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Balanced Mix Design (BMD) for Asphalt · PDF fileBalanced Mix Design (BMD) for Asphalt...

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  • Balanced Mix Design (BMD) for Asphalt Mixtures

    Shane BuchananOldcastle Materials

    September 20, 2016

  • Discussion Items

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

    Need for Balanced Mix Design Define Balanced Mix Design Review FHWA Balanced Mix Design Task Force Efforts Current State Agency Practice NCHRP Problem Statement Development Technical Brief Development on Balanced Mix Design

  • Need for Balanced Mix Design

  • What Type Distress Is Occurring?

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

    Most reported distresses are related to mix durability.

    Oldcastle Survey Question: Within the past 5 years, what type of mix performance related distress has been most evident in your mixes?

    ~40 companies responding from ~30 states

  • Pendulum of Asphalt Mix Performance

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016





  • Design and optimum are often used interchangeably However, they mean two different things

    There can be many design binder contents for a mix, but only one truly optimum

    Optimum indicates the best binder content based on intended application, performance requirements/needs, and ultimately economics

    Goal is to get as close as possible to the true optimum for the mix

    Binder Content Design vs. Optimum (There is a difference!)

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

  • 1890Barber Asphalt Paving CompanyAsphalt cement 12 to 15% / Sand 70 to 83% / Pulverized carbonite of lime 5 to 15%


    Clifford Richardson, New York Testing CompanySurface sand mix: 100% passing No. 10, 15% passing No. 200, 9 to 14% asphaltAsphaltic concrete for lower layers, VMA terminology used, 2.2% more VMA than current day mixes or ~0.9% higher binder content


    Hubbard Field Method (Charles Hubbard and Frederick Field)Sand asphalt design30 blow, 6 diameter with compression test (performance) asphaltic concrete design (Modified HF Method)


    Francis Hveem (Caltrans)Surface area factors used to determine binder content; Hveem stabilometer and cohesionmeter usedAir voids not used initially, mixes generally drier relative to others, fatigue cracking an issue


    Bruce Marshall, Mississippi Highway DepartmentRefined Hubbard Field method, standard compaction energy with drop hammerInitially, only used air voids and VFA, VMA added in 1962; stability and flow utilized


    Superpave Level 1 (volumetric) Level 2 and 3 (performance based, but never implemented)

    History of Mix Design






    Stability + Durability

    Stability + Durability

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016


  • Concern nationally of early age durability related performance issues.

    Many states have started the process of performance testing during mix design and/or production to help ensure mix performance. Process has been referred to as a balanced

    mix design approach. National Pavement Implementation Executive

    Task Group (PIETG) highlighted BMD as needed focus area

    Balanced Mix Design Task Force Development History

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

  • The PIETG is focused on the strategic program level challenges and opportunities in the deployment of pavement technologies.

    Focus areas include: Pavement Design and Analysis; Pavement Materials and Quality Assurance; Pavement Surface Characteristics; Construction Technology; Pavement Sustainability; Technical Capacity; and Field Support/Technical Assistance.


    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

  • SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

    John Bukowski Materials Team LeaderChristopher Wagner Pavment and Materials Tech. Srvs. Team Leader Gina Ahlstrom Pavement Design and Analysis Team LeaderJeff Withee Pavement Materials EngineerMark Swanlund Infrastructure R&D Program CoordinatorBryan Cawley Construction Mgmt. Team LeaderStephen Gaj Asset Mgmt. Team LeaderHari Kalla Director, Office of Asset Mgmt., Pavement & Construction

    Mike Acott President NAPAAudrey Copeland VP, Engineeering, Tech. and Research NAPA (attendee)Gerald Voigt President/CEO ACPALeif Wathne VP, Highways and Federal Affairs ACPA (alternate)Jim Duit President Duit Construction Co.Dave Howard President/CEO Koss ConstructionRon Sines VP - Asphalt Performance Oldcastle MaterialsJay Winford President Prairie Contractors, Inc.

    Carlos Braceras Executive Director Utah DOTDave Huft Research Program Mgr. South Dakota DOTRichard Tetreault Deputy Secretary Vermont Agency of TransportationRussell McMurry Commissioner Georgia DOTGarrett Moore Chief Engineer Virginia DOT

    Peter Taylor Associate Director Iowa State UniversityKevin Hall Professor and Head University of Arkansas (CE)David Newcomb Senior Research Scientist Texas A&M Transportation InstitutePaul Tikalsky Dean of Engineering Oklahoma State University



    Pavement Implementation Executive Task Group (PIETG)





    Pavement Implementation Executive Task Group (PIETG)


    John BukowskiMaterials Team LeaderFHWA

    Christopher WagnerPavment and Materials Tech. Srvs. Team Leader

    Gina AhlstromPavement Design and Analysis Team Leader

    Jeff WitheePavement Materials Engineer

    Mark SwanlundInfrastructure R&D Program Coordinator

    Bryan CawleyConstruction Mgmt. Team Leader

    Stephen GajAsset Mgmt. Team Leader

    Hari KallaDirector, Office of Asset Mgmt., Pavement & Construction


    Mike AcottPresidentNAPA

    Audrey CopelandVP, Engineeering, Tech. and ResearchNAPA (attendee)

    Gerald VoigtPresident/CEOACPA

    Leif WathneVP, Highways and Federal AffairsACPA (alternate)

    Jim DuitPresidentDuit Construction Co.

    Dave HowardPresident/CEOKoss Construction

    Ron SinesVP - Asphalt PerformanceOldcastle Materials

    Jay WinfordPresident Prairie Contractors, Inc.


    Carlos BracerasExecutive DirectorUtah DOT

    Dave HuftResearch Program Mgr.South Dakota DOT

    Richard TetreaultDeputy SecretaryVermont Agency of Transportation

    Russell McMurryCommissionerGeorgia DOT

    Garrett MooreChief EngineerVirginia DOT


    Peter TaylorAssociate DirectorIowa State University

    Kevin HallProfessor and HeadUniversity of Arkansas (CE)

    David NewcombSenior Research ScientistTexas A&M Transportation Institute

    Paul TikalskyDean of EngineeringOklahoma State University

  • BMD Task Force Formed at September 2015 ETG MTG

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

  • BMD Task Force Membership

    SHRP2 Peer to Peer Exchange 2016

    Name Affilation Category e-mailDave Newcomb Texas Transportation Institute Academia/Research [email protected] Haddock Purdue University Academia/Research [email protected] Hall University of Arkansas Academia/Research [email protected] Mohammad Louisiana State University Academia/Research [email protected] Pfeifer Illinois DOT Agency [email protected] Engstrom Massachusetts DOT Agency [email protected] Pan Nevada DOT Agency [email protected] Turgeon Minnesota DOT Agency [email protected] Nener-Plante Maine DOT Agency [email protected] Carlson Connecticut DOT Agency [email protected] Anderson Utah DOT Agency [email protected].govOak Metcalfe Montana DOT Agency [email protected] Lee Texas DOT Agency [email protected] Hefel Wisconsin DOT Agency [email protected] Fee Consultant Consultant [email protected] D'Angelo Consultant Consultant [email protected] Gallivan Consultant Consultant [email protected] Duval FHWA - Turner Fairbank FHWA Agency [email protected] Aschenbrener FHWA - Denver FHWA Agency [email protected] Hanz Mathy Construction Industry [email protected] Abadie Pine Bluff S&G Industry [email protected] Dukatz Mathy Construction Industry [email protected] Huber Heritage Research Industry [email protected] Buchanan Oldcastle Materials Industry [email protected] Holt Ontario Ministry of Transportation Provincial Agency [email protected] West NCAT Research [email protected]

    Sheet1 (3)

    Balanced Mix Design Task Force


    Dave NewcombNewcombDaveTexas Transportation InstituteAcademia/[email protected]

    John HaddockHaddockJohnPurdue UniversityAcademia/[email protected]

    Kevin HallHallKevinUniversity of ArkansasAcademia/[email protected]

    Louay MohammadMohammad LouayLouisiana State UniversityAcademia/[email protected]

    Brian PfeiferIllinois [email protected]

    Bryan EngstromMassachusetts [email protected]

    Charlie PanNevada [email protected]

    Curt TurgeonMinnesota [email protected]

    Derek Nener-PlanteMaine [email protected]

    Eliana CarlsonConnecticut [email protected]

    Howard AndersonAndersonHowardUtah [email protected]

    Oak MetcalfeMetcalfeOakMontana [email protected]

    Robert LeeTexas [email protected]

    Steven HefelWisconsin [email protected]

    Frank [email protected]

    John D'[email protected]

    Lee GallivanGallivanLeeConsultantConsultan

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