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Audi Broucher

Date post: 02-Jun-2018
Author: ksln
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  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Q3Audi Q3

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher




    01 The Audi Q3 Experience









    TFSI MMI Multi Media Interface


    S tronic



    35 Interior

    Seats/seat covers

    Seating comfort





    Interior equipment


    43 Exterior









    Audi Genuine Accessories51

    Audi Exclusive

    Audi Top Assist

    Audi Eciency

    58 Dimensions

    55 Technical data

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Here today, there tomorrow. You live on the move, you live in the now. After all, age is irreversible.

    Thats why you want a car that can keep up with the frenetic pace of your lifestyle. Or shall we say:

    one that is so well prepared for you that all you have to do is get in. The Audi Q3 is this car.

    Powerful and agile, compact and yet spacious inside, ecient and expressive.

    Start young. The Audi Q3.

    The wind isnt the samewithout the hair.


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    What makes you stand out? Your personality. Its the same with the Audi Q3. Its design echoes the

    form of an oroader, but it is clearly an urban vehicle. Its decisive look underlines its clear character,

    which is defined by a muscular body, dominant Singleframe and low-set air inlet blades. Slim LED

    lights adorn the rear of the Audi Q3. The encompassing tailgate visually emphasises the vehicles

    width and makes loading easy. There are indeed lots of aspects to a personality.


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Living dynamics. The athletic silhouette with the dynamic flat rear window signalises

    urban sportiness. Wheel arch trims in the body colour or a contrasting colour emphasise

    the sturdy character of the Audi Q3. The exciting interplay of light and shade modulates

    its sides. And the optional panoramic glass roof opens up the generous interior to the sky.

    Enjoy the view.

    05 TheAudi Q3Experience

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher



    En route todriving enjoyment.

    Get in, drive away, put new plans into practice. Always on the move.

    In the Audi Q3, TFSI and TDI engines will be driving you forward. All of th

    ecient and dynamic. From 103 kW to 155 kW and at top speeds of up to

    The start-stop system and recuperation will actively save you fuel and redu

    CO emissions. During every trip. Go on.

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    09 TheAudi Q3Experience

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    13 TheAudiQ3 Experience

    The high-resolution colour MMI display is fitted in the centre of the dashboard where it is visible.

    You also have a Bluetooth interface and an Audi music interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player.

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    The seat upholstery underlines the high quality of the interior. Feel at home there is plenty of

    legroom for the driver and the front passenger as well as in the back. And your luggage travels

    comfortably too: the generous loading space can be enlarged even further by folding the rear

    bench seat or the front-passenger seat down.


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher



    The ride is over. Or is it? Even when you have already reached your destination

    in the Audi Q3 you will want to choose a new one within minutes. Remain demanding.

    Remain en route. In the Audi Q3.

    TheAudiQ3 Experience

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    19 Technology |FSI

    2.0 TFSIengine

    Many hours of development.

    Thousands of miles of testing.And to what purpose? In just a few seconds you will understand why.

    In FSI technology, the fuel is injected directly

    into the combustion chamber and atomised into

    a fine spray. This way, the fuel metered to

    almost droplet precision can be called upon the

    millisecond that the engine requires it. This can

    contribute to better use of the fuel and thus to

    reduced fuel consumption. TFSI technology

    is employed in the Audi Q3. And the remarkable

    thing about it is that it combines the advantages

    of FSI with those of exhaust-gas turbocharging.

    This combination of the FSI concept and a

    turbocharger not only enables excellent eciency

    and dynamics, but also improves

    You will notice it as soon as you a

    2.0 TFSI engine with 155 kW. Its

    torque of 300 Nm will take you fr

    km/h in 6.9 seconds.


    Cast steel exhaust-gasturbocharger

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    21 Technology |TDI

    TDI: Start a evolution.And keep repeating it.

    A diesel on thepodium:the AudiR18TDI


    with optimised adjustableturbinegeometry

    1,800bar high-pressureinjection system

    Enginewith reduced friction

    Compensating shaft module

    Pressure-regulated oil pump

    2.0 TDIengine

    The injectorsopen and closein

    fractionsof a millisecond and inject

    fuel several timesinto thecombustion

    chamber at pressuresof up to 1,800

    bar.In somecases,an injection

    processcan involvetheinjection of

    thetiniest ofamountsweighing less

    than a thousandth ofa gram.

    Pre-injectionresultsin a gentle

    combustion processand consequently

    excellent combustion acousticsand


    One in every two Audi cars sold today is a diesel.

    What sounds perfectly normal now was the cause

    for huge excitement 20 years ago, when Audi

    revolutionised the market with the first 2.5 TDI

    engine. Since then, developments such as

    common-rail technology have made TDI even

    more ecient. Injectors ensure the fuel is finely

    and precisely distributed. Consequently, since

    the first TDI, the engines have become more

    economical, whilst specific output has increased.

    So it was only logical that a diesel car should then

    enter the world of motorsport. And successfully too:

    in 2006, Audi was the first car maker to win the

    Le Mans 24 Hours with a diesel-powered race car,

    the Audi R10 TDI and then went on to repeat this

    victory several times over, most recently in 2011.

    The combination of turbocharging and direct injection

    also ensures superior driving dynamics and eciency

    for the 2.0 litre diesel unit. In the Audi Q3, a new

    generation of the four-cylinder engine is used, based

    on the most-produced diesel engine in the world.

    It oers further optimized acoustics, greater

    refinement and more spontaneous power delivery.

    The engine is available with two output ratings: 103

    kW and 130 kW.

    High torque of 320 Nm (for 103 kW) and 380 Nm

    (for 130 kW) over a wide speed range

    Majestic, effortless pulling power even from


    Low combined fuel consumption an

    5.2 l/100 km and 138 g/km (103 kW

    5.9 l/100 km and 156 g/km (130 kW

    Standard close-coupled diesel parti

    with upstream catalytic conver

    Modern common rail technology an

    pressure of up to 1,800 bar provide

    of refinement and precise fuel mete

    103 kW unit combined with precisi

    manual gearbox and front-wheel dri

    quattropermanent four-wheel driv

    S tronic dual-clutch transmission sta

    130 kW unit

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    23 Technology |S tronic

    What is the benefit of two clutches?

    A double saving: time and energy.

    The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission S tronic

    enables rapid gear shifting with hardly any

    perceptible break in propulsive power and is

    ecient at the same time.

    As long ago as 1985, Walter Rhrl tested this

    technology in the Sport quattro S1 and was

    suitably impressed. Audi drivers share his

    enthusiasm to this day, because the modern

    S tronic changes gear in a flash. To do this, two

    multi-plate clutches serve the dierent gears.

    One clutch transfers the torque via a drive shaft

    to the gearwheels of the odd-numbered gears.

    A second clutch serves the even-numbered gears

    via a hollow shaft. Both parts of the transmission

    are permanently active, but only one of them is

    actually connected to the engine via a closed

    clutch. For example, when the driver accelerates

    in third gear, the second part of the transmission

    is already engaged in fourth gear.

    The gear change happens very quickly through

    the change of clutches the first clutch opens

    while the second one closes. The gear change only

    lasts a few hundredths of a second and is

    completed with virtually no interr

    power flow. It runs so smoothly an

    that the driver barely notices it.It

    whether the driver chooses the ful

    modes with the program D (Drive)

    changes gear manually with the se

    the optional shift paddles on the s

    the gear change feels precise and e

    sporty. Even with all of this dynam

    the S tronic still remains ecient.

    level of eciency, both fuel consu

    emissions can be reduced.

    25 T h l | tt

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    25 Technology |quattro

    With quattro, we have created one of

    the best all-wheel drive systems in the world.

    Of course, that was not good enough for us.

    quattro is a permanent all-wheel drive system.

    If the wheels on one axle of the vehicle lose grip

    on the road and threaten to spin, the wheel-

    selective torque distribution transfers the power

    through the transfer gear box and the Haldex

    clutch to the axle or individual wheel with the

    better grip. The benefit is better traction and

    thus improved acceleration as well as more safety

    thanks to more balanced lateral guide forces.

    The quattro drivetrain

    27 Technology |MMI Multi Media Interface

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    27 Technology |MMI Multi Media Interface

    Follow your intuition

    and youll get there.

    True greatness also shows in the details: the optional multimedia

    range in the Audi Q3 is pretty impressive. The MMI, in particular,

    leaves almost nothing to be desired.

    The high resolution TFT colour display is located above the control

    unit on the dashboard, as is the case with the concert radio.

    29 Technology |Lights

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    29 Technology |Lights

    Seeing and being seenis a safety issue.

    Daytime running lights Dipped beam Indicator

    In the Audi Q3 halogen headlights work with

    electric headlight range control and daytime

    running lights as well as LED indicators in the

    exterior mirrors. Xenon plus headlights are

    optional. The long-lasting gas discharge

    technology enables an even and intensive

    illumination of the road, and the

    automatic-dynamic headlight range control

    prevents oncoming trac from being dazzled.

    In conjunction with xenon plus the Audi Q3 has

    LED rear lights. This means the Audi Q3 is not

    only attractive to look at, it also ensures a high

    level of safety.

    LED daytimerunning lights

    Bi-xenon light

    Indicator light

    31 Technology |Eciency

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    gy| y

    Eciency: standard in every Audi.

    The direct route to enhanced eciency is via

    innovation. For decades, Audi has been

    continuously providing decisive impetus for the

    entire automobile industry, thereby proving that

    eective eciency is the result of a sustainable

    strategy. Thats why fuel consumption and

    emission-reducing measures are fitted as

    standard to all Audi models. The extensive

    technologies are combined in a model-specific

    manner and are implemented consistently

    throughout the entire vehicle fleet.

    Furthermore, with the TDI, Audi has developed

    one of the worlds most successful diesel

    technologies. The combination of direct diesel

    injection and turbocharging provides high

    eciency and engine power. Current highlight:

    the 3.0 TDI clean diesel in the Audi A4 Saloon.

    It already fulfils the EU6 emission standard that

    does not come into force in Europe until 2014.

    The potential of the frugal TDI and TFSI engines

    is brought particularly eciently onto the road

    with the S tronic dual-clutch transmission with

    low engine speeds and shorter gearshifting

    times. And the aerodynamic design of the Audi

    bodies can contribute to an additional fuel saving

    through a combination of low drag and low lift.

    Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 8.7;

    extra-urban 5.5; combined 6.7; CO emissions

    in g/km: combined 175.

    The International Engine of the Year Awards

    are awarded by renowed automotive journalists

    from more than 30 countries: UKIP Media &

    Events Ltd.; www.ukipme.com/engine of the year

    All measures contribute towards a perfect

    combination of eciency and sportiness in

    every Audi. Today and also in the future.

    So that you can at all times feel the demand

    that we have always placed on ourselves:

    Vorsprung durch Technik.

    Another highlight: the downsizing technology on

    the TFSI petrol engines. Five times in

    succession, the 2.0-litre TFSI engine has been

    voted Engine of the Year. A new evolutionary

    stage in eciency is set by Audi with the Q5

    hybrid quattro: as a pioneer of electrical

    mobility, it marks the entry into a future that will

    have low emission levels in the long term.

    The Audi Space Frame (ASF), which is used in a

    range of Audi models, is a milestone in the

    extensive experience Audi has gained with

    lightweight construction. With this revolutionary

    construction method, the weight of the body shell

    is reduced by about a third in comparison with

    conventional steel constructions. The latest

    innovation in lightweight construction: the

    weight-reducing aluminium hybrid construction

    used in the Audi A6.


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    It is the equipment that turns an Audi into your Audi.

    Interior |s35 Interior |Seats/seat covers

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Driver seat,electrically adjustable

    Frontseats, electrically adjustable*

    electric seat height and front/back adjustment,seat and backrest angleadjustment

    Folding rear seatbackrest

    can besplit and folded 40:60or fully

    Centre armrest,front

    4-way lumbar support

    Head restraints

    for all 5seats,hei ght manually adjustable


    Seats/seating comfort

    electric seat height and front/back adjustment, seat and backrest angle

    adjustment, front-passenger seat manually adjustable

    can beadjusted lengthways,adjustableangle,with

    fold-open storagecompartment and one12V socket

    in therear centreconsole

    electric,for driver and front-passenger seats,with

    horizontal and vertical adjustment. (Cannot beorder ed

    in conjunction with foldablefront-passenger seat)


    Leather/Leatherette, Pistachio beige

    Leather/Leatherette, black

    Standard seats

    Interior |Inlays37

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    3D aluminium mesh inlay

    Monometallic platinum Monometallic True beige

    (only in conjunction with Pistachio beigeseat colo

    WalnutBals amic brown*


    39 Interior | Infotainment/interior equipment

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    * Optional

    Deluxe automatic air conditioning*

    Climate control


    Driver information system Radio and TVsystems

    Audi sound system*

    Telephone and communication

    Bluetooth interface

    with white3.5-inch TFT monochromedisplay located

    directly in thedriversfield ofvision.Displaysthe

    following information:radio frequency and/or name

    ofstation or titleaswell as further contentsofthe

    infotainment system such asnav igation,* phonemenu

    (iffitted)or radio-controlled clock display of

    onboard computer with long and short-term memory,

    outside temperaturedisplay, digital speedometer and

    door/tailgateop en warning indicator.The integrated

    eciency program providesassistan cein the form of

    consumption data overviews,a display ofad ditional

    loads,g earshift display and fuel-saving tipsfor

    adopting a moreeconomical driving style

    10speake rsincluding centrespeaker in thedash board

    and subwoofer in thespare wheel well,total output

    180watts, 6-channel amplifier

    with single-CD player and SDHC memory card reader

    (both MP3,WMA and AAC-compatible) and AUX-IN

    connection. Oset 6.5-inch TFT colour display,MMI

    operating concept,dynamic station list (for VHF),

    50-station memory,VHF, MWand LWreception.

    Speed-sensitive volumeadjustment (GALA)and phase

    diversity,TP memo function whilst driving and car

    menu,8passiveloudspeakersin thefront and rear,

    total output 80watts

    Bluetooth-compatiblemobilephonescan beconnected to

    thevehiclevia theinterface.Hands-freecallsin the vehicle

    possible via microphone.Including Bluetooth audio

    streaming (depending on mobileph onecompatibi lity)

    with sunlight-dependent control,separate pre-selectablecon trol for driver and front passenger;electronically

    regulatesth eair temperature,air flow rateand air distribution;automatic recirculation modeby meansof air

    quality sensor,combined filter,separate defroster button for rapid defrosting ofthe windscreen and side

    windows,key recognition,includes a light/rain/humidity sensor,climate control ofthe rear by meansof air

    ventsin therear centreconsole,includesventilated glovecompartment.(Can only beordered in conjunction

    with front centrearmrest)


    Centre console

    12 Vsocket

    in thefront centreconsole

    Luggage securing and storage systems

    Further interior equipment

    Storage compartments

    Glove compartment

    on thefront-pa ssenger side,illuminate d

    Drinks holders

    in thefront centreconsole

    Floor mats,front

    in velour,coordinated with thecarpet colour

    Floor mats, rear

    in velour,coordinated with thecarpet colour


    Steering wheels/gear levers/controls


    Assistance systems

    Parking system,rea r

    Cruise control

    Parking system plus*

    featuresasfor leather-coveredsteeringwheelin

    4-spokedesign;with multifunctionbuttonsfor

    operatingtheoptionalAudiradio, voicecontrol

    systemandfitting formobilephone

    electric for front and rear,with safety system to limit

    maximum closing force,conve nienceop ening/closing

    via central locking,one-touch opening/closing function

    optional;acoustic and vi sual parking system for the

    front and rear with display ofsymbols on thescreen to

    indicatedistancefrom an obstacle;measurement isby

    ultrasonic sensorsconcealed in thebumpers

    makesparking easier by indicating acoustically how far

    away thevehicle isfrom an obstacle;measurement is

    by ultrasonic sensorsconcealed in thebumpers

    at speedsof30 km/h and above,thesystem keeps

    theset speed constant,provided that enginepower

    and enginebraking eect permit it;operated via

    separatesteering column stalk,set speed displayed in

    driver information system

    after thefoot brakeispressed for a long period of time


    isbuilt up ismainta ined for a short whileafter the

    brakeis released;th isautomatic braking action makeshill-startsat almost any gradient much easier and


    raised,with storage compartment which can also be

    used asdrinksholderswhen cover isopen

    in front sidetrims,includesbottleholder (1.5l)aswell asstorage compartment in thef ront centre

    consoleand in the rear door trims

    Leather-covered multifunction steering wheel

    in 4-spoke design

    41 Exterior | Lights/mirrors

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Xenon plus*

    Headlightcleaning system*

    Frontfog lights

    halogen, incorporated in thef ront apron


    Rear lights

    LED rear lights*



    providing greater illuminating power for dipped and high beam headlights, automatic-dynamic headlight range

    control and LED daytime running light strip aswell as rear lights,braking lights and indicatorsin LED technology

    halogen headlightsusi ng free-form technology with

    clear glasscover, electric headlight range control and

    parking light function, daytimerunnin g lights

    withreversinglightsin whiteand rearfoglights, including

    high-mounted 3rdbrakelight in therear window

    in an innovativelighting design;brakelightstail

    lightsan d indicatorsin energy-saving and long-lasting

    LED technology for faster activation and thusearlier

    recognition by thedriver behind;2 rear fog lights;

    3rdhigh-mounted brakelight in therear window,

    reversing lightsin white.(Integrated part ofthe

    xenon plusequipment package)

    useswater and high pressure, for excellent illumination and improved visibility with reduced scatter

    (Standard in conjunction with xenon plus)

    LED interior lighting package

    Light/rain sensor

    Panoramic glass roof*

    Roof systemsMirrors

    Make-upmirrorin driver and passengerssun visor



    anti-glareligh ting for thepasse nger compartment

    in energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology.

    Comprising an ambient reflected light in theroof

    moduleand entrancelighting aswell asilluminated

    make-up mirror,storage compartment in thecen tre

    consoleand drinks holders.Ligh ting for door pockets,

    footwellsand insidedoor handles,reflected lighting

    for centreconsole and door inner panelsto help

    occupantsfind their way around,active door reflectors

    Exterior mirrors electricallyadjustable,heated and


    with integrated LED indicator,body-coloured housing,

    aspherical mirror glasson the left,conve x on theright

    in 2sections, electrical activation to raiseand open thef ront glasssection, tinted glassinsert; in

    electrically operated sun blind for thefront and rear passengers,convenient closing from the ou

    central locking system or radio-operated remotecontrol;ensures a comfortableinterior that isfl

    light,i mproved interior climate by means ofecient ventilation

    optional;f or controlling theautomatic driving light,

    thecoming home/leaving homefunction and the

    automatic windscreen wiper function, includes

    windscreen with grey coloured strip (along thetop

    edge),includes windscreen with acoustic glazing

    (for improved windscreen insulation and a reduction


    43 Exterior |Wheels/tyres

    A i h f h l b l

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Cast aluminium wheelsin 5-arm design*

    Forged aluminium wheels in 7-arm design

    size6.5J x 16with 215/65R16tyres

    Castal uminium wheels in 10-spoke design*

    size7J x 17with 235/55R17tyres

    * Optional

    Anti-theftwheel bolts

    can only beloosened using adapter pr

    Space-saving,spare wheel

    permissibletop speed 80km/h

    Vehicle toolkit

    in theluggagecompartment


    in theluggagecompartment

    45 Exterior |Paints

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Samoa orange, metallic

    Metallic/pearle ectpaint finishes*

    Contrasting paintfinish*


    * Optional

    Phantom black,pearl eect*

    Samoa orange,me tallic*


    Caribou brown, metallic*

    Glacier white, metallic* Ice silver, metallic*Amalfiwhite

    Misano Red,pearleect*

    Front and rear bottom bumper section

    protection aswell asdoor cover strips

    trimsin black non-painted grained. (C

    contrasting or full paint finish)

    Frontandrear bottombumpersection,un



    Frontand rearbottombumper section,

    andwheel archtrimsbody-coloured,un

    paintedin anthracite

    47 Exterior |exterior equipment Tec

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Roof edge spoiler


    Heat-insulating glass

    green-tinted, windscreen made oflaminated glass

    Rear window

    Windscreen cleaning system

    Sun visors


    Roof rails

    Electronic immobiliser

    High-gloss package*Central locking system Dynamic suspension

    Electromechanical parking brake

    Further exterior equipmentClosing systems Suspensions/brakes

    with radio-operated remotecontrol incorporated into

    thevehiclekey,variablecodeand autolock function;

    with onetouch ofthe button thesystem opensand

    locksdoors,tailgateand tank flap

    roofframeand windowslottrim inanodised aluminium,

    exterior B and C-pillar trim in high-glossblack

    McPherson spring strut typeaxle at front with lower

    wishbones, aluminium subframe,with 4-link rear axle

    with separatespring/damper arrangement,subframe

    includes parking brakefunction when stationary,

    drive-oassistancefunction by meansofautomatic

    releasewhe n driving away and emergency braking

    function whilst driving by meansof action on all


    one-piece,n o joints, stableand aerodynamic in

    anodised aluminium

    on therear, quattrologo also on theradiator grille

    and in thedashboard on thepassenger side;on

    request without themodel name/logo on therear

    single-branch design with 2tailpipes on theleft.

    With chromed trim

    incorporated in theengi necontrol unit,automatic

    activation by vehiclekey

    heated, with timer switch;addition al heating ofthe

    lower end position ofth erear window wiper

    4-speed adjustableintermittent wipe, flick-wipe

    function, automatic wash-wipe,with reversing wiper

    system and park setting to increasetheservicelifeof

    thewiper blades;when reversegear is selected the

    rear window wiper isactivated for the duration ofthe

    reversing manoeuvre ( i f f ront wipersareswitched on)

    can befolded and swivelled, on thedriver and front

    passenger sideswith covered make-up mirror

    * Optional

    Modelname/l ogo

    Child-proof locks




    Integrated head restraintsystem

    Steering column

    manually adjustablefor height and reach

    First-aid kitwith warning triangle

    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

    Traction control(ASR)

    Wheel-selective torque distribution

    Electromechanicalpower steering

    S tronic

    Technology/Safety Technology/Safety

    Full-size airbags

    Side airbags,rear*

    tosupplement theside-on collisionprotectionin thedoors

    Side-on collision protection

    Electronic DierentialLock (EDL)

    Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP)




    mechanical for therear doorsand electric for therear

    window controls

    for driver and front passenger, sideairba gsincorpo-

    rated into thef ront seat backrests;the head airbag

    system protectsthe front and outer-seat rear

    occupantsin the event ofa sideimpact;unfoldslikea

    protectivecushion over thesidewindows

    in theevent of a rear-end collision thedesign ofthe seat

    restrainstheupper torso and supportsthehead;this

    increasessafety and reducesthedanger ofwhiplash

    incorporated into ESP;modifies drivin

    oftargeted braking actionsdepending

    situation,when cornering the torqued

    ensuressmoother and moreprecise h

    understeering; improved traction and

    performancewhen cornering

    maintenance-free rack &pinion steeri

    dependent servo assistance;precise st

    high speeds,excellent assistancewhe

    countersteering providing steering as

    driver for enhanced vehiclestability

    the7-speed dual-clutch transmission

    gear shifting without a perceptibleint

    power flow;can beoperated via theop

    paddlesbehind thesteering wheel,th

    or in automatic mode

    permanent all-wheel drivewith dynam

    distribution,e lectronically controlled

    and Electronic Dierential Lock (EDL)

    intervention on all driven wheels

    increasing thegen erator voltageconve

    energy into usable electrical energy w

    coasting or braking.This energy isthe

    thege nerator during subsequent acce

    enabling fuel savingsof up to 3%to b


    reducesfuel consumption and CO em

    switching o theenginewhen standin

    lights.Thestart processis initiated wh

    footbrakeisr eleased (S tronic) for a p

    Can bedeactivated at any timevia a b


    with electronic brakeforcedistribution EBD and

    hydraulic brakeassist

    reducesspinning of thedrivewheelsby reducing the

    engine output and deliversmore traction and stability

    on theroad surface

    on surfaceswith varying levelsof grip,thisstart-o

    assistant automatically brakesthe drivewheels on the

    surfacethat is too slippery,thereby ensuring smooth,

    powerful progress

    networksABS,ASR and EDLwith itsown sensorsand

    comparesthe driving data with referenced ata;provides

    better stability by targeted braking ofindividual wheels

    and intervention in thee ngine management system,

    passiverollover, braked isc wiping function

    consisting ofbe nding-resistant door impact beams

    and reinforced body sidestructure,particularly in the

    B-pillarsand sills

    with adjustablelighting, electronic speedometer with

    odometer and trip odometer,rev counter,digital clock,

    coolant temperaturedisplay and fuel gauge

    3-point inertia-reel seat beltsfor all seats (with belt force

    limiters,belt tensionersand belt height adjustment for

    thefront seatsonly)

    for all seats;an acoustic and visual warning sign al

    remindsoccupants in thefront to fasten their seat

    belts,a visual warning signal indicateswhen seat belts

    havebeen undonein therear


    49 Audiexclusiveoroad styling package

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Audi exclusive oroad styling package striking details.

    Do you always go your own way? You can express that attitude when driving your Audi Q3 by means

    of the Audi exclusive oroad styling package. Whether in the city, on the motorway or on country

    roads a selection of striking details emphasises the oroad character of your vehicle and

    accentuates its succinct lines. For a powerful, yet elegant appearance.

    From quattro GmbH.

    Audi exclusive oroad styling package


    Stainless steel underbody protection in o-road design

    at front and rear bumpers


    with vertical chromebars

    at front and rear,side air inlets,door trim stripsand wheel arch

    extensionsi n a striking o-road design


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Sports tail-pipe trims

    Dual pipeand chromeplated.

    Rubber floor mats

    Therubb er floor matsare perfectly shaped to

    fit thefloor ofyour Q3and aremadefrom a

    pollutant-free rubber compound.The non-slip

    raised pattern on theback and thefastening

    pointsprovided in thefloor ensurethat the

    matsareheld securely in place.Thematsare

    hard-wearing, easy to clean and can befixedeasily and securely to thevehicle floor.

    Comesin black.

    Premium textile floor mats

    Premium textilefloor matsmade from

    hard-wearing, densely woven velour.

    Visually eye-catching thanksto

    vehicle-specific logo.Excellent protection

    from soiling.High-quality finish and tailored

    to thedimensionsof theQ3'sfloor.

    Luggage compartment line

    Givesthe bottom ofthe boot better p

    moisture.Reducesloading slipsthank

    floor template.Easy to handle with pe

    Material surfacescan bewashed easily

    Mud flaps

    Thishigh -quality product isfor high-e

    With perfect fit,it reduces paint dam

    Madeofhigh-quality plastic.Reduces

    sill and rear apron areas.Availablein s

    thefront and/or rear.

    53 AudiTop Assist

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    Audi Top Assist

    By your side, no matter where you are across India.


    Two dedicated toll-free numbers.

    24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service.

    95% coverage of India with over 600 service providers.

    Dispatch of a motorcycle rider, a taxi and a towing truck at site.

    Taxi of upper-class standards free of cost for up to 48 hours.

    Travel & accommodation facilities in case of immobilisation for more than 24 hours.

    On-site repairs, delivery of fuel and spare keys.

    Custody, transportation, storage and safekeeping of vehicle.

    Transport of vehicle to destination or habitual residence.

    Assistance available during standard warranty period of the car.

    1-800-103-6800 1-800-209-6800

    Accessible from any network Accessible from any network(except MTNL Mumbai and Delhi). (except Jammu Kashmir and North East).

    With Audi Top Assist, you are assured of a world-class luxurious experience, wherever you are.Speak to an Audi Dealer for more information.


    Our philosophy of Vorsprung durch Technik goes beyond advancement through technology. It is the pursuit of perfection. It is a philosophy where luxury transcends

    cars. Thats why at Audi we have introduced the Audi Top Assist program where you can enjoy uninterrupted driving pleasure. With the Emergency Road Side

    Assistance services across the country, our team of experts are at your service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    To avail of the Emergency Road Side Assistance all you have to do is call one of our dedicated toll-free numbers and we will immediately dispatch a motorcycle rider

    wherever you are. In case your Audi needs further attention, we will dispatch our specially designed towing vehicle to shift it to the nearest service centre. In fact,

    in special cases, we may also arrange for alternate travel and accommodation facilities*.

    Eciency: standard in every Audi.

    Vorsprung durch Technik is the claim to which

    the Audi brand is committed. It includes giving

    careful consideration time and again to each

    droplet of fuel. For many years, Audi has been

    translating this claim into tangible reality on

    all its models and as a developer of numerous

    innovations is having a lasting influence on

    eciency standards in automotive engineering.

    Whether with the TDI, FSI, and TFSI engine

    concepts, with transmission technologies or with

    the Audi Space Frame (ASF). To achieve on-going

    improvements in energy consumption, a number

    of intelligent eciency measures specially

    tailored to each vehicle are combined.

    Eciency with a methodical approach

    individual and standard. A commitment which

    is already leading to convincing results. Audi

    already has many models in its current range

    that emit less than 140 g CO/km. An eective

    way of reducing emissions. And just as

    impressive as the fact that a large proportion

    of Audi vehicles already meet the

    emissions standard. All this demo

    know-how of Audi and is what d

    every day to harmonise sportines

    in the future.

    55 Technical data

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher



    Engine type

    Displacement in cc (valves per cylinder)

    Max. output in kW at rpm

    Max. torque in Nm at rpm

    Power transmission/wheels

    Type of drive





    Unladen weight in kg

    Gross vehicle weight in kg

    Fuel tank capacity, approx. in l


    Top speed in km/h

    Acceleration 0100 km/h in s

    Fuel grade

    Fuel consumption5in km/l

    Emission standard

    Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI quattro

    (155 kW)

    Audi Q3 2.0 TDI quattro

    (130 kW)

    1984 (4) 1968 (4)

    155/50006200 130/4200

    300/18004900 380/17502500

    quattropermanent all-wheel drive quattropermanent all-wheel drive

    7-speed S tronic 7-speed S tronic

    Forged aluminium wheels,

    6.5Jx 16

    Forged aluminium wheels,

    6.5Jx 16

    215/65 R16 215/65 R16

    4-cylinder in-linepetrol engine

    with direct fuel injection

    and exhaust-gasturbochargin g

    4-cylinder in-linediesel engine

    with common rail injection system

    and exhaust-gas turbocharging






    Sulphur-freesu per unleaded RON 954













    Sulphur-freedi esel

    Audi Q3 2.0 TDI S Edition

    (103 kW)




    Front-wheel drive

    6-speed manual

    Forged aluminium wheels,

    6.5Jx 16


    4-cylinder in-linediesel engine

    with common rail injection system

    and exhaust-gasturbocha rging

    Diesel EN 590

    15.73 17.71

    EU4 EU4

    Explanatory notes

    Theinf ormation contained herein isaccurate asof theda teof publication.Illustrations may show equipment which isoptional and not part ofstand ard specifications.

    Models,combinations and configurations,colours and equipment illustrated may dier from productssupplied in theIndian market.Audi may alter or changedesigns,

    specifications,an d combinationsand configurations.Please contact an authorised Audidealer for moreexact information.

    Someofthe images&featuresshown arerelevant to marketsoverseasand areshown for illustrativepurposeonly.Theseimagesmay not besimilar to right hand driven vehiclessold in India.

    Availability ofspecific models& variantsare subject to releasein India.

    The figuregiven wascalculate d using thespe cified measuring procedure

    (current version ofDi rective80/1269/EEC).

    2 Weight ofcar,unladen,with driver (68kg),luggage(7 kg),and fuel tank

    90%full, calculated in accordancewith the current version of Directive

    92/21/EEC.Optional equipment may increase thecars unladen weight and

    drag coecient,whereupon thepossible payload limit and/or thetop speed

    will bereduced accordingly.

    3 A vechiclesfuel consumption and CO emissions do not just depend onhow eciently thevehicleusesthe fuel,but arealso influenced by drivingbehaviour and other non-technical factors.CO isthe greenhouse gasprimarily responsiblefor global warming.

    Important note

    Inspectionsaredueas shown by theservicedisplay.

    4 We recommend using sulphur-free super unleaded RON 95in accordance

    with DIN EN 228.Ifthisis not available,usesulphur-freeregular unleaded

    RON 91in accordance with DIN EN 228;power output will beslightly

    reduced.Unlea ded RON 95fuel with a maximum ethanol content of10%

    (E10) can generally beused. Fuel consumption detailsrefer to operation

    with RON 95fuel in accordance with 692/2008/EC.

    5 The valuesstated werecalculate d using specified measuring proceduresas

    per Bharat StageIV by ARAI.

    PremiumS Edition Premium Plus

    Code 2 0TDI 2 0TDIq 2 0TFSIq 2 0TDIq 2 0TFSIq

    PremiumS Edition Premium Plus

    Code 2 0TDI 2 0TDIq 2 0TFSIq 2 0TDIq 2 0TFSIq

    Audi Q3

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher



    16" alloy wheels COY s s s - -

    17" Castaluminium alloy wheels C2M - - - s s

    Roof rails 3S1 s s s s s

    Trim strips black 4ZE s s s s s

    Ext.mirrorselectricallyadjustable,heated&folding 6XE s s s s s

    H al og en h ea dl ig ht s wi th s ep ar at e DR L 8 BD , 8K 4 s s s - -

    Headlight range adjustment 8Q1 s s s - -

    Light/ rain sensor 8N6 s s s s s

    Headlightwashers 8X1 - - - s s

    Automatic headlight-range adjustmentdynamic 8Q3 - - - s s

    Xenon Plus 8BP - - - s s

    LED rear lights 8SK - - - s s

    Metallic paintwork o o o s s

    Panoramic sunroof 3FU - o o o o

    High gloss package 4ZB - - - s s


    Seatupholstery L-grain/leatherette B-grain N1F s s s s s

    LED interior lighting package QQ1 s s s s s

    Storage package QE1 s s s s s

    Floor mats atfront and rear 0TD s s s s s

    Leather-covered multifunction steering wheel in 4-spoke design

    2ZQ s s s s s

    Inlays in Monometallic or true beige (depending on interior colour) 5MA s s s - -

    Headlining in cloth 6NJ s s s s s

    Luggage compartmentmat 6SS s s s s s

    Heat-insulating glass 4KC s s s s s

    Acoustic windscreen with grey tinted strip 4GH s s s s s

    Inlays walnutbalsamic brown 5MS - - - s s

    Frontseats, electrically adjustable 3L5 - - - s s

    Electric seatadjustfor rightseat, manualheightadjust for leftseat

    3PE s s s - -


    Concertradio 8AL s s s s s

    Audi music interface UF7 s s s s s

    Bluetooth interface 9ZX s s s s s

    Audi sound system 9VD - - - s s

    Code 2.0 TDI 2.0 TDIq 2.0 TFSIq 2.0 TDIq 2.0 TFSIq

    103 kW 130 kW 155 kW 130 kW 155 kW

    Code 2.0 TDI 2.0 TDIq 2.0 TFSIq 2.0 TDIq 2.0 TFSIq

    103 kW 130 kW 155 kW 130 kW 155 kW


    Deluxe automatic air conditioning 9AK - s s s s

    Air conditioning system -Sport- KH6 s - - - -

    Driver information system 9Q7 s s s - -

    Voice dialogue system QH1 s s s s s

    Hill-startassist UG1 s s s s s

    Electromechanicalparking brake UH1 s s s s s

    Reversible load floor 3GD s s s s s

    4-way lumbar support 7P1 s s s s s

    Folding rear seatback 3NZ s s s s s

    Radio remote control 4K4 s s s s s

    Frontcentre armrest 6E3 s s s s s

    Start/ stopsystem 7L6 - - s - s

    Energy recovery system 7L7 - s - s -

    Rear parking aid 7X1 s s s - -

    Cruise control 8T2 s s s s s

    Driver information system with colour display 9Q8 - - - s s

    Auto release function UH2 - - - s s

    Parking aid plus 7X4 - - - s s


    Electronic stabilisation program (ESP) 1AT s s s s s

    Space-saving spare wheel 1G9 s s s s s

    Firstaid kitand warning triangle 1T3 s s s s s

    Car jack 1S1 s s s s s

    Full-size airbags 4UE s s s s s

    Rear side airbags -Premium- 4X4 - s s s s

    F ron t s i de a i rb a gs ,w i th h e ad a i rb a g- S port- 4 X3 s - - - -

    Electronic vehicle immobilization device 7AA s s s s s

    Tyre pressure monitoring display 7K6 - - - s s

    Stan dar d eq uipmen t S

    O pt io na l eq ui pm en t O

    Notavailable -

    quattro q

    Stan dar d eq uipmen t S

    O pt io na l eq ui pm en t O

    Notavailable -

    quattro q

    Dimensions in millimetres.





















    Dimensionswere measured with vehicle at unladen weight.

    Luggage compartment volumein l:460/1,365 (measured by theVDA method using 200x 100x 50mm blocks;

    second value:is with therear seat folded down and thevehicleloaded up to r oofheight).Turning circleapprox.11.8m.

    * Without roofaerial the vehicle height isreduced by 18mm.** Maximum headroom.

    *** Elbow room width.**** Shoulder room width.

  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


  • 8/11/2019 Audi Broucher


    The models and equipment versions illustrated and described in this brochure and some of the services listed are not available in all countries.

    Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional features for which an extra charge is made. Details concerning the delivery specifications,

    appearance, performance, dimensions and weights, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicle were correct to the best of our knowledge

    at the time of going to press. Deviations from the colours and shapes shown in t he illustrations may occur. No liability is accepted for errors and

    printing errors. The right to introduce modifications is reserved. Not to be reproduced, including in part, without the written approval of AUDI AG.

    Audi India

    Division of Volkswagen

    Group Sales India Private Limited

    Mumbai - India


    Valid from January 2014

    Printed in India

    Q3 DJ 1