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Ascension vibration

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  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration


    Ascension Vibration

    Ascension Vibration reconciles the separation between matter and spirit,here, and beyond. Freedom of movement through the dimensions in spiritand possibly through the increased vibration of your physical body into alight body is enhanced with Ascension Vibration.

    Ascension Vibration is unity through the balance of polarities that exist inthis reality, realities beyond and inside you. Ascension Vibrations yin yangsymbol is utilized to bring into balance inner, outer, upper, lower aspects of

    our being and our positioning to the world around us.Your Ascension Vibration attunement gives you access to this highlyindividualized vibration and the power of the yin yang symbols as anactivator of your ascension vibration.

    Ascension Vibration channeled and manual written by:Mariah Windsong Couture ~September 1st, 2010 ~All Rights Reserved

  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration



    Attention Resellers: From September 1st through September 10th, 2010Mariah Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell, gift orexchange Ascension Vibration attunement and manual.

    After September 10th, 2010, you may sell Ascension Vibration energysystem only if you pass the attunement and provide this manual with anyAscension Vibration attunement, fully intact, with no changes.

    Ascension Vibration energy system has a fixed resale price of $22.22USD each or the equivalent in your currency.

    Ascension Vibration may NEVER be traded for another system.Ascension Vibration is to be either sold by accepting monies in currency

    or freely gifted, as your inner guidance directs, but NEVER traded foranother energy system of any kind.

    No text or any portion of this manual may be used on u-tube, in movies, onsocial networking sites or personal websites. No text or portion of thismanual may be copied, posted on the internet, linked or plagiarized, unlessquoted briefly (50 words or less) as part of fair use in a review, listing orother commentary.

    Please contact the author at [email protected] for permission totranslate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy andmanual must remain exactly as original form without any changes. Thissystem is unique and is not related to any system now or to come.

    Ascension! Ah! The hopes for, and implications thereof are the topic ofendless books, workshops, energy systems and scrolls! Ascension can occurafter the death of a persons body, if, Source determines that there iscompletion of Karmic wheel and no further physical incarnations arerequired to complete the learning that their Soul set forth.

    Ascension while you are in physicality, with an alive physical body also hasmany different descriptions and meanings to various Masters and teachers!

    If you shift your physical body into a light body while you are physicallyalive, you can take your body with you into other realms. This type ofAscension requires that you return immediately to your daily life here.

  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration



    There is no escape from this reality, by means of Ascension while inphysicality. When someone does ascend while their body is alive, it is atranscending of the previous limitations of their physical form. It is NOTascension if you commit suicide. A persons body does NOT die if youreach ascension while your body is alive. Ascension is NOT an early ticketout of this reality here on planet Earth! Let us be clear about this!

    If a person dies naturally, it is between them, their Deity (Creator, Source)and their Soul whether they will incarnate again here, elsewhere orASCEND and not need to be within the bounds of the karmic wheel.

    Many means of preparation for Ascension, whether in hopes for while youare in a physical body or simply for after your life here is complete, entail agreat increase of your Light Quotient. Light Quotient is the percentage of

    Eternal Light a physical body can hold and radiate, yet retain physicality.

    Ascension Vibration assists you to fulfill the requirements necessary foryour Ascension by vibrating at both physical and non physical frequencies.

    Each of us have our own initial potential parameters for perception of realityand perceiving beyond this reality! These are due to our soul and thegenetics of the body we incarnated into. Think of this as the benchmarks, orinitial growth range that was set forth for us to grow within. Some people arehappy to stay within the initial range that our soul expected us to growwithin while we are in this physical body, this time around here on Earth.

    Life lessons progress us through this growth range and can bring us to theupper end of the initial potential parameter; of our karmic lessons and of our

    perception of reality. What happens when we get to the upper limit of whatwas set forth as completion for this lifetime, and we are hungry to knowmore and be more than what the limitations of physicality allow for? It is asmost of us reading this are aware of, the feeling of hitting our head upagainst the ceiling. We know there is more, and we want to expand and have

    the mobility to be in more than one place at once, literally, with our body!

    We are frustrated with our current limitations of functioning within a 3dimensional reality when weve worked so dutifully to complete our lifelessons and gain increased spiritual awareness and maturity. Many of us areindeed gaining much mobility of our consciousness! We can move ourawareness to merge with plants, animals or Angels.

  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration



    Many of us can be aware of realities beyond this one and witness much thatwe wish we could travel within, in a bodily form, rather than just with ourconsciousness.

    Ascension Vibration prepares your spirit and body to transcend the boundsof physicality into the highest potential for your Eternal Life!

    We are speaking about reconciling the gap between physicality and theethereal. Here and Beyond need not be separated by such an impassanymore. This is different for each person!

    Some of us are indeed ready to know what it feels like to shift the vibrationof our body to such a frequency that it shimmers into another reality!

    We are not in Earth reality for those moments and if someone was to peekinto our room, they would wonder where we went! We are able to now shiftthe energy that composes our body into whatever light or physical form is

    proper for the place our consciousness has traveled to.

    We may take our body with us and transform it into whatever form is properto that local environment. When the Ascension Vibration spins the energy ofyour physicality in a slight phase shift together with the phase shift of areality beyond this one, a transition can occur. This is a temporary conditionand is not a permanent relocation!

    Currently the Spiritual Universal and Cosmic Laws require that you returnyour physical form here on Earth only mere moments or hours after youtranscended it into another form for your travel. However the opportunity for

    pure delight and joy at having such mobility is well worth the responsibilityto continue your daily life here!

    How does Ascension Vibration accomplish what so many people have beentrying to accomplish for eons?

    When you activate your Ascension Vibration, beliefs that seemed to be inparadox with one another will suddenly co-exist! Karmic limitations thatwere in existence because of inner paradoxes and lessons that were hard tolearn because of paradoxical experiences will reconcile. Now Cosmic Lawof matter and waves, time and space will be pliable and bend to your will.

  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration



    See this Ascension Vibration symbol! See the yin yang quality it shows you!Yin Yang of any opposite, not simply gender or will balance easily for you!

    Ascension Vibration makes a way for opposites to exist simultaneously sothat the paradox can no longer hold us separate from all that is. Paradox wasvery important to keeping the karma game and the game of illusion in place.

    Now, it is vital for you to know that while it is entirely possible for you toeventually shift your bodys energy frequency into a higher vibration andtravel in other realms and places, it may just as well not be for you to do.

    It may simply be that Ascension Vibration for you is a way to be at peace

    within yourself and to move through karmic limitation so that you donthave so many lessons. Ascension Vibration may indeed speed your waythrough the difficult lessons so that you will complete easily all that isnecessary this lifetime.By utilizing the Ascension Vibration now; you will have a much betteropportunity after this Earthly life; to ascend into Eternal lifeinstead of being required to return into physical form.

  • 7/29/2019 Ascension vibration



    Some people really like being in physical incarnation and seek it for higherpurposes of Divine Function and rather than for karmic absolution. In thiscase you will have the freedom of returning into physicality or not. Everyonelikes freedom of choice rather than being stuck in a wheel of having to dothis or that!

    What are some of the paradoxes that are reconciled with AscensionVibration? The very nature of our being, if you are in a physical body, has

    paradox within it. We are entwined within the upper, middle and loweraspects of our nature whilst living in a physical body. Many people feel atodds with these aspects. Ascension Vibration causes an ease of co-existencethat bring deep peace and awe of your inner and outer worlds.

    Being able to believe and see more than one perspective may seem like a

    beneficial attribute. For

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