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Backlinks after Penguin

Date post:01-Jan-2022
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About the speaker
As Client Relationship Manager is responsible for product training and consulting with clients on their SEO strategies.
Prior to joining Searchmetrics, she worked at ShopWiki, an International Shopping Search Engine as Country Manager Germany. In this capacity she was driving all SEO and Affiliate marketing initiatives as well analytics efforts for the German market.
Julia Schonegger received a Master’s in Digital Publishing from NYU and holds an MA in Comparative Literature and English from the University of Vienna.
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• Client Relationship Manager at Searchmetrics for North America
Who are we?
Overview slide
Backlinks in a
Eric Schmidt in 2008
Eric Schmidt, Former Google CEO
The internet is fast becoming a “cesspool” where false information thrives.
Schmidt, Brands are the solution
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“Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool”. Eric Schmidt, 2008
Google Algorithm Update
• April 2012: Penguin 1.0
• May 2013: Penguin 2.0
Evaluate Backlink Profile
• Widget Links
• Hit by Penguin? Next
• Compare Backlink Profiles!
Exact Match Anchor Text Analysis
Link Diagnostice in Searchmetrics
• Advanced Filter to segment data
Link Diagnostics
Backlink Profile Clean up
• How to fix Backlink Profile
• Contact Site Owner (Webmaster) and request removal of undesired link
• Use Google Disavow in Webmaster Tools
Google should no longer consider the link when evaluating backlink profile
• Attract relevant high quality links
Link Freshness
Link Freshness
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Think big. Think Searchmetrics.
We provide the
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Customer success
Support team
Success management
Questions? Email us at:
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Thank you!
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