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Basic Computer Networking Tutorial

Date post:02-Dec-2014
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This presentation is a basic computer networking tutorial.

2. Introduction To Computer NetworkComponents of a Basic NetworkNetwork System Of Our ProjectSetup Client And Server Operating SystemLAN Card InstallationNetwork Cable ConnectionCreate Of IP AddressCheck Of Computer Network ConnectionCreate Of PC Name And WorkgroupDrive And Folder Sharing2Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 3. IInnttrroodduuccttiioonn TToo CCoommppuutteerr NNeettwwoorrkkNOTEComputer Network Is A System With Sharing Program, File, Database &Resource The Computer To Computer.3Printing Sharing printers Sharing storage Network securityfeaturesPC-1 PC-2HEWLETT S DPACKARD SiSD P110Professional Workstation 5000SD P110Professional Workstation 5000xxS DS D123456781 2 x 3 x 4 x5 6 x 7 x 8 xS DS D123456781 2 x 3 x 4 x5 6 x 7 x 8 xHub/SwitchCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 4. CCoommppoonneennttss ooff aa BBaassiicc NNeettwwoorrkk4A media connection2 network adapters2 computersCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 5. Server5NNeettwwoorrkk SSyysstteemm OOff OOuurr PPrroojjeeccttPrinting HEWL ET T SD Shared printers Network storage Network security features Other network resourcesStoragePACKARD SiSD P110Professional Workstation 5000SD P110Professional Workstation 5000SDREMOTE ACCESS SERVER5408.p.e..n..t.i.u.mClient ClientServersprovide clientswith access to:A Client-Server NetworkCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 6. SSeettuupp CClliieenntt AAnndd SSeerrvveerr OOppeerraattiinngg SSyysstteemm6SD P110Professiona l Workstatio n 5 000ServerSD P110Professiona l Workstatio n 5 000SDREMOTE ACCESS SERVER5408.p.e..n..t.i.u.mClient ClientCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 7. 7LLAANN CCaarrdd IInnssttaallllaattiioonnClickMyComputerPropertiesCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 8. 8LLAANN CCaarrdd IInnssttaallllaattiioonnSelectHardwareTabClickDeviceManagerCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 9. 9LLAANN CCaarrdd IInnssttaallllaattiioonnRight Button Click OnEthernet ControllerClick On UninstallOptionClick On Scan ForNew HardwareStandard ToolsCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 10. 10LLAANN CCaarrdd IInnssttaallllaattiioonnCD-ROME DriveInsert To MotherboardCD In CD-ROMEDrive.Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 11. NNeettwwoorrkk CCaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonnRRJJ--4455 CCoonnnneeccttoorrss oonn TTwwiisstteedd PPaaiirr CCaabblleess11Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 12. NNeettwwoorrkk CCaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonn12CCooaaxxiiaall CCaabblleeCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 13. NNeettwwoorrkk CCaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonn13AA SSiinnggllee FFiibbeerr--ooppttiicc SSttrraannddGlass claddingGlass core Primary bufferSecondary bufferto 900 mCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 14. NNeettwwoorrkk CCaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonn14TTwwiisstteedd PPaaiirr,, AAUUII,, aanndd BBNNCC CCoonnnneeccttoorrssTwistedpairAUI BNCCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 15. NNeettwwoorrkk CCaabbllee CCoonnnneeccttiioonn15BBNNCC CCoonnnneeccttoorrssBarrel BNC TCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 16. 16CCrreeaattee OOff IIPP AAddddrreessssAAnn IIPP AAddddrreessss200192.168.200.200192.168.200.200Network address Computer addressCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 17. 17CCrreeaattee OOff IIPP AAddddrreessssAA SSuubbnneett MMaasskkIP Address = = network address is 192.168.200Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 18. 18CCrreeaattee OOff IIPP AAddddrreessssTTCCPP//IIPP CCoonnffiigguurraattiioonn PPrrooppeerrttiieessIP addressSubnet maskDefault gatewayDNS server addressesCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 19. Check OOff CCoommppuutteerr NNeettwwoorrkk CCoonnnneeccttiioonn19Click ToRunOptionCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 20. Check OOff CCoommppuutteerr NNeettwwoorrkk CCoonnnneeccttiioonn20TypePing ToOkButtonCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 21. Check OOff CCoommppuutteerr NNeettwwoorrkk CCoonnnneeccttiioonn21Show The Replay IP Address On CommandPrompt Windows.Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 22. Create OOff PPCC NNaammee AAnndd WWoorrkkggrroouupp22ClickMyComputerPropertiesCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 23. Create OOff PPCC NNaammee AAnndd WWoorrkkggrroouupp23ClickComputerNameTabClickChangeOptionCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 24. Create OOff PPCC NNaammee AAnndd WWoorrkkggrroouupp24TypeComputer NameTypeWorkgroupClickOkCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 25. 25DDrriivvee SShhaarriinnggSelect DrivePropertiesCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 26. 26DDrriivvee SShhaarriinnggSelect toSharingTabClick This LingCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 27. 27DDrriivvee SShhaarriinnggSelectShare this folder on the networkTypeShare NameClickApplyClickOKCopyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 28. 28DDrriivvee SShhaarriinnggThis Is Sharing Drive AndApply To Share Symbol .Copyright 2009 Salehin [email protected] 29. Copyright 2009 ComputerTechnology MPI 29 30. Copyright 2009 ComputerTechnology MPI 30

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