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1 Important Information Basic Information 2 amiibo 3 Information-Sharing Precautions 4 Internet 5 Parental Controls 6 Saving the Game How to Play 7 Controls 8 Training 9 Battle Players Nearby 10 Battle Distant Players 11 Using amiibo
  • 1 Important Information

    Basic Information

    2 amiibo

    3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    4 Internet

    5 Parental Controls

    6 Saving the Game

    How to Play

    7 Controls

    8 Training

    9 Battle Players Nearby

    10 Battle Distant Players

    11 Using amiibo

  • 12 Sending Gameplay Information


    13 Support Information

  • 1 Important Information

    Please read this manual carefullybefore using the software. If thesoftware will be used by children,the manual should be read andexplained to them by an adult.

    Also, before using this software,please sele in the HOME Menuand carefully review content in"Health and Safety Information." Itcontains important information thatwill help you enjoy this software.

    You should also thoroughly readyour Operations Manual, includingthe "Health and Safety Information"section, before using this software.

    Please note that except whereotherwise stated, "Nintendo 3DS™"refers to all devices in theNintendo 3DS family, including theNew Nintendo 3DS,New Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo 2DS™, andNew Nintendo 2DS XL.

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  • © 2017 HAL Laboratory, Inc. /Nintendo

    Trademarks are property of theirrespective owners. Nintendo 3DS isa trademark of Nintendo.


  • 2 amiibo

    This software support .You can use compatible amiibo™accessories by touching them to thelower screen of yourNew Nintendo 3DS,New Nintendo 3DS XL, orNew Nintendo 2DS XL system.

    ◆ In order to create new game dataon an amiibo that already has datasaved on it from another game,you must first delete the existinggame data. To delete your gamedata, ope on the HOMEMenu and then reset the dataunder amiibo Settings.

    ◆ Data stored on amiibo can be readby multiple compatible games.

    ◆ If the data on an amiibo iscorrupted and can't be restored,ope on the HOME Menu andthen reset the data under amiibo




  • Using near-field communication(NFC), amiibo can connect tocompatible software to open brand-new ways to interact with yourfavorite Nintendo games. For moreinformation, please visit Nintendo'sofficial website atwww.nintendo.com/amiibo.


    Precaution about amiibo● Just a light touch on the lower

    screen is enough for thesystem to detect your amiibo.Do not press the amiibo intothe screen or forcefully drag itacross the screen.

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  • 3 Information-Sharing Precautions

    User-generated content, or UGC, iscontent created by users, such asmessages, Mii™ characters, images,photos, video, audio, etc.

    • Nintendo bears no responsibilitywhatsoever for any problems thatresult from the use of the Internet( fo r exampl e, the send ing o fcontent over the Internet, or thesending or receiving of contentwith others).

    Information-Sharing Precautions

    The ex tent of UGC exchangedepends on the software.

  • 4 Internet

    • To protect your privacy, do notgive out personal information, suchas last name, phone number, birthdate, age, school, e-mail, or homeaddress when communicating withothers.

    • Friend codes are a part of a systemthat allows you to play with peopleyou know. If you exchange friendcodes with strangers, there is a risk

    Protecting Your Privacy

    ◆ Refer to your Operations Manualfor information about connectingyour system to the Internet.

    This software allows you to battleagainst other players online. Formore information, see the OnlineBattles section (p. 10).

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  • you could share information withpeople you do no t know orexchange messages that containoffensive language. We thereforerecommend that you do not giveyour friend codes to people youdon't know.

  • 5 Parental Controls

    You can restrict use of the followingfeatures by adjusting the options inParental Controls.◆ Access to this game (as well as

    othe r games) can also berestricted through the SoftwareRating item in Parental Controls.

    ◆ Refer to your Operations Manualfor information on how to set upParental Controls.

    • Online InteractionRestricts online battles with otherplayers.

    • Nintendo 3DS Shopping Services

  • 6 Saving the Game

    You can de le te save data byselecting Delete Data in Options.◆ Once deleted, data cannot be


    The game is automatically saved atthe end o f Bat t le Mode andLeague Battles, and at other pointsin the game.

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  • 7 Controls

    ♦ Not all Abilities have the kind ofintense at tack noted above.Many have a variety of othermoves.

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  • 8 Training

    Try out moves or check the battlerules here.

    Check out thrules for varioutypes of battles

    Choosbetween toview and sidv iew, anexpe rimenwi th Abi l itmoves and Boost Orbs.




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  • 9 Battle Players Nearby

    1. Select Local Play, then press to create a group.

    2. Wait for all players to join, thenpress .

    ● One Nintendo 3DS system perplayer (up to four).

    ● At least one version of the KirbyBattle Royale game.

    In Battle Mode Multiplayer you canplay against other Nintendo 3DSusers nearby, provided you have atleast one version of the software.

    Local Play is possible when everyplaye r has a ve rs ion of thesoftware. All features are availablein this mode.

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  • If You Have the Software1. Touch Mul t ip laye r, sel ect

    Download Play, and then selectthe name of the player hostingthe group.

    1. Select Local Play, then selectthe name of the player hostingthe group.

    1. Select Download Play, press to create a group, and thenselect a pack.

    2. Wait for all players to join, thenpress .

    Choose this mode if all playersdon' t have a vers ion of thesoftware . Not al l features areavailable in this mode.

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  • 2. Touch the Nintendo 3DS logo.

    I f You Don' t Have theSoftware

    1. On the HOME Menu, touch theDownload Play icon, then touchOpen.

    3. Touch the pane l fo r thissoftware to begin the download.

    ♦ You may need to pe rform asystem update. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin theupdate.If you receive a message duringthe system update that theconnection was unsuccessful,carry out the system updatefrom the System Se tt ingsapplication.

  • 10 Battle Distant Players

    As you gain experience by playingranked matches, your level willincrease , and you wil l receiveBattle Coins. You can use BattleCoins to unlock things in theCollection.


    This point value represents yourskill and rises and falls accordingto your performance in rankedmatches.

    Ranking Points

    ♦ Until they exceed 1,000, yourRanking Points will continue torise even if you lose.

    The bat t le type is chosen atrandom from the selections madeby participating players.

    Select Online Battle to connect tothe Internet and bat tle onl ineagainst other players.

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  • 11 Using amiibo

    ♦ Visit nintendo.com/amiibo/ forcompatible amiibo and the latestinformation.

    If you select amiibo from within theCol lect ion, you can scan thefollowing amiibo to get specialheadgear.

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  • 12 Sending Gameplay Information

    Touc in Options and selectShare.♦ You can stop sending play data

    at any time by selecting Do notshare.

    While the system is in Sleep Mode,and even while the software is notrunning, the SpotPass™ feature willperiodically connect to the Internet(if available). Once connected,information about your gameplaywill be sent to Nintendo to helpdeve lop future products andservices. Please note that nopersonal information will be sent.

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  • 13 Support Information

    8707-855-524 )100(:naebbiraC/aciremA nitaL


    MOC.ODNETNIN.TROPPUSecivreS remotsuC odnetniN