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Basis Structure of Consciousness 1_2

Date post: 23-May-2017
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1 lecture on 08.06.01 G.P.Grabovoy I'm starting a course of lectures which will focus on the three positions structuring consciousness first position is to prevent a possible global catastrophe second position third self-healing it right out of his mind to control any developments creative plan possible, include recorders and if somebody like Dictaphone, then there is no opportunity to take already have an entry in the publishing Kalashnikov Alexey Viktorovich data where this publisher find it at or near Olga George Stanislavovitch they are here in the room to give you every possible listening to a lecture in the future bring recorders and basically I'm just me the ropes there will introduce briefly the possibility of obtaining a diploma of the second degree in technology management and expert forecasting and warning if you mean specialty she first profile in the direction of there life safety or environmental protection, and such specialty plus you can get precisely state diploma of the second higher education for example if there is no desire to take the full course then it will go about it is enough to listen to lectures targeted at each lecture, I depending on the audience showing different positions on settlements and called me a full set of five such standard course it leads to what can be taken as well exam to receive UNESCO certificate ICES deprtamentu close to UNESCO and international training system certificates they prevalence data in different countries where there is the possibility of their UNESCO will need to take and even if less than five lectures will still be issued a certificate of Attendance in any case, the issue of the certificate Records shall be considered only after the reports of the certificate shall be issued as well, so this is a formal party , it may not be interested in maybe there are more but nevertheless who even came to a lecture on the opportunities come here in the office for evidence because my goal is to distribute technology level including the evidence base so that you have the data that you are familiar with my technology mean in terms of practice in the office there are special forms that hodgepodge house 14/2 on the reports that you want to fill in as the formation associated with this form means that I 'm actually mostly monolektsiyu then I answer

1 lecture on 08.06.01 G.P.Grabovoy

I'm starting a course of lectures which will focus on the three positions structuring consciousness first position is to prevent a possible global catastrophe second position third self-healing it right out of his mind to control any developments creative plan possible, include recorders and if somebody like Dictaphone, then there is no opportunity to take already have an entry in the publishing Kalashnikov Alexey Viktorovich data where this publisher find it at or near Olga George Stanislavovitch they are here in the room to give you every possible listening to a lecture in the future bring recorders and basically I'm just me the ropes there will introduce briefly the possibility of obtaining a diploma of the second degree in technology management and expert forecasting and warning if you mean specialty she first profile in the direction of there life safety or environmental protection, and such specialty plus you can get precisely state diploma of the second higher education for example if there is no desire to take the full course then it will go about it is enough to listen to lectures targeted at each lecture, I depending on the audience showing different positions on settlements and called me a full set of five such standard course it leads to what can be taken as well exam to receive UNESCO certificate ICES deprtamentu close to UNESCO and international training system certificates they prevalence data in different countries where there is the possibility of their UNESCO will need to take and even if less than five lectures will still be issued a certificate of Attendance in any case, the issue of the certificate Records shall be considered only after the reports of the certificate shall be issued as well, so this is a formal party , it may not be interested in maybe there are more but nevertheless who even came to a lecture on the opportunities come here in the office for evidence because my goal is to distribute technology level including the evidence base so that you have the data that you are familiar with my technology mean in terms of practice in the office there are special forms that hodgepodge house 14/2 on the reports that you want to fill in as the formation associated with this form means that I 'm actually mostly monolektsiyu then I answer questions for each lecture well as possible including the seminar can be called necessary to prepare all the same what that theme questions and these questions I will consider in a lecture course that does not mean that I would assume right answer questions but you can also ask questions to a PO box or bring to the office better than a post office box there faster information is processed all the data means it is here at George Stanislavovitch again olga and here they are in the room and then they come here and will be with them on organizational issues to talk now I start lectures possibly even take two microphones for voice recorders to record this was the best course of structuring it in my mind the doctrine of salvation and harmonious development is primarily aimed to achieve this in our development that we can really prevent possible in first global catastrophe that is plausible and secondly to create a system still safe development here is why I try to read all the same rate as possible to a wider audience to technology transfer as much as possible throughout your task after listening to this course is to transfer technology on the more so because they are simple to transfer is that my techniques are largely based on the ordinary laws of thinking just think if navsego example in one place in physical space we get kind of just thinking out there or that the level of such thinking does not determine directly assume events I often give geometric positions that define specific time and space management information transfer in general it is the same that is, I have to practice learning

technologies that allow thoughts to pass in special so let's say a person receivers of information then you can train with or without accompanying words or learning words that is sure to invest as much as possible sense means learning technologies that not only verbal but also mentally you just highlight the scope of information as to mechanically transmit means considering that my results can manage any matter at any distance and possibly take this literature which concerns such practice is a three-volume management practices and the way of salvation then those who now works there in terms of the theoretical foundations of so now I'm starting to specific course that will touch your personal practice and possibly when I say that we should do something like mentally do it once in a synchronous mode with me so I start with a course the fact that here briefly introduced in key positions related to the prevention of a potential global catastrophe on the basis of his consciousness and these key positions will continue in subsequent lectures they will be used as your position as bearing some postulates that in general is simply postulated that is, they can be unproven in terms of logical analysis so when you interact with the reality that such vision you can see what that object information but here it is and there 's something like this will be the level of postulating a logic level of information transmission and the level where the logic flows translated into spiritual administration essentially it is certainly at the level of spiritual education management and after that position is considered the soul and communicate directly with the creator when you can have a direct contacting directly a system of knowledge means to prevent potential global catastrophes I enter on the axiomatic level now three axioms first axiom that consciousness controls reality as well as reality and manages an adjacent element of reality that is a simple example if you see a tree that tree manages its leaf by the same laws as the reality of your consciousness operates the same wood or any other element of the reality of the second axiom next you see the reality of this is then converted into your soul is the concept of the soul as I enter the item as a warning to management that is both soul is in the future and so it actually creates the reality in front of you here this axiom needs well in a kind of home elaboration and technologically possible, consider how to do that is, I will not be here give specific examples or how that deepen the third axiom is that you have at your perception of space that is the perception of the physical space in the first place that is when you perceive something you have this perception of ourselves somewhere that is in physical space such as to physical body but of course you can tune in and think there is any distance outside the house this close to another house near his house but then you have to make the effort that is, that's what I explain what that 's all together if you focus now and start thinking everyone outside his home then this, you must make the effort that is an effort that's now this is a spiritual movement that is, you work through the spiritual governance structure is one of the coordinates of the spiritual control yourself an opportunity to identify other coordinates and try to see where the transition from logic control management because in the spiritual spiritual management can be here this be a situation that there may not be words while still managing to be implemented on the system to prevent a possible global catastrophe , I just came here to the node that you will be able to prevent potential disasters such as that there was no explosion of a nuclear reactor or in general for some reason was not destroyed like planet in any case, even if you do not have a specific example of verbal information to management or you do not have time to drive for a long time that is the principle of spiritual control he 's just such a series principle or even an axiom that is precisely what you have control even if the coordinates of the situation you do not know it is often a state in a dream that is, if you wake up and you have a feeling that you like and have some rest bright well, how would strip Does the perception that it is the control is

now just try to look closely to their states because virtually anyone he still runs but on the fact that such control is often undisputed in this case as to what that mechanisms associated with your personal practice example sleep with some sort of elements of a certain perception of events divining events or direct clairvoyance try to pay special attention to identify those that relate to coordinate management control is unknown areas of information technology to prevent a possible global catastrophe that is often the main because this technology allows you to manage large amounts of information as yet unknown is not necessarily the entire array to know if it is very big enough to go to the management point unknown area then you get such control is especially convenient for use in nuclear reactors because the backlash from the reactor in fact it operates largely on your information so there was no reciprocal action of negative well as information to the nuclear reaction which is actually for human tissue , it may be a problem that you have to manage so that the characteristics of this level of reality that do not pass on the fabric the fact that the technology that I am giving it a completely safe from the point of view of development should immediately know that in terms of what I'm giving this development as does the creator here we come to the principle of which I said that the soul when it does run already substantially or exactly as it makes the creator or approaching accuracy of such control and the soul creates the body then you look at who is not familiar with certain works where it is said that the body is part of the soul and see how the body is created for example in terms of the logic of development and control logic here I went to the principle of control from the creator and But when you want to get super-fast enough to reach the control information creator just asking specifically in the knowledge of this system so you just tune into what you need to have contact with the creator to have as well, such as preventing the same there could be a global catastrophe or something same means prevent and perhaps even petty what that catastrophe or sometimes often rests at the example from my practice that is often necessary to cure a specific person with fast or super-fast button then the same nuclear reactor is depressed or depressed while the other is not lead to an explosion and will not be the disaster that is here of course it is not just about managing any real environment but sometimes it is often event- management system that is that I will now set out in the third paragraph means in this case, I set out for the most part related to positional with macro- but these positional better in the morning to remember that is when you go to work or just for some business or even relax as much as possible to carry out a first macro- perspective was not there , or at the current time of a potential global catastrophe note I always introduce the word possible on information not fix the situation associated with the fact that there are some supposedly means fate or is likely mandatory catastrophe that is sure to enter the word as possible because I assume that an adequate response to the reality it is due to the fact that the information should not be fixed and that the management areas with unknown characteristics including not allowing capture of negative information that is to create a terminal that does not allow negative type events implemented so now I turn to the second section lecture structuring consciousness is self-healing so the first part is the part that is required to fulfill as much as possible will let devote a few minutes or even seconds there may be hours to solve the daily problems as possible on the basis of the axioms are presented and technology, you can already get their own specific or there visiting my other lectures or studying well there my tutorials on technologies already applying and structuring on the basis of the axiomatic fundamental level actually here that I outlined in the first part of the second part of the self-healing technology structuring consciousness , it is here that I consider in this chapter for example that audience where we are now I consider above all the reality of

the optical system , it is most technically perceptible and it enables control from a management perspective as well to mechanical processes is like mentally take optical spheres and their example to move from one place to another , and yet it is a self-healing system management by the fact that in practice rescue is certainly an important part of this basic condition when the rescuer should first be saved himself there or including all other save that here so this allows for structuring primarily still save the macro level that is saved as a rule are always people at the level of concurrency that is, salvation is the principle that such when it rescued the concept itself or restore always rests on the fact that it can be done synchronously with all that is still this principle in terms of the optical elements suggests that in your area information comes optical medium optical laws that exist in your perception they are not linear ie they are not like ordinary optics as well, such as light mainly in a straight line extends optics perception as you all already know , it is natural that is multidimensional when you imagine what that object information it can be either in a modified form which is not wherein in this example are used to see the physical eye or it may be partially visible or even in the form of information that is in any form of light which is then given to the inflow means so all items of information that is saved along with all of the first postulate the system self-repair or recover at the same time means that you must first configure your perception on the flow of information when time is not so much to be done very quickly if a lot can be done analytically view when all you perceived the field as well, would be saving at the same time so you have to restore them with a then he goes inflow nonlinear laws as well, it's kind of like a slide in front of you which is drained or which flow into the light rays but they are closer like streams can even be fluid streams because there in the plane straight line usually happen only either near you or it well, for example in the distance of several meters or infinity ie keep in mind if there is a straight line or hard like a straight line very closely you will notice why it is in your perceptual system and try to bring it as if mentally or possibly resist means internally and spiritually to make direct control of hard straight lines of light close does not appear here in the first stage of self-healing because the principle of self-healing is a multidimensional system that is the principle of multidimensionality should be observed on the first element of self-healing then again I do as a kind of resume would you tune into the event perceive them and see how the flow of events and where either it's on a hill or it happens in different ways depending on the time of day even or on the situation as soon as you saw that the stream where it moves in one single center center so to speak to the creator of the creator

the level of feeling is training in preparation for the development of certain sensations Well kind of technology such as the control of clairvoyance that is, you should see all of reality as it is well positioned for this work out in terms of what is around you and who is around you if your pulse passing consciousness you see some problem in humans there some disease in synchronous mode, you must restore it , this technology is the prevalence of the restoration in general any other person because after I said that the momentum necessary to restore and perceive first of the common well, so let's say I gave the example of a kind hill which offers quick pulse output over and do it and you basically restore it first then perceive why restore because it has created in the future created note here is restored multidimensionality lectures in terms of how the creator is present everywhere and therefore be more closely we must act acts as the creator of this whole technology which means you can be understood

once you put even just the fundamental issues where there is a creator as he teaches for example when you see my results more closely in terms of tissue repair destroyed and there is often the case that the authorities simply do not there or they are destroyed or cut metastases and when I restore it here I act just navsego so I 'm wondering how does the creator of this and consider doing that's all that is so technology jobs issues for action as does the creator of this technique as much as possible and then use you will understand how it does in terms of eg including your thinking and the way there are some simplifications in the knowledge of the technology as the creator still laid your development mechanism then you can do it even without transferring his actions as well be already knowing this is called clairgnosis so you always know what is, you know the answer , you know the solution and who developed such intuition was strongly the notion of knowledge , there is often this man everywhere just maybe he is assigned the logic to back such a plan or a more distant plan thinking though could use only this that is here , there is a parameter decision or do you use logic process including back control pulse or use means manage clairvoyance why manage because your perception of momentum it must be such that you first restore the environment as much as possible so you first maximum doing so in your perception did not appear any problems reality is called clairvoyance manage your momentum certainly aligns reality in the positive element in the development of this reality whether it is a disease that is obtained healing or this is what is what that business case that is obtained is the management of business in all other cases , or it can be stopped if it is such reactor may explode so mean in terms of information objects as much as possible do not select an object that big or how small the object is to control everything in general is on the same level that is created so created structure of the world that each object can be selected in such a region of perception that all objects have the same properties that the whole nuclear station car plant molecule people there and so on and so in terms of managing the fundamental difference is not what you are driving at a distance or do you treat a person or you there saving the nuclear station or do not give the plane fall means when you look at my results on diagnostics equipment, I advise you to look there at the end of the first volume is especially the case here Veremei Boris signed it is already known test pilot in the world including where he writes about managing TU 144 's note on such a system there I gave seemingly simple diagnosis mean surrendering angle tongazha well and that there was instrument failure to make a decision that this instrument failure or still is a real angle tongazha not such a given that they knew this information they are so I figured there experts to conclude they can not break that is but they know my information is usually written for such designers but actually my management was more common that is, I just wrote as part of the event means a piece of information and the fact that the plane is not broken I typed in the following events have meaning I considered that the plane is not broken in the future such that the pilots out of the plane and so on but to this point have to be here to stay as part of the flight test area that is under the management of the events have a look at the consequence that there consequence events are often a consequence you can control through the principle of self-healing and so he is often control through what 's external reality it is, and as a result you can boost output to themselves and receive rate in the presence of rules of reality then it is not a loading apparatus for thinking it is still it is in the second position here given lectures on self-healing but here I make a smooth transition to mind control any event the matter is that in my experience as a work management at any distance here the principle of self-healing and event management principle he often synthesized ie you see reality but if you want to and you can see yourself in this reality and at the same time manage themselves ie their information such as restoring or

somehow build event that there is a principle of the transition to the control area at the same time when you are considering your area but there is also the principle of direct event management where not necessarily consider their area and try to work in the system and another system so the first example of two coordinate system is your event that is what is around you , plus the outer area gets your pulse control that comes from you is an impulse control two volumes information or other principle you control the volume on just who you are targeting either a treatment or control how this example is a series of events or molecular level is no longer here is of fundamental importance but then you do not see yourself in this field and enter the information there actually simply certainly no ads mean in terms of the principle already control two areas I 'll tell you , I have already moved as I said smoothly managing any events out of his mind and direct control is important to note at once that the following when you consider the two coordinates is always between two coordinates so I can speak a few simple mathematical language in the sense that it really coordinates conscious and tend to highlight the possibility of domain coordinates means start with the management of the two systems work well in more orientation on the right means the body that is if you are running at the same time with each other and with external events combining two areas as well be two areas roughly the possible start to work right first and where it may be better at the waist that is at a distance of about fifty centimeters if you are working with one-coordinate system that is managing the events you just running left as possible if that's such a center of symmetry passes along the body from top to bottom vertically and right and left side as well, to distinguish geometrically and just fifty centimeters in front of him at the instance of the lumbar spine but not before a one-coordinate work management system business in is that when you look at my practice is a system which allows you to manage well what that ultra-fast or instant control as possible in the management be more closely because one thing is just thinking another thing when you think you're in control area directly affects the reality means in accordance with this track control pulses and possibly the first time be sure to check that is see what happens in reality, either in terms of macro- if it is there that they show on TV or in the media there is a treatment accordingly if patient care is monitoring events from event in terms of the time that the first control pulse necessarily where that try to project on a physical level in the future but this is not necessarily the projection and the more it is limited because the purpose of the control is to prevent such disasters to prevent the problem or make a decision right away so it is and how the concept check here often does not exist here the way the nodal point of this lecture the main purpose of the principle means of management is direct and precise control elements often that you perceive in reality they can not be carried out for example by physical means such terms but it is your goal that is the purpose of the safe development is to prevent any problems and so there must be very precise look at what is the experience like I suppose you are writing , I have two forms of control means reporting on the information level where you what the problem then tap on the information and possibly still write with you are here to immediately introduce the concept of control of clairvoyance that is what you perceive as a problem is you have to be aligned then you mean how would perceive aligned in a positive way then write out and write perceive that this technology is that you got the problem solved by information level and is a form of management reports that highlight the physical layer and so far as possible engaged in the management of the physical layer events follows adjust themselves to the fact that as little as possible so that all projected problems in your information and secondly, if that is where it is already registered then enter the well, with the objective that has coordinates and track the results on a

physical level means constantly increasing positive side management thus obtained on a number of issues in the information management level is often more important but it is not verifiable because you shifted such information no explosion and all the people or not but it's sick is your goal in the other case means already known physical coordinates known some plans they have got into your perception you need help and then write it very objectively and possibly more objectively examine the process that is if this treatment , I usually advise the center on the same most survey instruments let those same doctors as possible and if it is well what the other physical process means , respectively, as is more analytical approach that is particularly the first time possible to Practice well on the physical reality of the system have been manifested more controllable, and that's on my system actually it is a system of spiritual education, it is just that the main goal is to be able to prevent such disasters that range possible that might be there , or prevent any disease process or well in reality in any case that is the education system is that you must have the spiritual condition and state of mind and it will be your management often even without logical status control that you can get in any case the transformation of reality in a positive way and with this transformation so that it will be you in the future in any way deal with the situation that you are in general even perhaps never met that is the purpose of education is not the study of what there means constantly techniques which are known and which can repeat this can be done in the presence of such time but the goal of education is the ability to handle any environment can be even sovereshenno unknown environment in the future or there in the past and at the same time be able to develop the mechanism which in any case you will save and including other event management technique so out of his mind with any events at any distance is basically a technique of such a spiritual level of development which means you can instantly make a number of decisions or assume control of the plan to make sure you get virtually instant results or or you can manage systems that are not known and can even be anyone other than you but nevertheless you can consider this element of reality to displace and convert it to prevent it appeared somewhere in a kind of disaster pathology and so forth so to control events at any distance is precisely the objective of control associated with the fact that you have both a self-training yourself to cope with all possible situations in the future or to work there , even with the information of the past but you have to do it well, such as well actually that 's if I can get there and Pepsi cola can always drink it in principle because it can take your fingers so the same thing you have to have absolute control instrument well, for example on the spiritual logic or what or other management -level example of the control immediately soul in this regard, I now introduce here 's management actually level of his consciousness level of reality at any distance I now introduce a set of axioms that will be four axioms that in the end of this lecture should be independently as homework actually learn and explore means and consequence influence at least the axioms and from these axioms to obtain a specific technology for managing events at any distance that is your task will be besides what I said then that is the basic foundation to be able to manage on an axiomatic level actually means comparing the interaction of different areas to be able to get these axioms technology ie means any part of the lecture there is an opportunity to develop their technological level of control means first axiom of managing events happening at any distance so that the events primarily converted from the perspective projection on your inner reality that is here you can select your inner reality well as inside would assume like inside the body of the soul , even so it is possible to explain this term in the inner region in the innermost region of the soul can enter a term and consider management actually synchronous version that is all that is happening around the outside as well, reflected on two film strip running

simultaneously reflected in your soul means axiom second your soul organizes all external reality as well as it organizes your body that is a mechanism to organize reality for your soul, he unified body organized under the same laws by which the soul organizes all external reality created by the third axiom creates all at the same time and there is in any of the consequence of this axiom is quite understandable I especially her here and not dwell fourth axiom you perceive external events not only in the form of for example the optical range , or as perceived by the mind of the range and you will naturally perceive events at the levels which may well now you do not know but in the future you will develop these systems of perception and will have them ie it is logically necessary to axiomatize clear but here it is necessary to work with than a way to axiomatize and here there is a very great tool for self-development that is tuned for a second along there for a day or an hour or how much want there for 10 years can be 100 and then see what you need to by the time you've had the machine control internal and external reality, and you can form themselves on this my technology so you just being here well just imagine for example your image eg tomorrow somewhere in the middle of the day and take a generalized image means for the whole day or specifically what point tomorrow and from here you can view the events around him, and transfer knowledge most effectively so but still considering pre clairvoyance via control so you can conduct identified by education

irrational notion that vision or clairvoyance including concept means that which includes the perception of information from the region where the information you perceive as the laws of distribution of information , this is such a complex phrase , it rests in the fact that if you have a well, there assume Newton's law because there eg apple falls here you have clairvoyance because the information distributed here as I said, that is, for example , you can find including their technology similar but in this case there are two mechanisms or only use my technology and then you can safely work well there as you want if you are making your technology should certainly check them repeatedly so that here again, as regards these four axioms for event management at any distance simply take navsego assume axioms written on slips of paper they can memorize or even just remember after listening to it on audiotape and changing sometimes even in the geometry of these areas you will have some information on the different events to get control clairvoyance example presenting himself in the future, or any person or any even number of events as well as the scope of an elementary example placing them on the table in front of you can calm enough mentally moving these areas even now written on slips of paper and moving these pages have information to manage these elements of reality and not only these elements , as it were , as such, as they move at all you will see is the way well with experience or immediately but also to see what information is obtained means in relation to you that there 's suppose that there is control if you look at their events , or events such as other people and not just people just to information that is the criterion of control sometimes it is quite clear it was time well control clairvoyance he immediately clear but it is necessary for the development of such use what you take axiomatic system which I have just said, in the form of spheres and just navsego their move , depending on their location in relation to each other , you can move them to a different well in the range of one square meter suppose there meter on and what information when you move , you have the management objectives for such purpose here is some scope which means either health that is the

restoration of health or is some event or series of events , and you get enough in principle all three combinations and have to get a generalized view of this generalized point of this is management that is on what you need to concentrate and what you need to achieve that is, the canonical domain that is needed to control that is, I just single out here the principle of axioms that axiom is the legislature as a layer that is postulating exactly the same level as such as gravity and if you throw it loads all the time he falls here the same distributing information outside of these areas you get mentally control is based on the fact that the management of this is your perception that you have on what you see these areas as a means I explained you can even write on pieces and just move and see how the information on the object management goal may be the same nuclear reactor and in general any system that you want to change the information and usually does not happen very big that is precisely what this narrow range suggests that such a lens is actually a form of governance , it is that you see these areas position accuracy in the future as an independent work , try to find this type of sphere criterion finding is that when the data fields you do not arise in the perception of something well such is new although it may be a different view but you can logically or informative associate that there is in principle the same as that is possible homework , work with you to find all the same like their system it certainly may not even be an end in itself you can just use my technology but as I said that the purpose of education is still your own spiritual level that allows you to either create their own technology instantly or you already know very well such as my means but the concept of such its technology so it can rely on and will be based for example largely is sometimes on my technology but that 's the meaning of education when they themselves can create art you can quickly transfer them although you can only pass my technology is generally the choice of everyone who wants because as create their own technology here still need to test them and make such that they have been tested in practice still see my work on something faktologizatsii results and note that such a sufficiently long practice I emphasize often cure such means is stamped notary only those people who need it that is, I consider it as a subject for that is what 's stamped that he was cured , and he really has not returned to this there are people who do not need it as well and on the facts there diagnostic techniques well on any facts that is faktologizatsiya should also be managing the facts have to do in general is the same same thing that you are doing well, such as the target of his salvation and all see themselves as much as possible may be even deeper especially now I'm on the lecture book spoke of the resurrection of the technology means full recovery matter in general any object information and try so many laws are easy to learn how to canonical ie these laws as well, such as a textbook of mathematics there or at any other level of knowledge there are certain axioms, and then the logical consequences of these laws as much as possible so get your hands on something that will have you on their own means in the form of methods that can be developed to appear so I think that such if it is your own methodology tested here be closer to that point of view in order to practice and practice is that what that evidence is necessary to fix what is not what I said, but more importantly it means that they are creative is the main goal and when you like factology practically implement their means possible here highlight where my management system and where you make your although it would seem that quite a multidimensional level lecture me but nevertheless you can still identify where my information is where your future will allow you to differentiate between information other people and what is happening in the world at what people are involved at the level of information who is doing because it will allow you to combine efforts even here such as telepathy after the current level of the lecture, I still spend telepathy three lectures in a row from 10 to 11 pm for the

purpose of this lecture it is actually telepathic today's lecture continued for three consecutive days means from 10 to 11 just tune in to the perception of lectures and possible means to make possible so when you take a lecture that is different principles telepathic perception of the continuation of this lecture is that words can be can be which then may be images and spiritual perception that there is a spiritual state, get outside for example here I give a spiritual state , and there can be so that there are no words so telepathic perception , it can be a totally different level of telepathy has all the soul where the information is transmitted directly to the soul then the speed is superfast and it is perceived as a state of mind but a state of mind it's not even mind the information because it is a spiritual state more familiar state of mind state is a super-fast processing level perceived consciousness and a person believes that he is just like alone or often falls asleep that is so possible means what comes in telepathy would be good all the same write and pass such office now means I spend training means training the next back to what I already told you that is you present yourself again now only one point for example here somewhere in the center of this room and you present yourself so that you know that all means are themselves facing such here in the center of the room and try to see yourself and see a generalized image immediately right now so look at yourself and look at the general image is may take a little time two or three minute so you know now probably will this situation , you try to make the perception still more so to say once again focused and look at all the generalized image around here that you already have what you like here in the center of this room and around you here this image generalized image so now apparently do so is necessary to fix a memory this way is a generalized way and still try it as well as what it is a geometric figure well imagine what geometrical figure closest to that image is then generalized so let so I 'll tell you one piece and possibly you were to raise your hands just such a figure who might consider it a cone with the base at the bottom that is the top top base closer to the bottom of a figure who is seen well so now it is the second level as well be closer to outline whether that person as well, maybe that's similar to that of human well as go to clubs there a couple sobstevnno saying that perception of light well who saw this as a good means now know that someone saw a cone and who saw well yes type peculiar there matryoshka more multidimensional variant take these images and put again in the middle of the table here before that is already a generalized image of dock docked start generalized images who saw differently still a generalized image , try to put it in the middle of one must remember that the law information in this area can be an infinite amount of information to introduce you to each other does not interfere with at least the information around the world can enter here informative thing you perceive what happens is the perception that worked it is your perception of the governing body since the time when you have a generalized image already put before a deal in that note that the creator creates reality when he created such there is no concept of the future of the past there is no concept of time at all well in a certain sense he has acted so as to have each developed next to the next that is now try to find the first of the second generalized image that is to find laws according to which one object then turns to the second information means when you have to put a generic joined again with another example cone with dolls and came third to see how that's like the cone there is a third object yes or matryoshka what laws in light perception with implemented this work is the same as does the creator of reality and the reality principle, since it is the law of development to establish the reality of it is that you can implement these laws in the form of proprietary technology development that is why it is important to see how the development of reality , not only by your volitional activity but also by the natural development of reality is now once again who again saw already generalized to

matryoshka when aligned with cone cone again who saw opportunities for hands lift means so to say who considered this rather unique way but it is possible if someone considered such a moment as an infinite column light as well, would be infinitely high leaving here means that endless column of light that is just the system of organization of the transition layer between the two dolls are already there like matryoshka third fourth and so on and in the meantime there is a generalized image that is the development of this is also a form of just simply well, for example, it has seemingly endless post here now possible to use the same technology means consider development not as a dynamic process and as a form of representation in each mean what form it is, the development of such a cone or matryoshka nesting dolls from the cone to the next cone or whatever from cone to cone and so on ie conduct exhaustive search what form is this development from the creator and the creator of the form and that means that if you have what it suppose abnormal cells or who see the example and you need to build a normal cell there is obtained it is enough just simply fix mentally form directly in the area of the same cell and the cell recovers all the technology that is actually quite an application that is there even more often nothing to do there is enough only to identify the shape and everything and fix so just do some work still times cone cone cone example matryoshka generally between other elements of information as a single object moves to another as how a person comes to the reality of such a plant so as to form goes into the ground why the plant grows out of the ground for the creator of all reality it is in the same position you have to work creator obtained if we take a number of strings to hang it well, there are information objects assume that any goods then the bearing surface is still what they are attached are all in the same position each cell creates created in real-time as well, ie to re- concept of the future is a constant process of creation and then it turns out in this case is how the need to create a land that is how to concentrate on the ground to plant grown as what the transition from land forms such as a tree form what form each course it is individual but the meaning is that it is the management that I often give generalized forms when they occur well in general there is a principle of the development of such an event Polevoy contact area is obtained generalized form it may be important to know the principle of individual and therefore as far as possible , you try to identify here a form which would allow it well as a law open in each system that is every form discover until I say all the time when I say work practice means that you simply try to practice here is to find these forms that is let it take a little time but now find these forms , see here's the situation here is when you worked for a while and you got some practice arose spiritual state that is here when you are doing something that is always on the job a certain sense of feeling secure is one thing to manage forms such as yes another thing to manage on the basis of the spiritual state then you can sleep in principle logically not even zanimatmsya control but enough to get here in the spiritual state you manage such a long time now there were practicing rescue aircraft equipment such treatment of people or even any control you gradually develop a certain spiritual state which corresponds to the fact that there is this control or a technique or treatment is or control arbitrary number of events and therefore often there is little time to build structures such as geometric simply enter into this state and you'll see later that this is the same type of work item that you are able to be as generally do not do anything and in fact you doing the same thing that you are driving through a logical way so when you have considered the form for example in practice , go to the construction of the same reality but through the state and see where are the feelings that is where are the thoughts that's your general feeling inner perception in this case than it involves unpacking well make sense of what that 's like when you have a concept of thirst but like feeling like desire and at the

same time that the material here is try to start with such feelings so well, there is a sense of compassion that is suppose to try to put this feeling of control and any elemenit sense can see that you want to see and how of what form or another suddenly feeling as if that is what sometimes suddenly some element of reality as it triggers through the senses to see the changing reality that is building a sense of reality as an element of your perception and as an independent

even abstract thought is transferred to the abstract logic can such thinking assume that figure five yes it consists of some strokes well any other figure also consists of strokes associative transfer that is completely move on to the mental well on mental image in any way possible can be quite seemingly there illogical move but do it now may take time the matter is that today this practice in principle, mainly as a self- sufficient work will need to be possible to do this on their own practice and then when you practice this prodelyvat you try to always follow essentially the same goals such purpose here to act as the creator still every one of you to act as the creator to act on target still possible correctly you might have better control if the absolute control of the physical manifestation of an event means to control their information if well then and still does not allow it to see it is so that is its controls and attach all my technology is still particularly well to the objectives primarily makrospaseniya and harmonious development of systems for the safe and then the solution of particular problems the fact that everyone walking the planet understands that there is a weight -related systems the fact that you have such a plan well, let's just say that the development of the protein form of life at all in general , and even any example but especially if the protein can be called so by conventional biological laws that means there must necessarily be contained in the information part of the information of future events that is in any case, look at the fact that each of you is doing in terms of the organization of future events as involving your information in the future and an opportunity to identify what that individual characteristics that have well your identity private part when you tap you see that what you are doing is in either way that is unique to each creator gave yourself do something in terms of its private makrospaseniya and apply this technique in terms of the so-called well, maybe even more on their specialization in this part that is what you are doing here personally but this is not like other deal because you still have to do it and then it turns out that the position of each here in many ways they are equated in terms of management and these are just developing such technology that allow well, so add the following technique or increase their level of these technologies they will look like well technology still mostly spiritually personally but your development including the development of another that is here so I laid the selection of personal characteristics of the device as a simultaneous transfer of knowledge when you see that person you do so accordingly can pass others to understand how it happens yes system knowledge means so I think that 's here at the beginning again to get back to this again , I said that there is correctly expressed this idea and even invested in information it is necessary to transfer knowledge about the salvation of my technology there any proven that you know why but I like here build technology based on certain levels of consciousness development can materialize as such there 's reality can be controlled at a certain level of development when technology will occupy a growing position in the general development of society 's level of control and consciousness, it is only possible level according to the most prominent researchers such as the academic world , including my own is that there is a technology that allows you

to control devices I have such a data transmission system of the invention look at my possibilities patents thought it tested concentration sensors on the chip is transmitted and read on another chip that is a technology allowing to control appliances at any distance to prevent the catastrophe by the same well, some systems such as crystalline and controlled machinery needed in the future and it can develop very quickly so these techniques may soon be necessary and this here is the way the education system it is approved by the state program and then only for Russia Russian Ministry of Education and has in principle here in approving so I just showed that these technologies are in many cases primarily needed in the context of developing technological systems in the world because there are already such as neural network systems computer that type of artificial intelligence and they can develop such as now distance overwrite memory in other computers in the distance like a small electric current in the wires put out there electric fields and so on but if neurocomputer this type as it exists in the form of separate boards there already if he does it to connect it will be self-sustaining system of artificial intelligent and and then it can be for example to control or stop there as it only through his own consciousness in the development of technology 's own consciousness actually restrictions on the level of development say another piece of information is not here you should be able to control any system there supercomplex ship or example is the concept of mean such as alien system no matter what they say yes complexity aliens are such concepts so they are divided into those that means more which a higher level of low or there is evidence of ufologists are why I consider any information completely neutral let's say that is my goal to provide all systems even somewhere babushkana bench said that it has some problems that we also need to make so that it was manageable that is possible when management does not mean do not put it in general should not be possible , in principle, it takes now do not put any restrictions on the management of any excess of the so-called super-intelligent or complex system because as I said, is the law of distribution of information each information object is equal and when it moves to the creative level is one that is harmonious development unless others are creative then any object information you can control the information that is what that grass can be controlled if there is a powerful set of terms of the link to see just digitize the communications and watch how the light distribution in space and time so you must understand that this administration in any case I give regardless of the complexity or possibly even another object there imnformatsii means here at this level this lecture I finish my lectures in practice there are two types of response to such questions are best put to lecture questions and if they arise after the lecture, then write and send them to a PO box or in the office bring and while I can give an answer either in the form of telepathy suppose sometimes send brochures to give special there excerpts or audiotapes dictate that is, while there are any inquiries possibly ask their course after a while when you are already on the level of the control clairvoyance more rate will go there often questions or general so that's just like in my practice, even here when I was studying there I was immediately clear example answer but I basically did not ask questions therefore are not an end but can offer just such purpose of the discussion , and all that is topic which is discussed and so on so I'm now here to answer any questions that are in principle well, just from the standpoint of practice they will have answers such as this lecture I 'll be more focused on what matters to consider the applicability to lectures from my point of view applicability of the concept of this concept when I can no longer use the specific consequences of the axioms and just what I considered in relation to this issue such as the question is then how you can optimize your ability to control clairvoyance fact that saving technology to optimize at all in idelogicheskom whether that sense of need so far as is necessary ie if you have some

booming nuclear reaction and then it can be a big problem if there is a nuclear explosion control means clairvoyance should get ahead if you're there for a second month will see the means for a second month in the past month so it makes sense salvation for example such that the control clairvoyance must necessarily operate in terms of achieving still necessarily in harmony management optimization should therefore be the target if you want to see the micro level let it will take maybe a few mesyatsevno then learn to see the micro-level or micro-levels of control and so on so technology rescue put more meaning ideologically should be saved and time defined for this purpose so then here is the question of how to optimize your business the fact that the optimization here is that you scope such business that is present your business in a certain field of information and then work can even imagine there in front of you on the table in the form of spheres with maximum or include all the possible characteristics of the business or you can what that means that you need a separate feature in the form of spheres then submit event management at any distance take these four axioms that I said the same as spheres write out information leaflets even put these back on this piece of your business goals and get the tune and then write out the communication connection with the concentration on these links you get direct control of their specific business question generalized so you can do to treat and cure a person to write such a diagnosis and treat at a specific location which is information leaflets that is that you do not even see the first change in the perception and what information is here when the combination of sheets there five seven movements do not change nformation then you get means that you can control that you need to do it is not mentally necessarily move there physically but you can of course the best is not to write that there are areas just tune in to these areas and have four areas on the fifth projection sphere when viewed as arranged level of dynamic level of development whether that event that is where the world 's statics to dynamics so preresekaetsya for example at the level of information that there basically pyatizvenevaya structure where the four structures are bearing system and the fifth is a transitional level and if so from the standpoint of device -level exchange of information out there in terms of treatment in terms of event management or treatment refers to the distance that it is the fifth element where it is the fifth transitional link you need to do then is the purpose of the goal it is not absolute and you must understand that it is always connected with all the other information that changes in my work such as application frameworks have created the field of information out there , I describe just principle that every object information associated with each and how it should be considered and that this implies that there is, in principle , the mechanism of these links so basically I think that the main element here is that the main thing is still here to spend more practice time still better daily management through your mind gradually it will be just such a level that it is natural and will not hinder but when there is already more advanced control clairvoyance then you already have it as a system in general is something like this when you look through the eyes there you can open the door there is a turn on the recorder will then same will naturally but you will constantly monitor all events so the question is if everyone would live forever and then what is the purpose of it and how to deal with overcrowding of land means the matter is that we have to take my book is the answer to this question is best resurrection and eternal life and there will be clear that the goal is that eternal life is considered as an element of the same law postulates that the everlasting eternal creator god he creates eternal and therefore the purpose of creation is eternal life for all because it creates an everlasting eternal law is just the type of information on the uniformity creation of information is absolutely the way including mathematical problem means there is even if such a princ

iple from the point of view of mathematics great many still leads to a large set that is both

if so here is generally abstract and logical goal is the ideology that when we put the task eternal development , we will also deal with matters essentially relations relations between different objects sometimes people people people there vnutriekologicheskie ecology problems and so on, and accordingly changes the system development and how you know enough to aim it can always be achieved if there is no need to develop such weapons system and the way the concept of resurrection here I introduce it as a characteristic of a power system to counter a possible global destruction if to prove that it is possible to resurrect then clearly it makes no sense to make weapons wait to agree policy for example , or it will be resolved at some level mezhgosudastvennom say sometimes it turns out that the objective will not feature in the thinking and therefore we must rely on themselves and better themselves it means you should still manage themselves and myself, and man is created once the image and likeness means for example created free and why should there some system of global destruction must touch us then we must do something so that you did not touch means to prevent such destruction , including those that proved by the resurrection proved there is such a philosophy as it is a small way to say this perspective lies in including this book , and therefore the goal here is also the goal of giving all the same freedom of the individual closer to the true freedom of the individual in the form where each instance even logically eternal number of events can be completely free because it is clear that depends on the number events he will do what he wants so that regard overpopulation land here the meaning is that this book is listed as based on the consciousness of his own consciousness such consciousness of matter such as my various work there in Novosibirsk MSU materialization they talk about how you can create such a vacuum created quite ordinary oxygen there just land plants and so on different experiments on the materialization of that is how you can create the ground will need to land so you can build it up or what that other land that is actually is not a problem because the world is also described it means all the same meaning here is that the world is manifested as a collective consciousness where there is certainly first and foremost comes the consciousness of creation but here the situation is that all the same because the creator and teaches to do so here it turns out that that's just part of the consciousness of the creator here but he and teaches that you builders that is able to create so when you start to practice what you see here on purpose such as to create the space and the time that you look at the fact, if your goal is defined for makrospaseniya is not as hard and as a rule it in principle, the concept here 's efforts as such there is no such concept in this direction is the concept of purpose here for the purpose makrospaseniya can either heal or to materialize there but in terms of effort can be no be any efforts just the usual natural there may even be several lightweight whether that condition from the point of view of consciousness there because you are doing for everyone and it gives you stability and therefore of course you actually do when you choose a rescue mission to rescue it , and so it is clear that there is now the way is a question related to the second question concerns hence the notion of good and evil is good does not always win but the point is that the concept of the victory of good now rests still in it to really firstly realize the threat is real and existing adequately respond and that's consistent with the notion of evil suppose the question is why evil is alive and well example and always wins good but the fact that I attribute to the concept of evil even more often to the notion of a

lack of knowledge that is, if the knowledge is not to meet or do not cover the entire system in a complex then it turns out that we are like a good system but sometimes it seems to be exercised may be negatively so the purpose of my education still is to cover all elements of reality and why it is so with regard to global education systems that is certainly the ability to consider all elements of reality or in combination or separately , you can just imagine the whole world as a sphere of radius there are two centimeters and it is really so so you can see all the processes within this sphere and of course good in any case it wins but now have a situation such as in connection with a possible global destruction even reproduced person is better able to better yourself if each can be saved if it is clear that together we naturally save anyway so here is the situation related to assume the cost of the issue at a cost of lecture course means the fact that the concept of value is limited by the fact that after this lecture will have to come to make a digital scan and you will be given special well such here well, it means digital information processing systems and these systems will have after each lecture to wear at least a month so that's why , in principle, the cost of the system rests on the digital information processing will be done there and then another video will need to monitor it for a month at a minimum associated with the situation control all the same I do cell control event- control in this regard as it will have then come to the office and doing these surveys here maybe it will be easier for me now until I shot an individual that is unavailable shooting overall in the hall but in general I soon work off this technology did not necessarily go to the gym then we will do the overall survey and immediately make digital these systems that is, until I have all the same control method is introduced here for the information and the method of control , he rests on the fact that here these mini systems digital have to wear so here next question is why neumiranie method to prevent global catastrophe here I explained what it means is a method neumiranie predotvrasheniya global catastrophe because the point here lies in the fact that when we put the ideology of eternal life that we do not create at least weapons themselves and secondly neumiraniya mechanism provides fully self-regeneration and control of all outer space so this is the way to prevent a global catastrophe well one of the methods so say the fifth question why so well die I would say in general that's probably more of generalized question and how you can prevent the general 's death so let's say a specific question here is why the truth die young children and how to prevent it but here the situation is that here in my opinion , this question is actually it is more common , he refers to the concept of death , not only do children and how do I prevent just writing in general book now question whether it is possible to master the following foreign languages with the help of your technique the fact that I explained how if you need to save it for what it is even self-rescue techniques such as I gave pilots often literally three days there in the full amount of a foreign language when they were transferred other aircraft and it worked but it generally is not an end in itself there quick adoption because of the pilot could not realizing such manager as he could in principle assume fall well yes and so he quickly mastered but if you want what yes it is necessary for the salvation of course you can if just for such tasks not specifically and rescue tasks such as well achieving any goals then you try to make this a goal that she was saving for everyone here then in principle you can master just like an external student there is a method of learning foreign languages which simply informative level ie you select another language in the form of viewing information from the elements as you receive information at all the information at the cellular level for example perceive or event-based and mechanically just go on and enter and then you all so I way done in general education and there which languages such as physical level have to say yes and I mastered including but it was just there was a goal that did not have a nuclear

reactor exploded in one of the countries and if we assume that you simply still you know , I still give it the technology of salvation and real if you consider all the facts and my goal that exists so here if you tie all the same to the salvation of all that I have such students is one of the students quite clearly manages quotations on the New York Stock Exchange for example oil is completely just exactly she found meaning in their technology is that it ties up these quotes to the tasks of universal salvation but if you find that this mechanism you manage any process as quickly as you want to well including for example the study of foreign languages on a more generalized question what to do with emotions if they suddenly begin to cover it like a person means the matter is that as I have explained , I even laid even in the first lecture tamupravlenie through the senses as much as possible you consider this management control including emotions and just simply you just highlight the emotion as information first maybe it looks unusual because it had seemed that the feeling as if they exist in themselves but it is common in the general information only question is whether I have the information so for example, if we consider the feeling of love that is not actually having sources there is love and something to do with it here and probably do not need so much but there is a feeling that you can make out that there is a feeling as if unpacked such as love keeps peace and unpack it more usually is not there any such here quick opportunities unless it we are talking about real love if we have any other feelings they may be unpacked and then well, as can be seen to the investigation and the investigation and often the elements that lead to emotions and then often you can simply track where all the emotion that just for influence and this influence stay there is the concept of different concepts such as psihoka evil eye damage there but I attribute this to the concepts of interpersonal relationships as a normal exchange of information only question is that if you are doing here and salvation turns well resistance then your task is still not destroy other means to be able to save it is their position of those who would destroy in this regard their task more simple example just to destroy and your task is still intelligent if you practice this technique you need to select a position where you can control but not crush the other and vice versa to give it a level of events that would lead to this formation because the concept of eternal development implies still learning technologies from the creator of all that is to live forever and ever develop even more so if these questions we are now well even fast enough people have not mastered the technology in principle, such that yes of course good wins here I am as a practitioner just doing it to be a really really mean it would not have the threat of global nuclear destruction is not as well interstate contradictions assume no infection that can destroy it and so on so in terms of the reality of work is actually very well, and so many seem to have a sense I think all the same that's why I still even look at the issue of emotions on those elements that are more understandable to you that even more intimate feel emotions thoughts there , operate more efficiently so that it turns out as a kind of practice knowing that you will not be there once again to practice on the elements as if that may be a physical reality and will do just that there are no problems and everything here on the book by the resurrection of the issue means that as far as possible to distribute the book in general resurrection and eternal life are the fact that it's just a book for all if there the ability to distribute it and that it is necessary to disseminate as widely as possible so the fact that there are little nuances associated with the fact that I still edit it yet but here in June, I actually think will publish more than in the final edition is the resurrection and eternal life there is still a monograph resurrection '99 resurrection and eternal life book is 2001 then the book itself , in principle, it is still that of course I'm concerned that it was best if everyone has the ability to distribute it I always welcome of course there exists such an option as a concept that 's concerned there

may be a publisher who publishes such as yes there is some copyright but in this case I like the author 's right I can say that there is any permission to distribute another question if there is such a publisher distributes books out there in the form or in the form of online systems then basically here like acquiring a book if you have a source of dissemination as well not just the commercial there is no limit , you can distribute any number of publishing rights and assume the publisher will not have issues like this if the book is published and well and if there is internet and how typically these rules especially now no need to adhere as much as possible in all there to send emails that is, I have absolutely for I believe that copyright law is like for the sake of it does not exist publisher exists until there is a planet so the fact I think that here , in principle, well, since I basically tried to cover those issues that are in the future and we agree that as much as possible before the lecture better still put questions because I have a system image processing here means I still do objectification image then digitizes then do the usual morphological control that is looking for state of the human body and if the questions have already been made in the course of this lecture several loads digitization technology means so basically what I said on the book because the fundamental question I'm interested in the best infinite diffusion of the technology of the eternal life but these are mainly issues that already existed prior to the lecture, we now need to do so in the hall just now as well just sit here might be somewhere to rest even now be done videography maybe even do not need to be I'm now a videotaped I enter the first time it was usually individual digital recording translation into figures well if just now will still record it will digitize and then have to come to the office to pick up the system so well, the so-called digital control system that can be either a floppy disk or hard drives they should just wear to a radius of no more than 70 meters if possible of course it can do who want to but I advise you to do because I still do both at the time of the restoration of the way of lecture materials and opportunities to see the state of the cell is my technique I created it for working in engineering control of remote facilities such as space and it allows to consider exactly what happens in the cells just a regular diagnosis due to the fact that in the context of certain information well done Ripping allocated spectrum image of the reality that corresponds to the person and a hard drive that he gets it just as it fixes the math believes this technology is well, it is a neutral , it does not do anything only transmits information about the cellular composition of the normal events plus the rate of events that is, if a person well there on the hard drive appears on the display that there are some problems with the norm and the norm is understandable from the point of view non-interference in personal development is that is he is alive there is no such injuries yes well what is the usual concept of a norm there really introduce the norm in his goal to say the fate of creative development but it is actually the main events that did not happen in some problems here on two characteristics are control means if you're here you can come pick up these discs will now simply made video george please do so you just sit on the ground

2 lecture on 22.06.01 G.P.Grabovoy

Good day all I now begin the first part of the lecture will be constructed so that this activity first lecture will be about an hour and then will answer questions following some of the questions well, for example the next lecture should be much better to leave now in the lectures on my system rescue and structure of consciousness is in part related to the prevention of a possible global catastrophe I give a method of structuring consciousness based on what you build element of reality as such optical displays on the perception that the item you are doing dynamic reality the matter is that my methods of structuring consciousness that technology can be or step that is studying every time you get a new method or each method can work separately especially in situations related to the preservation of a possible global catastrophe and therefore it should be noted that each of the methods is including autonomous means that this method is based on technology that is the perception of consciousness is regarded the control system with the perception considered as an element of consciousness but the goal of this method is the control that is specifically saved from possible global catastrophe by giving the perception of dynamic range in the optical properties of the principle means of this method is that you first consider any element of reality as a primary element that is perceived at first look that means to you is your perception if you have information about a possible global catastrophe or such are not dealing here is that this is the first part of preventing a possible global catastrophe is actually quite narrow specialization in management and so in the future in possible need is to share this part of it is directed at including what you can do through it well, in general, that any control but treated as a specialization and so unlike usual as if the background level control , in this case the primary level can be either manifested in perception that is what you can get the signal that there is some problem with her from possible global catastrophic consequences either now or in the future or you can just put navsego task is the search task while in the search task system is working to possible to prevent a global catastrophe so the situation here is to make a dynamic sensing signal example in two positions , or a signal that exists on some external problems or do you do in the system management level and then there is another principle means the first principle when you respond to an element external reality that is in your perception there is a certain kind of information your information that is, I mean, that information is not from the TV for example namely information or your perception of what is not there that means the physical information means you get information about a possible problem and then control the dynamics fits in certain axiomatic principles that describe here should immediately know that first of all you need to highlight the segment information that it means in the optical range so that you are immediately made to abstain from action control this element of reality that is possible to prevent a global catastrophe therefore based on this further development logic is that first of all you mean to implement his consciousness momentum that carries it is the essence of your work that is not the problem it is natural to fix a potential disaster and manage its global really prevent real concept here is that you should immediately make such control to it was stable in the future period of time that is in the future it does not happen so here it is a key position in this method, if it is an external element of reality when you make a sustainable future for the positions that there is no such global catastrophe then the situation here is simpler ie you need to make future design dynamic to future design was dynamic in your perception you just navsego prolongiruete their perception to the future but in a way that it is sustainable that is fixed by fixing the future extension of the past here such axiomatic level , this level is defined so that first axiom last to give way speakers means perception is beginning elements of the future that is, you select the element for sensing where the future begins in the perception of you can

do this is elementary because you can select an area of the future begins as the area is quite real second axiom is that the area beginning of the future will naturally your own management system but axiom says that your control system becomes a reality when it develops the target goal of the author is the creator of the harmonious development of creative and at the same time so you are building a reality and the third axiom that the construction of reality occurs in the canons of perpetual construction in that case if you highlight an eternity in his own mind that is you have to find an element of consciousness but to consider consciousness as when you look at yourself that your point of perception is in the physical body such as there is in the soul and the physical body from the outside you look at yourself as well would then look at your image of exactly what that is and here you have to find in the minds of eternity is your own problem , it is that once you are wondering search technology eternity in the minds of you certainly find it on the first pulse and the perception that it is a dynamic momentum momentum of the matter is that this lecture will be especially complicated in conceptual form and therefore it is desirable to repeatedly listen well, for example there on the recorder while you follow the logic that I now lay out and when you find eternity in the external perception of this is the dynamic characteristic of the future management means it turns out that the speaker is just simply what you find in the perception of eternity mean well when the external review of information itself and since being here because you are required to have a manifestation of eternity it turns out that in any case you are saving on a possible global catastrophe if that phraseology I have now introduced you translate the structure of DNA such as by vibrating structure is obtained as the time the system plus the DNA element of the future development of which is laid mainly to human tissue that is mikromolekulyarny level or DNA is the information that exists such development as well as microscopic examination of the manifestation the future is already in human tissue macromolecular manifestation that is in the form of the future thus manifested as a person and in connection with this information, I mean in this context is quite simple to find with this position control system if you know how the person moves ie it is incorporated in certain automatism so let's say the level where it is not necessary to use mind control which already stacked elements of collective consciousness in the fact that the human form is based on the control associated with eternal life when you work independently on this technology that you see here that the position of eternal life here exercised so that eternal life is a prerequisite for the functioning of the infinite future processes in this regard when I talk about the concept of eternal life , and why was originally created to put the question we get that these elements are such that they are in fact just simply distribution laws information can apparently who came here to invite them due to the fact that elements of development in this case we consider the elements of eternal life is eternal element in the development and way it is man himself so when I said that you look at yourself and see it because the element of eternity you but is a manifestation of consciousness development in technology that mean with the logic of the laws of development of consciousness so when you drive through such compositions as eternity and construction of future events that you should consider here as an independent work that is the same type of phenomena and phenomena arising from one another and at the level of perception vzamoperesekayuschiesya hence technology means creating a control pulse on the basis of giving means for pulse dynamics of the outer nature is that you build this technology or sequentially , or you simply add a control pulse only due to the fact that you perceive yourself and in the present tense and in the future that is quite simple technology simultaneously perceive themselves and in the present time and in the future and this momentum it will sustainably managed so that the reality

of a global catastrophe will not happen on a control system from a static image that is, you do so regularly assume that considering the whole of reality and look for those controls which means creating a stable reality that is in the future, such as preventing a possible global catastrophe, or you're working with the information of the past that there was no future in this disaster that this systematic search should be first and foremost in the fact that your search has been steadily directed to a real preventing possible global catastrophe and thus you have not fixed the possible negative elements with either past or future with the information that is negative plan which dealt well there internuclear potential conflicts it must still be controlled with the current time management that is well known that here was a situation where possible conflicts were internuclear therefore this information should not remain fixed for the information of the past in any case when you are driving in terms of their search engine so let's say when you consider the reality and run away from you and give the perception of elements dynamic response then you should definitely manage all amount of information such means if you do manage even in the distant future, well, suppose there take a million years to come in this part still contains all known information about possible conflicts that could occur well in this Caribbean crisis and therefore this information it exists in the total volume of information as an element that responds to your control in the future rather simple logic be careful here because the logic which I give at the logical level management intersects with the spiritual control and the spirit here may not appear very clearly mnogoemko because it is your personal task to prevent each possible global catastrophe and disseminate this knowledge and therefore knowledge of the technology that will occur in this part of the study , they can be quite versatile but more importantly that they should only be directed to one goal here is preventing possible global catastrophe through your own search engine ie especially when you are putting the problem and look for that may be the cause here today as much as you need to work there for an hour or minute second half and there may need to work constantly there for several hours to avoid this catastrophe here then you should definitely manage all information in connection with past there are a number of axioms that are very easy to understand the logic here but again there is a sense in the fact that what I say spiritual education that is the spirit must be so that in any case to prevent a possible global catastrophe and not only global but it is better any problem in shifting towards the optimal solution in this regard axiomatic level that logically follows from the laws of interaction of optical it must be you here studied and understood where perception becomes a spiritual basis why have control when there is a real result but no such intermediate verbal level concerning optics control is that now I'm talking about the optical range which all understand he must necessarily be joined at the level of knowledge with a range of development of the spirit that in this case means the development of the spirit here usually are elements of awareness of all reality in my system concentration for each day I was there lays the mandatory elements awareness due to the fact that the methodology is aimed at you to run independently and had their own management tool I'll just type independent level as the level of development that is required is not the usual logic of such arguments or do you suppose considering the process so that you have some informative from some constant source of information that characterizes the development of what is it like or slow or very fast , it then makes sense here is that any element of any reality , including the development of his own spirit of his soul on the target management do you personally and so when I'm talking about management such as an optical range then docking of two optical elements suppose I can see the camera or microphone as two optical elements of perception that is just translate what that signals such close my eyes and consider that they are so close but from

the interaction of these two signals can I get spiritual development in understanding what kind of things the fact that each task is the study area which has no known characteristics is the main that is required for salvation in any case as well as the understanding of any area that has known characteristics concerning for example a video camera or microphone is known that that it represents the concept of spiritual development in the management plan fits into the problem just simply that the elements that I regarded as a manifestation of the spirit which is the creative elements in the knowledge that there chip board or there mathematics or physics or even the image there but when you're dealing with unknowns in this case the two optical coefficient that is located near two optics in your perception like two bulbs conditionally they require management including the nature of knowledge themselves in connection with this spiritual development is again outstripping the future which forms element of the proper form at the expense of you are simultaneously in these two elements of reality well, such as the ancient yogis elements of development well which concerned only assume personal progress lay in the fact that at one stage of a self-conscious person should in objects of external perception or their perception here as an independent work , analyze why this phrase I said external perception or their perception and that's when there was awareness of the work was considered done because it has been an impact on reality suppose they could melt the snow that is there to raise the temperature of the well, and in general that control reality is quite obvious on a physical level or assume samovoskreshatsya when there is documentary footage is the beginning of the century when the yogi assume gathered himself just after he burned it completely obvious things that are done well and even logged but my task such control is not to go to the level of means to fix the negative status that is the sense of salvation lies in the fact that in any case was to follow the logic of such a man's body in the first place should not be destroyed but if it is such a problem that it is necessary to restore the principle that so now I present a study of the dynamic structure here again is a dynamic structure of the future it is not specifically necessary for example well, suppose there is that there is no need to injure there suppose to cut your finger , and instantly recall the fact that the meaning of management is done so that those people who do not know these techniques such as they were still at the level of transmission of information with you that there is a sense that such

are in one place and in one form that is in terms of eternal development considered just this element of consciousness you see that you can always build a harmonized reality there to build such a system to develop informative worlds just because you understand the structure of consciousness that is the principle of self-healing and building reality through self-healing it is built on the fact that you build your own reality , and in such a way that the first manifestation of such is you then it turns out that the construction of it is such that you can build well, not only there own reality suppose there own body and thus develop harmoniously all exterior and enough to understand the problem , plus the creator of all your tasks for example and you can build another element of reality that is so you can build such a technique which may in the future not to destroy but to have forms that are necessary for eternal development that is here , I said the word forms in a mechanical sense, there are elements of the development of the art form even when such symptoms as formal parameters there geometrical parameters define the elements of eternal development if we consider the history of civilizations that have long enough development in some civilizations in his time in the past, I mean in the history of the concept of land forms gave special value in terms of features reborn but provided that certain problems

may be in the range of development that is they have pledged system stability formal symbolic signs and generally speaking largely of course it helped that that now all the same land is not destroyed so when you consider the elements of development be attentive to the forms that you create in the elements of knowledge here note that the elements of knowledge , you create forms when you know this information is supplemented as new forms of development in the world, these elements form also can be controlled by them , too, can be controlled as a result of this you will not have some uncontrolled areas of management and it is this feature of this principle it represents the fact that you can take control by creating its own form , not only in the material embodiment, for example in the form of the human body and there respective events but also in terms of the form of the infinite future development of this part I did not specifically reveal as least until the end that is now part of this it is necessary to invent on the grounds of self-healing and how to mentally imagine dodiktovat to be able to afford dodiktovat management system through self-healing in that part of that next event management of any order from my mind I just do on the platform that the part that I did not say I do on this control means events of his own consciousness that is, in this case, you get control of the area which is undefined in your mind well, at least for now , or if someone is already speculation quickly one of the options in principle all here in the hall already fishing for another question, I still put this lecture on that basis that the element of reality is undefined in this regard you should still get the precise control when the starting point is uncertain why this control technology and it is built as a special technology development of consciousness but also including controlling a wide range of events including the fact that driving a private event you operate the entire system harmonized assume healing heal you both say almost because everyone involved in the event or to optimize everything at once why such a complex well possible with this process is to understand here not difficult because the controls are not announced and it can project anywhere that is not carrying the management announced consequently an infinite development in any case it will project where you want to challenge your mind and just simply is given the status of infinity purposes for well on target initial impulse control if this sounds complicated as it can be in terms of the situation here then try to consider the system when it's just for you that is perceived reconfigure the fact that the material is perceived and that's just this part of the study with this position so specifically pledged that special problems here and you do not have to mind the gap learn this part of the material in such a way so I'm here again now define an area that is virtually unknown and control goes to the target but what you want is to be treated can be any event that you want to have and it passes through the management of natural preventing possible makrokatastrofy anyway ie any of the substructures passes through this system as well as the DNA is arranged makes it all the time management does not matter a person controls consciousness specifically or not, and therefore the control system in this case is that it is necessary build a control pulse which is already under way in the first place that is all involved in the issue or what your consciousness anyway but the management is based on the position where the primary characteristics therefore no logical problem it is very easy to control on the level of features that are unknown should just simply identify at least what that boundary conditions from which we must proceed to run and so it is the boundary conditions is the environment that contains the unknown environment , and that's the fact that the system of general relationships that each element of reality interact in any way with each other it is clear that the nearby Wednesday it was formed in interaction with an unknown environment such as when I was doing at the

time the instrument is based on crystals and device means well, so say was engaged in or was sent out and now it functions to prevent possible global catastrophe that goal of preventing means if we have characteristics that unidentified object of control crystals mean was that the crystal itself to carrying characteristics of the external environment for the control pulse that is, any momentum that he passed in optics is such that its parameters were already known because the crystal shape and their location were such that and including means considered an external signal as any that carries all the outward signs around them mathematically by the way is not difficult enough here it is in mathematics from the standpoint of optics optics perception well if such there are often the same type of processes are the same as in crystalline systems, and therefore when you have control of it during the first control current can be so you can have the current management on the assumption that you mean as I have said, but management can also be control of the future that is when you have what or management area but this area comes from the future as an explanation to this you possibly at home or something like being here even try to work term have control that is when you are able to transfer control to the normal situation which may well be you think it home that is possible to have control of the term somehow adapt itself to here in this lecture that is being in the state that 's well, there is a special purpose control through consciousness do not see how the care management from the fact that you do not doing here and when I consider management means that the principle of external events such as construction of external reality and at the same time the inner reality is reflected in the fact that you decide on the level of the reproduction process of creation event that is created when he put reality in any case, the question solved if you do a reality as doing so created a need and therefore the next element is an element of reality that is not designated can be absolutely certain you have it still build these here somewhere about five minutes of this lecture I have tried to describe the boundary conditions mean for the area which is unknown in this regard by opportunities this site listen to lectures specially well, maybe a few times to catch where you manifest themselves in a situation such as control area that is unknown so boundary conditions are set as a condition for support , it is clear that your perception that is what you perceive that element means that he is being perception you consider the area as an optical element and you believe that this area it is unknown which of the area should be controlled but it turns out that your perception that there is an element of the boundary conditions that is the fact that there is a spiritual position on the management when you do not perceive the optical layer and here, too, the same principle of boundary conditions here , you have to implement it in a way to pick up their own control area and there is a logical principle that is the perception that you are building because your perception of the same area already have informative if you do say yes there is an area characteristics known this is a manifestation of what is reality and that is the problem in general in this case, just work on just the mechanics of this approach that is indicating to discover this area you tap it as something that is, for example , you can assume it to simulate a sphere there even result in canonized view there or in any what you like or just leave as you perceive it as easy as a rule can not be a clear image in any regard, let's take a practical joint activity that is now such a table before me in front of everyone must put together image that is unknown at the level of information but this image anyway saves from possible global catastrophe or restores or simultaneously manages all the events here at three positions , or add and who wants that is in connection with these everyone puts such an image in front of me information it may well be possible to assume that there is more compact set within such a meter

within a meter and then it turns out that there is a certain image that now stand before you this way it turns out well, there collective way that each of you made it accumulates in one place and turned suppose that we have here is a management and therefore based on the fact that the management is designated as being in control of your perception of the terms you may want to consider is specifically because you already know the composition of the hall can look around there well, such as clairvoyance , or when you went you've seen that look in the eyes of this administration is the consciousness of each joint your own mind that there are three positions and highlighting these three items you can basically build a parallel reality as it is actually a projection of reality application level well, for example on a table that has a table as a manifestation of the collective consciousness but the collective consciousness of a nuclear bomb as a manifestation of the collective consciousness of all the same but the collective consciousness initially pledged by someone such as the collective consciousness of other who would not want it to explode like in this case, the collective consciousness is not activated so strongly that it did not explode and the task assume here this is the highlight of the training area which is undefined that feature which in any case solves your management issues and while it addresses issues so that you have control on the level of any of the events still including most private events or seemingly even the smallest that there is , in principle, the task is still control any developments in this regard, now just one more time to rebuild this area again as I said the first time that there is an area with uncertain in front of me it is compact it is your collective consciousness is part of the hall next task you need consciousness that comes from others that there is another part of the collective consciousness should be connected here with these tasks such as universal salvation from possible global catastrophe and the harmonious development of each system must connect all the collective consciousness of consciousness including all future development and therefore when you say consciousness all future development you will need to enter the area of endless development and consider what collective consciousness all at infinite and eternal development that is the problem turns out to consider all eternity ahead and consider how this consciousness manifested including if necessary , and then the consciousness of the past in this regard when we look at the reality of the task of constructing such a way on the consciousness in this case is to identify those characteristics that consciousness is the meaning of these actions and so the consciousness of these actions is that in the first place on the lens of perception is very simple once you see the area that is indicative of this example you can immediately tell that the development of all such infinite eternal development it 's such a specific segment of consciousness which is at a specific distance from you and optics as it looks like a line , and then it turns out that all the problem is not really difficult when you another question the transfer of control is not only logical but also put management at the level of spiritual development that the spirit as well as the bearing pad as a system which including building a perception in this case is expressed as an element of universality that is the fact that around like you can select in the perception of what is an optical element and at the same time if you have it highlighted all that surrounds the optical element can be considered as a manifestation of the spiritual again out of his mind that there is a spirit can be identified and therefore can also detect the presence of mind or soul work management and soul then you can adapt by defining to what is your perception when you have such a problem as you through the perception of these tasks ie research mechanism of consciousness is such that it allows the determination to find the truth through the next iteration , ie determine that there is a soul in the manifestation of what you have is a design that means the action

and then in the next iteration of the well, such as doing it again and come to the truth of the soul , or as the truth on the conceptual level or you really are in the shower and at the same time as you see the revelation that occurs at the level of actual construction of your own mind if it turns out that you look through your mind but you can see how it is constructed soul is already managing the soul that takes place at this level that you do it at the same time management consider themselves in many positions that is, consciousness is the position position position of the soul that the soul plays including consciousness and the spirit and the most accurate way of orientation is in direct contact with the creator of that is in this case you are on the level of contact with the creator and all the knowledge that you perceive it from the creator of knowledge concerning technology of obtaining knowledge from the creator is that you can position to enter a state where knowledge are specifically from the creator , and in connection with this example, if you need to get control of management such as mandatory to save it naturally can in any case be realized only after the set positional characteristics such control again returning to the problem of constructing all the same to the possibility of the reality that is undefined build it again together again in front of me so that's like already this time reality more clearly formulated that is, it has a very clear optical performance and is somewhere around near the floor and so begins to grow up in the first moments of it were pulses which were mostly well around that area which I mentioned in connection with the three- times seen that the task of development is to build obktivizirovannuyu reality than objectivism reality is that it begins to manifest itself at the level of perception and that's when we ta

lk about the problems that the creator

just mechanically only with the fastest possible speed ultrafast this projective point you enter into this point and then it turns out that all the area that was unknown and it was uncertain in general do not even need because we look at it another point projective component of consciousness and the other point of consciousness and it is defined and described , and as many times can and plenty of time to analyze it can therefore here is the structure of consciousness which I now consider it is that there is in fact there are many ways but in this case I consider one of the methods when the reality is constructed by pulsed I defined the nature of the infinite impulse laying in achieving the goal of management or tuning forms a direct frontal well as to the management principle well conditionally on the forehead , you can tell when you are in any case reach the management of this technology where the element of reality from which you sent as from the point origin is unknown but it means control in any case there is here and you can even have a super-fast control because the distance from the unknown region to the management it is also unknown , it can be as small as possible , or be in the very management that is, in fact, this principle gives super-fast management for sustainability but actually this method to duplicate the level of implementation of simultaneous say be careful here as an independent homework examine the simultaneous implementation level what I mean by this concept here or socialize with me here in

telepathy after this lecture for three days with a 10 to 11 evening will still actually next part of the lecture but telepathy and there you can ask questions related to the fact that's what I mean by this concept here just to all, I consider that there is a common point in the minds of you can put a point of reflection and everything and it turns out that the area unknown region is reflected in the well-known point in the area that you simply assign this area as I repeat again converting a very fast rate with a mean area of ultrafast virtual reality also indicated in the minds of you simply select it turns control so in this case, the management of the area with unknown characteristics in certain cases, this design is learned very quickly that is, once it becomes clear and simple as possible , this control does not simplify this management and the complex plots which show what spiritual development means to them again return that is here in this part although I the most simple and it made it really such possible not simplify well develop their own level of knowledge that is, if you want what that land still considered at the level of analysis , consider it 's a special note on this part of the lecture means that part which dealt with the lecture part I'm finished by If possible, once the projection in front of me in the management of the unknown part of it you're already quite specifically in the hall just now taken shape and gives management system already in this case is a defining part of the lecture in order to further when you are working with the practice was immediately clear to you that here's an example say now can be used as well, actually work with some sort of specific situations and thus answer the first means is in the first touch of course the information itself but in fact in the application in one of the values though I try to open here a fundamental sense management including the perspective of those methods that have been outlined in the lecture part of the question is then how to deal with negative information the fact that the concept of negative information to work with it in the first place it is necessary to define what is possible as soon as the element is not fixed to the negativism that is, information is fundamental management objective therefore well actually the easiest in terms of methodology assume control dvuimpulsnoy nature so well, as if to light in the minds of these two sources inside and outside and the notion that they or negative information so that it lit up the maximum disappeared immediately yah though have on the perception to start or create a maximum amount of interaction between these two segments of information that they restructured that is, a set movement through consciousness can deliver as well be on the automatic consciousness that just put a target program in the sense of whether these two sources and the information they need to restructure and here's a question that continued to disband means information is such that there is some form of information form that generally speaking , it is desirable that was not fixed that is perceived as unique rigid form implemented in the future is the main event this can not be allowed and then disband it is possible to simply mechanically just change the form that is split form is another example information through two sources , or enter the spiritual meaning of such knowledge which he disbanded the form that is preceded by a point of knowledge as a control point in a form such as the recorder and I want to see that this information did not contain negative then I try to understand the system that I need to know if I look at the recorder to get the disbanding of some negative information then here I suppose should know for example that photosynthesis can be in a closed system that is not necessarily a permanent presence there of light how to do it but then find as do it and then I see that the negative information that is disbanded , I used the direct method is not a method of knowledge which can be in terms of negativity as well, this would not even be here recorder would negativism I just wanted so that 's what I laid on the purpose of knowledge and with speed of knowledge on universal salvation is this speed and was received here that

is like I did at the time but , in principle, yes I could do it in an hour after the lecture to make one general impulse , I decided to also perform the same task , or in real-time that is so even though real-time I still solves this problem another question that in the control of all the information when you shift control do you still are biasing disbands negativism not only that which you perceive as such you can participate simultaneously in all the elements of reality and thus gain control only seemingly at issue and continuation of whether this means replacing negative information positive thing is that in fact logically yes it is in the same location as a positive form of working system it is possible to consider as it may be , or substitution that is mechanically mind you can be perceived as a replacement but on the other hand you can not even touching the form as I said that to consider the element of consciousness that contains any connotation of the target control that is possible will not be moving beside him and still operate from a single point and then it turns out that this is not a substitution transformation layer of meaning that you invest now in control of the second question how to build the structure of the child , taking into account the will of his well the fact is that we must first build in my opinion the structure of the child so that you must first of all be given the status of full freedom of the individual in the future and of the current or past that you do have the freedom of the individual in terms that the child should still do what you want or such social necessities and thus well here it is written , taking into account the will of what he wants and turns structure build in this sense it is necessary to read through here on my mind control technology through the structuring of consciousness that you first allocate glow that is the optics will complete freedom of action is the deification of a child that is well sverhtvorchesky development path that is highlight this information and then enter the information in social norms well assume as a circuit which closes the form of a cone , and then add the primary type of expression system as an internal system but inside the cone , plus your objectives on education then it turns out that the control is only for tracking all these forms that is, if the cone there began to change suppose you see that somewhere there is suppressed his will where he feels no freedom simply add the control to it but you can get there quite specifically to see what makes him no freedom there that smell unpleasant or actions of parents or someone in the street , it may be what that infringe this may not be the action and maybe just someone's opinion that it infringes on the freedom of development task is then again in the creative context does not cause anyone problems well, this technology you do not cause harm to you simply enter the information there to compensate for these systems in his perception that is, if someone's opinion he did not like when you enter a complementary shape so that it did not affect his yes to such development while you are doing quite specifically and why that person the benefit of this system can not be hurt because well firstly there is the target level of universal eternal development and technologically optics it is not a problem that is, in the optics as well be weak optics in the scattered level of consciousness , it does not intersect like firstly to any other that is there such elements when you take a closer look this control system is that it firstly optics nonlinear ie not as light falls directly here and he did not harm ordinary light optics such but there is still sparse ie optical elements in the first place they may be distant enough away from each other in the second you are playing their own consciousness and consciousness precise meaning play when you make precise control only if you do obschesozidatelnye action and therefore get a lot of duplicate levels when you look complementing the man well correlated assume yes shade you do not hurt him and vice versa , you may even be look because it is that hurts suppose so yes then you are restoring it and so on , in accordance with this you can get even deeper in the man or what he is there if he did not like the smell of smell there restructure

accordingly and so on here so I think in terms of this technology as I drew attention immediately is the main important thing is to fix the first element is the freedom of action of personality development is now sub-question here how to build the structure of the future child well, the question from the standpoint of the structure of information about it so I said in terms of sub-items so to speak patterning can be private ie you look at every event if you need it but here the meaning is that it is important to give freedom to the child's development that is to use only the spiritual level such control when you do not violate the freedom of his will and at the same time you do not have control over every particular action such as clairvoyance level yes approach that is, everyone should be including independent and at the same time you give yourself the opportunity to act without controlling behavioral structure on events means but on a spiritual level of contact that you know everything that is normally the task of structuring as well say the unborn child is to provide freedom of action I think without having means there's no need to monitor the movements of physical activities there thing on the spiritual level all the time to see the information that is all right that is to find a spiritual level contact in the future apparently if you think that you need to consider an event that is part of an event on the future structure of the exam assume there or what that social events , or anything at all specific course then you can drill down to the events of the highest level that you need until there or cellular level links including links to infinity with all external or internal array is there are no restrictions here the main thing that you put this goal of universal creative development with the goal of application in the case of private structuring unborn child here here is an important point in my opinion which suggests that only a child for performing general here in general for all children who are easier speaking still developing at the social level by performing a particular task management for it , you can immediately know that it is often not necessary to consider makromassivy control because you're already doing this task because you manage for someone who has not so well developed but there socially or physically ie management well for the weak as weak could mean yes it always covers the level of macro regulation and therefore why there is such as well the conventional wisdom here is there suppose to consider having overdeveloped civilizations they do not cause harm to those who have not yet developed the fact that the general social principle or general a law of development is that the management is still going through makromassiv following knowledge they already are such that it is impossible to restructure the system there is a weaker well as knowledge of eternal development turns out that there 's macro- is precisely on the basis of the control to the child so you can like it detail and see that the principle of control to the child is actually the principle of eternal progression because it is enough to give canonized system development to create a child's development , and then it turns out that the eternal future is already stable process and practice example here on my practice I did it so that children who came to the lecture while they are often still asleep so they quickly mastered the material that is almost well, such as adults with other tasks such as they may be doing more then here macrosystems and therefore I think that's important enough that there is what you give your child control system then the main thing here well into the future more immediately understand that you are laying the eternal elements of development in their control pulse that is, the child is very important and that if, for example to see how the development of the child when it is you give the control system of consciousness here in my important is that you can have on themselves as well transfer to the target is that it 's such a special part of the way in the hall sparrows Andrew is a student of mine here it so happened that my daughter is not so well, she went to a lot of lectures and at the same time managed after a certain level of lectures while she did not mean the

entire lecture for example continuously listened she did become quite professionally done materialization that is when I did a control and did here these digital methods of analysis it turned out that the professionalism it was the fact that such management structure was such as well, if it was necessary to examine the entire system actually materializing on the system from the beginning to the level where it regularly always work that is children's perception of it is at the level of contact with reality information at a level that it turns out here that the entire complex once it gets here was certainly the case meaning that there were genetic data in the development of their own but nevertheless there still works canonized common law that, for example in my child's future structure if it is necessary to take into account that children are still in touch with reality more direct and therefore can be structured so to speak quickly enough and do often or constantly or often even enough just to put information such as what you want and it is being implemented very quickly so this here is my answer to this question that how much you need to do exactly the same treatment or the materialization of what to teach the child assume here there one more thing just from the perspective of macro that the child is closer to the inside information on the external reality so let's say that the management control information from a child going through the same materialization always regards macroregulation because the child must pass the level of macro-control to ensure their future events is genetically inherent in

experiment in aviation although it real or is there salvation aircraft recovery and so on that is in practice only control I give very specific control technology only real processes in the future and therefore you too should try best not to assume there is contact with some test cases repeat because management task is to achieve a real salvation and of systems including the unknown nature by repetitions of this can not be achieved by systemic main task is then the possibility of a spiritual state of mind is the possibility that the level of the soul that allows in any case be saved as a technology plus a particular practice on real salvation and actually just on the real standard of living here is why I am the way I translate more time managing all possible own events including private because it has a kind of practice that allows you to do more well to gain experience and then you are more prepared than if you just Occupation there such rescue systems from potential disasters and thus feel that your daily life is something else you're actually in control anyway so I always try to translate control to private management course another matter how fast you get your control many tasks soul above than their particular problems then they do a lot here at the macro level I have a lot of students do well and at the same macro- and often quickly reach specific control systems there particular problems but for example when interacting with them that's when I like , we analyze the situation I see that they often it is not a task that is currently done quickly but it is generally okay but nevertheless I still give control to particular problems that you were constantly in practice, after a while you get used to it then it will be natural for you to constantly control all of reality at well at least one level of the first time maybe it will be a few tense situation that's now the first time in years, sometimes delayed until the person reaches the level of ongoing monitoring and in this means quite clearly already knows that his control system can quite safely well, to prevent a possible global catastrophe and that's exactly what I think the meaning is the same in the fact that simply increasing the amount of practice it 's basic sense so now the next question is whether it is

possible to recover most remote organ surgically quoted the fact that the sense of control is to control to the extent to which you need and giving the status of universal salvation for example the fact that restoring the body itself , you can transfer this technology to all this of course I believe it can and should do even more so now it has effects on the surrounding tissue and in the ideology of management objectives is the complete restoration of tissue including what any instrument systems that do they do actually only lift the collective consciousness of training but I believe that the goal is to do at the expense of the human consciousness to the second question it means that the value of the Christian church now so I think that any religion canonical example evidenced by the fact that as a Christian church where there are such commandments as not to kill , and so on , they are always well, I think the fundamental essential and therefore in any environment there in any systems development , I believe that their value does not decrease in the future it may be increased because of the natural the fact that here is the principle that is implemented here as well, such as the principle of canonical principle not to kill this principle should be more capacious meaning in terms of an evolving system there such global destruction and so I think that as support bases must be used in many ways to those that have accumulated in such Christian church from the perspective of sustainable development means and at the same time I believe that we should keep in mind that any canonical religion as well known to many true canonical canonical religion now canonized religion which main task was basically the same task eternal human reproduction human reproduction well there certainly are distributed there by regions by representatives of the faithful and all the same way the Christian church here because the question of eternal life evidence shows in this connection here , I think there is a certain unifying significance of the Christian church 's why the matter is that if we consider the principle of further development as an element of the eternal development of the information is still evident in the views of uniformity when uniformity in religious manifestations there in terms of eternal development ie everyone will have an opinion but is meant in terms of uniformity of laws such as gravity is a law and then in this case it is a collective law for all so I think that I believe that we should support the general direction of any canonized aimed at creative development of not only the church there and in general what is the personal manifestation of social movements , and so on and at the same time try to help as much as possible probably as much as possible because the meaning is that for example in my technology I put the main element of this achievement and salvation of all and in any case if it turns out that we do not have particular manifestations anywhere at any particular person or in a particular state such as all must be saved so everyone should have the technology in terms of why such there is such a process associated with the possible destructions taking place there and there and there is a variety of destruction certain that all such actions immediately saved and there is nothing to do on like in my opinion the answer is that it is the idea of creation with the full freedom of the will if there is no complete freedom will it turns unstable system in general in the development plan of the founders is with complete freedom will enable sustainable development and knowledge is only here in my opinion there is destruction of the elements of destruction that I consider all the same as the lack of knowledge to a greater extent and in this regard, if we consider well, we can build further development of general principle and why you should build in my opinion based only on the knowledge that that's what it was all the same forever because the basic sense that it is still an eternal development if we are talking about controlling it makes sense in my talk only on such a control that leads to eternal progress otherwise we use only well what that grading systems and that accuracy in perpetual development gives no

systematic ie suppose there weapons systems that could destroy the special protection technology through the consciousness of self-defense there or through special system that can not destroy the creator and so on I just have a number of papers related to the principles of construction equipment which does not destroy the creator and well, it's more monographic work but I think that soon I'm going to publish a series of special monographs there can be viewed here on the following question technique what is a generalized image point is that I am now reading questions and selectively choose questions that give management closer to the subject of this lecture I present a generalized image if we put what that management tasks it can be a way that includes a number of systems related to a specific event that there are events where I got out of the conference hall , and there sat down on the car and drove there actions include three proposals conditionally called yes I went there got in the car drove a generalized image of this event three elements events ie when each form is a form as we now construct a generalized form when actually built by an unknown element which we must manage it turns out that it is a generalized image of three forms if their shift like that or fold it does not necessarily mechanically folded it is possible that these three forms of contact or is there an infinite variety of forms , or what that would cause quite specific forms another form or other manifestation of spiritual knowledge is the principle of working with information where you can obtain information only by generalizing informative way generalization it means respectively consequence you look at an object when there is information to summarize it turns out that you can see the image as a generic way that firstly there and to the extent that that is not known how to generalize the image that is well to remove some specific characteristics and for this it is enough to have obtained a specific image and even add to the image of well control that we have built with you that there is a way where characteristics are unknown then get a generalized image but generalized image is more stable in terms of image control means turns adding even though we have not defined still we get the opportunity to receive care more stable region and this region is more stable it is more manageable because the more generalizations the more possibilities to manage the system that is, more features and more members login so you can seen from the perspective of today's lecture generalized image so the second question means following characteristics manipulated during operation to prevent possible disasters heal event management in parentheses and so I specifically make it clearly understood what meaning of the question and the answer I give generalized to those who sit in the hall and each individually more so in the future understand the infinite response was that is, I immediately build at least three construction management capabilities further use immediately a control position in answering questions such as well those whom you teach , or just chat in parentheses written indication of the team , please wish to specify the exact point of application of the matter is that that's just the same characteristics , and those elements are expressed in the form of words that can not only change here is that specified in quotes ie it can in principle be any verbal structure in order to prevent such a potential disaster the fact that the word can be found on the basis of information here if you want to use for the control word for the most part I give control through the perception of optical elements is easier because you can achieve more faster control without words because it gives the optical element is a spiritual state that gives management being realized if you look at the eyes on something you an impression as well , I build on such grounds as some say almost like a control when I give the example images and then you have just spiritual Administration because that enter a state of spiritual and not have to build even if you are the optical images of a manager at this level if you build the word the word consists of a series of optical segments such as yes or a single word

but as a rule it is often even from many segments of the optical because the word connotes more sense for optics and so on that is it turns out that there is a superstructure on top and then the whole periphery of the consequences of which says that the word is used either here or there and how it all looks from the point of view of optics but nevertheless I always admit that it is possible and a very long way to control the sequence of words in ancient Tibet had 416 words to cure even one scratch literally they even walked on it that would be like as well as to sign a mantra they read that is not there too here the fact that there is less important that what is more significant and therefore the situation here is that in order to find all the same word or there 500 words how much you want to call and how to take what are the characteristics of the control action if still through words although it is clear that there can be indication as to bring optics and through this act but it is better in the intermediate part not to build systems like optical decision if I have put this as an indication or as a team but then I get another link that is better manage directly without contacting the definition of intermediate systems control note that I came to the answer is still not well once that is so then here is how to tell the exact indication for better team generally does not call to better manage when you look like you do on the table does not

say now I look at the table and then you see the same thing here so you just look and all that , or do the things I have and all the management principle that is he is doing but do not call as much as possible so if still called since I believe that the system of salvation may be the principal that is, if you think you need to do it then do specify a while know that this should be an indication there or still accurate indication or request such a wish that even the way here is typical question here is how correctly built in terms of the various positions until such requests or suggestions here there 's situation is such that the main thing here in my opinion reveal that the optical system of the word in this reality is born then you will need to look at all as you build a word for himself that is here to see the word you need to first consider your personal system it is a prerequisite for obtaining information word means you consider yourself considering information word and the word as such must be considered carefully in the absolute projection that is, you should see the word so that it is as if the word does not depend on that without communication and that this optical information fast enough it flows into your own information because you see the word and then you see how the word begins to work for you in fact that is an element in which the word is manifest there is such a concentration on the fingers can do just word yes you see where the information word of what part of the body starts to highlight it's very simple , you just look at just how well it upon himself and immediately see that the information you entered and word begins to flash then the organization will be the word that is in the first place it is necessary to immediately word spiritually aware yet that's the first element in the perception of speech is the output parameter is the primary spiritual awareness words first word in information technology is always on my spiritually realized that is what is different from the image of a word such that there is a spiritual awareness that is always pre- where words like also means no second element is the presence of the soul in the word that is what spiritual spiritual sense you invest in a word if you need to see is on the optics and pulse trace soul that is now out of the soul which is like the inside of your physical body and the body is a part of this soul we are talking about the whole system of information or evidence of the soul in the body and is based on the momentum he touches again the word is yet to be announced still so far that is, until I

talked about the spiritual part of the word then to continue the momentum of the soul and the spiritual impulse which you grope because logically you so here I am for example although you can choose their position and control word in this case, I 'm still only means to reproduce words these impulses lead you to the creator 's creator when you see the word you see and that is why the situation here is that it turns out that the word is the path to the word of the creator or the creator 's when we have such a word we should immediately understand the meaning which it is laid , and then it turns out that you can make instant control again without delving into the system as it links the word I again led to still how do you make that instant control when it comes to possible means makrokatastrofe yes so even seemingly there intermediate structure identified in the word you can with this reasoning to deduce instant control system then you clearly get the whole sentence and then you can write that in a particular situation is just doing questions on technology specifically they will act and there may act eternal amount of time that the main point here is to lay them further knowledge necessarily meaning because the meaning of eternal progression is always ready and able to operate in any case and if there is even a very good management system in which it is necessary to lay the structure for perpetual control here so I think it is advisable therefore to consider the information on the matter from the point of view of the management dvuimpulsnogo still here when the outside and inside of you using the principle of reality from the recreation here I think it is advisable to consider this issue means that this characteristic word immediately has always well at least two senses that there is a sense that the carrier bears the word and support structure that is supporting structure information and the meaning of information actually is the word as an independent work under this chapter, you consider yourself as means to create a generalized image of the two images are viewed clearly as if a distant second in the distance and at the level of the lumbar region like white mist fact that well at the expense of that in the perception of two images is the image and have a supporting structure yes they can be separated in the first place so I just said a word about what it means to have a load-bearing structure and therefore one image can be viewed as the design on which the target is such an informative way and it really is such a vague second or maybe even in the form of one points at constant management practices supporting structure is often simply point in the image and at the same time here is the situation that you can , in principle, through the consciousness of themselves determine including the supporting structure so I think that the situation here is that generally speaking if you management see there are two or more of the image as much as possible what is the point of view of the management that is what you want for yourself that is what your mind or your soul then builds and what you see these two images in general need to have accurate information as possible with respect to any still image and at the same time so here's how to get this information what you have is what you are building images of what management is through the coordinates or through the systems of knowledge if you want you can ask them questions by finding means to build a position as if the questions you just need it to manage , there is about the status of that if you look through the eyes of here like to be more attentive , I will now try on a spiritual level is to pass such a principle that when you go somewhere out there on the street for example, I 'm sitting here reading questions or give a lecture , I eyed perceive or consciousness there perceive elements of reality and build management is on managing the level of development of consciousness here on constant control there often exists the same condition that you and so it is understandable that there are now like two images clearly emerged and why you need them not detailing anything this way is very important characteristic of control associated with the fact that it is possible not to artificially slow down

ie not study there such as math or what is strictly required by repeating my science management system if it is not necessary but if you want to learn as much as possible , develop a level of control when you understand everything that happens and that is when you make such further control for you as naturally as I said, what I do like I understand what's happening when I'm just there to see with the eyes and just as it is clear to everyone who is looking through the eyes of an element of collective consciousness that's all understood the same thing but from the standpoint of collective management through my management system , try these links transmit information to build that is if you make such control possible think of others as long as it is not a universal system if you build a management system based on the fact how to prevent catastrophe, and you really do to prevent it so that it was clear to everyone then you try to go to the analysis of the existing reality as I said it's just the usual logical analysis that much time I understand there are certain rigid systems are understandable because we see them in the optical range doors there what that corridors or even external reality is the same transmission system build your knowledge what you understand all the other task that is virtually universal salvation is the problem including ultra-fast transfer of knowledge but also the task of the system detailed yes , it can be very long but the main compulsory transfer of knowledge through technology that salvation personally find you or do you know what it means well find your partners ie with whom you are communicating with friends whom you work there at all familiar strangers that is completely may be people who may be you there as casually as if it seems to be crossed in the truck but in their knowledge there may be systems that interaction can be generally transferable then it is the task of the overall development of the eternal is to continuous system was implemented for the transfer of knowledge or instant or system that is it instantly if it is necessary to concentrate all focus because to avoid disaster and system knowledge can be called that well, that when we talk about what everyone can build an education system or something like individual knowledge transfer to other means today I on the issues that are now here I am I managed to see answered on that I'm not considered I will give in any case or individually on telepathy that's who wrote the questions and , in principle, it is desirable to further what that contact data leave because some of the questions I answer as I dictate on audiotape and just I give if I thought that it is better