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B2B Marketing All-In-One by Hany Sewlam AbdelHamid

Date post:22-Jun-2015
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Business to Business (B2B) Marketing All-In-One by Hany Sewlam AbdelHamid
  • 1. Business-to-Business Marketing(B2B).Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid [email protected] +2-01005646569 +2-0542668137

2. B2B MARKETING Marketing is the process of planning andexecuting . The conception (product), pricing,promotion, and Place (distribution). Ideas of how to promote and socialize. The power of how to satisfy individual andorganizational objectives. The ROI coming from more visibility &combining between Modern Marketing & e-Marketing.Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 3. B2B MARKETINGISMARKETING OF GOODS AND SERVICES TO:CompaniesGovernment BodiesInstitutions (i.e. hospitals, Agencies, Hotels.)Non-Profit Organizations (i.e. Resala Foundation,LifeMakers Foundation.)FORUSE IN PRODUCING THEIR PRODUCTSAND/OR TO FACILITATE THEIROPERATIONSHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 4. WHY B2B MARKETING IS DIFFER?BecauseGoods or services are sold for any useother than personal consumptionBecauseIt is not the nature of the product; it isthe reason for the transaction.Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 5. Characteristic B2B Market B2C MarketSales volume Greater SmallerPurchase volume Greater SmallerNumber of buyers Fewer ManySize of individual buyers Larger SmallerLocation of buyers Concentrated DiffuseBuyer-seller relationship Closer More ImpersonalNature of channel More direct Less directBuying influences Multiple Single/MultipleType of negotiations More complex SimplerUse of reciprocity Yes NoUse of leasing Greater LessKey promotion method Personal Selling AdvertisingHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 6. B2B CUSTOMER PERSONACommercial enterprisesIndirect channel members and facilitatorsOEMs (original equipment manufacturers)Users = customersGovernmental organizationsInstitutionsHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 7. REMEMBERHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 8. Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 9. STAGES IN B2B MARKETING/BUYING PROCESSHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 10. MARKETING CHALLENGESBased on my experiences that I've made in the Saudi,Libyan and Egyptian market ..lets share followingresults .. Challenges of GovernmentMarkets Challenges of InstitutionalMarkets Challenges of InternationalMarketsHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 11. MARKETING DEMANDSHany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014 12. THANK YOUHany Sewilam Abdel HamidDirector of Sales & Marketing | HBDwww.facebook.com/HanySewilamwww.slideshare.net/HanySewilamwww.linkedin.com/in/HanySewilamwww.twitter.com/HanySewilamwww.plus.google.com/HanySewilamhttp://people.bayt.com/sewilam/Hany Sewilam AbdelHamid -2014

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