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Avalanche app

Date post: 11-Apr-2017
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• Ullr Labs has released a new iPhone app designed to work as a digital snow and avalanche field notebook.

• Uses iPhone functions to allow the user to record and upload snow pit data and field observations as well as download avalanche forecasts and information

Page 3: Avalanche app

MAST is essentially an electronic field avalanche notebook

Forecasts and Danger Roses can be downloaded and stored on the device.

Observation data can be easily recorded and transmitted to a regional avalanche center

Warnings are generated when observations are in danger zones

Page 4: Avalanche app

Home: where you select a “Home Avalanche Center” and download/view the current forecast and Danger Rose.

Avalanche: where you record avalanche incidents like Location/lat/long/elevation angle, aspect, cause, size and people affected

Observations: weather, terrain, snowpack, stability Warnings

Transmitting data

Tools: educational resources as well as definitions of the terms and measures used in the application.

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Page 6: Avalanche app

…and safe skiing!!