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Ascension protection

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    For a continuous AP roulette without putting yourself in danger you will need 2

    Cities. In general we use city 7 + city 8 for this. Its also easier to have them together

    ( next to eachother)

    This is a suggestion, not a rule. Reasoning behind this , is that transport times are

    kept at a lowest, when transferring troops and resources at the end of the rotation.

    In this tutorial we will be using cities 7 + 8. From a fresh start. This means those

    cities have been abandoned and rebuild.

    Now both cities are at the original level ( not ascended)

  • The Start

    Note: no need to construct Guardians.

    Lets assume we start with city 7 for the first AP rotation.

    From the original city , we ascend the city to lvl 1, and lets choose the Druid city

    for that

    When you have chosen the Druid City and the 1st blessing, your city is now in


    We have the option to go from level 1-6 , which gives 6 levels x 3 days = 18


  • So 18 days ( for now) is the max rotation of 1 ascended city from lvl to 6 and thus

    troops and resources in an ascended city are protected and cant be attacked, looted,

    scouted. You now have a SAFEZONE

    The construction

    Now that the city has been ascended to lvl 1, we need to construct buildings in order

    to reach the FREE goal of re-ascending again to the next level.

    You have the choice between MANUAL and AUTO.

    Ill explain AUTO, in BOT there is a city called START UP

  • Click Load defaults


  • This transfers all normal layout buildings to be transferred to the BUILD tab in


    When auto build = on, then the bot will start auto constructing the layout of the city

    including rally point, etc etc. All to lvl 1.

    When all lvl 1 builds are completed. Select city 7 / que all buildings / to lvl 9 /

    click add.

    Now it will auto build all buildings to lvl 9.

  • If you also tick ask for help it will also auto post the help requests in alliance

    chat. Construction will speed up especially all under 10 minutes build.

    Now your city level construct by itself ( provided you have pc on ) until all builds

    are completed till lv 9.

    To accelerate builds , any builds you do for that matter, you need to equip in your

    normal PEACE time TR set, construction speed.

    Construction speed is capped at 600% so you either need 1 or 2 cards to be


    Both cards equipped in TR give together the total of 432 + 284 = 716 construction

    speed. This accelerates your builds to the max.

    NOTE : construction speed needs to be equipped if you create builds in bot. you can

    change back afterwards to a different TR. In case you can not come up with all the

    cards in TR.

  • Additionally you want to add a FOREMAN via knights hall in that city. Preferably

    a knight that has 300 politics skill.

    In example below you see that the knight has ALL skill levels at 300 making him

    multifunctional. You can use for any SKILL role, as well as knight for attacks.

    Now that you can build with superfast speeds ( cottage 1 second) at start up, you

    will see that your city constructs the autobuilds to lvl 9 at blazing speeds.

    NOTE: no need to construct Guardians. You will be abandoning the city again at

    lvl 6 and at end of AP. They costs 50 gems , so really no need for that.

  • NOTE : when you ascend to the next level of ascension you have 3 options.


    OPTION 2 : ascension crystal

    OPTION 3: Increasing City value.

    If you have ascension crystals , then you can ascend at any time, if you dont have

    them, you can increase the green bar via the TR with an advisor of appraisal card.

    Certainly when you are a little short on the green bar

    100% is the cap value so no need to level the tr card beyond that. ;)

    You dont have to have this card equipped all the time, only when you need it.



    Now that city 7 is under AP and city 8 is at beginners level, you can set up city 2 to

    6 up for AUTO TRANSPORT.

    Lets assume city 1 is your ATTACK city. In cities 2 till 6 you are training and

    raiding. We want to move the resources out from those cities to the AP city so its

    safe. At the same time we will be training in those cities, so we want REVERSE

    transport activated, so when training consumes resources, it will also send back

    resources when needed to keep training ( like ore)

  • Its pretty self explaining the tab. You select the city you transport FROM and you

    select where it is GOING, in this case 7.

    You activate reverse transport like in example and you can set what to keep, in this

    case 1 billion ( for the 4 resources. Click add route, and that line,

    city 2 to 7 is saved. Now you just click city 3 and again add route. The set

    parameters remain the same , you only changed FROM city, and like this its easily

    set up till city 6. In show routes TAB you can double check easily if youre routes

    are correct.

    To protect these resources in city 2 till 6, as you have set it at 1 billion, is

    STOREHOUSE PROTECTION. Storehouse cap is 1250% .

    Allowing you to store 1.45 billion of each resource (excluding gold and astones)

    in each city that will be protected IF you have 1250 storehouse protection.

  • With following cards equipped it is easily obtainable. Especially if you use cards

    that have all attributes that help you. TRAININGSPEED /


    You see by adding jewels you can enhance cards easily to what you need. With 3

    cards like this equipped , you reach the cap easily.

    Leaves other cards to fulfill your other needs.

    Note : thanks to the way Kabam has coded the game, a city cannot eat more than

    720 million per hour so long as you occasionally craft a horn.( 50% reduction) It

    remains the same even if you have billions of troops.

    Note: use the homesteading trophy for upkeep reduction as well.

  • So if your cities 2 till 6 get attacked and you followed the above, then the attacker

    basically gets nothing ( maybe some gold or astones)

    Note: If you have set up transport , in the same way you can also set up RE-

    ASSIGN. Move trained troops to your ascended city. You only leave wagons for

    transport in cities 2 -6.

  • Ascension Alert in Tools.

    IF you set it correctly in TOOLS OPTIONS , as highlighted here above , then your

    ascended city will give a VISUAL warning when AP runs OUT.

    *city will turn amber


    When you reach level 6 of ascension in your city, you are in your final 3 days of

    protection. When the amber alert comes on , on the warning set, it is time to

    move from city 7 to city 8.

    1) Ascend city 8 to ascension lvl 1

    2) Delete transports set in bot ( delete routes)

    3) Delete reassign set in bot ( show routes, then delete each route manually)

    4) Set up transport from city 7 to 8 to transport resources. If you have a lot of

    resources you can use LOAD in TR + Reinforced bags to transport more on

    each shipment. Alternatively transport manually.

    5) Set up reassign from city 7 to 8. Move out all troops to city 8 EXCEPT wagons,

    as you may need them for transporting resources. You can re-assign via auto

    setup, or via MARCH TAB in tools.

    6) When all is done, reassign your wagons to city 8.

    7) Reassign your foreman from city 7 to city 8

    8) Check if city 7 is empty, of resources, troops, knights. And then you can

    abandon city 7.

  • 9) Recapture the plain where city 7 was, and build city again.

    NOTE: due to abandoning city 7, city 8 becomes city 7 and when you build a

    city again on the captured plain that becomes city 8!

    10) Now you go to the beginning of this tutorial again and set up builds,

    transport, re-assign etc. this is the 18 day cycle.

    FactSheet & Tips:

    WHATEVER you do, DO NOT CREST WILDS from AP city. If another player

    captures that wild and you hit it when that other player captured it, you

    LOOSE your AP protection. There are players that look for this and

    capture all wilds around a suspected AP city hoping you are cresting wilds.

    Do Not Scout other players from AP city, you loose protection.

    You can raid or DF or hit barbs, but preferably, dont use AP city for

    anything other then transports. Better safe the sorry

    Start your ascensions at times when you are sure that you will be normally

    home. Since it will run out the same time, 3 days later. PLEASE note that

    using doves can influence AP times. Using a dove will take away 2 hours

    easily from your total ascension time of 3 days. This makes AP run out 2

    hours early for example.

  • Set your AP time in your smartphone, or calender of PC. If you set it up

    correctly you will get a warning from PC or smartphone when ascensions

    is running out.

    Always make sure you can ascend quickly again. Have ascension crystals

    handy in case you make a mistake ( scouting from ascended) so you can

    re-ascend straight away again.

    Do not leave ascending till the last moment, but start comfortably before.

    Other alliances watch your AP to run out. If you are not misted you can be

    watched/monitored in tools with the time remaining! We do the same.

    Make sure you have march speed equipped, if not then at least transport

    speed. So your transports to AP or reverse go as quick as possible. MARCH

    SPEED is the one to have. Transport speed , Reassign speed , are specific

  • speeds and only influence the speed of what they advertise. March speed

    covers all the specific speeds as 1.

    DO NOT MAKE YOURSELF A TARGET, by leaving too much resources in

    cities, described above in this tutorial are easy ways to transport

    resources out. USE it, otherwise you will always be on the target list.

    Your ATTACK CITY, city 1, when you are done playing , move troops and

    resources out to AP, Move back when you are playing again or when

    needed, so this city is also not a target when you are not around.

    Alternative access. In case something happens and you are unable to

    ascend due to RL situation , give access to your account via kabam.com.

    you can share with a friend, or alternatively via staff of the alliance. That

    way we can help you. ( you can always change password afterwards)

    Always build a tower in ascended city. In case something goes wrong you

    have at least a warning! Either visual or in AC.

  • Sharing is knowledge, and a lot of players are not sharing. Yes it

    gives you and edge, or advantage, but it leaves also many people clueless. The

    objective of these tutorials, is to teach, learn, educate players so ALL players have a

    better under understanding of the game. The more players participate, the better

    the overall experience is for all players. More attacking and defending means

    lively domains full of activity.

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