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Assisted Listening Language Translation Tour Guide Systems.

Date post: 28-Dec-2015
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Assisted Listening Language Translation Tour Guide Systems

Assisted ListeningLanguage TranslationTour Guide Systems

Gentner Assistive Listening Product Overview

TX37A Transmitter

- 37 ALS FM Frequencies- Accepts multiple input sources- Multiband compression (splits into highs and lows)- Automatic Gain Control (reduces distortion)- Peak limiting (combats against over-modulation)- Aphex Aural Exciter (brightness for listeners)- Tone generator- RF output

= Clarity & Intelligibility

TX37A Transmitter- Excellent sound quality- Mic, line, or speaker level inputs- Covers 700,000 sq ft- Easy to install- Includes antenna & cable- Optional rack ears- MAP $499.95

Gentner Assistive Listening Product Overview

Gentner Assistive ListeningProduct Overview

TX37A Receiver Line-up

- RX1A – analog receiver- Digital 1- digital receiver- Digital 6 Plus – 6 channel digital receiver

GentnerRX1A Receiver

Economy model to satisfy ADA requirements

Tunable to any frequency in 72-76 MHz ALS band

Single On/Off/Volume control for ease of use

Tuning done by flat-head, plastic screw-driver

GentnerDigital 1 Receiver

Digitally tuned to lock on to desired frequency

Extra long battery life (40+ hours)

Large On/Off/Volume control for ease of use

Improved audio for hearing impaired

GentnerDigital 6 Plus

Six user selectable channels User can scroll through six

presets or receiver can be locked on to one preset

Simplified tuning, no need to remove back panel

Backlit LCD display for viewing in low light applications

Battery life display Lock out feature

Gentner Receivers

Engineered for all users including senior citizens

Easy to use and operate Run on standard AA or rechargeable batteries Cost effective Durable Ship with single ear-bud

Gentner Receivers

RX1A – MAP $59.95 Digital 1 – MAP $99.95 Digital 6 – MAP $119

Gentner ADA Packages

Gentner offers packaged systems Includes from 4 to 10 receiver systems All packages include either the Digital 1 or

Digital 6 Plus Receivers All packages include the ADA plaque, sticker, &

rack mount for the TX37A Some packages include charger base and


Gentner Language TranslationOverview

Venture Base Transmitter Looks and has the same features as the

TX37A 19 selectable channels to choose from Coverage of 700,000 sq ft. FM transmission, perfect for translation

booths that cannot use IR. Ships with antenna & 50’ cable MAP $485

Gentner Language TranslationOverview

Venture Receivers

Venture 1- Single channel, digitally tuned- includes ear-bud- MAP $95

Venture 6- 6 digitally tuned selectable channels- includes ear-bud- MAP $115

Gentner Tour Guide Systems

The Venture System is also used in stationary tour guide systems

Gentner also manufactures a portable tour guide systems as well

Venture Express Receiver

Gentner Tour Guide Systems

Venture Express- includes lav mic- built-in belt clip- 30’ range- AA or rechargeable batteries- Uses Venture Receivers- MAP $320

Gentner Venture Packages

Gentner offers packages for additional savings 2 tour guide packages 2 Translation packages


BC10B Charger- Chargers all receivers- Charges the Venture Express- 10 slots- Charge status- Accepts AA Ni-Cad & AA Ni-Mh batteries- 6-7 hours of charge time


Dual ear-buds Headphones Rack ears Ear speakers Plaques/Stickers Telecoil neck loop

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