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AWS Webcast - Explore the AWS Cloud

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  • Getting Started with Amazon Web Services

    Jan 20th, 2015

    Sri Elaprolu ([email protected])

  • AWS Overview

    AWS Account Setup

    AWS Console

    Amazon EC2 Overview

    Amazon EC2 Demo

    Amazon S3 Overview

    Amazon S3 Demo



  • Compute Storage

    AWS Global Infrastructure


    App Services

    Deployment & Administration


    Amazon Web Services

  • 11 regions

    28 availability


    52 edge locations

    AWS Global Infrastructure

    You decide where your apps and data


  • AB



    US-EAST-1 Region

    Availability Zones (AZs)

    AWS Global Infrastructure

    Note: Conceptual drawing only. The number of Availability Zones may vary.

  • Certification and Accreditations

  • Variable expense

    Replace capital

    expenditure with variable


    Economies of scale

    Lower variable expense

    than companies can

    achieve themselves

    Elastic capacity

    No need to guess

    capacity requirements

    and over-provision

    Speed and agility

    Infrastructure in minutes

    not weeks

    Focus on mission

    Not undifferentiated heavy

    IT lifting

    Global Reach

    Go global in minutes and

    reach a global audience

    Why are customers moving to AWS Cloud?

  • Experience

    8+ years supporting one

    million customers across

    190 countries


    Rapid delivery of new

    services and features based

    on customer feedback

    Robust Platform

    Number of services and

    features, virtually to

    support every use case


    Simple Pricing


    47 Price reductions

    Expect more reductions

    in the future

    Global Footprint

    11 Regions

    28 Availability Zones

    52 Edge Locations

    Eco system

    3000 ISVs and 7000 SIs

    1600 apps in Marketplace

    AWS Differentiators

  • Getting Started:


    AWS Registration:


    1.Amazon.com account or - new AWS account (recommended)2.Contact Information (name/phone/address)

    3.Billing Information (default is CC, invoice option is available)

    4.Phone Verification/Pin

    5.Choose Support plan (basic/developer/business/enterprise)

    AWS Free Tier:


    AWS Account Setup

  • AWS Account Setup sample screenshots

  • AWS Account Setup sample screenshots

  • AWS Account Setup sample screenshots

  • AWS Console - Demo

  • EC2

    Virtual servers in the cloud

    Elastic Compute


    Resizable compute capacity in 34 different instance types

    Reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes

    or seconds

    Scale capacity as your computing requirements change

    Pay only for capacity that you actually use

    Choose Linux or Windows

    Deploy across Regions and Availability Zones for reliability

    Support for virtual network interfaces that can be attached to EC2 instances in

    your VPC


  • Compute

    General Purpose

    Name vCPUMemory





    m3.medium 1 3.75 1 x 4

    m3.large 2 7.5 1 x 32

    m3.xlarge 4 15 2 x 40

    m3.2xlarge 8 30 2 x 80

    Compute Optimized

    Name vCPUMemory





    c3.large 2 3.75 2 x 16

    c3.xlarge 4 7.5 2 x 40

    c3.2xlarge 8 15 2 x 80

    c3.4xlarge 16 30 2 x 160

    c3.8xlarge 32 60 2 x 320

    GPU Instances

    Name vCPUMemory





    g2.2xlarge 8 15 1 x 60

    Micro Instances

    Name vCPUMemory





    t1.micro 1 0.613 EBS Only

    m1.small 1 1.7 1 x 160

  • Storage Optimized

    Name vCPUMemory


    Local Storage


    i2.xlarge 4 30.5 1 x 800 SSD

    i2.2xlarge 8 61 2 x 800 SSD

    i2.4xlarge 16 122 4 x 800 SSD

    i2.8xlarge 32 244 8 x 800 SSD

    hs1.8xlarge 16 117 24 x 2048


    Memory Optimized

    Name vCPUMemory





    r3.large 2 15 1 x 32

    r3.xlarge 4 30.5 1 x 80

    r3.2xlarge 8 61 1 x 160

    r3.4xlarge 16 122 1 x 320

    Additional instance types: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/previous-generation/

  • Amazon Machine Image

    Building blocks of EC2 instances

    An AMI is like a template of a computer's root volume

    Can be public or private and shared with other accounts

    Create hardened or gold Images of your EC2 infrastructure

    Copy AMIs between regions


    Virtual servers in the cloud


  • Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

    Use for persistent storage from 1GB 1TB

    Can use to create RAID configuration for a server

    Off-instance block storage that persists independently

    Storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances create, attach, backup,

    restore and delete

    Can be attached to a running Amazon EC2 instance and exposed as a block

    device for raw or formatted (file system) access

    Snapshots are durably saved to S3

    Ideal use cases:

    OS Boot device / root file system; secondary volumes/file systems

    Typical basis for database storage

    Raw block devices for RAID, some databases

    Available in both standard and provisioned IOPS (up to 4k IOPS)


    Virtual servers in the cloud


  • Auto Scaling

    Client Defined Business Rules

    Scale your Amazon EC2 capacity automatically once you define the conditions

    (may be 1000s of servers)

    Can scale up just a littledoesnt need to be massive number of servers (may

    be simply 2 servers)

    Well suited for applications that experience variability in usage

    Set minimum and maximum scaling policies

    Alternate Use is for Fault Tolerance


    Virtual servers in the cloud


  • Elastic Load


    Supports the routing and load balancing of HTTP, HTTPS and generic TCP

    traffic to EC2 instances

    Supports SSL termination and Proxy protocol

    Supports health checks to ensure detect and remove failing instances

    Dynamically grows and shrinks required resources based on traffic

    Seamlessly integrates with Auto-scaling to add and remove instances based

    on scaling activities

    Single CNAME provides stable entry point for DNS configuration

    Supports internal load balancing within a VPC


    Virtual servers in the cloud


  • Amazon EC2 - Demo

  • Simple Storage


    A Bucket is equivalent to a folder

    Able to store unlimited number of Objects in a Bucket

    Objects from 1B-5 TB; no per bucket size limit

    Highly available storage for the Internet (object store)

    HTTP/S endpoint to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from

    anywhere on the web

    Highly scalable, reliable, fast, and inexpensive

    Annual durability of 99.999999999%

    Designed for 99.99% availability

    Holds trillions of objects

    Peak requests 1.5 Million per second


    Scalable Storage in the Cloud


  • Amazon S3 - Demo

  • aws.amazon.com/education



    6 Free Introduction to AWS labs

    Thank you for joining us for Part 2 of our Series

    We hope you can join us for:

    Ease of AWS Deployment Jan 27th, 2015

    We want to hear from you

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