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Basic Structure of Consciousness 4_5_6

Date post: 23-May-2017
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4 lecture on 03.07.01 G.P.Grabovoy Good afternoon, I'm starting to lecture on my system rescue and harmonious development of this lecture section structuring consciousness towards salvation and to prevent a possible global catastrophe oriented so that I give a technique to address this issue that is preventing a potential global disaster recovery system and spread through the construction elements distant reality for your consciousness in this case, this method should highlight a distant reality that your mind is a distant reality and according to the selected segment you approksimiruete ie, close the element you want to restructure this reality and enter an infinite distance to the power to full level means such as restructuring of the optical element if the optical element is a possible problem by means of a potential global catastrophe then this technology is that you first need to identify means for remote element that your consciousness is precisely the remote and this element is called remote because firstly you assign it that is, you create a reality that means is characterized by such features as remote element and secondly here need technology of this element means that there is purpose plus technology such as optical level or at the level of knowledge of the laws here in the optical layer remote element of reality can be against your physical body to be anywhere but the first condition is that the first sign or the first optics this reality is beyond the physical body and the second sign that control them from the inside of the physical body that is obtained dvupriznakovaya system when we talk about the system of knowledge in the formation of a distant reality that element we need to consider how reality is formed element in terms of the usual means of creating such a physical matter but the creation of this matter at the level of information that is informative system which affects the control system further and what really builds the physical reality with the need to allocate in the perception of the region 's own consciousness which characterizes such as physical matter and that if we consider the region distant element of reality that this is an area which is a platform for this item and then the next item is the need to consider a fundamental law of the world by the construction of
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4 lecture on 03.07.01 G.P.Grabovoy

Good afternoon, I'm starting to lecture on my system rescue and harmonious development of this lecture section structuring consciousness towards salvation and to prevent a possible global catastrophe oriented so that I give a technique to address this issue that is preventing a potential global disaster recovery system and spread through the construction elements distant reality for your consciousness in this case, this method should highlight a distant reality that your mind is a distant reality and according to the selected segment you approksimiruete ie, close the element you want to restructure this reality and enter an infinite distance to the power to full level means such as restructuring of the optical element if the optical element is a possible problem by means of a potential global catastrophe then this technology is that you first need to identify means for remote element that your consciousness is precisely the remote and this element is called remote because firstly you assign it that is, you create a reality that means is characterized by such features as remote element and secondly here need technology of this element means that there is purpose plus technology such as optical level or at the level of knowledge of the laws here in the optical layer remote element of reality can be against your physical body to be anywhere but the first condition is that the first sign or the first optics this reality is beyond the physical body and the second sign that control them from the inside of the physical body that is obtained dvupriznakovaya system when we talk about the system of knowledge in the formation of a distant reality that element we need to consider how reality is formed element in terms of the usual means of creating such a physical matter but the creation of this matter at the level of information that is informative system which affects the control system further and what really builds the physical reality with the need to allocate in the perception of the region 's own consciousness which characterizes such as physical matter and that if we consider the region distant element of reality that this is an area which is a platform for this item and then the next item is the need to consider a fundamental law of the world by the construction of physical reality and how this law is again reflected in an informative reality means this fundamental laws of the world as well as knowledge of example if you build well, suppose there highlands at the level of consciousness then you see that the highlands organized as an add-on system that is based understanding of such vegetation suppose there in the trees or in the grass which is located in the mountains that is, it is one of building block of peace on the interrelated systems at this time, when we consider what it is suppose treatment of disease we can treat only because there is a part of a healthy body such as yes or one healthy cell or cell can recover consciousness and on this principle to treat here in this technology , consider it yourself that is, when you look at the construction of informative reality is constructed from all such physical reality then consider interconnected systems which suggests that the construction of reality should be so informative to the reality that is something that consciousness is based on the information and would assume correctly reproduced for this study the how do yourself learn how to construct such information at the level of physical reality , such as mountains and see how having information just plants can build on this mountain , I now said briefly that it exists it is your task to disassemble disassemble this level it means to tune in to this information and just her poizuchat that you will appear in the perception output to study distant reality as it were there so that is a method of studying the system distant reality is what it means to you to combine the

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knowledge of the laws of the laws of development of optical information in your perception , and this here is an intermediate system which is characterized by the fact that you both mean and learn at the same time control the optics leads to a state of inner peace that is on a spiritual level you catch the point of inner peace then you are in such a harmonious integrated area where it occurs and informative that reality and physical reality manifested in such information element of consciousness and assume a distant reality they are synchronized in the tasks of rescue and prevent a possible global catastrophe that is, when we talk about this method important to find a harmonious component of this control then you really control that is possible global catastrophe happens it means the fact that the information and the origin information of whether there will be such a disaster is naturally different levels of information here when we're talking about does not happen , we mean that there is no origin information and the information that it may happen here need to be more attentive when you are working with is the prevention of a possible global catastrophe all informative features if you express it in words must be neutralized and removed to the level of the control that is definitely not happening or which of the signs of such a manifestation of the level of information that is to work with this level of need is so carefully so as not to commit such kind of information that would have remained after your work in this regard, in this method there is an indication of restructuring and the information that is when I am told that when you control it is the task of harmonizing the task of restructuring the organization subtask is such an optical element which would give disunited glow that is to restructure the information possible global catastrophe after you have worked for this area and where it is still visible glow like some informative this feature you need a kind of well, an effort of entering the dot area that you see for example in optics in front of this area divide that is to make it less dense to concentrated area it was more divided and we would have the same background level which emits such table wood chair well, in general , any element that is not a reality that is problematic to obtain optical background level after you have worked for this method is now a prerequisite when working in staged a problem when we do control through the harmonization of many systems including the system of appointments and really existing as remote area of your consciousness in the next topic of the lecture is to restore self-healing and restoration of others on this technology I consider the principle of constructing reality when reality is building itself as well as constructs such as you and just like any other person, or any other information to build a harmonious and it is in this case means a continuation of this theme structuring principle of self-healing consciousness on this technology looks like what you find in reality, these segments to its growth at a concentration of such on them or the contemplation level here was this element of contemplation and manage to do this you just need to select an item that is constructing reality as reality itself and builds log in sign samovossozdaniya reality in this area that is pitting this problem logically , it is actually very simple but it is technologically looks like that you have to work at speeds close to the speed where the infinite and up to grasp and therefore you have to build the element of consciousness which compensates for these superfast characteristics ie it looks so special that you build a kind of screen in front of which may be an area that can be such a natural tree that is where you build a natural wood such information in the space in front of him and look through what that kind of screen that you built then infinite speed fall on a fixed feature on the purpose of your control and you have to build the same reality as you build a tree that is, you come to the reality that the building is still what you have built themselves anyway as part of the screen that is up to management but is the closest example to your physical body and thus this element it is characterized by the fact that still control construction of self-

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healing or other recovery on level of growth still occurs reality by creating a certain image of the canonical example tree that grows and then you can for example examined the actual physical tree to see how information is transformed on a real tree, in terms of information and as it is built out of wood you like by yourself you can imagination Resettable meaning you get here pulse regeneration through an intermediate system anyway and now this intermediate system it is built must still be you and only task here is that its construction such as tree clear image of a tree simply enter the desired point that falls between the mean natural growth of reality so to speak between the point and that can well which could be called that this point or area you built so this is the principle that knowledge is a natural reality is a method of permanent draining informative regions as areas of natural reality as well, say the physical tree that exists in the information you mentally squeeze these areas and also that there is a tree in front of you you built is a method that is virtually constant compression and overlapping when you 've done this a few times like 5 times you will see then what is the natural growing tree and then on what grows your example constructed so let's say in the imagination tree and from here you can get a result how your body grows synchronously 's growth or development of information so let's say your body is part of the investigation of multiple overlays one reality to another one you built another such but as it exists in external reality if we consider well sign the collective consciousness as a kind of matrix area to put it simply take it as a grid like matrix impose on the two components of reality constructed there in the imagination and then we see that the projective part on the grid it is the upper part of the vertical range of the image you how to build on the basis of such a spiritual level and the bottom of the root as for example on the basis of the physical layer that is, it turns out that it is a kind of symmetry plane where the top is a spiritual level and below such as physical layer , if we consider for example the existing ground and the fact that the processes that occur is the physical manifestation of the region such as the superstructure and spiritual administration which considers that at the top means is to determine the level of symmetry that is here is a symmetry element of the system of organization of matter when you enter this information, the deeper you see that here the symmetry of the system is the structure and methodology of organization of matter so you can just take navsego information on self- focusing only on areas of the symmetry of this type as well say it means building element of reality again I repeat that may play a role , and the other screen element can be arbitrary way and hence the area of symmetry region of symmetry can be different geometrical and material spiritual mood here on this area you get self-regeneration that is the source of your recovery if you tossed this idea to another ie connect eg optical segment in the perception that means restoring so you can get another regeneration simply because you are concentrating on natural areas of reality and that's when we look at the principle means samovossozdaniya creator where the question is where do the creator of such energy or takes it took to prostroen reality that in this context the energy actually it is the action that is the conscious act of creation in relation to what that object information this case, the conscious act of interaction between the two elements of reality that is the relation between the conscious objective or so say the characteristics of their objective reality and gives well this peculiar system of construction whereby this system of construction it does not act in a quantitative manner that is, it does not mean that there is a flow of such constantly there your cell or of any other person or object information fact that here on the first level of access to the optics as there arises an element of such a nature that really is as if a kind of flow but then you see that the construction of your body comes from the principle of mutual self-regulation is so you actually get to build on that so that you manage their investigative

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action levels of the organization actually brought to an equilibrium phase then there is in general that the same level of self-control where your mind just navsego regulated and controls because you have designated such a trajectory control but it power level of full self-regulation and the only optical and on a spiritual level it is marked well, those words those phrases that I just now said technology access to any element of reality means your mind in this part of the lecture , I show sampling technology so to speak made discrete areas of your perception and to do so in discrete areas of discrete has not been revealed here is a kind of technology you are doing spiritual control pulse area of your perception that it becomes well raznoznachnoy so let's say that is it turns out that you need to separate the individual elements in the optical field of management but you do it on spiritual basis but on the mental level of thinking that is you do not get these levels of separation in your control that is obtained that is spiritual thought- control you can do that kind of training have you led to that you begin to feel part of these phases where thinking goes where is the spiritual means to control it was enough just simply put the problem by separating the management do actually mean level of management and control over that this separation was due to the logical consequence phase means the momentum of which I said that the volitional impulse that generates this separation is there is a will to the will of the creator prolonged you can see how the creator is a will in this element that's an axiom means so this axiom should be studied in terms of what the will of the creator as it looks in this segment of your perception and when you can do it that is the task of this logically decide you can see why for example, if the church is built it will be announced creator but it has a certain shape it is declared for example social meaning that is, people understand that it is a manifestation of God like this form and while it has a specific geometric shape that is as independent work to make this work look here where it was evident that the will of the creator is yes when building forms such as churches or other religions if it means that other forms such as Christian except if there is a Muslim level and so on that is see how the manifestation of the will of the author is an important point because the notion of creation is the will have conditionality further movement well at least you have the exact characteristics precisely to have contact with the creator to get accuracy in the management of problems here creator control of any region of space there or out of his mind , including management by objectives creator

internal organs stomach and so on , you can see for example the creation of the intestine and liver simultaneously and see how it affects the function of the brain but at the moment it means in this context , you can explain to myself why the body 's built exactly as a means to get the independent work structure of the organism despite the anatomical atlas get the internal structure of the organism on these grounds alone means in connection with this you just need to take will assume there is a notebook or as it is to remember to try to dictate to the recorder but try to find on these grounds that the person is in reality as it looks at the level of such matter and in the same way to go to build other elements of reality and so the construction of other elements of reality, it is crucial here because the management of any range of events including events management is a distant reality is such that you should have control of virtually including to this event has been normalized ie you control what that event is at a distance including the management of the entire system that is associated with this event for example , you need to make it assume what that deal here in this transaction there are a number of situations

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where space suppose people attribute external time yes internal time and so on and so you need in terms of such internal time you I mean the circle of your task, you must combine any transaction problem if your job is to build the whole transaction reality there any tree growing near the place where you make what then such a business deal or what you make it and what effect it is worth building in general as it is built at all in terms of the fundamental laws of the world if we consider structuring assume forms that can be oriented with respect to another object such information it is possible to see that some form of are completely independent level as well be physical projection that is some form on earth they mean current they vary depending on the time in the current time can not exist because there is there such gravity or have such land and because they exist from the fact that there external reality here as a task to identify such forms as well, such as a rule a few thousand years ago they were closer to the pyramid as it is closer to the shape of the pyramid they are now closer to a sphere-like in such area or areas do not have such a specific form of perception but you can for example lead to a canonical that is, the visible form type cone sphere there and these form they exist so that their consideration such as building their consideration there any elements of your transaction such as it is such that you can see the connection between this deal with all future and past that is, you see you see once set the task to find these forms exist as if by themselves but in fact it is the will of the creator so you can see that when I speak of the will of the creator of that external reality is manifested by him such as star galaxy for example , even in the optical range and projected give concrete form optical yes that is still standing above the creator but why I said about external reality because you then find a place of past and future so you can see what to expect from this situation only saktsentirovat enough attention here on these forms that exist independently well as through the formal attributes of external reality and when you do that then the dynamics of the future is starting to become a reality that is the future of mobile is beginning to change in your perception , depending on how you want to send such a deal and you can see here how these elements vary in such contour of the building there in the tree which stands near the same building can be attributed to the treatment of such other person to self and so on that is to find those people if it means those forms within a person on the basis of the fact that here you are now seeing the internal structure of such rights and studied example of a combination of cells and systems and development goals such as perpetual development on that you can tell what specific cell may act in a way to the reality of what it means we have a very clear picture by scanning only one cell for example the whole picture of the future where the past and at the same time we can engage the target control this feature is necessary to study in detail the management because this is the sign that it is sufficient if one cell manifestations there even one molecule or atom to receive the fullness of the management control of this trait of this method because if you think this is a situation such as deeper part of the lecture me is that there is enough going on and listen to a lecture management that is easy to listen to such a verbal part and if such still pose the problem of full understanding of what happens there such ultrafast control for salvation only listening should give ultrafast control that is the accumulation of information here is that you should get sometimes very powerful management literally minimal example of the physical manifestation of the physical fabric fabric that is why so many around like a vacuum so as to physically manifest system and especially the fact that such relate to the concept of biologically active life we are in a relatively small amount in relation to the volume of the vacuum because such action in this case, it is concentrated control is always on the lowest physical media design and developing here this legislative level that exists in life you just see it out of the ordinary so say

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formed the collective consciousness of the physical reality , you can do practically control only one of the cellular level and while management can be completely full to carry out such control technology that is now I just gave you the fundamental basis that such control exists and why look at this part of the lecture lectures closer I'm building as a fundamental part of the lecture and study how the technology is built like the output of the fundamental objectives and the fundamental laws of the application 's fundamental laws may be different in this case, I give the title here is an application relating to this lecture on methodology and therefore a fundamental part of their own separate from the management of the target in terms of control possible in the future for you it may be the same the same but I believe that it is necessary to find opportunities in the lecture part of the fundamental laws which give a kind of technology in the future and it is this fundamental technology that allows you to build a management plan is already in the application well, such as an infinite number of ways to find that that is the structure of the spirit which in any case runs so as you know the fundamental laws of distribution of such information or communication with the creator or the creator of the work according to the laws and so on means so in this part of the lecture now I'm already turn to technology such as control of the cell level for example from a single cell for simplicity and minimization I 'll go take such there in molecular and enter for example the nucleus and that you, too, at the same time with me , do these exercises such sign is in the nucleus and look around you then there is an element of consciousness there is an element of consciousness, you can get full information that is around this element since any element of consciousness and he builds it really atom and so on you can look naturally inside the atom how you can build yourself out the first element of this construction is that you have a very bright reflection first element of your consciousness from this sector well that such call atom and a bright reflection it brings your way so you should consider this your way you're there , see for example see the image itself and then when you consider the way such as a person that is itself a person you go on if you look well, suppose image such as itself so human that is still here then you see a person that's why yes creator first created man and it was said that because that's if you even look with optics here quite clearly that the image of a man still arises is how you control law how many times do whatever you need to get all the time the same effect in the perception of how the training course for rescue systems can restructure this perception and it turns out that people in terms of perception here is always one that is here it is an exact coordinate management access to any cell and any target management functions so you can go there not only to build a physical reality but also the construction of its next event- region is here with me now then all perform such a physical space in front of me go to this site for example the atom at the center of the atom and start to build in front of you at the same level of fitness should be a goal or what the other where there is a spiritual purpose and self refresh plus element is self-construction from the point of view of future events here your own task to build future events I have given you only build coordinate yourself and your job this training to do more and build events ahead and level optics and down in such a physical reality need to do this now, I watched at the time of such training when you build yourself from the center of the nucleus itself eg from the center of the atom , in principle, you can select any cell there and enter for example in atomic structure can enter the organization as general atom organized then will glow even brighter that is, if you feel such strong pressure coming from you from this level then try to compensate in order to then enter not into what is known as an example of atoms or molecules there in terms of where the optical observation system and peace sign in the true level of organization of matter in terms of your consciousness that is build so you

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need a true system of organization of matter in terms of your mind and then you have to build yourself means at I gave you this level well, which is closer to the usual options such as physics that 's visible through an optical system such as management that is seen through the lens of ordinary glass such as there or there or electronic optics eg electron microscope but in this case we are talking about what you should now here's the next part is actually the continuation of the training will be let go to the reality and this is the type that is the primordial reality at all levels in the physical substance of the initial level of reality in the physical substance which is possible if the pressure level of the collective consciousness , it weakens example in your side that is the glow that comes from this level it already has a background level of individuality almost level there is just such a principle that the level of the individual merges with the generalized level of generalized collective consciousness creates pressure that is so strict trajectory of the individual level has an infinite number of free and therefore many elements here treatment such as constructed so if for example here take such kind of technology the concept of karma here there is a causal relationship which, as it concentrates the collective reality and tying your own system here in my concept is there as well, as I entered a counterweight system of concepts that relate to the concept of karma karma save where such control arises from the dynamic field and control it done as a sign of personal freedom by saving the system then it turns out that your personal individual is above as well as to a causal understanding of the linear and above there is a possible explosion of the reactor and so further while you are not straining ie there is no stress and no pressure here this training compare two characteristics of the training and then make control so that there was no sense of what that costs such as energy here say or fatigue that is necessary to do so as to control if b you do not spend is the goal of comparing the two training means training session so be sure to try to work out a target application that at the level of complete freedom of will and that is just what any kind of contact where the coefficient has a private contact with the level creator ie socialized you should develop specific knowledge in general as it is that is here at this point you can these knowledge to develop and find and then it will be clear why the creator made all absolutely free by birth on the principle goal of complete freedom it is the principle of endless development and infinite development is an autonomous system that is full of personality and in the infinite level you still have an infinite set of elements of development and therefore this area here that I have shown you now be closer to her and in terms of known poizuchal say so yes the fundamental truths of the world , there are those who are there in the Bible , or you are just watching or textbook that is now the very paradigm of the world it must be in your presentation and you need a way to take her to have their own opinions about the world paradigm that is, you must have an opinion on all the processes that surround you it is not necessary to do that is constantly constantly telling example is that there permanently or perceive or how that change in terms of the well, which is the fundamental law but it is not necessarily the task of forming their own opinions on all current processes in the reality of this technology and that it is necessary in this regard, I finish this lecture so way that the task for independent work is based on what has been said in this chapter to find their own system means perception own proprietary information systems knowledge of virtual reality in terms of finding the true picture of the world but for example those systems that exist just to see them again and find for yourself how all all connected in this world can be considered known systems can look to the future there unknown or unknown in the past but at least have the whole picture of the world exposition in the system but in terms of their perception and therefore what has been said here in the first part of the lecture for example to prevent possible global catastrophe look while can be reformed

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from that position to do this task such unenforceable too here in the end of this lecture is one of the tasks for independent work after this lecture I will hold four sessions in telepathy that is, it will be another lecture continued from 10 to 11 pm local time and after I spend these four sessions it would be just as logical continuation to say mental and spiritual mental telepathy try to re- listen to the lecture but the actual level of such internal clairvoyance or clairaudience there ie listen to a lecture at the current time but re- after four telepathic lectures and now we can take a break for 15 minutes for example only then will the answers now I'm starting to answers questions as it usually will be mostly wearing an applied nature in terms of responses and therefore means , respectively, when you listen to this lecture , try to consider where applicable methodology outlined in the lecture part regarding the response means the next question is whether a system of practice means after five seminars on restructuring the system so well, well, let's say about a possible global catastrophe so I characterized the issue here is not exactly the question I proofread to convey the meaning here control means well firstly practice is that you need to take special means necessarily forms such as where the left goal right there and then applied the methodology or results of that right by hand in any form can be formed there that form on the left of the goal and then control methods applied in the middle right there

means to manage events from the control area of his own consciousness Well the fact is that the criterial business in general is still in the fact that the further we say and not even on the criteria as such, and therefore as criterial firstly and additionally here the situation is that you have to build on the control system necessarily mean achievement management system and therefore makrospaseniya criterion is that you are acting in the first place no matter how criterial to yourself so you yourself can not help diagnose and simply just take the situation that you reach this goal in the second you can do absolutely criterial ie allocate management area pose the problem of the target control and allocate you reach this criterion but when setting the field 's why I say here so use these two words to criterial nekriterialno independently of the concept of such a word as a criterion to achieve still control system and always means to achieve well , including for example the management of their own consciousness because still I have an application management system is aimed at third makrospasenie question whether it is possible to diagnose at the cellular level in the control area of the structure of his own consciousness well the thing is that here it kind of diagnosis possible reverse ie from your own consciousness, you just navsego build such a cell which is managing the area so you can assign a cage and get you in general is to diagnose the fact that even here I have the control system it is still such that it based on the establishment of an office as such on the creation of matter such as the creation of general information and are here so you can just create such a cell it will be more accurate and , in principle, adequate to ensure that if you had a massive diagnostics and target level would reveal such a point that would have been generalized the following question as to establish the hormonal system in terms of the lectures that I gave today hormonal system is a system of universal connections where communication within the system as well due often conditional interactions that is not the concept of direct hormonal system rests such as immune system function so assume generalized systems as lymphatic system circulation and so on that is quite extensive and systems such as localization of the organ often can not observe the terms of such 100 % of the functionality of the system so in terms of today's lecture is talking about is that when you do a self-healing process is in formation that relationship where you do such a growing element of reality to you in terms of standards that is this

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relationship leads to rationing you just have to insert the point of concentration rate of the hormonal system and consider that information is usually means it looks well on the information as a kind of light wheels climbing all the way up here that is tuned to such a concentration , you can restore it now than next question caused the large number of male hormones in the human body so well, so I suppose I read the word out there can not read or hormones such as hormones change if we take the stress that the target level prolongation word yes in relation to the following information in it is increased if the hormones we mean that's like the next system in the female body has less influence if I say hormones in the female body and just listen as I start to explain here that this relationship exists such as captions for example connection of male and female changing stress involves either one or the other even prolongation in proofreading and communication point of view that all information associated with one connected with each other and are often very specifically and very accurate volume can sometimes say that 's still a lot of availability of such men hormones in the female body here can be attributed to it by the same mechanism punctuated by transmitting information in any of the fertile areas and if you look in that part of the lecture in which I said the construction itself through means nucleus of an atom , you will see that here the concept of man that is initially image of man in you as a person then leads to the level of sex and that this transition from person to sexual level it is a rationing Regulatory there gender-specific manifestations in terms of there special functions such as male or female , and you can see here that if here on this stage glow where there is a slowdown in the transmission of light level you will get a larger number of male hormones in the female body you can adjust it by the fact that enter this information and normalized rate organization that is the image of man himself in such a nuclear option that is within the nuclear level or within atomic nucleus is especially so this is where you will be working to regulate the hormonal system so try to work out a unified general signs of how the differentiation of sex in general and why on the system structure of the world why the hormonal system allocates for example micro means that there are different features and at such as hormones that is here , try here at all on this issue is all who are in the hall , and who will study the lecture highlight all the same special features of development for what and how to develop the male body and why and how women in general set a goal for what precisely why such a system development life exists and that is considered the technology to answer this question , you can find specific investigation and technologies for knowledge of this means that the following question should be reconsidered in the work of educating people considering means our training , we have seven years of experience lecturing activities and means to work used a variety of books such as internal rate of psychological age people Knyazevoy technique theory of causality and then lectures on the book of the resurrection means now is a living reality meant apparently my book resurrection and eternal life now that name is now our reality there rune language example here I have brought a number of now so well, let's say the existing works and if that's from the point of view that this issue should be reconsidered suppose to work on educating people that if we believe that the basis for such a course here that now was read here well firstly need to select a target that is a sign of preparation if such a preparation well here I am preparing for example preventing possible global catastrophe is to allocate each of the books , or perhaps to some of the books highlight the special level is the solution of this problem can be identified and specifically depending on the audience and maybe it is not even about the revision and as such creation of methodical bases designed to solve a particular problem , I generally recommend a teaching course necessarily involve preventing a possible global catastrophe that is the development of systems such as rescue and basically

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everything else there can be self-healing well, including the management of any nature as to do investigative or where the next part of education Accordingly, except to prevent a possible global catastrophe where possible need very specific techniques often everything else is completely arbitrary ie there may even be possible to simply teach and in my opinion as before another issue that 's preventing it is still possible global catastrophe , I think here always need to do a fairly rigid structuring and allocate special technologies and techniques simply be there to explain how this or bring in more often as it is the target of a very peculiar form and there ie specifically in terms of accuracy is sometimes fundamental laws and so on ie find ways of transmitting information , I believe the more methods will be transferred to the system to prevent a possible global catastrophe including any copyrights methods achieved the faster system security so here from the point of view of this question, I think it 's an answer to all that above all it 's a good lecture course which would include preventing possible global catastrophe and then have an arbitrary part of the course the next question is what legal and legal training necessary to obtain proper work well, for example in the society by preventing the system again from possible global catastrophe in terms of legal norms such as here there is a very important foundation for well in terms of the right that is the right person for example in terms of the tasks that the UN decides to assume in principle the task of protecting the rights and freedoms of the individual should decide every state in this respect, any technology is saving technology that is creative and if it is particularly makrospasenie it rests on the rather rigid legal framework which is focused around deliberately so that it generally helps ie it aims to legal means of the exercise still help in this regard, here 's the only thing you can say to do in my opinion is in terms of legal well, help distinguish the right example is social but that's to work in society and distinguish the right suppose still existing originally from the creator in terms of kind of duty that is the duty of everyone's right to try to rescue now here on the information that's my answer to the question in the hall is right to highlight what is for example in the physical space in front of me there is a meter away from me highlight the difference the right information form which represents the state such as the UN or there what there international organizations and law that actually exists from the creator and direct right yes personality management in universal salvation and here in front of me here in different places separate these two forms now do I watch this training align these two forms and get general legal management of an infinite future information that is through a combination of these forms in front of me now so let's say post information that is informative and up this post suppose there is a cylinder it means that we have an infinite future legal support means in the system 's salvation by doing such work here such an explanation after you have done this work now it will already manage this explanation , and in fact it increased access spectrality then has meant that, after this action , we have more stable legal system such as tracking the work of saving the matter is that if you have here in terms of the level of the UN such as for example if three matching result well -documented it is considered a fact 12 is already considered means as well, in terms of legal element mandatory use of means well, there is a mailing list or if you want somewhere to send thematic level and show you 12 similar facts in principle formally considered that one should always keep this in mind as an objective reality of such a legally formed but for the problem salvation is three facts or even one or even in general, if a person has no factual level well in this category for the problem of salvation , he says that this is happening then it should still be considered that is the principle of sharing the task of salvation that he is factology is generally well legislative level and there fixing it is another question that well in different countries in different ways

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but in principle in the UN level sufficiently considered three facts where fact considered to be formed at the same time usually more attention is paid to the personal testimony of my data is that now to Practice my example activity there than for example the conclusion of the organization and well considered that personality is a criterion of objectivity means organizations can change happening they may be under pressure from such management and so on and so forth , or the state in this regard, especially where there is a recognized facts personal testimony people do not even have it to be such a testimony where there especially such a notary certified signature is considered quite well there is such a criterion is still there without the signature of such well what that data and the other there are three such evidence assume you mean the fact that you say well there can diagnose the origin there is any possible catastrophic

phenomena can be any well there overall it does not matter there Cracked example there building there in the art or any problems related to health three facts suggest that you may already formally disseminate information and information should be considered from the standpoint of one who considers the information here , there such nuances here on my practice, for example when I forwarded it to prevent the local situation were such nuclear explosions from industrial plants well, there was for example in one of the cases I just sent there management practices the way of salvation is the first that can diagnose physical systems it worked like that this is the basis for the information to be sure that is implemented there in general that it was not a question that they consider namely used there really was averted a possible catastrophe that is, there is a factual level which is in principle the paper they are here to help but just legal general level here to formally abandon the law from considering information that people well when they are not formally positions can then regard makrospaseniya problems just another question how they see and how it comes to them and therefore are the responsibility of their well, in principle that is well, if there say global catastrophe does not destroy themselves if they assume it would not consider this information means and being in such positions it has not been brought there with staff what that level is actually for any test of this level there is someone who takes the paper where that her upstairs output means this is a problem if they delay it somewhere here in principle measures are usually here from the data that I gave here for example wherever I sent it all reached the intended management something where there really well, I had to be there as a pinch through Union security such as Russia there well, in principle it was not often so here is basically just to speed up but when it came to the subscriber directly there is always information that is met in that aspect that it should be used to implement because well I still have a specificity of information transfer , I still sometimes give tentative signs of such and as soon as they begin to basically start it is so that people start to react like even faster but for the work of salvation can not give a preliminary indication as well refer to the fact that we assume there you heard me lecture course there or if for example you do not want to use the papers or just to convince yourself but then it should be used for control purpose of persuasion but I think that 's legal system formally ban you can not meet that does not mean your not been considered work of saving it as a positive have another question that yes there there lobbying systems exists naturally there some legislative levels which system is considered which there is a new author but what eg needing further development there then here are already engaged in some sense on some formalizations patterned after that I was there a certain system of education through well spend a United Nations system as UNESCO which there min education system through Russia and try to

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formalize what that information at the level of the existing level of perception that there is something there to here these possible situations related to issues they were overcome because it is background information that is at the background level of education in this regard, the legal level, then there is generally no natural no questions and I think that the main thing here is legal so to speak legal training is to always have that knowledge formally prevent you from dissemination of technology can not save any state can neither international system which is well creative type that is, the type of which is aimed at the UN there harmonious development means well, in terms of well, let 's assume from the standpoint that if someone prevents the spread of information here naturally they find themselves in a difficult position because either those who want to specifically destroy or they do not know if they need to explain it well and accordingly you should be here now prepared to explain to them that this example is not necessary to do a better job well and have specific legal acts and in each country talking about what technology diffusion of salvation in the first supported by the state because the state is to protect citizens if the state system does not do this it turns out that the state must be reformed and organize other means is still the case for example , suppose there particular problems of public organizations that help is necessary look at the charter they have all these problems or not if they are meant to help but can be or what that charity do not necessarily that charitable activity is an activity that is salvation and therefore such organizations can not go forward because the statute at they may not be a naturally laid it in terms of commercial organizations where the main aim is to make a profit of course it is considered as a means in this case such a situation that they can help but they can not help them for it and nobody will punish them thereby saving technology diffusion is largely a legally well say so quite narrowed field of activity can be but it's certainly in the first state organization which is obliged to consider the public well, then that is engaged in rescue techniques and thus for example if we consider the following problem as a possible salvation from global catastrophe then who all it is doing now in Russia for example it should be then it look like if Russia well suppose that's my foundation is engaged in this global catastrophe as possible because there is still necessary to provide technologically a lot of connections and try to make sure to take a complete solution always in accordance with all possible connections in the context of complex technical systems of different social levels it is the task of a special task management and control means not deterministic ie not interconnected systems , and then it turns out as such but to work as a training you take now and in the space directly in front of Practice me here is how you can manage systems on a real rescue in the conditions when the bonds well, for example a lot , I 'm not saying that they are infinite in this example , the amount but a lot of satellite systems in different political systems have different views lobbyists consider that you need in any case to save and then here as polysyllabic region can be attributed to a single management point it makes sense to find this control point me in the physical space in front of me like a meter away from me , in principle, that's now part of the collective consciousness for example so that you worked so when I told you once specific knee find it here and in the legal form of regulation control problem is just to find the exact design management , including in the legal field that is legally able to do at once precise control may even be a one-time pulse of course the current situation is changing but the main thing to keep status makrospaseniya around it may change the current situation legal and what there is formal but when you hold the status you understand what to do next time is a kind of beacon can generally do multiple levels of management and to find the most favorable legal field and in the legal options a lot of situations where the problem is solved quite well, on the other hand therefore necessary to consider

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that the legal field is very diverse , it means listening to a question following a course of lectures in your brackets again five sessions as continue to build their practice further training center interaction with you and your center with you the fact that in reality it is a five-time course of such a standard rate associated with more options digitization of information well, you can have a different number who lectures at will develop because more and better methods of construction such as the following in the fund 's means now you can already undertake such work means that we assume the structure of my teaching is to choose what that means for you desired direction and practice in terms of the direction of the dissemination and implementation of the implementation of the system of salvation that is the practice earmarked makrospaseniya by problems that come from me and held through a fund such as the level of the legal entity that regards self practice is natural in any practice that place where you are via makrospaseniya and such option for further training is training can be for example in the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russia is now on two chairs then Department of Social Policy and the Department of occupational Psychology of professional activity I was there from October lectures planned in advance by 36 hours , and can for example visit classes there so that means the target -oriented classes so you can then listen to lectures held peculiar levels of training by the fact that you can ask questions and I like telepathy or give an answer or dictate on audiotape or simply refer to the special thematic lecture come there to listen to the current information that at the current time for example I give management and linking with the existing level of such knowledge well, so many learning and often even now I have over and over there years there regularly come but this is at their discretion I leave that is the problem is that I do not forbid such there to learn as you want and so further interaction depends on the purpose of desire there on how you want to practice independently or goals that my example here I am realizing through the fund as targets mean here next question after the first lecture of your method of salvation within my understanding means I turned in my work practice but after the first floppy disk on the second day I was given the knowledge of the immensity of space and at the same time understanding the work at this level means as this element as an element of foresight essentially second lecture like or means to take it for a lesson but the fact I do often give in telepathy are the next chapter in connection with this it turns out that there can be considered as both a prediction because it's still happening in the future and, therefore, as an element of foresight and at the same time as an element of listening telepathy where I am in this case at the level of the spiritual essence of telepathy gave the following lecture on spiritual telepathy is the state of mind of which have yet to understand and translate for example , assume there in the letters in the word in this context, I think that you should try to do in the lecture material to find those levels where the intersection with the previous example lecture or intersection with what that individual is your level of knowledge here is that is important to try to find the intersection of the lecture material with your inner level of knowledge as if you well as if always had confidence because my job is to give the kind of education that is natural and it is already your meaning you can control the completeness of development has to pass on and in such a way so that the next person you passed they would have the same efficiency without losing the technology there would be further transferred and so on in this regard, you need to go to the level essentially and it is such that the essence of the well as it was your general here and there and it 's a level of your monitor as much as possible in the lecture material whether at work with your mind techniques to address you can contact me that is, I do not forbid any amount of time there at any time to contact me but as far as you need if you want to please that is, I do not forbid it but the problem still

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is education including education at the expense of the text where is my information is still there then it is the same as a formal appeal yes if you read the original text of another question when you get to the level of spiritual treatment plan then this can be done is there any unlimited amount is at your discretion so although again here this time between their own technologies

own work so seemingly treatment option but it still is not limited in any way I can help you and give either telepathically or you can benefit from this mental treatment there go to the office to take some some new literature , and so on the following question if I worked on your system with the spheres to heal people and animals to direct energy to the objects of love and mercy means mercy and compassion in parentheses rack question the fact that yes , you can of course be used but that its vision, this time because I give such control in the optical range only for conciseness of presentation and to you score more than just practical techniques that require minimal in terms of logical access in my time there I brought one of the examples out there that you can get through such control that nirvana getting through logical system but yogis yogis like this can be achieved through nirvana but they have their own way and their tasks are often so although now all the problems connected to the target and then makrospaseniya to nirvana now they have another more logical fastest way technology emerges in the future so that the connection of what that type of techniques such as Reiki or direction energy the more love there is such objects if technically it should be done at the moment you think you have and do what I did and give management often conceptually and often at this level that you choose your own path to the target level of control and therefore since much you for example think that this should be done and then do it if there are other techniques that if they think there is need use so here I think that it is possible to combine any technology in general just to reach the goal makrospaseniya here I give it all the same principle of spiritual development where you can instantly decide what to do and in any case to save himself and others that is in connection with this I have no restrictions on the use of any well that if you desired management systems following this question methodology organ and tissue regenerative nerve fibers may be one or there is a difference techniques concentration of the fact that the methodology it is better that it was implied in it when you are always unified and well, then you need to try at the time of development of the methodology always track well as uniform glow would you do such a concentration on the numbers and do assume concentration regeneration of a whole with glow on separate level that is standardized for all systems of the body such as the target and at the same concentration for the highlight of optics if nerve fibers is another more extensive but the concentration of the target illumination is uniform for all substructure like this level when you make such a concentration on the numbers , then the numbers are arranged so that the allocation of the target system laid down in the number of such worth in this number series , and so even if you are there what that number does not remember it , or where the number of replaced when there are seven well preserved if at least five of the same number yes but you can for example, two or change or they are changed then the target concentration still persists that is the principle means through control system even includes a concentration in numbers anyway this is now a unified unit which in any case is valid for the purpose of managing but the truth is if you have different number depending often may even be possible to trace even so if you like aim the control and make it what it is like day and write what that number after five one seven-digit system if yes then the next day, try to change the look like changing management usually it varies not much more than that and if you 're there by more bold there even of

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management changes at a concentration that is, if there is a seven-digit number concentration of two more of the following may be generally there is usually a change or two at the beginning of the first or at the end there is there exists a square so to speak numerical concentration in nine-digit number is the same , you can change all the same two numbers that is already there seven digits are rigidly fixed but the other two can vary even in principle , and still get the desired control that's why at the time for example when I started this job means restoring the body's concentration on the numbers there were some blocks concentration on several diagnoses then I just made the most well individualization still led to a concentration of a specific diagnosis although there are such typical concentration once I had five blocks there and diagnoses in this regard, here 's a trend revealed that there is definite as to control the root which means that you control precisely harmonized level for the entire body but are pointing to a greater extent on the objective function is that you tap as the control system means it is out of question next is the question I am about to say of the questions that I had and then they have come to a PO box here and then I will answer two questions of those that I would consider that now it would be good for you to know the answer to the first question means he touched example of what happens when well -type resurrection resurrection there restoring broken plants on a very large as well, would be far from the physical layer up to you and you do it with the restoration and resurrection must mean it like that or there recovery plant or as a resurrection man should is reflected in the reality here on what grounds the physical reality it can identify means well assume people left there thought that it is necessary to restore it in a greenhouse where the plant and the eyes he was watching here on the physical reality of whether it is possible to observe it really can be seen in the reflection of physical reality for example in the evening if the plant on the left side there is a kind of glow as soon as you have done here is momentum in the time of recovery grows glow darkened room even if it is seen that the right in the optical range increases projected on you this glow if people mostly on the right side or like background emission around the resurrection and even cure a serious disease there type stage 4 cancer is a series of pulses glow for a while especially if it is accompanied by such well even darkened room as if even in the optical range and so that at the level of the inner vision that you can see around yourself at clairvoyance is seen in the so-called principle immediately faint glow and there was another question related to how to design means that number well into yourself and to well as to build the body so that it was strictly functional and infinitely as to the number would be sitting here in the body and there is enough there to remember the number there to restore bowel or stomach or liver there in principle this technique it is possible that part of the lecture that I am here today gave when you build the body themselves can immediately see the number that characterizes a particular organ or even specific condition yes you are tired but what number is inside as if such causes that you do not have fatigue suppose there by 4 gives the norm if only enough to understand in this number that is the technology so that you can even in the optics do not draw in but it should be understood that the number is within you then you have a really self-regeneration system and here is the principle of access to the creator is such that he originally created including established figures you see how it was produced, how it was produced, figures of speech at all except as visible elements of reality occurred creation of other elements it is clear that people there can speak there can write well, such as all this information to all realized how it was created focusing on why there can be obtained including regulation that is as independent as the work is already on this answer , try to work well on this I end this lecture we say the responses to the questions thank you that listened goodbye.

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5 Lecture on 12.07.01 G.P.Grabovoy

Good day in the lecture on my system rescue and harmonious development of the structuring of consciousness to avert a possible global catastrophe I give the following principle technology this principle will be the first that has knowledge of the laws and in parallel there is a specific implementation technology structure of consciousness in the adjective mean value according to the laws of consciousness and the fundamental laws of the world postulates the following when you consider their perception of reality as a remote area that is to perceive their own perception as if by then your perception works inside your physical body at this moment means practical importance of this law is that you can watch the external elements reality can build the physical reality of example only , and only from the fact that you see what that elements of external reality but in terms of their perception that is when you look at this chart to see in detail there that this technology is not complicated in terms of the algorithm means here the main task in complication means is that the notion of complexity has not been reproduced by yourself is if you look at what is external to the external system and consider whether this is your perception of your area or a certain area such as this border plan and the region where there is another reality and perception important here to define how you define an external reality that does not belong to the field of perception that's all if you like it then do not complicate this technology leads specifically to what you mean by fixing in any area of the outer member and the reality of their tasks you can do in this technology in any field if you know the pre- control law means tasks such as the regeneration of the body or task makrospaseniya you get absolute control that is based on the simultaneous level of consciousness of the soul and spirit of other systems of your information so when I said that there are other systems of your information see that there is in terms of information individually from everyone else except those listed items such as yes means knowledge of the person and thus highlight what is your individual and that such a generalized when you allocate this structure you consider this element means to the development of your consciousness that you will be immediately understanding why management technology through an external element of reality that is an element of such perception is a technology makrospaseniya mean here when you look at the totality of these issues means that now I formulated in this chapter, you will see that in general the question is formed from certain stationary source means that it is a union of such concepts as spirit soul consciousness and other elements of personality , try this source geometrically select outside his physical body when you select you can see basically the whole cell system such as its own body due to external elements from reality and at the same time so that there exists a point makrospaseniya it is very stable and stationary means , respectively, with the technology that is built on the fact that you have this point firstly find so secondly make sure you mean it in a stationary existence that is it there for a while and is not a point that is dynamic she escapes from you and thus it is possible you can be distracted from her again at her pay such attention to it all the time there as well as elements of physical reality so now I have introduced the concept of such a plan is that the elements of reality hidden information reality there are also the same type as the elements of physical reality in terms of sustainable development system makrospaseniya it is a hallmark of your knowledge if you set a goal means at this very moment for example to implement this system then here is finding such stable points

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represents just what you are moving correctly so you can then find these points well for example , not only in one area on which I have just said can also allocate their own knowledge of what that law also means to build stable forms in the case of creation of both forms be here care possible forms that you build so well, how would check on the elements of the reality well, then which you control that is possible new forms other than those to which I said you adapt them to the reality of here and here is the next element in the system of self-development methodology for this is my next part of the lecture self-healing through the structure of his own consciousness and general and universal orchestration that adaptation laws that exist in the minds of it including the laws apply to your future reproduction that is the future we can consider how to adapt the shape of your current development and in accordance with the future can be studied as the other way around that is if you know that, for example in the current reality you well enough to have the system level views and specific enough what that specific elements of behavior is considered as a means to future system adaptation means or your behavior or your system reactions or the law to adapt universal connections the future becomes very controlled ie the change point of view that is actually changing paradigm to address governance issues in this case on my own and that is the point is that it is a means of restoring itself including universal harmonious development where naturally there is no concept of a potential global catastrophe and that this notion of naturalness in this case I entered because I consider the future as adapted system development that is you look at your future as to adapt the system adaptive and try to adapt their own development of this system as of ourselves and knowing that it adapts to you that is actually turns out well, like multi-vector motion in a single center where the center this means development is your thought that is what you have laid in the form of development objectives and that all this happens only if you well on this technology for example if you first understand exactly what the future can be considered as an adapted system and in this case you can see such a situation , suppose there before me a table worth a thousand years I can see that information in the area of this section will be here as much as possible do this procedure at the same time here well before each example there is what that thing there physical stationary handle table chair and look just assume like a thousand years , as if there see how adaptable design element of the future and what is happening there with a chair or a table , in this case the future as the adapted system is expressed in the fact that you see the development of the subject from the point of view well in principle for a table largely close to infinity to future processes for example if the table is in an environment where there is such oxidation or moisture if there is a table which is then sealed environment for a thousand years is not such a level which is very time-consuming it can be saved and tens of thousands of years here enough to change the position of the external conditions we immediately see that changing adaptive system well to the stationary system of external perception that such fixed there in front of me in the form of what is hard object table and assume these are the points I talked about in terms of the future development of the stationary point on the sustainable development of these makrospaseniyu points also exist everywhere including in this table as an independent work , simply find these points in each piece of reality that is because there is a reality and that there is a point of stability and system development point of your job is simply to open and unpack to see how information is shared between these points and between points such as external reality such as air or vacuum the other planets and then we can see why the planets are held precisely in such constructions as they keep happening and why such a rotation of the planet and not other means as independent tasks , consider these elements of reality here with supply such that I now mean with the main emphasis

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has been placed points stability again I go back to what they are in the first part of this makrospasenie through the structuring of consciousness and self-healing system is the second part where I have identified a stable system would not seem to function well, that is the level of such as a table is little functional system if we add the degrees of freedom there add videos assume it will be there a functional system to add one parameter increases in the development of an infinite number of times this object so in terms of such person as a multifunctional level of reality so clearly say that the element of eternal life laid already is that it has many degrees of multiple overlapping degrees of freedom and here again as largely independent work even better to do it sometimes somewhere in the group well, or to share with someone 's opinion on this issue , consider why the status of human dynamics it is manifestation of eternity well, namely by the context of which I now try to say those issues are now well, I actually like pile that is informative for them to increase their level , try to systematically accumulate in one place which is specifically related to this chapter , and as well as possible highlight the perception area there take a special volume or something what that light to these questions in this lecture were inside this volume and in principle when compared with other such lecture see how well the type of questions such as the physical layer similar to the diffusion start means intersect with the volume too light suppose lectures and other issues are no longer issues that have this technology here to get answers to questions in a fairly simple mechanical means ie they add up as well, they would be in a bag there for a while and are then obtained simply answers here earlier part of the lecture , and why she so overloaded with these issues , you can basically put any questions and put the region especially in the light just like it was originally created or appointed there in what is physically in front of the space and thus obtaining well as a tool to obtain the current response is true or more analytical tool that it takes time to have these questions in a certain way there profunktsionirovali like this closed volume light optical significance of this phenomenon lies in the fact that if we output in the optical system which give the parameter is an infinite number of reflections within the system still or all elements of the system fall in this parameter that is, we get the desired response in principle because we are so laying control system and that , if we consider this element as well, the third part of this chapter related to the management of any event so the structure of the consciousness we see that in general it management has existed for such a simple axiomatic basis that we get even in optics solution even physical layer solution for this problem and if we talk about the functionality of consciousness that can organize well, that's like an endless amount of light subspaces then naturally we decide to get the same problem really tackle can an infinite number of ways and in this regard, we understand that in fact this is why there is a kind of a situation that is the concept of simplicity that is the world of external reality is the concept of complexity that is, it all depends on how we create this reality because the infinite number of ways including and how to create a control system if you create it turns out any answer you can assign your own and therefore everything is controlled by that is you here 's a kind of very thin it means the transition I'm not here identified the structure of spiritual development because in this case clearly structure is manifested spiritual development of the verbal level, you get a powerful development of the spirit and get that everything is under control but under control on both the spirit and not through words , try to do it now here in front of me like that's directly in front of the table put a scope so to speak universal control let it before you this information in front of me , and general management example of this type in this area that you allocate its management structure and generally define the difference here is quite a bit of time will take part again staged in front of us every sphere of public administration but it puts her in the same general

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area in front of me that is well assume meter radius there anyway they like it , try to cross their spheres intersect with other participants in the lecture and then select the scope of universal control differs from the sphere of control of your own just try to identify if the selection means here on conceptual grounds , it can be quite different for example, or may be implemented later try to allocate all power that is get the exact technology still highlight the scope of individual management let it be some sort of structure, or what that piece of this sector in general , try to identify quite specifically for myself right now so when you do it look at the center part of the universal control and consider the presence of the creator in the center look like built from the creator control position as an individual and the universal one thing identified and appointed another thing you see how it is done in the center of the sphere from the creator , and now look at technology as a creator imparts knowledge that is you just see how well it would have inward direct work of the soul begins here now work directly in her heart she is at the level of perception of the soul note that the perception of the soul is a special characteristic of forming including what that reference structures of consciousness and here here I turn to the principle on such a high- speed voice , try though I say quickly move in parallel but in terms of thinking here means that we get here these canonical structures of consciousness that exist in their hearts they necessarily present in all elements of events because events

controlled from the soul and all that's sphere of public administration and therefore when we consider such future events , we can assume to see a past event as a reflection of future events here for example , assume the current time or a reflection of future events in your perception means in connection with this try to remember here is precisely this formulation that may be a reflection of different information such as the name of the future and try to find a connection with the scope of the past such as the future management through the current coordinate system such as here through your body or your reaction system that is get those links and try and do it now real-time and try to see in the area where part of the general management information corresponding to the future and where the corresponding part of the past such information to do it simply by the way at the level of perception just simply believe that this is part of the sphere is the past and the future , or do you see how it starts , either taking you assign it here in this situation, and so here in this part of the lecture I gave to the future that begins to grow here like in this part where you put the scope of universal macro or control directly in front of you starts to grow as well, certain forms well suppose in some systems of knowledge that there were different kinds of forms another thing that you should set aside their own form now own form of future growth in front of me that's where you put the scope of overall management and isolated individual sphere and when you now see as the future of information starts to grow you look at how your perception looks again your own position in terms of growth as your information is developed there and at the same time try to allocate their own image and select so that it is completely self-contained ie no interaction with other elements of what that reality in this area as well as when you look in the mirror can not only see yourself the same thing here that's necessary to allocate this item to himself personally so now when you see it highlighted look around more carefully so here you personally identified themselves here then where are the other in one place is a place that is basically one if you have allocated yourself here in this center in your perception where there are then other

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means in this case, you come to what you specify the location of the others out there like it may be the people that can do things like all the elements of reality and try in this development synchronously do now that's like with me to determine the difference between the appointment of air space suppose to perceive man here 's a big difference to a person on the first pulse , you will be able to perceive in the air while it is necessary for example there as well be outer space it is necessary to appoint and basically that's here on this subtlety difference actually tracking element in the development of the future that we are doing just watching the situation , we obtain that the controls that may occur from your consciousness and fall into any point of space -time they are built well, basically like a two-parameter basis where one sign of this is the second such individual characteristic feature of this external characteristic and now as an independent work you possibly now and then take a look now ties that exist between the sign of your own and would like any other sign and see how your own sign generally builds the entire outer reality just now watch at your consciousness which in this case there are thoughts which images any way this information has any idea that in this case the information is consistent with this development it will take a little time while I watched as the next control make such a procedure means allocating itself is an area where future business from your personal information and it should be done all the time in front of me that is here specifically in the space in front of me there 's a meter in two there 's free platform directly on it specifically to work here in the physical space then select the range of tasks those who are here and highlight these problems as such multispectral region having different colors but in general, that all colors and lift this area there is a little higher in meters to three meters , in principle, well, somewhere about five feet from the floor , lift the area and examine the problem here is all who is present here who would like to watch a lecture and so on to study such technology management means and make the solution of these problems in terms of their optimal solution here when you try to do the best solution to work synchronously see what each ie try to watch when you do it that if someone has already done what you need to do work just following here should be just as you are acting in a team as much as possible look for work in progress when you mean has been doing this job now look like a sphere say that such processes may be indicative of future it is also what is the distance from the floor about a foot takm assume and that this area is also growing as it grows has the same form of development but now it does not grow in space so do not say mental space perception type of thinking but it is now growing in space souls here I am now introduced a new concept soul is an autonomous unit of reality but the space where the soul can be the development of the soul so let's say there are a growing images of geometric forms it occurs when you do the exercises so to speak , or the procedure for collective management by problems since all including their own then you get the growth of this information object is actually slightly lower than it highlighted the light spectrum of tasks and you can see that the space of the soul here so let's say that that is the development of the soul where the soul can develop this space has special characteristics, and these characteristics are such that each element space is infinite level of spiritual perception that is as if we say perception receptor output spirit is spirit treats each element as an infinite system with a space exists for example in this place before you , regardless of all the elements of physical reality, although there are well and so visually here and, if possible , define the space as a space of concepts or understanding of the system that is understanding you see on a spiritual level and logical then that you understand the system so now mechanically begin to understand the situation that is take enter into this space in general any questions and any elements reality and you then have to get on a spiritual level that you understand

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what to do to resolve the issue or you can even enter so as to produce solution to so manage all events including future and even including here the past means that management is that you allocate development space and soul into this space to enter or task it turned out already with the decision then you realize that the decision was either you enter you need to have what you want there technology or you want to assume what that may well be the result of the methodology of how to get there and then then it turns out that you can work here in general rather arbitrary thing here at the exit point you should clearly form what you want in terms of implementation of tasks makrospaseniya here all this sphere of development that is development space souls all based on a single point at the bottom of all mandatory makrospaseniya navsego only one small point and when you start to delve this point consciousness example you can see that this little dot is on the thinking level, it also has features endless ie the transition to thinking of the level of the soul has infinite characteristics even if the information go to the thoughts that thoughts have the final characteristics of perception and if you look at the contours of this sphere we say development of the soul or souls of space I have called it the contours defined by the fact that the border area are like on the border of the sphere is actually just being born specifically the spirit of man and therefore you possibly keep track of these elements reality to consider how to organize spirit spirit can naturally be organized by the training of consciousness there achievement but on the level of reality as it is organized it 's one of the elements of the organization with the spirit and organization at the time he initially has neutral characteristics you can inform your decisions in terms of same tasks so you can examined at the level of consciousness of the area to inform the organization of the spirit through the mind of their tasks and then you get what your spiritual development including be doable through your own mind like this but enough is the right way so say so then you can trust way to shape the design of spiritual development and spiritual development of constructive means well, so let's say a lot in terms of informative incarnation that can form an infinite number of options so spiritual development restrictions in general you have no means all there prior or future development that can not be underplayed by the fact that this method you will generate the following elements of reality in this case you can just technically precise and unambiguous form their own spiritual structure that will be able to implement makrospasenie even if you sleep there like that is if you do not do any active controls that this here is the system spiritual formation control in many cases it works and in general as the only system that is distant management note that there is a control which in this case is implemented as a single from the perspective of so makrodostupa and direct access from your consciousness and, if possible , determine for yourself what you see as a single access system can not assume otherwise do and what you see such as the ability to do such as what that other way and by comparing these technologies see how to develop social consciousness that is the principle of the development of social consciousness just simply consider the fact that the system is so unique that is your personal access system and generalized access means look as developing social consciousness put there makrospaseniyu control characteristics and therefore will engage in the art of direct access formation of public consciousness through this technique to identify its characteristics and its development here for example on a spiritual level while typing makrospaseniya level you get a very real access technology to any events only through the consciousness of other people at the same time when you like to do this exercise in the management plan you first restore these people here in the second problem is solved by multispectral their tasks well, such as those who have yes not mastered the technology to assume regeneration ie heals and thirdly you do is control that teaches others in this case, the control always

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leaves the maximum number of actually learning how to use in this case implicitly by simply approach you in each action are teaching others how to and do independent work as possible get yourself every technology means that when you work where you leave information for others to do it seeing as you do others could do it too, or at least even looked at the facts and you are doing well these facts were so generalized that they have the technology to do it would be quickly osvaivaemostyu those who will accept either a physical or a spiritual level or just to say so informative assume for a sensory level and that's when you are considering this technology so you can transfer development generally speaking so quickly that means will be well, kind of process similar to the action of the catalyst means if we consider the analogy which there is such a process at the physical level when they come into effect and other people who are not necessarily trained suppose through what that detailed verbal technology they already trained only by the fact that they will either look at your facts or because they like to talk with you and then it turns out that you generally have enough technology means direct control in this case means that enables the expense of the general management to educate others in this not necessarily suppose to teach through words and it 's a must to be able to still do that if you do access to systems where such access is needed fast possible nuclear reactors where there is sometimes necessary to train such staff almost instantly that they made the right decision or aviation that is, in this exercise, consider what elements of consciousness in conjunction with each other are the most mobile most flexible that is where the information transfer occurs most rapidly ie enter these points now, I introduced a new control parameter enter here to see it just means that you need to perceive that navsego there is not even a need to analyze the actions that take place here let's say so in terms of the logic of this process that is quite simple to get into this process and perceive where the most dynamic fast data transmission system then your task just on a spiritual level so as to consider its development your spiritual system developed by transferring the maximum amount of information to all others on the system makrospaseniya and thus future construction shall be controlled so that all future design of such reality and it may be the whole of reality was in space development of the soul that's how I said space of the soul that is within this space then the reproduction of any spiritual pulse of your control system is already in relation to this space because it is in and if you consider momentum through the consciousness of a pulse shaping spiritual foundation so you go with a finely enough to ensure that your mind this is the control system here you can see that consciousness is the control system and for any element of reality so here 's open system of your own consciousness , this system the way it is transparent enough to just have to work it may be two or three days to see if there are two or three days time, if not then you must immediately consider means to examine how consciousness is arranged in terms of access to public control in this part of the lecture I will now finish the break well, such as 15 minutes and then I 'll answer the questions so now let's say the next part of the meeting will be devoted to it means that I will answer the questions that are here , plus the questions that I still have one of those lectures come here plus I'll be adding some positions that in terms of answering questions will have practical significance in terms of the development of the lecture mean in terms of issues such as who is now in the first part I would like to highlight it there the next question type so that when we look in the optical space means suppose there glow of stars we see the universe there is any radiation or external objects that is all well optical reaction reaction reality and it is visible it means seeing the question is that if such vision can be seen what is the reality that the optical elements such as control through clairvoyance that is, shall we say invisible vision or vision so-called thin or just through the

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vision of the soul so how can this affect the optics means well, to put it simply means how you can possibly change

there clairvoyance as general where and generally how it 's achievable that these laws have actually clairvoyance clairvoyant elements of which I speak well, there is more access more laws each can develop their own system and I have all the same it is applied on a makrospaseniyu especially so when you assume through this one question that I just told you then consider that you can really control the signs on the comparability of external reality there such optical reality through it in this one element factor that whether optical reality , or simply go out and such a comparison is to start manage other elements of reality that you can see if you compare tree and assume there is a dog generally similar perceiving only the tree can control the dog such means , and so on that is the way it 's an interesting experiment this consciousness if suddenly there is enough to recall the dog tree dramatically such that there is now literally works mechanically indication control means well, it is as an example of such a household so well here in the development of control even if what you perceive information well assume that a patient with a disease which is the principle of instantaneous control to fix the diagnosis is not what you perceive it in principle, is the primary diagnosis in the patient you are just doing a comparative management by focusing on any nearby element of reality well, it is such a technology that's similar so that 's work on comparative grounds it is sometimes quite effective work it is possible to say within the table there to solve all management questions if it is well, there is not boring like so and so there is the problem of perception is what it is you just find comparable features that exist generally in physical reality is another question if you start thinking why there is another reality of optical control system is through a system of knowledge well you can apply it and then you will say so that there are two focus in one driving pulse but here then better to give priority to the system means knowing all the same system than the comparative example control be careful here , I specifically cited the example here is the nodal point of this example is is often necessary to give priority to control systems and in this case it is necessary to give priority to the system is the knowledge it is possible to ask a general as well as to hang this optical beam where it is the criteria of its existence , and even then you will have management by means of knowledge elements of reality that is here in this system when you compare to the level of the physical body such as the eyes should include a system of knowledge if you work on the spiritual characteristics of certain spiritually there comparing you originally defined the system can then be controlled by simply focusing easier and faster then have here now try to choose an access system because if you are running at the same time you can sometimes slow down the process of managing and here it is , in principle, you will be seen immediately that accelerates the management that makes it such a fundamental means this is an issue and then one more question so if there well, this means for example the notion of perception as an external reality is where the boundary such that the external reality in terms of perception and we say well, there is the inner reality of perception or assume there is another kind of reality that's the concept of boundary conditions we obektiviziruem here that we distinguish for example in his perception of the matter is that it has to allocate a special so let's say that the conceptual apparatus of introducing the concept of what we did anyway obektiviziruem first mechanism that is very simple , we just introduce the notion of what that obektiviziruem fact that we have introduced yourself and then work in the future it is very easy it is to work with their own terms but the same universal work with their own concepts , you can do whatever you want to enter them as

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means then it turns out that this work means to you but the second option you have some external concepts such as what is the design exist well, how would that exist outside well as if no matter what that's like you want something out there to speed up or slow down and then that these external design supposedly exists why it happens so in your perception for example you go there you can see the street as well, there is a house you pass it around the outside wall that is moving well, how would you get near your eyes against such just be careful with the subtleties well with the options that are there are still fine for the perception they like usual but the usual perception of this system sustainability actually recurrent systems are systems sustainability , so that's what moves outside forms like Cross-border element of perception and even though you know the minds on what moves you to the eye still moves well, such as your home but the effect of such trains high school option that is if you like take and put the problem occurs at the same time to understand how your traffic and moving home not counting what moves you like but then you begin to master the elements of teleportation then it 's the usual teleport lever that is here , this mechanism is the usual teleport lever that is there just simply is sufficient to determine the coordinates access wherever you want to just look like my own practice , I once the diagnosis of aircraft there are many kilometers of the way so I used such elements lever just simply well, just to reduce the distance to keep up well there suppose to mean the aircraft so that I used simply moving the elements of air and I singled out due to their clairvoyance that is not what I have seen with their eyes , and then turned on two elements elements accurately than rarefied media access more accurate access that is so well as you would be less noticeable that if you rush in there the eyes of others when teleportation systems move there then there are those who tracer system in general that nobody tiring and sometimes difficult to separate from conventional systems moving here means therefore that's seemingly enough yes yes powerful element there or lifting goods there if you are there carrying something heavy in principle there can be alleviated or lift loads only due to the fact that you just simply highlight two adjacent elements of reality means this as an independent work here in this answer as much as possible so you select the system of access to objective parameters that is the answer now that I gave it well in many respects I made it so that no matter how well, in principle in many ways does not fit topics such as a lecture there in the first part find parametric relationships ie how to tie all the same lecture with this response if for example listen to such recorder or watch the video then there 's this response, he emphasized for example in the form of a cylindrical shape which then can be linked so that you can enter in the mechanical center of the cylinder and how to understand the essence of this very precisely fits with the lecture material but where this occurs it is necessary to dock it to find ie, the problem of the level of technology is to find a clear system for you in any seemingly dissimilar or even completely opposite in meaning systems here I introduced in the lecture that you understand when you enter into the space development means soul or what you just understand the concept but you can enter the opposite concepts generally opposite and still understand them both equally ie here I answer this well, so here originally led you to have simultaneous and equal understanding on the spiritual level , in principle, a wide variety may be the most opposite in meaning in terms of information items so you form a spiritual state that solves general any questions no matter what questions you are well met and that's when there is an element of calm that is in fact an element of quiet development means and this is now it is calm there mnogoupravlyayuschaya area such as ancient Greece is calm the very strength of the infinite level of management such as any unit of time as well, and so would be to calculate the approximate mean and so here if you sootnesete here these

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parameters with those who behold you have peace of mind that you will see it just the same to exercise control over an infinite level of external ie external sources as well be possible elements of application control means next question how to work with the spinal cord with cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to the nervous system well, in terms of today's lecture example here to work with the spinal cord as follows means in space development of the soul enter enough one cell of the brain and there let alone created and see how this option means the cells begin to grow in this space as soon as the development will mean it usually happens once in general there is no delay if it is slow then you take the process a little consciousness minus the past and create element preceding the evolution of the cell then you get already acceleration time to the desired item when it first manifest form of the development of this cell then just navsego effort consciousness transfer well here 's this growing form of transfer simply means the level where there is already shaping spirit where there are already elements developed consciousness and you get already the norm physical fabric that is the concept of the spinal cord that receive such rate on rescue system which means that the brain should be laid where information is event driven design allows a person really saved there eg makrokatastrofy whatsoever from any level of potential problems such well, as it overly problematic level and lay the development of the human element that is the concept of this work includes all the attributes makrospaseniya and if it 's done through a system such as that proposed by me in today's lecture then it looks like this is what you carry in a growing segment level of such thought process where consciousness is already developed and simply putting even more and nothing else to do , he already gives all the control element 's note in managing many elements as well, would not it have completed enough to take something and then move to do anything and more it is not necessary that is not necessary to move to something else that's now no matter how the next element is the development of a kind of mechanical termination of further action is to do what is necessary to know the element is the number of items under the laws of the knowledge that has already triggered management but in this case they as it certainly made through such means well here peculiar mechanical movements in optical systems, so I often leveling system such as concentration and development system under the laws of consciousness on the fundamental reality of the law because I was important to achieve control makrospaseniyu and how it is achieved by either a single concentration or there knowledge the organization of the universe in a matter of seconds on the example is the same for management but here 's where I showed you these elements intersect that is why I said to just drop everything and thinking because further work is how to reverse the optical luminosity if you flash area from the point of of optics is explained very simply you flash region trajectory and the trajectory is shining on you and in general it gives management is all very well trajectory is therefore a kind of code of laws mean when you drive carefully track where management means all the same over and either you use the following element or as if you are tracking the reaction of this element to the control system if it is there in the future, there are criteria such as the way the criteria in this lecture today there are criteria methodology tracking means well, like stage element in this case is that the criterial elements that are born of the spirit on the surface means soul space space development of the soul is often repeat the same time see why these elements means this nascent spirit become so to speak for a while more static that is what it if you spend all the time element is a movement around the well, let's say so peculiar looks like steam yes eg what that 's such a silvery white elements outside the scope of this circuit example when you're done fixing element is an element means the element was either you control him until he realized either you introduce a new element

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when the element was then you look to the future , see how it is implemented in the future can not wait and see at a glance what is happening and then act so add the following element suppose means next part of the question if it means working with cerebrospinal fluid such work but in this case here is written rather peculiar that if a person works with the spinal cord with cerebrospinal fluid fact that 's what I said in terms of the Russian language such as working with the spinal cord it 's the technology and cerebrospinal fluid yes even as an anatomically we can see the same segment there in the body , in this case we consider here all the same element where there is fluid concept is makroobem ie the spinal cord is compressed information system involves fluid in the presence of information that relates to a fluid such as the ocean turns means that the management with cerebrospinal fluid in this connection that's always easy to understand why more control if we formulate another question here means initially proceed from the fact that if the liquid means a lot that is external control inside it may not fit on the basis of yes there is a large mass then it is clear that the management of the external and in accordance with this control is such that you just do well navsego means an element considering all external space and all that outer space should be well, in fact so well that within the space reflects the nascent spirit element which is so over the sphere of space development of the soul know this one item you do better here right now at the current time that is look like from the surface of the sphere look at all the external space through such spiritual eyes and see that's where the development space of the soul is reflected in all the aspects of information space where well as if you look at the clouds like there and I'll see here the matter is that it is sufficient to absorb this element such as an external element of how that way and you get this control ie in this case, the control is that you simply navsego perceive what that element that is external space management in this case means you have to actively manage due to the fact that you perceive an element of outer space , as it were of infinite outer sphere such as the question now goes on with the brain and the nervous system on how to work but I will combine these two questions as if two level substructure of the matter and give the third point of control for example with respect to the two elements in the future it can be done as a system level optional control level may be in the region of the heart that is, control is what you mean the concept of the brain such as the concept and the nervous system which are well say there is a different localization of different lengths and basically say different shapes in geometrical terms of these elements you just navsego lade mean heart shape and due to the fact that watching a heart rhythm harmonize these elements of reality that is actually in this case, the control is that in the first , second heart restored simultaneously restored and the brain and nervous system , and all this can be done in principle

I believe there is a need to encourage children and certainly more if there is a vision well assume that the same bodies as a rule and in general is a system such as the level of law, even that much difference that there is no visible metal structure or where cells or assume atomic compound interatomic level and so that's why the concept of vision is usually characterized by the fact that you also have a natural and normal in principle means that if the level of a kind in terms of the normal level of consciousness level of consciousness so well that you understand that then you can see all the means on how to help his son in the assimilation school subjects such as Russian language well geometry specifically in learning school subjects such as yes there is enough general simple technology simply you take print out informative

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sphere characterizes this thing that is considering this glow that stands over this book for example mechanically and transferred to the level of perception for example there putting the functional significance of the subject that is suppose to have the forehead forehead before human kind information receiver has it way from the back so well, somewhere on the level of the blades still generally well receiver receivers such manifest great many of them in the body right there in the area of physical body you just look at it any thing to assume the book to see this information and translate translate everything so really need sometimes to translate information and remember so well, came to what it may be internal management level of this man here is a principle of education in the way he my experience suggests the pilots in a matter of days there to study English at a high level , and so on that is the principle of education it is quite convenient because generally speaking ultimately education is that still formed the same optical elements well in terms of optics so if you like to have a kind of mechanical so to speak by people commit it it will be easy to know and he will be well enough where that something like formally to the social level was adequate for what he reads there that he needs to be read something that's so then it applies to all levels of development objects in general , in all cases it works there is not necessarily only school subjects but for example, if in this case, if we consider the Russian language assume that the technology of forming the image in principle, it is here that there is a formation external image example I take a book out there and look svetoobraz that exists on the books to pass this knowledge there then in the Russian language is more like it 's the image itself is built closer to the first image of an hourglass in a second and then he can turn perefragmentovatsya sphere after a while yet then there is a constantly changing system of images and here to fix them simply mentally well as original units hold circuit interconnections and that this kind of circuit that is to take and enter the string in the form of management that is there to teach a particular paragraph or Russian language, or what there then specific volume that is if you have a specific volume mean to do it with a specific volume but still get a kind of a chain built on the intermediate forms means you like weaves here this form if we are talking about here is the geometry of the problem is actually very simple , it 's in this technology simply highlight the point means the maximum concentration of this knowledge over a book or paragraph over there who studies people and therefore this point just navsego pass here like there before the man 's forehead on the perception of the control system to the point where it went inside as much as possible along the apex of the heart to follow and there she starts well, how would resolve that is the heart begins to have this knowledge because the geometry is studied through the heart easier ie seeing through the heart of man if basically looks through the heart of what is being studied geometry easier because there is visible reverse side of the subject well, kind of multivariable space here here is a question that the information plan to communicate with me Georgy and then I gave meaning to information means that recipe in a mechanical form, it means he is shown as well, which is the mechanical components the question is how to proceed in this case the matter is that yes I give information such as recipes but in this case I do primarily informative recommend considering the effect of these systems assume there I recommend it to include in the soda that's how it says the dining room then you have to see if you drink soda that occurs in the body just this track effect and do the same thing but at the expense of consciousness so if that's you then this element well, somehow it does not lead to a rapid result and you need it quickly and then replace the best possible mechanical component type there is better to replace soda herbs if you want but what I give telepathy thing there to explore why I give such components suppose that's how I prescribe herbs well there at the time I made so well,

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there is treatment including herbs and my appointment was that I just tracked the components are specifically a specific element but grass still still operate much slower and easier and faster to do it from the structure of consciousness therefore means the same here as much as possible if you just track I give here in what is telepathy possible elements still means you are doing their consciousness first see that these elements make for example soda there is a reaction at the cellular level, then do the same reaction consciousness and all means and if you really believe that such still need to apply what we assume there is material substrates is better then move on grass because the components such mechanical plan too much soda just assume diner food is well, usually an element that basically I give to characterize the process here locally clearly marked in this respect, any information which comes in the form of means assume any recipes that still must translated into the management level through consciousness or if I give often telepathy grass generally it is necessary to transfer the function of grass but the grass as much as possible this still means not to use but like in this case, if you just want to feel if you have the time well then have a drink there suggest this herb there and observe how it works anyway grass is slower though with herbs in principle there can be a certain cure a number of diseases in general practice by means of my herbs are well positively to certain things but firstly when control problem you act all give themselves power acceleration grasses still here and secondly there is such a rather important point in terms of general full control of the situation , my position is still considered to be sure that what makes the element appearance and do it yourself or have it there either grass juice and so on that is possible, all that is called Healing you should be able to do yourself , and if so replace suppose there herbs or some sort of drugs that consciousness in this well will not be activated so far as is necessary for complete control that is possible still do everything time alone and another question I had related the way here so means such as concentration on numbers such as herbalism and how they relate to the diagnosis here because I have a general purpose grass relevant diagnoses here now as an independent work directly with me here means here at the table , construct two spheres and compare the difference of herbal and concentration on the numbers here are generally technologically consciousness for a specific task even now take the following example herb St. John's wort means there grass immortelle then let's take a third component of the three components of yarrow get by just the information that is so connect these herbs to get a specific number in the same place where the information received from three herbs by now so well here introduced such a model organism level before you assume there is entered from the catalog and then watched the action and the action of herbs and number see it the same way and where it is equally ie how to enter information herbs to get the same effect as typing or by the body to get an adequate effect then it turns out that the numbers in this case may be faster for example here that is possible just practice more with what then comparative situations to the situation associated with the management in this case would have been possible to touch and then I just think that if time permits such well shall we say possibly even possible methodological characteristics that develop in any way and acts as what general control system may have the advantage of your consciousness control system means there is still one would consider such a means associated with the fact that on certain conclusions now comes a lot of data particularly well , including through the Internet there about what training here is correspondence from the books there on certain lecture materials leads to the comparative levels of government that is well made the same characteristics that were initially laid achieved the same results as in the future there at internal training here and here for example the difference in the analysis as I watched these letters is that full-time well

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just pay attention to classroom training such statistics here these letters mean the difference there is that it is considered a learning basically where that soul more this information is given more on a soul level spiritual level, whether that training and here is where you will do as a means to control the development of the eternal treat it well , including as a basic element of knowledge transfer but do here is control when you develop that learning through there such as a lecture or something comparable to it in absentia there adequately and equally well, let's just say that there is much in terms of action that is not you can always teach there in person but each try to introduce a principle that's how I explained the concept of the public 's consciousness of the collective consciousness to introduce the principle is the principle of spiritual training courses like the soul was put into your thinking in your words and you could pass that is comparable to to the goal of saving there was no difference as a person trained in absentia he enrolled full time if he does there may be a short somewhere that meets the information for the purpose of saving it to be implemented as a lifeguard so here I just gave you a kind of analysis of full-time well, so let's say whether absentee training by methods together we try here with you now do to control the transmission of information that is was adequate training should be such that the accuracy of either full-time or part-time but it is allowed to escape that is certainly here right now you do is control me like that is generally not only just learning to transfer knowledge that is now here as the knowledge to pass any by any means to those who need it this knowledge came anyway , and that they still saved well firstly there from possible makrokatastrofy yes secondly created a harmonious development of the system in the ideology this is eternal life that is here make it even physically control me make me Concentrate means thinking ahead of me and do here in this area in front of me in the physical space now here I am again put the problem in principle, I understand now here it is in fact ending here meeting today still bring all the momentum here one has to understand that he brought to the knowledge of a particular artist that you understand this information and how to understand as I explained simply enter in the space of formation and development of the soul and there's just as if you just get the information that you realize you understand all that it 's now in the Hall ripe means the following question what structure can control the shape of the human will-impulse but the fact that the concept of volitional impulse in this case I see as just such a control pulse and the concept will say well, it's so informative , you can identify with point of view of today's lecture as special parameters this means retaining the momentum in a particular direction on what the target is for a long time that there is a will that mean active action to retain the momentum and so if we are talking about what a person can control the structure of the example from the standpoint of the structure of human control general volitional impulse can just skin surface that is informative enough that what I said would like to put this information such as a finger and the control is obtained that is why such a touch of the finger to the skin so it is considered as a system of mutual control there like the fact that here if we have any element of the plan is that we want to control then we should put this task well firstly it is essentially what you can control from any momentum due to the fact that the mind has an infinite number of degrees of freedom if you want to have a static picture of a certain system then here please can simply deduce this information such as a finger and it will control and hence the concentration on that finger there or form means that this pulse is around your finger and it will be a kind of control means on the second question is what can be done if not reversed sleep that can be done if not why not written restores sleep yes but you know I'm thinking that if there 's a phrase to consider so that can not be restored dream dream deemed to be restored if he recovers in general, then yes that is normal sleep it must be considered that

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restores and it turns out that the concept does not restore sleep well, can be read as including non- restorative sleep in terms of standards means this in the concept of sleep exist here are now interconnected systems if you see one then the second plot Sleep well, how would the plot he internally as well be present alongside so now there is a feeling during sleep , and that's where this second story that is the second point of this reality there is at least the second third , and so on the tenth suggests that you are at the level where the work takes place when the soul and the soul work you have mnogosmyslovuyu perception system here in this case if you are on two levels of information does not restore sleep perceive as not recovered enough sleep is just simply retrieve information sleep and all , and then he will recover as a result means that as a member here just have to choose the best sleep here 's a fairly thin, flexible and mobile design like that you withdraw this item and then print out exactly what you think it is restored by replacing restores and normalize sleep while I think you can just make additionally overall management system means there on self-healing well here because the concept Sleep means how it should recover is often relative and it makes sense on this issue yet to recover and rebuild in general is directly without connection with the concept of sleep because sleep is still an element of internal transformation of the space that is if you look at sleep as a constant in an informative optical range is before the human body basically starts in the area so well, somewhere in the region of the intestine 's stomach starts the optical range that is here to see if there is a concept such as yes or diffraction interference in physics there suppose imposition wave amplification and so on in the physics of ordinary light then in optics sleep here these concepts they are such that there is actually going well, as if the internal change of the optical range that is light as well be born again in the place where he would like to eat and this is now being born in the same place creates space

bowel before you well, that is simply put somewhere around the stomach before she begins to organize the information that's important here to make this distinction and then see all the information that's actually sleep there all organized very systematically be here more closely and change the information here can generally here as indirect management system to give but you should not forget that you are working with a system of self- consciousness in this case where the external relations are reflected in the specific form that is sufficient at this point you are able to sleep well, so for example you do not write it like so actively and so on so you would not functionally as awake and this management system that takes into account that is not in a position to control sleep is a more active because more degrees of freedom you perceive can write well, think speak to think differently there to watch , and so on and in the state Sleep is just basically the same management but parametrically it just more compressed space control it so it is more like a systemically more rigidly fixed but nevertheless they too can enjoy this space and form there a control system and so the concept of recovery sleep often leads to the fact that you just have to restore this space here and all the parameters of the space immediately known naturally as soon as you walk in and restore volitional concentration recovered information you get sleep so sleep if there is an idea that sleep restores such person then you will get a recovery in this case, please note that I still introduced the idea that this also depends on the perception if the perception is that sleep restores the person then you should implement this if the perception is such that such person recovers but such regeneration through consciousness awake while it is being implemented very slowly , this system here means because in this case the change of the structure of thought to the fact that such repairs is not a dream and work with the system 's own consciousness leads to the fact that most of the

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system is activated it 's own consciousness and then you can work with a lot of information, but the effect will sleep well in this case, the minimum that is so when making management look at your own position here is how you think or believes such other person or anyone who treat you help that is possible then look at it if such control is through universal design often do not need to simply introduce an adaptive management adapted forms when a person anyway harmoniously come to the next step of its development while to delve into the perception is not necessary but sometimes still need when you are working with a dream opportunity to delve into human perception in person then it will be easier to do business management through a dream in is that the control system is no system through which you can not manage it by means of ideology makrospaseniya whatever was like a dream or waking or even possible as that called for another condition but there is a concentration of any state of meditation can be manage and therefore do not need to manage well what restrictions do you mean any state can be any perception should be and is actually manage to makrospaseniya system is the salvation of all and then this is a particular problem if that is not the current situation ie it does not require a quick solution if you can not control such as through sleep but if you're in a situation where we must act consistently for a while then it is necessary to introduce control functions including sleep and constantly work including work in a dream but you normally just sleep control works through a dream means then it turns out that in this mode you can enter the same system of self-regeneration and then in general that firstly there is reduced during sleep the way here I am in there MOE for rescuers to give a system of exercises they sleep now as I often tell four hours there five on the strength even while working without holidays and so on and when rescue operations for several days did not sleep but can nevertheless samoregenerirovatsya ie sleep in this case is not an indicator such as a self-healing system in the event that no special problems then you can sleep well, but if there is a special task sleep often does not work here system as well as whether such a rapid recovery then it is better to act through the mind although there say in the collective consciousness , there is the concept of sleep then you should make and try to sleep as it were at the background level will still be the realized as well as ordinary people do not say that there are not using there full system recovery so here again the question how he recovers is what I am all the time here again svozhu he recovers because there is such a principle in the collective consciousness of all but if such can regenerate itself , and maybe then you can reduce the time there sleep then it can do there if the background level still such that there may still be here then we must still well, yet I always suggest that knowledge still allow simultaneous development of all times and therefore means there is an opinion that sleep restores the necessary means , respectively, against the background of there as if in including through sleep to recover and so we are seeing here is defined your own consciousness and that the level of the soul that I have identified in terms of the space of the soul or souls of space development , this level it gives just the answers to all levels of knowledge , including the questions and knowledge that exist in the soul itself as an independent work just look mean issues that exist in the soul itself exist in the same field and in the form of an answer this problem somewhat complicated but the text of this lecture it is completely solvable and fast enough and I 'll give you three telepathic including session today means and means so try as much as in the first session, especially telepathic here after listening to this lecture thus form a space in my soul soul development space wherever questions and answers would mean the same as for the spiritual control it would simply be control and therefore all possible here here here this task quickly do the rest can be done gradually so I mean that's part of today's lecture and say this here in the form of questions and answers in simple

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words like seminar part finished and then after you pass three sessions telepathy after today this particular lecture see if this lecture listen example there after a while there may be long enough that telepathy sessions they do not change with reference to the level of such knowledge must always be functional although society develops developing world but a special task management is always to create functional knowledge they each subsequent well let also be functional but they all present the same type that is functional here as a solution to the problem will just practice on the basis of this lecture after a while again, listen to it and have such an effect that it's telepathy practically the same although you'll have to solve all other issues but technologically it will be the same for today enough thank you for what listened bye

6 lecture on 26.07.01 G.P.Grabovoy

Good day in the lecture on my system of salvation I give the harmonious development of the technology for the first part is to prevent a possible global catastrophe that technology that allows for the possibility of converting a visual signal that is actually what you see at the level of perception of the possibility of the spread of the signal macro area that is in principle access to any point in space and time managing access in accordance with this principle of this scheme will mean that when you are considering any such information to visually well let you see the right person or the same when you look at the expense of thinking or see such clairvoyant image of all these well, such as the perception of the area can be designated a certain area and seating area that is all that is perceived as a visual level of information just look at a specific example there is what that particular person , and then you see him physically then the first element of this level of control is that you need to define the outer region in the space next to him near the physical meaning you assign just like outer space near the man what that kind as well, similar to the complex can be there on a cone or hemisphere can be every sphere it can be arbitrary in this area within this region you do the maximum concentration of the consciousness means and if I 'm talking about the physical region is quite understandable because you are doing the maximum concentration of consciousness such as near that person within the designated area and you and this concentration of consciousness such that it reaches virtually any level of management so that there you can reach virtually any point in space management and the concentration is such that there is a goal to achieve a concentration of any point of space control through concentration for example, near a visible image on a physical level , this area if mental meaning you like what you have identified a fragment of thinking and doing become near as this area would be the same exercise is actually the principle is the same you are doing such a concentration of consciousness so that it is high you reach management at any point of time for the purpose of managing your important difference here is that you should firstly set the distance between this area and place your concentration that is, it should be modeled by you distance and the second difference is that the area of concentration and the region such as area light from your

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thinking these areas need to be of different sizes just in the geometric perception that is you basically its scope such concentrations should eg make the volume more than the area that your thinking is an optical signal such as this area if you clairvoyance clairvoyant from the standpoint that there exist what is suppose images of physical well, there is a tree or a person what that area as a variant of this example that you see through clairvoyance which is precisely the physical domain then the concentration takes place right on the border of this area is a kind of screen that rolls like you and you see in clairvoyance can actually look around locally and consider themselves well, kind of like a wave hemisphere it can push an image in your perception, and then it turns out that not only is the image the way you think but exists in the minds of makrokollektivnom here I introduced the term he now several new term in the sense that there is a concept of collective consciousness such that implies that your personal thinking is also part of the collective consciousness but consciousness is makrokollektivnoe what we say and know many such physical image or normal level of physical reality are elements makrokollektivnogo consciousness then when you are working with a view of consciousness makrokollektivnogo concentration is actually on the wave front of an optical wave that is so I basically distributed well, so now let's say three levels with three different levels of perception can certainly find its still there what that area but basically here these three levels with the maximum concentration of consciousness in these areas to me access to the system by system makrospaseniya prevent possible global catastrophe they allow management to make real and completely on the level of actual such that you do not allow makrounichtozheniya logical principle of this approach is that you do the maximum concentration is so high that you are perceived or what you are doing in the area so that is the first sustained this level of concentration in the first place he heals or restores it to information in relation to which you concentrate and you can use it for example including for a self -regeneration in the second it 's this level of so-called extremism in the concentration of the consciousness that he is such a principle in the human genetic system such as these concentration levels laid and they define the terms of the physiology of human genetic evolution is is, if we want to have a balanced well as to the genetic level in the program that if the options are endless development in specific people then we should do the exercises accordingly special general that would mean determined canonical example of genetic information from the point of view that is created by the creator created genetics such that in what is called the materialist conception of genetics and genetics here this consciousness must also be controlled and should also be controlled from the point of view that if there is any external influence that these effects should be established in terms of managing well that they could not change what that genetic parameters of human development in this case means I specifically brought here this feature here is in terms of the overall approach to macro- that genetics has a general nature that is there is universal in terms of units of information perception that characterize what your genetics it has certain nodal points on objectives aimed at all people equally example if people live on earth is all the same is like breathing air the same genetics is arranged so that there is the same in terms of information management perception of this information is exactly the same area and this is the second part of the lecture is actually about where I 'm talking about what it means level of generalized genetic pattern you have a self-healing system including the restoration of all the surrounding such events or control the norm in this part of the lecture just look closely at the details of the future that's like now I will talk about how to use genetics means while being generalized information from the point of view of genetics all to be able to regenerate itself and harmoniously and manage all external or internal reality there or both inner

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reality now I this part of the lecture will say let us do just that if such a system of exercises possible tune to what exercise it is not the same for each , it can be yourself but what happens next part of this lecture , consider for example here in front of my desk there is a certain space at a distance of half a meter there in this area just in geometric area of physical space , consider the third part of the lecture is to manage events out of his mind the direct control of any level events from the perspective of creative development and possible just now start to read the information on the level of each individual perception can enjoy now is genetic channel for the development of humanity is a generic channel it is in principle the same type so when reading this channel you do not get there with anyone crossing whatsoever and you do not get deterrence reading information so you try just now starting to do it so I just watched a little bit of this information is right here in front of me at a distance where it is five feet and you take each and every reading should lay down a clear idea in his perception or optical or spiritual or concrete that is what I will speak in the third part of the lecture you as long as it helped to read the information you just have to spend a mentally control the optical signal light beam peculiar to this area and would like to get feedback channels back technology very specific generalizations are not allowed here and possibly see why not cross your channels with anyone from surrounding example here now , or one of those people who will listen to this lecture on such a video that is at the same time make the analysis time of about a minute per minute is necessary to understand what there are not just there to see and still not possible to realize in a hurry in the management of that is done quietly or increase the rate of time by the same department that is, enter the time that would mean a lot as a signal of consciousness is not in a hurry because this control is enough sometimes just a few seconds now possible to cut a minute to milliseconds ie make information in their perception minutes equal millisecond and the fact that you did build there own cage such well in the area there pinky finger of his right hand build you did you did it with the help of what information is information about which I am not saying so and that this information builds your cage first principle find this information to build a second through it without defining its characteristics is now trying to do as I say such a series of words or following the logic there that I can say to do it now without analyzing so did assume one cell built around the cell 's own body so now when it did manage to try to see where near your physical body is genetic information of all people including all future people if you want to add all of the past that is where the locus in which the physical body near this information is now after these preliminary steps on management means now look through internal perception by clairvoyance or just sort of internally assessed the situation then look around the surrounding people who are now in the hall like whoever you want here is a look there next to me or near neighbor where this information other difference if you find a look you found a mean difference in this part of the lecture so I just move on to the fact that the uncertainty characterization with which you worked here how you did it but you have discovered the difference here try to be more attentive because this area control is not defined such words is not defined at the level of a spiritual impulse control and management comes from the soul level that is management that occurs through the levels of the soul can not be characterized by the spiritual state , and in this regard as the soul plays such a spiritual state you be more closely because he perceived this level look like you perceive it that is the perception of the level as I just called the level of control over your own soul, then how you perceive your own soul and the means to control what point you perceive perception because obviously everyone has because I called in the first , second you already have and that's what you perceive as the perception of it is that there is a soul vosproizvodnoe first creates

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consciousness then part of the consciousness that perception then it turns out now than you perceive your own soul as well, putting repeatedly say yes one the same question I am now starting to answer it and answer it in the first place , there is something you have matured each answer who will listen to the lecture there later on video or in deciphering such lecture transcripts from there if it is so written in the same staging I think part of it will be written while reading this text, such as the perception will go to the level of localization is a piece of paper will go if you perceive the perception of a piece of paper but it is the same list of external reality if you watch the video then you take the information as if with video questions yes there are such in this case, I formulate the question we are now in a team now turns out that in each case you have a different level of perception but it is located that is all that you play against yourself is this is one of your detectors same soul that is the presence of your soul in any object information with such technology knowledge can detect up to elementary level geometric presence there in ordinary three-dimensional space assume means in this context as a homework assignment is to find a level of presence of his soul or souls out there like another person in a particular level information in your perception that is, if I look at the door or a tree or a person or even your thoughts on such then I can see the presence of the soul like everyone there in a particular locus of the object and the information here when I said such a thing like that I can read in your perception yes then here is the opportunity to move to what I can see no perception without perception as such information that is to form the image as if I look the other way around first and then the soul of the soul creates reality and I ask her to set characteristics mean elements materializing if there or in the case of fast control of what that problem situations with how fast the current assume yes on health or to avoid it if you see it in the administration or in the elements of the resurrection as an external control element when there is control of the soul and the perception of the target is formed control logic that is how to do so here is your logic problem was both the logical development of your soul in terms of current management and in this case it is quite simple so you just simply run a first soul without declaring such management principle in terms of both to control the current wave that is and you control everything and here you see that the soul controls as you laid in the control logic because logic is still a secondary system and therefore control is obtained from the secondary system , it lies in the fact that the primary system is already marked the trajectory control and we therefore well primary system in this case, I consider that it is the soul when we talk about the primary system that created that space development identified initially as the primary point of development of all he already knew what lies ahead will be well up to almost any level there microevents suppose the question then becomes what is the current time , taking into account this knowledge like I know what's going on there in terms of information in the past if you manipulate the past or what is happening in the future if you manage the future if current knowledge that represent current knowledge or the time current knowledge of this part of the lecture, she 's basically the one that now I brought it differs fundamentally like the first two positions it concerns access to any level of events based on the level of perception and this lecture it is still quite complicated and a lot of layers to it in the sense that the transitions between one part of the lecture material to another will not sound logical means and so when you listen to this lecture logic would be that your task all the time to keep control on the second part of this makrospaseniyu landmark means self refresh plus general harmonization on the basis of the fact that it occurs in real time and that the third part is the management of any event of the level of his own consciousness that basically means is that if we are

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two parts of this lecture two parts we obtain a compatible third part of this lecture material so as I told you that you

these points certainly find there everyone has to find these points at well there better example outside the physical body , or easier and thinking in space but then you have to fix this space means finding these points do the following control in front of me is the task of all in the audience who will watching the second level who will look to study lectures third level task generally plus or minus infinity all but that's three levels of problems with the help of what you mean difference was determined with the help of this tool make management for optimal development of these situations problems right in front of me now , in principle, anyone can bring their problems here or there others who he wants right now here in front of me to simply enter a meter and a half from me over there some scope for a single task means you are doing with the help of the management tool that I said what you did manage to detect differences between two identical words with the help of this tool you do all optimization problems, this treatment from someone who is event management, and so on so well now rise above assume there can be up to several meters in the space right here in front of me and make a kind of control on makrospaseniyu umbrella as similar to background doing there Directorate makrospaseniyu it is that you simply do want to control or log in to a particular geographic area and make it more if you think that this is a problem there maybe talking about a nuclear warhead which means you need to enter into a state of stability that there was no explosion suppose what I am saying in general assume that the real information then why did it mean now look at the management of the balance as well to present information about the environment that is to see what has changed state after these exercises, that is around you whether increased density or she became such other means which information has become more united which assume more individual if the individual she became near you I just want you near what is now in this room and let analyze the basis of this analysis, I'm not specifically give the possibility as to bring it up to end and the concept of what to bring to the end of the analysis you need to just put a general position to bring that analysis to what point the perception of what to call the end of the first characteristics of such analysis is a kind of spiritual condition which implies that more should not be done or changed circumstances so what that image to another then shifted thinking in this regard is here when I say that another problem has shifted thinking look more like well above themselves geometrically above to see over the physical body it means maybe even to the point that lift our thoughts and look like physical eyes but the top for information and then when you look and find the note and get the note and find an area that characterizes why circumstances have changed the external reality that is how they are changing all that is here yeah clear there took second went sort of a different TV show or the situation has changed in such caribbean conditional mean why these events occur well as it is you and you react to them because they look so happened that just rise above and see where the point of the management of these events there as clean water there is also the Caribbean or how to make a clean there ecological system in any city there even very large how to do it best and clean the system that is sustainable means through a designated level tasks clear that management point generally exist in any process including the geometry of the physical body and outside any control at all probably can be found near the physical body is in the outer part of the means of so try this area in the first place to build itself ie finding what you as a home so let's say the level of development find a management point of build her own physical image and see why even outside the physical body can

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always enter to control any process in many respects it may be somewhat philosophical response but nevertheless I want to process the response so that everyone had a technological response to the perception of the level of optics at goal management application and the second task is why it is always very easy to transfer information from one system to another by eg rescue logically clear the first element if you see a man that personified his information with you so you are also a man in connection with the common example of the same genetic system before too direct transmission of information here are the transmission system as much as possible and get the look through them to pass information instantly example of salvation or portions there if you have time and a third layer if this plant then what is the difference and how to pass so that the transmission rate is not less than that is a kind of plant or telepathic training or information just as there generally develop in this world that the plant shall bear on itself which function development whether it is stone or macromolecules in general any element of reality should receive control information from you , and as is already the final part of this lecture see three levels of this lecture sublevels get there four or five or ten so get such a generalized system control and see how this could be a lecture talk to the point over the top but not subdividing such levels that is, for example, you want to transfer knowledge but once you say that there is one level there is a second , and so on and the knowledge you still need to pass or very fast or there slowly but then you need to talk as if the same type of speech and then it just simply another control point which will include everything that can be divided in principle into sublevels as the flow of knowledge , do this exercise and then do the management if you want to send this to someone knowledge about how to manage such levels do all the time as well to simplify the transfer of knowledge it can sometimes be difficult phrase well that another well system that phrase very well characterized and all other such persons necessarily understand it so well as you need to control sometimes but this simple phrase it must be like to repeat it a few times it is therefore necessary to monitor possible future events and speak in whichever future events from the perspective of makrospaseniya give is actually very simple you would like and are generally really in the information are there in the next iteration clearly what you need to say and then you do not always simplify this simplification can still be obtained in terms of simplification of the words but may be that this is a system which is based adaptation is largely mechanical level of perception by the next area that is constructed from all the preceding example areas and so on and so forth until you have clearly not convinced that all the knowledge you want them passed either using words there yes or without the use of words that have two options in this regard here as a special training so let's say a special task rescue mission that everyone should carry , I think what's important here is to practice a lot here with this lecture as quickly as possible or there ultrafast transmission level of knowledge when you can instantly transfer or assume there or because you want to and be sure to reach the goal due to the fact that you just mechanically build the transfer or simplify them or there may be a complicate but not necessarily reach that future transfer when you see that all that is saved just two management level one link transmission more you see that all the saved and how would you have just only establish two connections but setting these two set taking into account the entire apparatus of the example which I obviously said today you can certainly use all that I have said previously there is there to manage all prior knowledge or there own but it is in this chapter need to build at least here these here two links and prove that the management for makrospaseniyu always realized in terms of what you have here now for example you now have control means makrospaseniya already implemented these logical

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connections put it becomes immediately obvious judging by the reaction in the room now so that's actually part of this like homework I lecture now I finish well, where it will have a break for about 15 minutes until I see questions if anyone has questions you can ask to come in principle I start now answers in accordance with the usual context of the lecture material that is answers that I will give them such that it is actually and development including lecture material and system understanding of the material in the application to a specific example here is the question concerning possible in this part of the separate answer the first part of this development is the second part of the lecture material where specifically and in what area of the lecture material , I mean well, almost just in Annex explain himself lecture material that is when I will answer specific questions you possibly differentiate it immediately on two counts a specific answer because the answers that they are as well, such as lecture material so he formed as a sphere where a certain radius in front of you and you can approach it from any point of the sphere so that is looking at where you will see here and you will understand exactly practical value next question please tell us about the technology when dealing with diseases of the blood is there some sort of a feature at work and does it matter so different blood groups means the situation here next thing is that I immediately start with the fact that the plan when we talk about the difference there by groups such as the blood is primarily here should be understood that in the overall system such as the same genetic system that I talked about where there is universal units such as information and they are universal for all people , including including information there is an external reality information such plants there and so on stones that are external galaxies and universes or microcosm , in accordance with this means when you look at the blood group in terms of informativeness of the component that is the difference in instrumentation discovered blood groups , you can see the difference in terms of the environment but in terms of internal as well be the same type of environment is generally no difference here in terms of technology lecture so you see when I say that on the genetic level unambiguous areas for all people no difference what component of blood , in this case for example if I take the hemoglobin is hemoglobin can be developed as a system of information out there in the microcosm and macrocosm system so but here development of a structured so that in the macrocosm hemoglobin appears proliferation and soul in the microcosm is the structure of consciousness that is, each element of reality we can beat well the physical reality of the body so blood suppose we can break the spiritual projection such as the work of the soul and consciousness work in connection it turns out that this blood group , as such, it simply describes a navsego individual feature corresponding to the determined position information but there personality and therefore transitions between blood groups within the development are just transitions occur in accordance with the systems of so-called fluctuating levels change reality it looks well about the fact that if you spend dramatically there finger on there or what that thin subjects there on fire , fire fire means torch can be continuous as if that is very short and hence the minimum time so to speak in terms of sustainability movement process can not be notable for the entire system though in principle it interrupts the system discretely yes there is the same here are the transitions between blood groups actually exist in people especially those in children up to three years but may be in the local first and second means are so short-lived time such that there is modern technology there objectified associated with tracking assume the same blood group , they do not allow such a process to diagnose your problem and therefore means firstly if you want even here it is possible to diagnose and but then you have to identify

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locally in the vein of what specifically what time this change occurs and these systems here like mutual whether that changes in blood group version they describe a fairly general principle that since the world was created in the image and likeness of a person including the physical form creator means that uniformity in the development is that the choice of the development is first and foremost as well, including the internal status of the individual and therefore for example if we have different blood groups there accordingly it has a certain kind of own choice and here too we must be more closely this one here he describes his own choice how you perceive external reality here and so well, I say relatively long spoke group differences while saying that there is a point of intersection of the truth they are very small at the time such as 10 to the minus 18th power seconds , and so on there are basically even less but if we take the order of a millisecond that these processes are very short and generally not at all from the standpoint of consciousness in general organization of the body is a process peculiar optical pulses which apply not only to blood but to all systems of the body so there 's such a long story associated with blood groups mean it translates well, so to speak further on the logic of the first part of the question here is on technology with blood diseases the fact that the differences of the groups should be that many diseases can occur at a time when there is the principle of generalization for example gene principle here there are universal units there in genetics for all people and that transition through these peculiar well articulated that if the optical links in the information they can not always be straight and that's the cause of many diseases well, mainly diseases as systemic structures that would apply to all mechanical systems of the body mainly well, including this and the blood they lie in the fact that here genetically monotonous systems that exist for all people in a particular case , they may be so unstable at the time of their implementation ie the information in connection with this technology in diseases of the blood , it is that you commit the same type on the universal form that is take and consciousness as well would squeeze means that area which characterizes the mean rate and better for everyone if we introduce a parametric type difference groups there on how or components that you consider access to assume blood in a particular organ and a specific part of the body and then you can treat by rationing similar macroregions mean in terms of today's lecture , this type of valuation if you enter for example the control norm there makrospasenie assume this type that in infinite time will not be in the first precedent that would endanger the sustainability of there second that you are putting the system on their own such as a cell system that is the question why life must be eternal and has more technological importance is that when you do this there is also a technology and software development that is eternal questions intersect as out of the eternal development to you and away from you as to when you are putting on the cell eternal development in general and to implement it and so here ideological task as it intersects with the task to process so when you are doing such as the notion of restoring blood standards including should include as much as possible as widely as possible as much as possible at all in any case, in my many techniques included itself here and force makrospaseniya it always belongs to the management system in terms of the main objective of training and development is sustainable development of the eternal so here you can do so on the basis of management as macro-tasks and taking out as if the information in your area and also based on the fact that you are putting the decision on macro-tasks example , assume the same hemoglobin and here is how to put in and what point yes hemoglobin such as rationing or leukocytes or as generally provide blood flow continuously yes example and eternal time within the physical body that provides eternal development here here you can leave on all the issues on the perception of the soul system and get answers but this is the first element of the

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responses you get an answer specifically in his own soul , and also the second option answers you get answers as projection of your own consciousness means infinite domain that is you being in this task or hemisphere see there the entire scope of his mind and if you look on the other side you see the infinite domain of development that have the technology to access an infinite domain , this complication in this reply I specifically led to were like mechanical contact with the lecture portion of the material that is, I just replied in the optical navsego whether that option if you have an answer in the form of optical emission lecture here's the ending of this response it got there and it is a system of knowledge that you then perceive well, maybe a few days sometimes instantly but nevertheless it is the system that allows you to take forever with the same material well actually use the next audition because you get into a unified perception area so these are the elements in genetics that are standardized and it is their the existence of a permanent system that is here I am now actually explained on the basis of this question that the so-called well they really on the information that is how they are seen for all obschegeneticheskie system is a system where there is perpetual reproduction of the information that is sufficient to identify them just there to eternity factor is the first criterion access and here in this part of the lecture is already words I call this development means lectures factor perception is the same and the fact that you can use this factor as a criterion for access that is, in principle, to get into what that information should just accept it and to start it is better to immediately perceive correctly that is criterial control whether that area of perception and then it turns out that if you react to you and run as an independent work get a region which is so well reproduced that your perception of it is the management and so it turns out that if you do that or create in this area then you will surely implement it either in reality or informative in a particular case such as informative reality in physical reality so here is a response by means of this system is that it matters here I showed her how the system is now possible to say so here's a look at that person who asked the question in this part I'm not specifically say so to speak and see how this man took a particular response, and then we say to the man who asked to transfer their knowledge to impart knowledge their own perception you have all this knowledge is of a particular person to get information and accordingly train everyone in the hall there are mutually turns now starts with this have to do it very quickly best now it turns out that immediately begins to stratify information that is understanding if we assume here that the institute where listening lecture material there and after some number of lectures such understanding comes essentially chapter yes suppose ultimately that's now become such a step I have not let it install means possible so you try this one element of understanding to get through the interaction on the main goal of this kind of following means makrospasenie means including can be formulated as a question on the topic of this lecture means that it is very important the way here from the point of view of the level of genetic transmission of information such as written here that today 's present seven of the eagle and that means a lot of work was carried out by my group this technology means that try to make such an event seven people of eagle in this room then look what kind of job they kept seven people as they know the technology and that's what could well apply to the management point of view in relation to the means of these seven people that is possible not only to see them who surrounded them there what plants which events I often use the word plant yes I mean in this case ordinary plants grow well here there are trees and grass grass so on physical means plants so be sure to keep in mind that in this case I had was so binding that's it for example if the plant is a physical plant better event this event is seen by many but that is what is happening at the physical level we assume means you possibly now see their level of well control in fact

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that is what they have achieved precisely management system makrospaseniya these seven people have to pass means all knowledge surrounding what they have achieved so every means and accordingly you pass it a group of people here are seven men and seven people all the information that you may well like an option to share your experiences with the concept of management is to share experiences in relation to information management seven people it does not necessarily mean there may be there simply to convey the concept of the experience but it including assistance such as yes including show what is in your opinion the best levels of development and the same seven people from eagle , respectively, they should do the same here when I say as well it should be understood only by means of seven men how to do it means that whenever possible you try to do it all at once to do here until I say because if I moved to another instance thought you immediately go to another management system try to work synchronously in line with my thoughts with my exposure and now here so look me directly here for example where we assume that a half meters from the sphere at a distance of half a meter it from me, and its center at a distance where it is 20 meters from the floor centimeters scope here laid Instant understanding of the information I got it in general by now that that 's so tried here so mean to bring you in terms of mutual work in relation to the seven men who have a certain genetic level you have your own and this is the point of intersection of similar genoform ie these points they are the same but I brought through your actions in this form as an independent work look that displayed by your actions shape information, it is no different from functioning in the world that is it turns you own consciousness created a unified system that's exactly the area that instant understanding of the information and happening on the genetics watch when you meet a person is instant recognition in contrast if you look out there on the mountain, or what that landscape there are no people where this level of instant recognition and why it is so characterized this level that is why simply impart knowledge because there is such a mechanism instant recognition mechanism is therefore that you first give access and then you can pass any idea and give makrospasenie and all at once the way this technology so that's what concerns reproduced at the level of thought control, try to do it well, there is not necessarily in relation to the seven disciples of an eagle and not even necessarily interact there with some sort of group of people just try to find a form that you can play on their own as they do from the creator of the world and that there are not reproduced you different from that created by the creator in this case, you can naturally heal there well so radically that does not leave scars like there is any trace of the disease easier to say yes to do so as does the creator and adequately manage information so as to explore the creative development of the creator of the world and here in the examples given here it is possible to do well on their own through self- management thinking or development of its own so to speak where the concept of thinking also includes the concept of including self- reproduction on the basis of the spirit mind and the reproduction of the whole of reality in this matter in a letter I have questions relating to how to work with the book 's resurrection of eternal life is the work in that that work well with materials means in terms of technology if that training material , or material that is aimed at what that particular technology to implement it in the first place it is necessary to work in general for the right technology that there is presented first as a matter of fact the text that is possible need master the technology associated with the fact that carries the text that is to read the text and ask questions related or let yourself go or informative component or mentally to contact me or like the disciples who knows it like this so you can find the means to information of who have already mastered students and try to tie all the same answers to the same understanding of the text is the first rule generally works well with all

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teaching materials are presented in the form of texts means another option when you are working with such videotape in this case try to translate information about the same as it was during the lectures that is, if I am in terms of following monologue speed well follow my speech that there is to do as much as possible we should do it that is the first rule to try to work with video means except that there 's a video tape then you end you will have time there then you think and rethink allegedly from you improve education perform better in real-time is always here if what that current materials other question is the first sign is the first principle in this case of the second principle is a complete example of an analyst and there a few times to see the same tape is the second principle of the system because by saving all the same thing necessarily to implement instant access and instant understanding and again well back to the book 's understanding of this concept is instantaneous on the text as a kind of let's say a holographic component even in three-dimensional space as a kind of layer that whether directly in the physical space such as a piece of me out there somewhere about five millimeters from the top so well locally and not across a sheet of sheet but it means the levels are mostly as flat screen is that you can consider optical means to get an answer and get a sense of control is already the second even higher this third sense and then you find yourself in the center of the sphere peculiar when you look at the list well, how would you have here this is now actually in optics suggests that there is a segment -by-sheet that is part of the sphere to which you generally see it and when you understand the text 's note when you study material like material gradually from you what that hemisphere removed the more you understand it if you do it in the well of transcription in which you want to understand you get into the center of a certain sphere and you think that 's you understand how you want to yes for example if it is math formula written literature accordingly if you understand the meaning of a work or collectively or in its so you get into a center then try to work with their own understanding , and look in the first place that you do it habitually is that what I'm telling you it including universal perception area accessible to all such easier to learn a foreign language if you are looking for like a leaf on the surface of a hemisphere then you do not need prodelyvat intermediate steps in the output center then look as if here yes two things you do not already presenting a concave surface that is somewhere in the text for the book, you get the perception of faster means here that means one of the elements actually work but with the same text books such as the resurrection and eternal life here and the other there is a fundamental question in general in the positions of the literature dealing with the development of the eternal and universal eternal restoration that it is necessary to always work only on the reality that is the usual type is the usual means resurrection resurrection of the physical body that is, it is quite clear in terms of there quickly explain here that the soul is simply

power system is actually counteract possible macrodestruction ie if it turns out that none of the technologies are not sustainable and destroy the endless human development such means well, you can transfer knowledge there the same plants, and so on , another principle that the secondary is that it is compulsory for any recovery there pathology such yes that is organic technology that generally need in terms of development and there is just something that is common canonical laws on the management control through a fundamental sense as does the creator of this eternal and therefore management and so here we are talking here about what 's there for the sake of this means the need for this technology is

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to study the notion of the need to introduce here know it is based firstly on the fact that the need because we need to save and actually enter the real technology but in terms of the individual 's development in general identity and personality so to say in the development of self-awareness , or if you really engage what matters is that the world is natural for a person to engage in more expedient and accurate elements eternal development in terms of general here in my personal development turns out that there is human technology so to speak adequate response to potential global destruction of such technology resurrection , it rests in the fact that in terms of the maximum freedom person still must be engaged elements of eternal development not only as a system of elements element real eternal development one of the elements for example it turns out that here in this regard in any case we have that eternal development is natural and is obtained if we look here when I said of course and where is all this information we see immediately assume I am in the area outside the physical body at the level of the left projection is higher but below the hip for example left rib and that this area is in front of me but it is an area where the spirit soul consciousness they are in the same area perception and the perception of it here so can also be primarily on sensation perception is even on light spectrum as the soul that is obtained by the soul as well intersects with the perception of such well, as well as any piece of information has any other intersection with the aim of eternal progression is yes introduced feeling such a sense of perception where the term on the spirit example it is the same then this is an extreme actually talking about a major characteristic is that level which was initially thought to be secondary means assume there perception with respect to the shower in a certain place , and so they are here I like to give when saving technology I do not like mandatory accent that it is necessary to work only where it soul or where there work consciousness as secondary structure or logically say that here to save where you are doing creative leadership can work the way you want , and most importantly management to achieve real results real rescue including for example to resurrect hence the next level means in thinking let's say this or synthesized multilevel thinking where there is already a kind of thinking I can now say that yes , you can think of soul consciousness there as there is equality at certain points and physical space and the way it points not only here in terms of perception if there is to take a digital camera and make the area visualized this area there is even just one as well, kind of treatment such as for example the level of a rigid system of reality if he enter this level of course we can change the see what kind of laws in general gravity exists there why the earth is in this spot and not where there falls and flies it is possible to see how the distribution system providers in the world knowing these laws and therefore that's when you make control Be sure to put the simplest characteristic implementation well in terms makrospaseniya and yet that is the usual implementation is common in normal resurrection in the same physical body yes or there means other application management and event management if it is in terms of technology presented in the book such as the resurrection or same technology if it applied if you take the book recreates the structure of the field of information that can be event-driven control means shown in terms of secondary information as well, passing a certain line as it is similar to the fact that between certain lines mean a bunch there but a bunch of starts on the same line as such ends are not even in the logical sense and generally elsewhere ie try to find such a bunch of it on event- management for the most part where you control a complex event in the case of a particular facility management there work better on mean volume of multidimensional systems as I explained there scope such as yes and when it comes to facilities management which includes complex events work better on a kind of threadlike levels optics in the area where the leaf perception go with

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one such line means the level of this thread can be flagged well in general in other word at all as three pages if you like found this level you can do the management of which, in this case, well, you need to in this case we are talking about is that you find it more for myself though well, for example if we take the ancient Greek alphabet , they did control lines such specific enough they even pierced sheets there and linked blocks means well, really then was lost with the passage of time but how would the primary meaning of this reading of the texts he means at the management level there is now just now easier to do it at the expense of such consciousness than mechanically threads bind there one word with others, and then there is a path alignment of this thread read like a second or so there tenth sense control means but nevertheless you can so I suppose yes showed two techniques for working with the literature there can therefore find that there is still its main so you are sure to practice as much as possible compared first time but after a while when you will already own the tool can tell about it there others that you specifically what is found there may be the following technique so well and will continue to be easier the more people will know about your technology so systematic and sustained way makrobezopasnost and thus faster and you will get what is a system of knowledge transfer actually achieve and catalyze their own targets makrospaseniyu there and plus I think that there is this principle works here which I announced in the lecture that the condition which leads to precise control necessarily precise control 's transmission system knowledge when you pass the knowledge there is some satisfaction like a backward wave which characterizes it as precise control that is so you know exactly what you're doing right here , and on this I finish today's lecture thank you for goodbye