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Babcock 4S Limited PSHE INSET Sarah Lyles – PSHE Curriculum Consultant [email protected]

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About the session
This session has been written to support school and staff development of PSHE – you may feel that it is appropriate for both TAs and Teachers.
It takes a flexible approach, all timings are approximate and all activities may be altered to suit your school’s needs.
It is suggested that PSHE developments are fed in to the School Improvement Plan and that the PSHE Co-ordinator keeps a record of findings and feedback from staff. Budget and training needs may become apparent as you deliver the session.
The final 2 slides contain a selection of questions for the co-ordinator: this list is by no means exhaustive.
Always check the ppt and activities before delivering this training to staff.
To deliver this training in its entirety you will need:
flip chart paper, a computer, projector, screen, marker pens, PSHE National Curriculum statements, Foundation Stage requirements, post-it notes, blu tac, the SEAL pack or SEAL activities, a room which will accommodate the chairs to be placed in a horse-shoe shape or circle with space for staff to also work at tables; you may also want to provide staff with a handout of the PPT.
Remember – there is the National PSHE Continued Professional Development Accreditation available to all deliverers of PSHE. For further information about this programme contact [email protected] or visit http://www.babcock4s.co.uk/4S/PSHE-CPD
To view other courses go to http://cpd.babcock-education.co.uk/cpd/ go to PSHE in the subject section, or contact [email protected]
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
Objectives for the session
You may want to add or replace some of the objectives to suit your school’s needs
To consider what PSHE is.
To become more familiar with the PSHE National Curriculum Statements.
To raise awareness of which PSHE National Curriculum Statements are covered in each year group.
To raise awareness of cross-curricular PSHE.
To become more aware of how SEAL contributes to the delivery of effective PSHE.
To raise awareness that PSHE should be based upon pupil need, and that consideration must be given to whether lessons are altered to ensure they are appropriate for both the class and individual pupils.
2 mins
Starter Stem Statements
All staff are sat in a circle. Each member of staff completes the following verbally.
Today I have enjoyed… (if they wish it may be clarified) because…
In order to help the staff member leading the meeting, assess staff need and attitude:
PSHE is …
8 mins
PSHE Brainstorm
In small groups organised as you wish, staff brainstorm the following statements on flip chart paper. One statement per group.
Why do we teach PSHE?
How does PSHE support the pupils and school community?
What makes good PSHE?
5 minutes
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
National Curriculum and PSHE
Staff need to be provided with their PSHE Key Stage Statements, with their class already written on the document. In their groups, instruct staff to look at the PSHE National Curriculum. You may want to organise the staff in Key Stages. It is also beneficial to look at the Foundation Stage.
Look through the National Curriculum Statements and consider which statements you cover in your teaching. (You may be covering more than you realise.) 5 mins
Look again and consider which statements you cover in other curriculum areas, noting on the document the statement covered, the subject which covers it and the term in which it is covered (if possible). 10 mins
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
SEAL is a tool to help deliver the Social and Emotional Aspects of PSHE. It does not cover SRE, Drug Education or many aspects of Citizenship.
Look through your SEAL pack – if you do not have a SEAL pack see http://www.teachfind.com/national-strategies/seal-resources-all-themes . You can also download the resources from this website.
Choose a SEAL lesson or activity for your staff to consider in groups. After the staff have looked through the lesson/activity, they should then be given a selection of the following questions (see next slide). Try to ensure all questions are covered.
The staff should then feedback their thoughts and findings.
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
What do you think of the lesson/activity?
Would you have to adapt aspects of it to meet the needs of your pupils? Which bits and why?
Is there a clear learning objective and/or outcome?
Does the activity/lesson support the PSHE National Curriculum Statements?
How would you know if the lesson had been successful?
How would you know whether the pupils had progressed?
15 mins
Each member of staff is given 3 post-it notes.
There are 2 large pieces of flip chart paper for the staff to stick their post-its on. One piece of paper has the title ‘Interesting/Beneficial’, the other has the title ‘Impact’. When the staff have completed the activity below, they stick their post-its on the correct piece of flip chart paper.
Write comments on two of the post-it notes, considering the activity/fact/experience/thought you found most interesting and/or beneficial - one comment per post-it.
Write on another post-it how this session will impact upon your delivery of PSHE.
5 mins
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
Notes for the PSHE
These are questions you should now be considering as a subject manager.
Did the session meet staff need? How do you know this?
What is the general feeling towards PSHE?
What important points came from the session?
Are there any things the staff feel are particularly successful in PSHE? Are there any specific barriers?
How has the mapping activity supported you as a co-ordinator? As a co-ordinator what will you do with this information?
Are there elements of Drug Education and Sex and Relationships Education in each year group?
Are there any implications for the current Schemes of Work?
How did the PSHE/SEAL activities support the staff? What do you feel will be the impact of this?
What did the staff feel was most interesting/beneficial about the session?
How do the staff feel this session will impact upon their delivery of PSHE?
How and when will you be reporting your findings to the Senior Management Team/Headteacher?
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S
Development Plan
Over the next 3 years what would you like to do to support the further development of PSHE at your school?
What would need to be developed in the first year, second year and the third year?
of 12/12
Babcock 4S Limited www.babcock-education.co.uk/4S PSHE INSET Sarah Lyles – PSHE Curriculum Consultant [email protected]
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