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Autumn 2014 a club posters

Date post: 21-Jun-2015
Author: simonballe
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SBS Autumn 2014 posters 2
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  • 1. OUR JOURNALISM SOCIETY MEETSEVERY THURSDAY IN E3 AT 1.05pmStudents of all ages are welcome to attend.If you areconfident usingMICROSOFTPUBLISHERthis would be ahuge advantage! Come along and use your reporting skillsand make some new friends.See Mr Brinicombeif you want more details about this club

2. WEDNESDAYS3.30pm 4.30pmGIRLS CRICKET CLUB 3. BOOKCLUBWEDNESDAYSin theLIBRARY1.05pm 1.55pmYears 7-9 4. GIRLS FOOTBALLEVERY FRIDAY3.30pm 4.30pm 5. ROCKSCHOOLEVERY TUESDAY5-8pmIn the Music BlockSee the Music Departmentif you are interested in coming along 6. COMMUNITY CLUBFridays in R3at 1.30pmYOUcan make aDIFFERENCE 7. MUSICAL THEATREMondays in theRehearsal Room1.05pm 1.55pmYEARS 7-9 8. COROCHOIR FOR YEARS 10-13MEETING IN THE REHEARSAL ROOM ONTHURSDAYS1.05pm 1.55pm 9. GCSE ART CLUBWEDNESDAYS3.30pm 4.30pmIn the Art Rooms 10. SUPPORT GROUPFOR A LEVEL STUDENTS STUDYING CHEMISTRY& GCSE STUDENTS STUDYING TRIPLE SCIENCEMONDAYS3.30 inS6 11. BOYS FOOTBALLYEAR 7 MONDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pmYEAR 8 FRIDAYS 1.05pm 1.55pmYEAR 9 THURSDAYS - 1.05pm 1.55pmYEAR 10 THURSDAYS - 1.05pm 1.55pmYEAR 11 - THURSDAYS - 1.05pm 1.55pmFIRST IX WEDNESDAYS - 1.05pm 1.55pm 12. BOYS RUGBYYear 7 WEDNESDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pmYear 8 - MONDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pmYear 9 MONDAYS 1.05pm 1.55pmYear 10 WEDNESDAYS - 1.05pm 1.55pmYear 11 & Seniors FRIDAYS 3.30pm 4.30pm 13. SWIMMING CLUBWEDNESDAYSat 7.30amTHURSDAYSat 3.30pm 14. GIRLSNETBALLYear 7 MONDAYS 3.30pm 4.30pmYEAR 8 WEDNESDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pmYEAR 9 - WEDNESDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pmYEAR 10 - MONDAYS 3.30pm 4.30pmYEAR 11/SENIORS THURDAYS - 3.30pm 4.30pm 15. GIRLS RUGBYYear 7 & 8 WEDNESDAYS1.05pm 1.55pmYear 9 & 10 MONDAYS1.05pm 1.55pm 16. BASKETBALLCLUBYear 71.05pm 1.55pmYears 8/9Tuesdays 3pm 4pm 17. KICKBOXINGCLUBWithMR BROWNTHURSDAYS3.30pm 4.30pmIn the Gym 18. WARHAMMERCLUBThis club is open to ALL students and take place in E6 onThursday lunchtimesand alsoOn Thursdays after school3.30pm 4.30pmWe welcome new members and look forward to seeing youOur club is run by students for students 19. JUNIOR WIND BANDMONDAYS3.25pm 4.00pmSee Mrs Pearson for details 20. CONCERTBANDMONDAYS4.00pm 5.00pmSee Mrs Pearson for more details 21. SAXIDENTIALSTuesdays3.00pm 3.45pmSee Mrs Pearson for more details 22. STRINGENSEMBLETuesdays3.00pm 3.30pmSee Mrs PearsonFor moredetails 23. ORCHESTRA3.30pm 4.15pmTuesdaysSee Mrs Pearson for more details 24. CHAMBER STRINGS4.15pm 5.00pmTUESDAYSSee Mrs Pearsonfor more details 25. SIMON BALLEBIG BANDEVERY THURSDAY4.00pm 5.30pm