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Assigning IP Adressing

Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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ICT 10 Assigning IP Address
Page 1: Assigning IP Adressing

ICT 10Assigning IP Address

Page 2: Assigning IP Adressing

Assigning a Dynamic IP Address- In a home network with several computers

and devices, it is ideal to assign each of them a specific address. This is for the purpose of avoiding problems when you do troubleshooting which requires figuring out the IP address of each of them. It is also a means to prevent address conflicts between the devices. You can also manage them with ease if you have assigned their own addresses.

Page 3: Assigning IP Adressing

1.Open the Control Panel’s Network Connections icon.

2.Open the icon representing your computer’s network connection.

3.Click the Properties button in the Status dialog box.

4.From the list of items, choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Here are the procedures in assigning an IP Address on a windows base

computer system:

Page 4: Assigning IP Adressing
Page 5: Assigning IP Adressing

5. Click the Properties button. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box appears.

Page 6: Assigning IP Adressing

6. Type the IP address for your computer. Enter the appropriate IP Address in the IP address section.

7. Type a subnet mask. The value used on a local network is commonly, but it can be different, such as

8. Type the default gateway address. The default gateway is the router, so type the router’s address. Figure 54 shows an example of assigning an IP Address, Subnet mask and default gateway.

Page 7: Assigning IP Adressing
Page 8: Assigning IP Adressing

9. Type the address for the preferred DNS server. The address should be obtained from your Internet Service Protocol. It is used to help your computer find web pages and other addresses on the internet.

10. Type the address for the alternate DNS server.The alternate Domain Name System (DNS) server’s IP address is something that your ISP provides.

11. Click OK to confirm the settings.

12. Close all other open dialog boxes and windows.  

Page 9: Assigning IP Adressing

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