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AWS re:Invent Hackathon

Date post:05-Sep-2014
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Please join us to learn about the AWS re:Invent hackathon format, charities involved, code challenges, and ask any questions you may have.
  • Simone Brunozzi Senior Technology Evangelist [email protected] Hackathon at AWS re:Invent 2013

Welcome! 2 days challenge idea pitching (optional) team forming (optional) hacking judging prizes What is a typical Hackathon 1-day challenge (Nov 12th, 2013) Charities provide IT Challenges early team forming (to save time) hacking judging prizes The re:Invent Hackathon Challenge Real life 1-day only: easier to have IT challenges ready Donate your code (optional) Change the world (a little bit) Why Charities? Charity Problem Resources Solution needed AWS services likely to be used Judging criteria Example of an IT Challenge? Charity: DonorsChoose Problem: predict which first time donors will return Resources: data set Solution needed: 90% or higher return probability AWS services likely to be used: EC2, S3, EMR Judging criteria: Example of an IT Challenge? Breakfast will start at 8:00am 9:00am - 9:15am : Event kick-off 9:15am - 10:30pm : Hacking 10:30pm - midnight : Pitching and judging Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day Schedule (Nov 12th) A laptop (suitable for coding) An active AWS account What to bring A big room to hack happily Food and beveragesWhiteboards Power strips Wireless internet accessPlenty of AWS credits for your hacking needs What we provide 1) DonorsChoose.org (help students in need)2) Citizen Science and Cancer Research UK (help research fight cancer)3) Architecture For Humanity (solutions to social and humanitarian crisis)4) United Way (volunteers and communities)5) Change.org (petition platform) Charities involved Successfully meeting the criteria of the NGO (0-10)Appropriate Use of AWS Services (0-5)Design, Presentation, and Creativity (0-5)Technical Expertise (0-5)Special Points (0-5) Total: 0-30 Judging criteria To save time wed like to help you form teams in advance. Go to the survey form: http://bit.ly/2013-hackathon-form Team forming Name, and AWS forums nickname Preferred programming language Preferred development type AWS Knowledge Rank your favorite Charity / challenge Want us to setup a team for you? Github repository Other participants you want to hack with Hackathon form Build a web or mobile app that will let users register and then look for volunteer opportunities in an area of choice. Once the user enter a zip code, the app returns a list of the top 5 service agencies and top 5 volunteer opportunities within a user-specified distance from the zip code, and lets the user order the list by distance and popularity. Opportunities might be weighted more than others. Challenge: UnitedWay Make the charity's open data more accessible to researchers. Automate the loading of the latest open data CSV from S3 into a Database with the scripted re-joining of the tables. An interface could be a simple webpage that acts as a console for executing queries, returning the data on-screen for display or via CSV for download. A researcher/developer wanting to play with the data would just launch this automation and soon thereafter would have their own instance up and humming. Challenge: DonorsChoose Create an app that helps smartphone users turn their bad behavior into positive change. Users can donate their "pennies" every time they are bad, e.g. swearing, eating cake, etc. The money would be deducted from the user's credit card and sent to the charity. Users can also make public challenges and invite their friends to group challenges. Note: real money will not be used, but simulated. Challenge: Citizen Science UK Create a site that allows users to 'pledge funds' to fund part of a building. Once the funding is complete, it green-lights the project. A model is created of the actual building to be built. The user chooses the building detail to fund and makes the donation from within the app. After the donation is complete the building detail is highlighted. This will show what has been funded and what has not. Challenge: Architecture For Humanity Build a real-time dashboard of hot petitions, which scales and persists. Can you find a small but growing movement while a large movement is happening? Assuming a data stream of tuples (petition, user), we need a dashboard that allows our team to find things people care about. Petitions will include tags, locale, language, location, and categories, as well as looking at time windows ranging from the last hour to a few days. Challenge: Change.org Deal with REAL organizations Lack of information... Lack of guidance... Pressing timeline... Use your creativity to find a solution! (you can always ask for help during the Hackathon) This is the REAL world Main Hackathon website: https://reinvent.awsevents.com/hackathon.html Hackathon survey form: http://bit.ly/2013-hackathon-form More info? Simone Brunozzi Senior Technology Evangelist [email protected] Hackathon at AWS re:Invent 2013

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