. You have within you all of the attributes, all of the essence of the Love and Light of the Creator. Isn’t that in itself an amazing statement to make? For from the human perspective there is always, it appears, a desire to search, a desire to look for something, a desire to uncover or discover something that is beyond whatever is known is at the moment. There is an innate curiosity within the interface between the soul and the human experience to discover, to search, to find out what is true.

It is important to understand and to know that the truth of all that you are is already imbedded within the consciousness of the soul for you are the complete and unabridged statement of creation. This is a difficult concept for the human mind to comprehend. It is difficult for the intellect to accept, for if that is true, then what is the point of the intellect and the mind? Well, you see, the mind and the intellect are simply tools that help one understand and work through the manifested universe to come into and to return to the understanding and the knowing from within of one’s truth that has always been so.

It is like completing the circle, like going out into the environment analyzing and understanding then that the environment is a created statement of the physical and material world and that by understanding how that creation has taken place, then one can come back to the source of creation and know the truth of the source of all.

So the mind and the intellect are tools, are builders and that which is seen in the physical and experienced in the emotional is the result of that which is built; but behind all expressions, there is a source and by looking at the result, one can work through the foundation upon which the result was obtained and comes back into the inner essence of the singular truth of existence, the truth of one’s being.

So ascension is the process of working through and then rising beyond this process eliminating and putting behind so to say, the analysis of the creative experience and simply melding and blending into the totality of the experience letting that which comes from within flow into and expand upon and connect with all that is behind, beyond, and within. It is difficult to understand for words are so limiting in what can be expressed.

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So let us take a journey and let us feel what is beyond the words. Wherever you find yourself at this very moment, as you close your eyes, and close down the outer world, turn off the noise, turn off the process of thinking and analyzing. Whatever thoughts come, let them go. Focus deeply within and feel simply the presence of I AM. If there can be no other expression in your consciousness than I AM, you will begin to feel the doorway of ascension opening.

Visualize wherever you are sitting. Go outside from that place and look back and see your physical presence. See deeply within that physical presence a ray of light. Know that that light is emanating from the very essence of the soul that you are. Know that that light that you see within the embodiment is the light of the Creator. Feel that light emanating and radiating. Feel the light coming from the core of your essence. Flow with that light as you are accelerated away from and expanding into the vast infinite universe. You leave the body behind and in an instant you feel the acceleration as you pass into and through the externalized consciousness of the physical world and you move into a space as the light that is emanating expands into the infinite statement of oneness within the universe. You feel that light penetrating every aspect, every cell, every place within this infinite statement of the universe of which you are a part.

So you flow with this light and you go into another expression which might be likened to a cavern of crystals. You feel the energy expanding and being presented in every imaginable crystalline shape. You see the hexagonal spires, pyramids, ovals. You feel and sense every color and every ray of energy that has ever penetrated the creative structure of the universe. The crystalline grid that you pass through is like the foundation of expression through which light penetrates and creates the many layers of existence. As you pass through and beyond you come into an expression that feels like you are being elevated and are being drawn up by a singular point of golden light that is brighter and more extensive than anything you have ever experienced. As you are drawn up into this light, you feel a blending, a melding. You have left all individual concepts beyond and you feel only the vast presence of this light that penetrates all dimensions and all universes. You feel what oneness really is. For wherever this light penetrates, you are part of that. You are that light. As that light absorbs and penetrates all creation, there is a feeling of let us say, motivation. There is a feeling of a presence that is the presence of love that flows out and through this light and into all the universe. This presence of love is who you are. You feel and know the Oneness of all creation as an expression of this love.

The ascension process brings you to this point of absolute stillness, absolute knowing of Oneness with love, as love; with light as light. As you ascend in consciousness to the singular point of universal truth, all that is less than that is discarded, is set aside, is no longer important for the lessons have been learned. The pattern through the various dimensions of experience have been followed and all is seen to be exactly what it is. The limited perceptions and boundaries of understanding are devastated and eliminated. There is no boundary. There are no limitations. There is only the infinite statement of the oneness of all creation.

You are the I AM. I AM Love. I AM Light. I AM the ascended consciousness of Oneness. As you feel this presence, as you know the truth of who you really are, as you live the ascended consciousness that you are, return into that physical presence

Page 14: Ascencion Notes

and know that with every breath, with every step, with every action, as you complete your journey within the physical existence, know the truth of who you are.

ASCN: 19970111

Page 15: Ascencion Notes


It is a moment in eternity when the ascension energy pouring into the earthly environment is reaching an intensity that is being felt, internalized, responded to, and acted upon by many who are in the earthly experience at this time. There has never been such a moment in all eternity for this is the final birth pang of the birth of the consciousness of earth into the multi dimensional awareness of which it is, has been, and always will be an integral part. For a time, the memory of this association has been lost, set aside, and diverted as the involvement in three dimensional existence became the accepted and normal approach to existence.

It is being seen and known by many that the earthly existence is indeed temporary and that the truth of one’s reality is not in the externalized created world, but in the internal consciousness of the creative process within the soul. There has always been a tendency and, in fact, a desire to enjoy the fruits of the creative activity and in so doing there has been the attachment to and the emotional, mental, and physical interaction with that which has been created. Now is a time to set all of those illusionary points of reality aside and to come home, to return to the very center of one’s awareness where the infinite statement of creation, the infinite energy and consciousness of creation reside.

Within the consciousness of the soul is the freedom to exist totally in alignment with the center of all creation. There are no false images within the consciousness of the soul. There are no misperceptions or misunderstandings within the consciousness of the soul. The soul is the unified statement of the flow of creative energy into and through all dimensions of existence. As you consider what is being offered, go within and feel the presence of this infinite statement of creation that exists within the soul. Know that all outer observations are temporary, all emanations of the mind are but the externalized statement of perceptions that the soul has for a moment attached to and found important. Know that the mind has no substance of its own. The mind is a tool, an extension of the consciousness of the soul. All thought and all energy of projected awareness begins within the soul. There is nothing that begins from an externalized perspective. When this is understood, it is seen that every thought, every word, every action has within it the potential for being a pure emanation and statement of the consciousness of the soul. All externalized activities have the potential for being an expression of the Attributes of the Soul.

The question is, is the soul aware of its statement of being and does the soul see and know the truth within all externalized conditions. Does it know the truth of its expression within those conditions, or does the soul allow the mind to assume control if even for a moment, or allow the emotions to react to that which is externalized and thereby assume control if even for a moment.

In this process of externalized abdication of responsibility, the conditions of the world appear to take on an aura of reality and become the point of focus of the consciousness of expression. However, it is within the infinite power and statement of expression of the soul to release all of that pattern of behavior and reaction and to return to the singular expression of existence, the singular statement of the purity of expression of the Attributes of the Soul within each and every point of manifestation. The soul is complete within itself. There is nothing lacking. All of creation expresses in

Page 16: Ascencion Notes

and through the consciousness of the soul. This is why it is spoken of as the consciousness of Oneness. This is that time, that point of accelerated understanding in the earthly environment that this inner awareness is being accepted, understood, and identified with as the ascension process of ascending into the consciousness of oneness takes place.

There has never been a moment such as this in the earthly experience. Feel deeply that which is occurring. Release all externalized reactions and associations. Know within the total context of all manifested expression that there is only the consciousness of the soul being expressed. Identify totally with all the Attributes of the Soul and see and feel and know these attributes as the expression of the consciousness that is the pattern of expression during this time of ascension. There is no other activity taking place at this moment. Feel, know, and be the singular point of expression you are, one with all creation, one as the total consciousness of the soul.

ASCEN: 19970305M