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Automotive Painter

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  • 1. Automotive Painter
    Jacob Ohrt

2. Definition of the Job
An automotive painter is someone who refinishes and repaints old and damaged vehicles in auto body repair and paint shops.
3. Nature of the Work
Use of many tools
Sanding off the surface of a primed vehicle
Masking off the vehicle
Mixing of paint
Application of primer, paint, and clear coat
Baking of a freshly painted vehicle
Applying polish to a finished surface
4. Opinions on the Job

  • Advantages:

Good pay
Challenge of the job
Job placement opportunities

  • Disadvantages:

Standing, bending, stooping, and crouching
Exposure to dangerous fumes
Masks, respirators, and paint suits
5. Work Environment & Conditions

  • Indoors

6. Exposure to dangerous fumes 7. Standing, bending, stooping, and crouching 8. 40-50 hour week

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