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  • 1. Cassie Vint.

2. Camera angles/shots After researching our chosen genre, Indie Rock, we looked through music videos of the same genre to see what linking codes and conventions they have. As a result we found that most videos have slow cuts and include a lot of point of view shots and close ups, the also contained a mix of performance and narrative shots. The slow shots linked in with the tempo of the music keeping a continuous look and going in time with the song. Kings Of Leon Back Down SouthMid ShotsThe Kooks Naive Our Music VideoOur Music Video In these shots the mid shots are used to establish the Both of these shots include a focus on the main singer of themembers of the band and the instruments they play,band, the are mid-shots showing their facial expressions.the enables the audiences to recognise each individualThis became a convention in indie music videos as they tendband member. We have thought about this and madeto use shots with portray and show how they are feeling so sure that in our video that all members would bethe audience can relate to them. captured individually playing their instruments. 3. Mise en scene Another obvious convention which we have conformed Another convention included in the Mise en scene isto is Mise en scene, specifically props and costume. As the costume. Although we already had an idea of whatan indie band, props is a big deal such as instruments. costume was stereotypical of our genre by theAll indie band have a stereotype to play the drums andquestionnaire. We took it into our own hands toguitar so including this in a shot was important. research what costumes bands wore in other musicvideos.Mumford & Sons Little Lion ManArctic Monkeys Teddy PickerOur Music Video Our Music Video 4. SettingAnother convention is the setting, while researching through different indie/rock genre music videos we found that the setting tend to be urban/rural. We included this type of setting in our music video during the narrative part as the performance would need to take part in a studio as this is where the musical instruments would be accessible.Also as the indie genre tend to be less well-known so their budgets tend to be less. Also indie bands rely more on their music getting them out there than their videos drawing attention, so having a cheaper music video tends to be the best option so more focus is on their music. This means they cant afford high end studies and afford to go town popular places.So our video greatly develops the conventions of setting in an indie/rock music video because of the basic studio where they perform and the rural/urban setting during the narrative.The Kooks Ooh La Arctic Monkeys Brick By BrickBombay Bicycle Club Always Like This Our Music Video 5. Split ScreeningWe wanted to make our music video different and fun. By looking through other music videos we came across a music video by Example, this song/video involved a lot of split screening and it was very fun to watch. We wanted to have this in our music video so decided to include a split screen.First of all it was very had to get to grips with how to do the split screening but after we had completed the split screening we found that it become very effective and was a nice part of the music video as it added fun to it.I felt that it was a way of connecting the members of the band without them actually being together at the same time, it was fun to create and film. However, when we first filmed with the split screening we realised that the length of each film wasnt long enough so this needed us to go back and re film to make sure that the length was film was correct.Overall, it became a really fun clip to put into our music video, this is also how we wanted to present our bandExample Kick Starts Plain White Ts Hey There DelilahKings Of Leon The Bucket Our Music Video 6. Combining performance and narrativeThis was our main idea as from the audience questionnaire we found that people expected to see both performance and narrative in the indie/rock genre. This made us become careful on the setting we were to choose as we had to make sure that they suited our chosen genre.For our performance part we chosen a dark room with little lighting, after researching through other music videos of the same genre we found that this type of setting was obvious.Mumford & Sons Little Lion ManKings Of Leon Pyro Our Music VideoIt also came apparent that a lot of the narrative setting were outside and or/ in a very different place to the performance so it was easy to distinguish the setting and performances and narratives.Mumford & Sons Winter Winds The Kooks Ooh La Our Music Video 7. Comparable productsAt the start we researched music videos of the same genre to see what was consistent between different music videos, this would make it clear to us as to what we should include in our product if it were to capture the audiences attention. In the ancillary texts we compared 5 music videos, 5 CD covers and 5 advertisements this enabled us to gain knowledge of the generic codes and conventions.CD CoversThe Verve The Kooks The back cover of The Verve album shows the band messing around andhaving fun, not taking anything too seriously. Similarly to ours, we wanted torepresent our band the same way by having them laughing. I feel this workedreally well. The outcome of our Digi Pack was achievable by looking at other comparableproducts, it was helpful during the process of which we needed ideas and tosee what the generic codes and conventions are of indie/rock music albums. The Kooks album cover is in black and white, similarly to many of their musicvideos. Once we had completed our music video and it was in black and whitewe thought that because of the research we had done on this album cover,that we would also do the same thing and make the image black and white asit is an obvious link to the band. Our Album Cover 8. Music Video Overall I think the combination of our products has been successful. As we gathered information from our audience questionnaire itenabled us to bare in mind what our audience want, so we made sure we included this in the music video as this is who would bewatching our video. 15. What instruments do you expect to see? This question was very important because as we had chosen the Indie genre, we need to know what our audience thought about theinstruments involved. As this pie chart has concluded, guitars and drums were the most popular choices for instruments which are seenin the indie music video genre. And as you can see by our final product, this is what we have included in our music video. 17. Do you prefer the music video to follow a narrative/story or to be more non-linear? Although that our research showed that our audience would preferred to see a narrative performance we thought that we would spiceit up and create an edge to the music video by mixing narrative with performance. Thus challenging what the audience wanted to seewith what we thought would be best for the music video as this is what most indie/rock music videos included. 9. Most important questions Which is your preferred band/artist? Why do you watch music videos? People said they watch music videos for different reasons. They said they watched them for entertainment, to see band members, because they are bored, because they enjoy them and because they are also interested to see what the lyrics are portrayed as. In reaction to this answer, we knew that our music video needed to be entertaining and included a lot of visuals of band members. It needed to be fun and portrayed in a good light. I think we have done this successfully as there are clips in our music video where it shows the band having fun and joking around. By asking this question, it helped us a lot as we couldlook through the most popular artist work. In this case,Kings of Leon, we were able to grab ideas from theirprevious music videos and album covers so that whenwe did our own music video and promotional products,we knew that this is what the audience would belooking for. Kings of Leon Pyro: What clothes/make up etc would you expect the artist to be wearing in the indie genre? There were various answers for this question, they included; dark colours, chequered shirts, heavy eye make-up, skinny jeans ear stretchers, nice stylish hair, casual but fashionable, band tees, chinos, printed t-shirts, toms and leather jackets. This question was very important as we knew that the answer By looking through previous music videos, we knewwould be stereotypical as most of our audience said the samethat we needed to include band performances in our thing. It is what the expect to see indie people wearing so this ismusic video. what we dressed our band in. 10. Promotional package What is most likely to persuade you to buy an album?25. What type of font would you expect to see on an indieWhy?album? There was various answers for this question whichinclude; album reviews, the front cover, the quality ofthe songs, seeing the videos, likeable artist/band, theprice, track listing on the back to see if there are anynoticeable songs and originality. One of the answers from this question was veryhelpful; Album Reviews, quite a few people answeredthe question with this. So we thought that we mustinclude this in one of our products and decided to put iton the poster as this is what would be enticing thecustomer to buy the album. 24. What colours would you associate with an indiealbum?By asking this question we were able to see that peoplepreferred/expected to see a simple font but it must be eyecatching. This helped my group come to a conclusion that thiswould be our chosen font on our promotional products. As you can see, the majority of the audience said thatthey would associate black and white with an indieAs you can see we have used the answers from the questionnairealbum. So we took on board this information and madein o

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