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ATV Safety Summit: State Legislation (Enforcement) - Do Increased Regulations and Enforcement...

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Gerene Denning, of the University of Iowa Department of Emergency Medicine, presented this at CPSC's ATV Safety Summit Oct. 12, 2012. Off-Highway Vehicle Parks: Do Increased Regulations and Enforcement Improve All-Terrain Vehicle Safety? Objectives: To determine whether there were differences in crash mechanisms and/or compliance with ATV safety laws and regulations when comparing off-road ATV crashes inside and outside state OHV parks. Methods: Data from our Iowa ATV injury surveillance database (2002-2009) were analyzed. Results: 813 persons were included in the analysis, 6% from OHV park crashes. Relative to outside the parks, a smaller percentage of park victims were under the age of sixteen (7% vs. 31%, p
  • 1. Off-Highway Vehicle ParksDo IncreasedRegulations andEnforcement Improve All-Terrain Vehicle Safety?Gerene Denning, PhDCharles Jennissen, MDKarisa Harland, PhD1

2. Background In the U.S., ATV crashes account forover: 800 deaths and 130,000 ED visits. $4.3 billion in lost lives and medical care.Risk factors for ATV deaths and injuries are: Male and/or under the age of 16. Carrying passengers. Age-inappropriate sized vehicle. Lack of training. Alcohol and drugs. Riding at night. Riding on the road.No studies have determined how ATV parks affectrider behavior and riding outcomes.2 3. Iowa ATV Injury Surveillance DatabaseIA Dept. of IA Dept. of IA Dept. of NaturalIA Dept. of NaturalIA State TraumaIA State TraumaTransportation TransportationResourcesResourcesRegistryRegistry IA Statewide Injury Surveillance Database (2002-2009)IA Statewide Injury Surveillance Database (2002-2009) Compare Person, vehicle, and crashPerson, vehicle, and crash Person, vehicle, and crashPerson, vehicle, and crashvariables for crashes outside variables for crashes outside variables for crashes inside ofvariables for crashes inside ofof ATV parks (N=767) of ATV parks (N=767)ATV parks (N=46)ATV parks (N=46)Limitations: Crash location was poorly documented in the state trauma registry. The DNR does not continuously monitor the parks. The DNR does not have sufficient resources to respond to every park crash.3 4. Iowa Laws and Park RegulationsIowa ATV Laws*Park RegulationsAll LocationsAll ATV parks1. No multiple riders on a single-person ATV *All Iowa laws apply to the ATV parks.2. Riding while under the influence of 1.Must stay on marked trails. intoxicating liquor or narcotics is prohibited. 2.Must wear a helmet.3. Vehicles must be registered with the DNR.4. Resident-owned ATVs must display a valid DNR registration.5. Nonresident-owned ATVs must display a valid nonresident user permit.Public Lands Some ATV Parks1. Age limits: 1. No children under 12 years of age.Under 12 years old: Parental supervision 2. Allow side-by-sides (UTVs)12-17 years old: Safety certificate2. Careless, reckless, or negligent operation is prohibited.3. Speed greater than reasonable or proper under all existing circumstances is prohibited.4. Noise and headlight/taillight regulations5. No riding on the road except for agricultural purposes.4 5. Hypothesis: Age and Training Children account for ~25% of deathsand ~30% of injuries.We hypothesize that park-specific age restrictions and a requirement for a training certificate, along with better enforcement, reduces the proportion of youth injuries in the parks. 5 6. Youth Victims Off-Road Outside and Inside the Parks92%18% %Crash Victims%Crash Victims 69%11% 31% 5%4%3% 8% 0%The proportion of youth victims was significantlylower inside vs. outside the parks. (p

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