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1 Avaya IP Office is the right choice for any small and medium size business today—whether you have 5, 25 or 250 employees…just getting started or already established…have a single office or multiple locations. Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone— using wired, wireless or broadband connections. IP Office easily adapts to your goals and budget and provides individual user productivity solutions to give each of your employees just the capabilities they need—whether it’s your receptionist, sales or service representatives, home telecommuter or on-the-go knowledge worker. Helping small to large companies around the world use communications to grow sales and lower operating expenses has made Avaya the global leader in business communications systems. If that’s what you want for your small or medium size business, it’s time to take a close look at Avaya IP Office. IP Office: Simple, Powerful Communications for Small and Medium Size Businesses Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less—keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. Avaya puts the solution at your fingertips: the Avaya IP Office communications system. OVERVIEW avaya.com Learn More About Avaya IP Office: Watch a Demo Calculate Your ROI in 5 Minutes See Customer Stories Go to avaya.com/small
  • 1. avaya.comIP Office:Simple, PowerfulCommunications forSmall and MediumSize BusinessesSuccessful companies are alwayslooking for new ways todo more with lesskeeping theirbusiness flexible, innovative andcompetitive without driving upoperating costs and capital expenses.Avaya puts the solution at yourfingertips: the Avaya IP OfficeAvaya IP Office is the right choice for IP Office easily adapts to your goalscommunications system.any small and medium size businessand budget and provides individualtodaywhether you have 5, 25 or user productivity solutions to give250 employeesjust getting startedeach of your employees just theor already establishedhave a singlecapabilities they needwhether itsoffice or multiple locations. your receptionist, sales or servicerepresentatives, home telecommuterAvaya IP Office unifies youror on-the-go knowledge worker.Learn More About Avaya IP Office: communications, providing youremployees with a solution thatHelping small to large companiesWatch a Demolets them handle all their business around the world use communicationscommunications on the device of to grow sales and lower operatingCalculate Your ROI in 5 Minutestheir choice: their laptop, mobileexpenses has made Avaya the globalSee Customer Storiesphone, office phone or home phoneleader in business communicationsusing wired, wireless or broadbandsystems. If thats what you want for Go to avaya.com/smallconnections.your small or medium size business,its time to take a close look at AvayaIP Office.OVERVIEW1

2. avaya.comServing CustomersEffectively with UnifiedCommunicationsYour office phone, cell phone,e-mail, texting, instant messagingand more are all essential to theway you work today.But are you managing yourcommunications or are yourcommunications managing you? Thinkabout ithow often has the followinghappened in your company? A customer or prospect calls with an You suspect peak call volumes result inInstead of keeping your communicationsurgent, time-sensitive request, but is lost calls, but have no idea how many orseparate, Avaya IP Office brings themunable to reach the right person for anhow much its costing you together so you can easily turn a homeansweror mobile phone into an office extension,These are all everyday occurrences that can An unexpected developmentseverecollaborate with dozens of customers orimpact your image, your employees abilityweather, a personal matterleaves a keystaff members on a conference call and getto perform at their best, your customeremployee stuck at home and completely detailed reports that show how well yourservice, and ultimately your bottom line.unproductivecompany is responding to customers.Avaya IP Office is ready to address every Staff give out personal phone numbers one of themand much more.With rich functionality, IP Office naturally(such as a mobile) that confuse creates new ways of thinking about the roleUnlike other solutions, Avaya IP Officecustomers and affect your control ofcommunications can play in your business.uses built-in intelligence to simplifythose relationships your use of wired, wireless and Internetcommunications. Rely on IP Office to Control Costs Lowermobilephone/long-distancebills: IP Office opens the door to a wide range of options for better managing your companys mobile phoneand long-distance charges by routing calls through the system and over broadband links. Handlemorecallswithfewerpeople: Instead of using staff time to answer incoming calls, rely on the built-in intelligence in IP Office to routecalls quickly and accurately. Expandyourtalentpoolwithoutincreasingrealestate:Is your business growing, but you dont want to add full-time staff? With IP Office youhave the flexibility to have extra staff working from homewherever that may be. Each would have access to all the communications and callhandling capabilities your other employees have at the main office. Eliminateconferencecallingfees: IP Office makes every day conferencing affordable and practical by providing your business with built-in 128-party conferencing (up to 64 parties per conference). Controlcosts: Add high definition video to reduce or even eliminate travel, and benefit from unsurpassed collaboration across your business. Centralizeadministration: For businesses with more than one location, IP Office enables remote management and administration from a centrallocation. No need to have an administrator at every site.2 3. avaya.comIP Office Is Easy to Use and ManageWhether you are adding a new employee or an entirely new office,setting up a customer service help desk or outfitting an employee towork at home, IP Office keeps it simple. Swiftlydeploycustomizedfeatures: IP Easilyaddormovephones: Adding new Office lets you design your own set of phones or other devices is a matter of features your users need most. You plugging them in and powering on can take advantage of pre-existing IP Office automatically reads the IP templates to set up typical users andaddress of the device. Once it is set-up, quickly deploy them to all employees oryou can move a device from extension specialized groups of users. to extension, even to another location(e.g., a home office), without having to Seamlesslyintegratebusinessapplications: re-administer. With Avaya and Avaya partners, you can integrate a wide range of applications Manageyoursystemfromanywhere: You A SOLUTION YOU CAN to enhance and customize yourdont have to be on-site to manage DEPEND ON IP Office system to the specific needs your IP Office systemyou can do it Everything about the IP Office of your business (e.g., an application securely, from anywhere, and at any time. solution is designed to keep your that automatically calls clients to remindAdminister all offices from one location communications at peak performance them of appointments). eliminating time and travel costs. IP at all times:Office administration is flexible, efficientand included with the IP Office 500 Built-inresiliency:For businessessystem.with more than one location,IP Office can deliver continuousConnect Your Office Locationsoperation. In the event of a poweroutage, users with IP phones can automatically failover to another location, retaining full communications capabilities. Advanced,remotediagnostics:IP Office proactively identifiespotential problems before theycause an outage or businessdisruption.IP Office is ideal for any company with multiple locations. Connect up to 32 sites and Proactivealarming: Be alerted tohave all the IP Office systems communicate seamlessly. Eliminate site-to-site calling system problems in the way thatcosts. Share messaging, receptionists, the office directory and much more. Manage works best for youIP Office canall systems from one location. Quickly and cost-effectively set up satellite operationse-mail system alarms from any ofin remote locations that might not otherwise have justified the investment in a fully-your locations.equipped office.3 4. avaya.comMeet the Needs of All Your EmployeesEssential EditionPreferred Edition Intelligentcallrouting: You never know when your most important customer will call. NowIjustneedbasiccommunications.Iwanttomakemypeoplemore you dont have to worry. IP Office Preferredresponsiveandprofessional.Edition gives you many programmableHelp keep your costs down and get the options to handle calls any time of the dayessential call handling capabilities growing Communications capabilities to give your or night. Program IP Office to recognizebusinesses need. business a competitive edge as well as the your best customers and even greet them built-in capacity you need to keep growing: with a personal message. Forward callsIPOfficeEssentialEdition is the perfect small thats the idea behind the IP Office Preferred virtually anywhere with different options forbusiness starter kit with all the must haves Edition. With ten times more voice messaging each extension, times of day and different(call routing, Caller ID, hold/conference/ capacity than Essential Edition and the ability incoming numbers or area codes.transfer, voice mail) plus a great selection ofto handle dozens of calls simultaneously,Avaya phones.Preferred Edition is the right choice for any Automatedserviceprompts: Enrich the business that wants to use communications toexperience for incoming callers by providingWhen you are ready, move up to the operate more efficiently and effectively todayinformation such as wait time, informationPreferred Edition. and for the foreseeable future. on promotions or other communications that will add value to their overall experience.WithIPOfficePreferredEdition,yougeteverythingthatsintheEssentialEdition,plus:Callrecording: Built-in call recording is a great way to keep tabs on your business operations,Scalable,sophisticatedvoicemail: The voice reduce legal risks to your company andmessaging capabilities in Preferred Edition potentially meet industry-compliance criteria.deliver productivity and efficiencies day-in Record incoming or outgoing calls. Set it up inand day-out. Handle up to 40 simultaneous advance (establish a set frequency) or recordcalls. Broadcast a single voice mail to the on demand with the push of a button.entire company, a specific department orjust a team. Have the system find youWhen you are ready, build on your investmentand let you know when new messages arrive. and just add the Advanced Edition.SecureMeetmeconferencing: With its built-in conferencing capability, IP Office PreferredEdition makes it easy for all your users to hosttheir own password-protected conference calls.The user experience becomes seamless for yourstaff and customerswhoever you invite to youraudio conference. With its unique conferencecall capacity, IP Office lets you host a multitudeof calls simultaneously.4 5. avaya.comSolutions for Your Goals, Your BudgetAdvanced EditionGivemethetoolstoservecustomers moreeffectively.Winning new customers makes yourcompany grow. Keeping customers loyal andsatisfied makes your company profitable.IPOfficeAdvancedEdition helps you dobothits the ideal solution for companiesthat take customer service seriously andwant to be the best.Avaya has taken the expertise that hasmade it the industry leader in large contactcenters and tailored it to the needs ofgrowing businesses like yours.TheIPOfficeAdvancedEditionrequiresthePreferredEditionasapre-requisitepurchase.So,yougeteverythinginthePreferredEdition,plus:Automated24/7selfservice: For many, if notmost customer interactions, simple is bestgive your customers everything they needthrough an automated, self-service option:Real-timecustomerservicemanagement:Seamlessretrievalofrecordedcalls: Easilyaccess information, get directions, check Receive alerts immediately when service archive all recorded calls and seamlesslystatus of orders, and more. Drive revenue thresholds youve set have been exceeded. search and replay any conversation. Searchin off-hours and free up agents for moreTake swift action to optimize call routingvia browser interface and access the exactcritical, customer-facing tasks.and ensure service levels. Get reports of all information you want. Use the replaycalls in progress and compare with historical controls to start, stop, pause, skip forward/reports. See how agents are doing and backward, or to export the recording toadjust accordingly. Optimize your staffs search by date, time, parties, length orproductivity so your customers enjoy atarget extension number. Use your results toprofessional, differentiated experience.understand problem or opportunity areas incustomer service.5 6. avaya.com> Power userFor any employee with a laptop, the Power User solution takesmobility to another level. With Power User, they can control officecommunications using an IP phone, mobile phone or laptop;conduct personal video calls; have calls ring simultaneously on alltheir devices; get automatically notified of important voice mailsand e-mails (viewing them in the same inbox); set up conferencecalls on the flywith up to 64 participants. Its the ultimate incommunications accessibility, designed to help your people be asproductive as possibleanytime, anywhere.> mobile workerThe Mobile Worker solution makesany mobile phone an extension ofthe office phone systemcompletewith call handling features, speed Now Drivedials and more. No more giving outpersonal reach numbers. You getpeace of mind knowing that when Effectivenesscustomers call, they are dialingyour business number. And your Exactly Whereemployees get the tools they needto stay in touch.You Need It> teleworkerThe Teleworker solution makes any home officea remote extension of your main office. Userstruly feel like a remote extension of the main> office worker office with the same phone and functionalitytheyd have in the office, and they turn theirThe Office Worker solution givescommute into productive time. Because it allanyone using a PC a complete setgoes through the IP Office system, you can hireof tools to help them work smartertalent from anywhere and save money.and communicate more easily. WithOffice Worker, they can control allcommunications from the screen oftheir PC, get easy access to visualvoicemail and use IM and presencecapabilities to quickly reachco-workers.6 7. avaya.com> receptionistBe sure the first impression you make on callers is oneof prompt, personal and professional service byequipping front desk personnel with the Receptionistsolution. Streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. See whos calling and why. Integratewith commonly used database software. Monitor alloffice extensions. Have one receptionist providecoverage for multiple offices. IP Office User Productivity SolutionsPower to Your People > customer service agent Any employee who regularly fields calls relating to sales, service, billing, product information, etc., should be equipped with the Customer Service Agent solution. Its a browser-based client that lets agents respond quickly to current conditions. Agents receive information on the number of calls on hold, in progress, lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged> customer service supervisorout. If no calls are waiting to be answered, the customer service agentIf you are serious about having the best sales and service, can spend more time with the currentyou will want to constantly monitor and measure how you caller, helping to increase revenue andare doing. Big companies have long done it. With the customer satisfaction.Customer Service Supervisor solution, growing companiescan do it, too. Customer Service Supervisor gives you thereports you need to manage your sales activities, judgethe value of marketing campaigns and see how wellagents are handling sales and service calls.7 8. Find out why businesses like yours choose IP Office everyday 4 Prevent lost productivity 4 Choose, IP, digitalUniquely or analog phones in 4 No moving parts to Flexible any mix Reliableand break downResilienthybrid4 Reduce your carbon Well Help You 4 Intelligent failover footprint across sitesGet the Capabilities4 From 5 to 1000users across 32 sitesYou Need 4 Solutions tailored to your employees4 Add applications asYour authorized Avaya rolesGrow.We your business needsEasytoGrowwithevolve Partners will work with you customize 4 SimpleYou4 Easily Integratesto tailor an Avaya IP Office management, from anywhere to your MicrosoftOutlook and other solution to meet your needsoffice applicationsand budget. Learn more about 4 Investmentwhat Avaya IP Office can do Protection forfor you at avaya.com/smallbiz existing BCM, Norstar and Avaya4 Built in 128 party customersconference bridge 40%to60% ItsAllin 4 Drastically reduceThere! 4 Voice Messaging, Savingscalling and audio Instantlyauto-attendant and conference costs Unified messaging 4 Eliminate or keeps you connected reduce travel with integrated HD Video conferencing Flexibly Accommodates Your Choice of Devices IP Office has the ability to work with IP, digital, analog, SIP and wireless technologies. Use the devices you want, wherever you need them.About AvayaAvaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions,providing unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and relatedservices to companies of all sizes around the world. For more informationplease visit www.avaya.com. 2010 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and are registered in the United States and other countries.All trademarks identified by , TM or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. avaya.comAll other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Avaya may also have trademark rights in other terms used herein.References to Avaya include the Nortel Enterprise business, which was acquired as of December 18, 2009.8/11 SB4318-05