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Date post: 03-Feb-2016
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Atlas Copco Service. Product portfolio presentation. Contents. Safety Product areas Replacement parts and kits Rock drills and rotation units Reman solutions Fluid management solutions Service products Custom engineered solutions Upgrades Training products Service tools Telematics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Atlas Copco Service Product portfolio presentation
  • Atlas Copco ServiceProduct portfolio presentation

    ContentsSafetyProduct areasReplacement parts and kitsRock drills and rotation unitsReman solutionsFluid management solutionsService productsCustom engineered solutionsUpgradesTraining productsService toolsTelematics



    Many reasons to stay safe*

    *Product areas

    *Replacement parts and kits

    Replacement parts and kitsWear partsReplacement partsPreventative maintenance kitsRepair kits*Genuine replacement parts are engineered to ensure proper, safe and easy maintenance of your equipment in compliance with the Atlas Copco quality standards. Kits are intelligent combinations of genuine replacement parts packaged to streamline maintenance operations.

    Replacement parts and kits*Ensures safety features are properly functioningPromotes maintenance in the safest way possibleReduces time searching for the right partsAssures parts available at the time of serviceBenefitsReadily availableComplies with Atlas Copco quality standardsPackaged for safe and efficient transport Features

    *Rock drills and rotation units

    Rock drills and rotation unitsReplacement rock drills and rotation unitsPreventative maintenance kitsOverhaul kitsRock drill service tools*Atlas Copco rock drills and rotation units are a core component to your Atlas Copco drilling equipment. To ensure the safest and most efficient operation of your equipment, Atlas Copco offers a full line of support specific to these technologically advanced and developed components.

    Rock drills and rotation units*Restores equipment to original drilling capacityMaximum equipment availabilityProvides optimal penetration rateBenefitsExtensive research and developmentContinuous improvements and upgradesReadily available rock drills, parts and kitsFeatures

    *Reman solutions

    Reman solutionsOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certified qualityRigorously tested on purpose-built test equipmentApproved quality with traceability documents*Sustainable remanufactured components that ensure optimum, safe and reliable performance and minimal downtime. Atlas Copco Reman solutions are covered by a competitive warranty policy.

    Reman solutions*Maintains optimum performanceQuality assured componentsMinimal downtimeBenefitsRemanufactured using genuine partsFull manufacturers parts warrantyOff the shelf availabilityFeatures

    *Fluid management solutions

    Fluid management solutions*The selection of fluids provided by Atlas Copco supports superior machine operation while maximizing fluid life and minimizing component wear.

    As the equipment manufacturer, we put a lot of effort in determining the exact fluid specifications for optimal equipment performance. We offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants and coolants that will provide maximum protection of your assets.

    Fluid management solutionsLubricants and coolantsFluids storage handling solutionsHoses*

    Fluids storage handling solutions*Proper maintenance practices, start with the safe handling and storage of fluids. The following solutions provide best practices for storage and identification of fluids. These solutions can be configured to suit your required volumes and workshop layout.

    Fluid management solutions*Optimized equipment performance and extended component lifeAssurance that you have the best fluid for your equipment in any applicationThe best protection for your investmentBenefitsFluids that are specified and tailored for Atlas Copco equipmentDeveloped with focus on safety and environmentMeets and exceeds the component requirementsFeatures

    *Service products

    Service products*RigScanThe Atlas Copco RigScan auditing program is designed to provide you with a sophisticated equipment health check that detects if a part is approaching failure.

    By combining our unrivaled expertise with contemporary measuring technology, Atlas Copco has set a new standard in equipment audits.

    Service productsIncreased productivity, giving Atlas Copco equipment the leading edge in reliability maintenanceRigScan adapts to your application and environmentEarly fault detection reduces spare parts delivery costs*RigScan

    Service products*RigScanIncreased productivity and improved safety through predictabilityFaster troubleshooting reducing maintenance costsComprehensive performance analysis lowering operational cost

    BenefitsFast, convenient, minimally invasive audit technologyCombining visual inspections and performance analysis toolsGlobal audit protocolsFeatures

    Power CrushersUnderground loadersUnderground trucksUnderground drill rigsSurface drilling machinesExploration and core drilling machinesRock drillsService products*CARE Agreements Your security for up timeAtlas Copco CARE is a product built to ensure increased productivity of your machines. This product comes with scheduled service, overhaul and inspection protocols to ensure optimized machine performance.

    Available for different product applications:

    Service products*CARE Agreements Your security for up timeConsistent machine performanceRecords for service and action neededProtection against unplanned extra costBenefitsPreventive maintenanceScheduled inspections and auditsInspection and overhaul protocolsExtended warranty Features

    *Custom engineered solutions

    Custom engineered solutions*Sets developed specifically in response to meet each customers individual needs.

    As operational parameters and/or locations change, equipment may also need to evolve to operate in the safest and highest performance output.

    Custom engineered solutions are the answer to these challenges.

    Custom engineered solutionsRig specific bolt on replacement componentsCabsPowerpacksTowersBooms, feeds etc.Configuration conversions to change operational parametersBolting unitsRod size changesAutomation optionsPowerpack conversions etc.*

    Custom engineered solutions*Lowest environmental impactMachine utilization and speed is optimizedEnsures the greatest flexibility and adaptability of Atlas Copco equipmentBenefitsDesigned and assembled to the Atlas Copco quality standardIncorporates the latest product improvementsOffers more than standard replacement part while maintaining their practicalityFeatures


    Upgrades*As technology develops and Atlas Copco engineering advancements are made, upgrade kits are designed so that equipment in operation can obtain the same safety and efficiency improvements.

    Upgrade kits are off the shelf bolt on kits, that can be ordered and installed.Remote control installationsPowerpackControl system upgrades

    Upgrades*Increased machine performanceOperational functionalityEnhances equipment return on investmentBenefitsIncorporating latest technology advancementsSame safety and performance features of new equipmentCommon fleet parts and control functionalityFeatures

    *Training products

    Training products*Now you no longer need to compromise production plans until your operators can achieve the skills they need.

    We can provide you with training tools that raise your operators skill, increase their ability to master the machine and drilling expertise, right from the start.

    Training productsAll simulators built on the engineering drawingOriginal controls are simulatedRCS fully simulatedIntegrated operator training program*Simulators

    Training productsSmartROC D 65FlexiROC D 50/D 65Pit Viper 271 RCSPit Viper 271 EOHPit Viper Mini simBoomer E2 C 2.0Simba E7 CBoomer S1 DScooptram ST 7/14/18*Simulators

    Training products*Training in a safe environmentNo interference with mine productionNo fuel or power consumptionBenefitsOriginal cabAvailable in your local languageOriginal controls and control system integratedFeatures

    *Service tools

    Service toolsCalibration servicesMobile workshops Mechanics toolsTrouble shooting tools*Tools and support systems designed toprovide enhanced and safe service of ourmining and rock excavation equipment.Service tool kits are built with durability inmind, and many will last as long as ourequipment.

    Service tools*Eliminates hard to service placesEnsures safest maintenance practices followedMinimizes machine down time with faster maintenanceBenefitsHigh quality, professional grade toolsTool length and sizes developed for ease of serviceDesigned specifically to fit Atlas Copco equipmentFeatures


    TelematicsSpecially designed for underground equipmentHardware can be fitted in the factory or in the field as a retrofitSystem gives production figures, operational hours and system alarms

    *A solution that helps to manage andenhance underground equipment withan easy-to-use web based user interfaceor integrated to your system. This allowsto visualize equipment utilization, fleetproductivity and enables remote troubleshooting.

    Telematics*Increase safety with behavior monitoringProductivity analysisOptimized equipment utilizationBenefitsOnline 24-7 monitoringIntuitive graphics user interfaceFleet overviewFeatures

    Global presenceAtlas Copco Service supplies superior products and service around the world.*

    Committed to sustainable productivity*

    **Many reasons to stay safe

    Before going into the presentation I would like to highlight that we place a special focus on safety. The goal is to reduce the number of accidents to zero.

    The program focuses both on emotional reasons to stay safe and on what you should do to protect yourself and your colleagues.*Communications URE 2013***************************************