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Autodesk SketchBook Pro - Amazon S3 Pro+for+Intel+7.2.1/... · PDF fileSketchBook,...

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SketchBook Pro


AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK PRO for Intel - v.7.2.12015 Autodesk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Except as otherwise permitted by Autodesk, Inc., this publication, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form, by any method, for any purpose.

Certain materials included in this publication are reprinted with the permission of the copyright holder.

TRADEMARKSThe following are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and other countries:

SketchBook, SketchBook Copic Edition, SketchBook Designer, SketchBook Express, SketchBook Express for iPad, SketchBook Express for Android, SketchBook Ink, SketchBook Pro, SketchBook Pro for iPad, and SketchBook Pro for Android.

All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders.


PUBLISHED BY:Autodesk, Inc.

111 McInnis Parkway

San Rafael, CA

94903, USA


ContentWHATS NEW 1

THE BASICS 3The Canvas 4

Lagoon tool summary 4

Tool selection 5

Create a new sketch 6

What do i do next? 6

BRUSHES 7Choose a brush 8

Resize a brush 8

Changing brush opacity 8

Undo or redo a brushstroke 8

Clearing an area from the current Layer 9

Swap between two brushes 9

Change brush properties 9

Effects brushes 10

Smearing an area 10

Blurring an area 10

Sharpening an area 10

Brush Library 11

Customize the Brush Palette 11

Brush Types 12

Smudging an area 12

Using Synthetic Paint 12

Create custom Do-It-Yourself brushes 13

Create your own brush icons 14

Create a Texture Brush 15

Modifying a texture brush 16

Rename a texture brush 16

Saving a texture brush 16

Randomize 17

Random Color controls 17

Random Brush Size/Opacity 17

Random Brush Radius/Spacing 17

COLORS 18Colors 19

Create a custom color 19

Color Editor (Windows) 19

Set the RGB 19

Show/hide parts of the editor 19

Pick a color from the screen 19

Color Editor (Mac) 20

Pick a color from the screen 20

Create a customized color palette 20

Saving a customized color palette 20

Copic Color Library 21

Choose a color 21

Show/hide parts of the library 21

Copic Colorless Blender 21

Select the complementary color 21

Create a custom color set 21

Using the Color Puck 22

Creating a new color 22

Accessing the Gradient Fill Palette 22

Turning a brush into an eraser 22

Using the Color Picker 23

Using the Gradient Fill Palette 24

Flood Fills 25

Solid fill 25

Gradient Fill 25

Linear fill 25

Radial fill 25

Flood fill an area 26

Flood fill an active layer 26

Flood fill all visible layers 26

Gradient fill an area 26

Change Flood Fill properties 27

Using a transparent color 27

TOOLS FOR SKETCHING 28Draw Style tools 29

Lines 29

Rectangles 29

Ovals 29

Polylines 29

Steady Stroke 29

Free 29

Guides 30

Showing/hiding 30

Rulers 30

Ellipse 30

French curve 31

Distorting an image 40

Multi-layer distortion 40

Copy your sketch 40

Move, rotate, or scale a selected area 41

Crop 42

Crop the canvas 42

Rotate canvas 43

Flip or mirror your canvas 43

Add an image 44

Resize an image 44

Change resolution 44

Fit an image onto the screen 44

Color correct images 45

SAVE YOUR SKETCH 46Save your sketch as an Adobe Photoshop file 47

Save your sketch as a PXD 47

Save your sketch as an image file 47

Save location options 47

Save locally 47

Save to iCloud 47

Save with an alpha channel 48

Exporting 48

SketchBook landscape-oriented images to a device 48

SketchBook images to a device 48

Open a saved sketch 49

Open a sketch stored on iCloud 49

Open a PXD 49

Remove a project from the SketchBook iCloud Gallery 49

USE LAYERS 50How do I use layers? 51

Select a layer 51

Edit a layer 51

Adding a layer 51

Duplicating a layer 51

Clearing a layer 51

Renaming a layer 52

Locking layers 52

Deleting layers 52

Layer blending 53

Darken 53

Multiply 53

Color Burn 53

Linear Burn 53

Lighten 53

Screen 53

Color Dodge 54

Linear Dodge (Add) 54

Glow 54

Soft Glow 54

Overlay 54

Soft Light 54

Hard Light 54

Hue 54

Saturation 54

Color 55

Luminosity 55

Normal 55

Organize layers 55

Merge two layers 55

Merge all layers 55

Perspective 31

Perspective tools 31

Moving vanishing points 31

Hiding the horizon line 31

1 point mode 32

2 point mode 32

3 point mode 33

Fisheye mode 33

Symmetry 34

Symmetry tools 34

Moving the lines of symmetry 34

Locking and unlocking the lines of symmetry 34

Hiding the lines of symmetry 34

CHANGE YOUR VIEW 35Zoom in and move about 36

View an images actual size 36

Fit an image in the display 36

EDIT YOUR SKETCH 37Selection 38

Selection Modification tools 38

Select an area 38

Selection tools 38

Expand a selection 38

Remove content from a selection 38

Invert a selection 39

Deselect an area 39

Exit the selection mode 39

Distort 40

Bias 40

Grouping layers 56

Creating a layer group 56

Adding a layer to a group 56

Showing/hiding a layer group 56

Colored layer or layer group assignments 56

Collapsing/Expanding a group 56

Layer blending for groups 57

Change the transparency of a layer 57

Locking/unlocking layer transparency 57


Adding text 59

Editing text - for Mac users 59

Editing text - for Windows users 59

Changing the transparency of text 59

Transforming text 59

Rasterizing a text layer 59

Email a sketch 60

Troubleshooting 60

ANIMATION 61Flipbook 62

Timeline 63

Adding a keyframe 63

Inserting an empty frame 63

Duplicating a keyframe 63

Deleting a keyframe 64

Displaying multiple keyframes 64

Playing back animation 65

Setting a playback range 65

Looping the animation 65

Moving keyframes in the timeline 65

Saving your flipbook 65

Exporting your animation 65


PROGRAM SETTINGS 66Print a sketch 67

Flip through your sketches 67

Present images 67

Customizing lagoon icons 68

Customizing marking menus 68

Resetting your preferences 68

Reset the Lagoon 68

Reset Color Palette 68

Reset Brush Palette 68

Reset Preference Settings 68

Hide or move the interface 69

Hiding or showing scroll bars 69

Changing the behavior of Page Up and Page Down 69

Changing the Maximum Number of Undos 69

Changing the default canvas size for new files 69

Change the brush cursor 70

Remove the brush outline 70

Improve performance 70



1Whats New

This chapter introduces new features and a list of improvements & enhancements that can be found in this release of SketchBook.


Here are the updates youll find in this version of SketchBook:

Create a FlipBook from image sequences

Import image sequences into a FlipBook:

add a sequence of images to an existing FlipBook with Add Images as Frames.

add images that are not part of a sequence or even the same file format to create a FlipBook with New FlipBook from Image Sequence.

Export a frame with Export Current Frame or entire flipbook with Export FlipBook.

New brushes and brush sets:

Glow - Choose from an assortment of glow brushes in the Brush Library.

Inking - Use this brush for all your inking needs. You can find it in the Brush Library.

For Mac App Store users, pressure-sensitive sketching is available for the new Force Touch trackpad on MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Bug fixes and improvements


2The Basics

Get introduced to the interface, from the toolbar to shortcuts, pucks, and radial menus. Learn to navigate your scene, activate the palm rest, and change the size and opacity of a brush.


THE CANVASWhen you open SketchBook, you will see the full brush palette, which includes advanced brushes and the customizable Brush Library, a complete lagoon and toolbar with perspective guides, rulers, distort, and much more, Layer Editor with blend modes, grouping, and unlimited layers, and full color puck with transparent color, color and

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