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Awards and recognitions

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MEETING DEDICATIONS Criteria An oral and maxillofacial surgeon may be selected by the Board of Trustees of the American Asso- ciation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in whose name the annual meeting shall be dedi- cated with endorsement by a state or regional society. Nominations shall be accompanied by a biography and statement as to why he or she was recommended. Commentary on this pioneer’s contributions to the specialty will be made with suitable AAOMS recognition during the annual meeting and will be printed in the official annual meeting program. Meeting Dedications 1951 1969 Dr. Harry Bear-posthumously. Founding members Dr. Leslie M. FitzGerald President Robert V. Walker presents an award to Edward C. Armbrecht for his contribution in perpetuating the name of Simon P. Hullihen to whom the 1973 Atlanta annual meeting was dedicated 197’ ‘973 1976 ‘977 ‘978 ‘979 1982 1983 1984 1985 1987 1988 1989 Dr. James R. Cameron- posthumously Simon P. Hullihen, the “Father of Oral Surgery”-posthumously Dr. Harry M. Seldin-posthumously Dr. Sanford M. Moose Dr. Daniel F. Lynch Dr. P. Earle Williams Dr. S. Elmer Bear-posthumously Dr. Lydall 0. Bishopposthumously Dr. Fred A. Henny Dr. Adrian 0. Hubbell Dr. Robert V. Walker Dr. Robert B. Shira Dr. Jack W. Gamble Fred A. Henny accepting meeting dedication plaque, Washington, DC 1985 240
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An oral and maxillofacial surgeon may be selected by the Board of Trustees of the American Asso- ciation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in whose name the annual meeting shall be dedi- cated with endorsement by a state or regional society. Nominations shall be accompanied by a biography and statement as to why he or she was recommended. Commentary on this pioneer’s contributions to the specialty will be made with suitable AAOMS recognition during the annual meeting and will be printed in the official annual meeting program.

Meeting Dedications



Dr. Harry Bear-posthumously. Founding members Dr. Leslie M. FitzGerald

President Robert V. Walker presents an award to Edward C. Armbrecht for his contribution in perpetuating the name of Simon P. Hullihen to whom the 1973 Atlanta annual meeting was dedicated



1976 ‘977 ‘978 ‘979 1982

1983 1984 1985 1987 1988 1989

Dr. James R. Cameron- posthumously Simon P. Hullihen, the “Father of Oral Surgery”-posthumously Dr. Harry M. Seldin-posthumously Dr. Sanford M. Moose Dr. Daniel F. Lynch Dr. P. Earle Williams Dr. S. Elmer Bear-posthumously Dr. Lydall 0. Bishopposthumously Dr. Fred A. Henny Dr. Adrian 0. Hubbell Dr. Robert V. Walker Dr. Robert B. Shira Dr. Jack W. Gamble

Fred A. Henny accepting meeting dedication plaque, Washington, DC 1985


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The Board of Trustees may select an individual who has made a major and current contribution(s) to the specialty as the recipient of the Distin- guished Service Award. Nominations with a written background statement are to be provided two weeks in advance of the board session at which the award is scheduled for consideration. Should additional nominations be presented at

Dr. S. Elmer Bear receives Educational Foundation Award congratulations from Dr. Charles McCallum and Exec. Director B. J. Degen, 1976

the meeting, such shall be considered and delib- erated at a subsequent session of the same board meeting. The award is an engraved Steuben glass and a plaque.

Award Recipients

1970 Dr. Fred A. Henny 1972 Dr. Daniel M. Laskin ‘974 Dr. S. Elmer Bear ‘975 Dr. Lester H. Steinholtz 1976 Dr. Charles A. McCallum ‘979 Mr. Bernard J. Degen II 1980 Dr. Terry W. Slaughter 1981 Dr. Robert V. Walker 1983 Dr. Jack W. Gamble 1986 Dr. William R. Wallace 1987 Dr. Anthony L. Checchio 1988 Dr. Robert B. Jans 1989 Dr. Philip L. Maloney

Distinguished Service Award, Established I 970


Page 3: Awards and recognitions



Honorary Fellowship may be granted to those holding no other class of membership as well as those non-American members who have made distinguished contributions to the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Nominations to this status shall bear the names of five fellows, and election shall be by the House of Delegates. Not more than two honorary fellows may be elected in any one year. Honorary fellows shall have the same privileges as members, and shall not pay dues and assessments.

1958 Dr. Harold Hillenbrand, executive director, American Dental Association, for his support of the goals and objectives of the specialty, counsel and assistance to the membership and staff of the association. Dr. Lon W. Morrey, editor, American Dental Association, for his assistance and support in the publication of the ADA-owned Journal of Oral Surgery.

1959 Dr. Alvin B. Coxwell, secretary, Kentucky Dental Association and executive secretary, American SOCkty Of Oral SUrgeOnS from 1952-

1956, just before the establishment of a perma- nent headquarters in Chicago.


Dr. Oscar P. Snyder, retired Major General of the U.S. Army and faculty member, Ohio State University. Dr. Hamilton B. G. Robinson, dean, School of Dentistry, University of Kansas City.


General Joseph L. Bernier, chief, U.S. Army Dental Corps. Instrumental in founding and de-

velopment of American Academy of Oral Pathol- ogy and American Board of Oral Pathology; achieved a position of honor and distinction among his colleagues in all areas of dental prac- tice. Sir Terence G. Ward, Royal College of Sur- geons of England. Founding and past president of the International Association of Oral Surgeons.


Dr. Gerald H. Leatherman, secretary general, Federation Dentaire Internationale, for support of international progress in the specialty.


Dr. Nguyen Van Tho, secretary to the Cabinet, South Vietnam.


Dr. Jerome Hiniker Dr. Francis A. Arnold

1967 Dr. Francis J. Reichmann, emeritus clinical professor, Oklahoma School of Medicine, for de- votion to promoting dentistry and particularly oral surgery. Dr. Bissell B. Palmer


Mr. Reginald Sullens, assistant secretary for ed- ucational affairs, and secretary, Council on Den- tal Education, American Dental Association, for work with the Review Committee on Advanced Education in Oral Surgery, assistance with revi- sions to the Essentials of an Advanced Training Program in Oral Surgery, and consultation with the committee appointed to reorganize ASOS vol- unteer structure. Dr. Joseph Volker, executive vice president,


Page 4: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

Reginald H. Sullens, American Dental Association Council on Dental Education was awarded Honorary Fellowship in 1976

University of Alabama, who as first dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of Alabama established the program in oral and maxillofacial surgery and was a staunch supporter of exchange fellowships in OMS.

Dr. John E. Fauber, secretary, Council on Hos- pital Dental Service, American Dental Associa- tion, for his work with the Review Commission on Advanced Education in Oral Surgery and en- couragement for expansion of oral surgery train- ing programs to three years. Admiral Edward C. Rafetto, United States Navy, for the establishment of three-year training programs in the Navy, allowing Naval oral sur- geons to seek civilian training, and encouraging Navy oral surgeons to attend ASOS continuing education programs.

‘97’ Hon. Wilbur D. Mills, chairman, Ways and Means Committee, United States House of Rep- resentatives, for work to bring about changes in the national system of health care.

1972 Mr. Hal M. Christensen, director, Washington Office, American Dental Association, for regular assistance to AAOMS members and staff on leg- islative matters, willing liaison with AAOMS Washington counsel, and untiring efforts to monitor and influence legislation on behalf of the profession and specialty.


Dr. Harry Sicher, professor emeritus of anat- omy, Loyola University School of Dentistry, Chi- cago, for contributions to the profession and spe- cialty as a dental educator.


Dr. John M. Coady, assistant executive director, Education and Hospitals, American Dental Asso- ciation, for support of oral and maxillofacial sur- gery educational issues and hospital activities. Mr. Bernard J. Degen, II, executive director, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, for his countless contributions to the specialty as the chief administrator of the associ- ation.


Dr. John D. Porterfield, director, Joint Com- mission on Accreditation of Hospitals, for con- tributions to enhance better patient care in hos- pitals throughout the country.


Dr. John C. Greene, deputy surgeon general and chief dental officer, United States Public Health Service, for support of the specialty’s role in the U.S.P.H.S.

I 980

Dr. Seymour L. Nash, executive director, Den- tal Society of the State of New York, for defense of the standards and principles upon which the profession and specialty were founded.


Professor Doctor Wilfred Schilli, for exchange of scientific information between countries and for achieving a consensus among divergent views on professional affairs.

Page 5: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

Professor Rudolph Fries, for leadership and ad- vocacy of the importance of exchanging scientific and clinical information internationally.


Mr. John D. Gray, for his leadership of and contributions to the Education and Research


Mr. John F. Daly, for his strong support of the educational goals of the Educational Foundation as a trustee and its chairman.

Foundation. Mr. Walter Lorenz, for his countless contribu- tions to the specialty as a manufacturer of surgical instruments and for his financial support of the Research Fund of the Educational Foundation.


Dr. William J. Gies was a Columbia University biochemist who became recognized as the highest authority in professional education. He was com- missioned by the Carnegie Foundation to evaluate the status of dental education in the same manner and detail as Dr. Abraham Flexner had reported on medical education in 1910 for the same foun- dation. After listing the essential reforms for den- tal education, Gies stated: “Dentistry is an im- portant division of health service. The quality and efficiency of its service to the patient should be made the full equivalent of an oral specialty of the practice of medicine.” As a result of his re- port, higher education became more aware of the standards necessary for education in the dental profession. The Dental Education Council was established in 1926. It accredited dental schools and did much to eliminate the private proprietary schools and to encourage the development of den- tal schools in the nation’s universities. Gradually the ADA became more involved in the accredi- tation process, and in 1938, the Council on Den- tal Education was formulated with three mem- bers from each of the following: American Asso- ciation of Dental Schools, National Board of Dental Examiners, and the American Dental As- sociation.

William J. Gies Foundation Award in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Established 1966

ties by annual recognition awards. The American Society of Oral Surgeons was invited to recom- mend a list of three eligible candidates for the monetary and plaque award from which the foun- dation chooses the annual recipient.

The William J. Gies Foundation for the Ad- The following individuals have received this vancement of Dentistry, Inc. was established to Gies Award presented at the annual meeting of encourage educators in dentistry and its special- the association.

Page 6: Awards and recognitions


Awurd.r and Recognitions

In 1972, llaniel F. Lynch was presented with the William J. Gies Award by President J. Leon Schwartz

Year Recipient I 966 Dr. Kurt H. Thoma 7967 Dr. Harold W. Krogh

1968 Dr. James R. Cameron 1969 Dr. Robert H. Ivy 1969 Dr. Sanford M. Moose 1970 Dr. Sterling V. Mead ‘97’ Dr. Leslie M. FitzGerald 1972 Dr. Daniel F. Lynch 1973 Dr. Lyall 0. Bishop I974 Dr. Robert B. Shira 1975 Dr. James R. Hayward 1976 Dr. Robert V. Walker ‘977 Dr. Fred A. Henny 1978 Dr. S. Elmer Bear 1979 Dr. Daniel M. Laskin 1980 Dr. Charles A. McCallum 1981 Dr. Irving Meyer 1982 Dr. Marvin E. Revzin 1983 Dr. William R. Wallace I984 Dr. William H. Bell I985 Dr. Jack W. Gamble 1986 Dr. John N. Kent 1987 Dr. Walter C. Guralnick 1988 Dr. Philip L. Maloney 1989 Dr. John F. Helfrick


The AAOMS Educational Foundation Torch Award was established in 1984 to recognize in- dividuals who have made significant contribu- tions and/or provided exemplary services in fos- tering the purposes of the AAOMS Educational Foundation. The award is granted only when deemed advisable by the Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, with no more than one award granted in any one given year.


1984 Dr. Fred A. Henny 1985 Dr. S. Elmer Bear 1987 Dr. Charles A. McCallum 1989 Dr. Philip T. Fleuchaus

Mrs. S. Elmer Bear accepting 1985 Education Foundation Torch Award on behalf of the family of her late husband

Page 7: Awards and recognitions



The executive staff and immediate past president shall serve as the Committeeman of the Year Nominating Committee, with the past president as chairman. The past president shall be apprised of deliberations of the executive staff on consid- eration of the award before the board session, at which time nominations are consumated by the committee for presentation to the trustees. The committee shall submit at least two nominees, with written recommendations, to the Board of Trustees for consideration annually.

Other nominees may be presented, with writ- ten recommendations, at the time the Nominat- ing Committee’s report is presented to the board. All nominees must meet the established mini- mum criteria for consideration for the award.

Award nominees are considered for the period of annual meeting to annual meeting, preceding the annual meeting at which the award is given, and must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for nomination: (1) demon-

strated effective participation in committee deci- sion-making through identification, evaluation, and analysis of needs; development of programs to meet such needs; and effective utilization of committee’s resources, members, and staff to im- plement programs; and (2) demonstrated a con- scious sense of responsibility as a committee member in furthering the purposes of the AAOMS in those areas within which the com- mittee has bylaw purview, through a cooperative attitude in development and execution of com- mittee programs; and demonstrated leadership which enhances the effectiveness of the commit- tee during and beyond his tenure on the commit- tee. The award is a custom engraved shadow-box plaque.


‘973 Dr. Howard I. Mark-Hospital Affairs 1974 Dr. Howard S. Glaser-Membership ‘975 Dr. I. Lawrence Kerr-Legislation

Committeeman of the Year Award

Page 8: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

1976 Dr. Raymond P. White-Scientific Ses- sions

‘977 Dr. William E. Hall-Professional Con- duct



Dr. Walter C. Guralnick-Residency Education & Training Dr. Stanley J. Behrman-Public Infor- mation

1980 1981

Dr. Joseph E. Grodjesk-Membership Dr. Victor J. Matukas-Scientific Ses- sions


1983 1984

Dr. Edwin D. Joy-Public Information Dr. Gerald Laboda-Practice Dr. David E. Kelly-Residency Educa- tion & Training

1985 Dr. Robert E. Lauer-Long Range Plan- ning

1986 Dr. Donald S. Dana-Practice

David Kelly receiving Committeeman of the Year Award from President Anthony L. Checchio, 1984

1987 Dr. John P. Kelly-Residency Educa- tion & Training

1988 Dr. Lewis N. Estabrooks-Health Care Programs

1989 Dr. John F. Helfrick-Standards of Care


The Research Award Contest was established in mitment of the AAOMS to foster programs of I 962 to recognize outstanding research project(s) research and scientific investigations related to annually. The award contest was discontinued in the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery, 1973. In 1974, the Research Recognition Award and to recognize individuals who have made out- was established, with the following criteria: The standing contributions to the specialty. This purpose of the award is to emphasize the com- award is given when deemed appropriate.

Page 9: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

William H. Bell receiving Research Recognition Award from President Anthony L. Checchio, 1984

Method of Selection

The advisory Committee on Research shall be the selection committee. AAOMS fellows and mem- bers may nominate individuals to be considered for the award. Nominations must include a state- ment of accomplishments and supporting docu- mentation. All nominees remain available for

consideration for three years. After review of the nominees, the committee may select one individ- ual whose name will be transmitted to the Board of Trustees as the award recipient.

Criteria for Selection

The criteria for nomination and selection shall be: (1) the significance and impact of scientific achievement toward a better understanding of ba- sic disease processes and improvement of care re- lated to disorders of the maxillofacial region; (2) the originality and quality of scientific accom- plishments, including the assessment by experts in the nominee’s area of study; and (3) the influ- ence that the individual and/or his contributions have had on the secondary scientific careers or contributions of his students, residents or other colleagues.

Method of Presentation

The award recipient will be provided with travel expenses to the AAOMS annual meeting, at which the award will be formally presented dur- ing an appropriate event. The award consists of a custom engraved plaque.

Research Recognition Award, Established 1974

Page 10: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

Research Award Recipients

1962 Dr. William Linenberg 1963 Dr. Ralph G. Merrill 1964 Dr. Philip J. Boyne 1965 Dr. Harrie T. Shearer

Dr. William Gaither 1966 Dr. Bruce N. Epker

Dr. Marlin Troiano

1967 Dr. Rodney Phillips Dr. John Downs

1968 Dr. William H. Bell Dr. Raymond J. Finn

1970 Dr. John M. Gregg Dr. Mackay J. Hull

1971 Dr. Damian J. Jelso Dr. P. Michael Banasik

1972 Dr. James Morgan Dr. Robert Lee Pike

I973 Dr. Donald Sorensen Dr. Frank G. Grammer

Research Recognition Award Recipients

1975 Dr. Philip J. Boyne 1976 Dr. David J. Poswillo ‘977 Dr. William H. Bell 1978 Dr. Daniel M. Laskin


Two award winners in 1985, Drs. Irwin A. Small (left) and James F. Kelly

‘979 Dr. Edward J. Driscoll 1982 Dr. John M. Gregg 1983 Dr. James McNamara 1984 Dr. John N. Kent 1985 Dr. James F. Kelly

Dr. Irwin A. Small 1987 Dr. R. Bruce Donoff 1988 Dr. Robert E. Marx

The purpose of the AAOMS Research Fellowship is to encourage the relatively new researcher to study significant topics in the specialty and to foster career development of individuals who are committed to solving problems related to oral and maxillofacial surgery. The association awards up to two fellowships annually, based on the sig- nificance, relevance, originality and feasibility of the project, as well as the support capabilities of the institution.


1976 Dr. C. N. Bertolami ‘977 Dr. Stephen Feinberg 1978 Dr. Richard Finn 1979 Dr. Gerald W. Upton 1980 Dr. Richard E. Hall 1981 Dr. Kenneth A. Storum 1982 Dr. Michael R. Warner

Page 11: Awards and recognitions


Awards and Recognitions

1983 Dr. John R. Zuniga and Scott Allan 1986 Drs. David D. Darab and Barry L. Ep- Keyes P’eY

1984 Dr. Richard T. Kao 1987 Drs. Michael Buckley and Joseph W. 1985 Drs. Regina L. Landesberg and Carole Wilkes

A. Lorente 1988 Dr. Arden K. Hegtvedt


The Educational Foundation established this fel- lowship in 1984 to provide competent young oral and maxillofacial surgeons, with a demonstrated interest in teaching and research, the opportunity to conduct postgraduate-level research studies at an accredited or recognized institution.


1984 Dr. Jeffry B. Dembo 1985 Dr. Peter D. Waite 1986 Dr. Joseph W. Wilkes 1987 Dr. Carole A. Lorente 1988 Dr. Gregory Smith

Father Dr. Daniel E. Waite and son, Peter Waite, at the Educational Foundation Luncheon in 1985. Peter had just received the Fred A. Henny Fellowship Award


This grant was developed to aid the established Recipients researcher by supporting costs directly related to oral and maxillofacial research. The purpose of 1985 Dr. Stephen E. Feinberg

this grant is to foster the development of scien- 1986 Dr. R. Bruce Donoff

tific investigators committed to problems related 1987 Dr. Edward Ellis, III

to the specialty. 1988 Dr. Barry Steinberg and Dr. Leonard B.


Page 12: Awards and recognitions


To encourage the preparation of audiovisual pro- grams for the specialty, a contest was established in 1970. There were several categories in which the submissions were judged.

1971 First place, federal category:

“Free Grafts of Palatial Mucosa in Mandibular Vestibuloplasty”

Second place, federal category: “Versatility of Intra Oral Sagittal Osteotomy”

Institutional Category: “Surgical-Orthodontic Correction of Maxillary Protrusion”

1972 First place, federal category:

“Anterior Maxillary Ostectomy and Closure of Diastema”

-Noah R. Calhoun, surgeon

Second place, federal category: “Surgical Excision of the Maxillary Torus”

-H. David Hall, surgeon

‘973 First place, federal category:

“Lefort I Osteotomy for Correction of Pseudo- Prognathism”

-Roy C. Gerhard and Louis H. Guesnsey , surgeons

First place, institutional category: “Sagittal Splitting for Correction of Mandibu- lar Protrusion”

-Bruce A. Lund, surgeon

Second place, institutional category: “Biomechanical Stabilization of Oral Implants with Proplast”

-John N. Kent, surgeon

1974 First place, commercial category:

“Surgical Correction of Crouzon’s Syndrome- Middle Third Face Advancement”

-Bruce N. Epker and Larry M. Wolford, surgeons; 3M Company, sponsor

First place, federal category: “Reconstruction of an Avulsion Wound of the Mandible”

-Donald B. Osbon, surgeon

Second place, federal category: “Intraoral Reduction of Symphysis Fracture”

-H. David Hall, surgeon

First place, institutional category: “Surgical Palate Splitting”

-Morgan L. Allison, surgeon

Second place, institutional category: “Surgical Treatment of Gigantiform Cementi- fying Fibroma of the Manidble”

-Philip J. Boyne, surgeon

1975 No awards given.

1976 First place, federal category:

“Bony Augmentation of the Maxillary and Mandibular Alveolar Ridges”

-Ronald D. Baker and Peter W. Connole, Surgeons

1977 First place, private category:

“Immediate Reconstruction Following Cancer Surgery”

-Edwin D. Joy, Jr. and Jose Tert, sur- geons


Page 13: Awards and recognitions

Awuds cud Recognitions

First place, federal category: “Mandibular Vestibuloplasty with Skin Graft”

-Bob D. Gross and Michael Loftus, sur- geons

Second place, federal category: “TMJ Arthroplasty”

-Noah R. Calhoun and Samuel Campbell, surgeons


First place, federal category: “Immediate Hemimandibular Reconstruction by Costochondral Rib Grafting”

-Peter Connole, James Kelly, and Jeffrey Vinton, surgeons

Second place, federal category: “Techniques in Out-Patient General Anes- thesia”

-David Shelton, Sterling Schow and Wat- son, surgeons


First place, federal category: “Zygomatico Maxillary Advancement Oste- otomy”

-James F. Kelly and Peter W. Connole, surgeons

First place, institutional category: “Rheumatoid Arthritis and Open Bite”

-Morgan L. Allison, surgeon

First place, commercial category: “Bone Grafting of Residual Alveolar and Pal- atal Defects”

-Donald Leake, Harry Schwartz, John Cochran, John Goeckermann, and Scott Freeman, surgeons


First place, institutional category: “Frey’s Syndrome”

-Harry Baddour, James Ripley, Jon Tom McAnear, Donald Steed, and Hugh Til- son, surgeons

Audiovisual Award, established I 974

First place, private category: “Degenerative Temporomandibular Joint Dis- ease Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment: A Case History”

-John Whinery and James Barnett, sur- geons


No film or videocassette awards.

Two awards were given for print media entries:

Page 14: Awards and recognitions

253 -__ Auwds und Recognitions

First place, commercial category: 1981 “The Story of Impacted Wisdom Teeth”- Booklet I, “Advantages to the Early Removal First place, private category: of Impacted Wisdom Teeth”-Booklet II, and “Preprosthetic Surgery” (print media entry) “Impacted Teeth in the Middle and Later -Martin J. Dunn, author Years”-Booklet III

-.Joel M. Berns, author The audiovisual awards contest was discontinued, effective in January 1982.

First place, private category: “Orthognathic Surgery”

-Martin ,J. Dunn, author


In 1983, the AAOMS presented a Special Rec- ognition Award to Dr. Mark Swerdloff for his tremendous accomplishments in the specialty and in his own life, despite a major physical handi- cap. In the fall of I 968, while a sophomore dental student at Columbia University, Dr. Swerdloff was involved in an automobile accident that re- sulted in the loss of both legs below the thigh. Following a recovery period, the dental student was dropped from his classes by school adminis- trators who did not feel he could practice den- tistry from a wheelchair. However, with the sup- port of his peers and the faculty who were aware of his academic record, he was allowed to return to classes. He graduated first in his class, receiv- ing many special awards, including those in oral surgery and induction into Omicron Kappa Up- silon.

When he encountered difficulty in securing a residency, Dr. Swerdloff volunteered to spend time in emergency rooms and clinics to prove that his physical handicap would not deter him. He proved himself, and gained an appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital in Elmhurst, New York,

where he went on to serve as Chief Resident in the Department of Oral Surgery.

Since completing his residency, Dr. Swerdloff has served on the faculty of the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Dental Med- icine, where he has been voted Outstanding Fac- ulty Member of the Year by his students on sev- eral occasions. When the university opened its teaching hospital, he assumed the responsibility of the emergency care of facial trauma and resi- dent activities, a position which he still holds. Dr. Swerdloff has been the author or co-author of over thirty articles published in professional jour- nals.

In addition to his busy professional life, Dr. Swerdloff has helped others facing disabilities by serving on the Governor’s Committee for the New York State Conference on the Handicapped; the New York State Commissioner of Education’s Advisory Council for Vocational Rehabilitation; and as Acting Director and Chairman of the New York Delegation to the White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals. He is also married and the father of two daughters.