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Battle dashboard tutorial

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  1. 1. Battle Dashboard Tutorial Rv 1.1. In this tutorial we try to explain how the KoC Battle Console works and how it should be installed. Installation & Location https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/890-koc-battle-console The author is barbarossa69. Description The idea behind this script is to provide easy-access to Kingdoms of Camelot battle functions and information during the heat of battle. Natively in the game you have to click numerous buttons and tabs to get all the information you need... incoming marches, arrival times, enemy throne rooms, sacrifices, reinforcements, defences, etc. This script's aim is to simplify this process enabling quick strategic decisions on how best to attack or defend.
  2. 2. Battle Dashboard description Now you can see everything you need to see on a single screen! The Battle Dashboard contains an overview of your city's defensive capabilities and current status. Main Features:- Toggle City Defence Mode On/Off Quickly select Marshall Champion, Throne Room and Guardian Attack and Defence boosts Change Guardian and Throne Room Preset Sacrifice Troops! View Troops in City - Split by Defenders and Sanctuary, and categorised by troop type (infantry, ranged, horsed and siege) Quickly change defending troops Add extra defenders and defensive presets View Reinforcements - both encamped and incoming View Wall Fortifications View City Outgoing Attacks View City Incoming Attacks The "Overview" section has options to change Marshall, Guardian, Champion and Throne Room. The Throne Room selector tells you immediately when the throne room change request has been accepted by the server. This will help you decide how late you can safely leave throne room changes before an attack hits, based on your connectivity and the responsiveness of your session! Throne Room presets can now be named, and can optionally be selected by name. Everything else is really just eye-candy, but it's kind of nice eye candy ;)
  3. 3. Click Install this script , and refresh your KoC Game. You should have now a BATTLE button. ( you see it here , first button) When you click the Blue BATTLE button there will be the following pop-up The Battle Console, with many options. Most have already been preset, so its good to go, after install. You can tweak the below options when you know what you are doing.
  4. 4. The Options Tab will give these Options These are the common settings. ( you may change to what you need)
  5. 5. The Monitor Options These are the common settings. ( you may change to what you need)
  6. 6. The DashBoard Options These are the common settings. ( you may change to what you need)
  7. 7. Throne room presets These are the common settings. ( It shows your presets) You can alter the names Preset 1 to 16 etc. to reflect what preset it is, like defense 1 etc.
  8. 8. Now click the DASHBOARD button in the middle. And you should be getting this pop up.
  9. 9. Gamewise it should look like this on your screen. You need Use WideMap (requires wide screen) in bot options
  10. 10. The Battle Dashboard We will now discuss the various options this dashboard gives in game I have made it smaller by not expanding all options so its easier to discuss by level Your 8 cities. By clicking the number of the city, the dashboard gives you the option to goto that city and what is there. Below the 8 city tabs, you have 4 options. To mist, to dove, to use portal of refuge or portal of order. You can do so by clicking those icons. Mist & dove are general. PoR & PoO is for the city that is highlighted in the city tab above. From this dashboard you can take immediate action without going into inventory. This refresh button refreshes the game WITHOUT reloading the page. Its great for stuck scout marches, knights not available etc. Try it, it really works. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3
  11. 11. This info part gives you a lot of info, city name, the location ( cords) + province. If you have an embassy and how many slots available. If there is a marshall and which lvl. Also if a champion is defending that city, and if not, you can quickly assign one or change the champion to one of your other champions. ( if no champion is send by attacker, you may want a champ defending that has all troops stats and thus favoring the outcome in your advantage) In this row you can change the guardians of your city, you can quickly switch to defense or attack or else. This line is for attack/defense / health, the icons reflect the options you can activate here. In the picture given you see that 20/20 is activated. I can easily click on de 50% attack & 50% defense ( blood fury & iron skin) as well as the new health option icons ( last 2) These are all your TR presets, 16 total . You can quickly change to your preset of attacking, defending, or peacetime, or load etc. The additional collapsible levels in the battle dash board. 4 5 6 7 8
  12. 12. The Sacrifice level 1 2 3
  13. 13. There is a lot of info here about sacrificing Number of altars you have in that city, and what increase that gives. Also it shows which blessings you have activated for that city. Like in this case Dark Ritual and Channeled suffering. On the trooptype box, which drops down, you select the troop you want to sacrifice. Then in the amount box you enter how many. Standard it will give you already a small sacrifice that lasts around 1 minute. When you change the amount in the amount box you will increase the sacrifice perios. ( the more you sacrifice the longer the period) When you have 2 altars in that fey city ( as sacrificing only works for Fey cities) and you have the blessing Dark ritual ( which allows for 2 simultaneous rituals) as soon as you have sacrificed the 1st troop, the second box becomes available to sacrifice the 2nd troop. Here you see the 2 sacrifices in action, the amount sacrificed, duration that it will be active ( countdown) and the ability to cancel the sacrifice ( when needed) As soon as you switch to a NON fey city, thus Briton or Druid, the sacrifice level in dashboard will auto disappear. This has to do with the fact that you can only sacrifice in fey cities and if you have Altars. SIDENOTE, your attack city needs 2 altars at level 10, this gives you the full 40% boost. 1 1 3
  14. 14. TROOPS TAB if you have this option ticked, Auto replace, then the troops you have set defending will get auto replaced when killed. ( provided you have enough troops to replace the lost troops. IE: you have set 200k Flame Archers defending, and you have 1 million still in 1 3 2 4 5 1
  15. 15. city. If you lose the 200k FA in defending ( you lost the battle) then it auto takes 200k FA again and puts it in defense of city again. You can do this when online and you need to replace your troops fast in a battle. But if you are defending when not at PC an attacker can continue to kill the troops defending and if they get auto replaced, can kill a lot of your troops. Careful thus with this option. Script Creators Note : AUTO-REPLENISH DEFENDING TROOP LOSSES Please use this option with care - it's a great way to lose all your troops.... On the dashboard - troops section there's now a tickbox labelled Auto-Replenish. If ticked, after each attack, your defenders will be reset to the levels they were before the attack. This is to enable you to (hopefully) successfully defend multiple waves. There may be timing issues with the attack landing, so I cannot guarantee this will work 100% of the time, but it's a feature that's been asked for many times, so why not give it a shot ;) Here it will show the troops defending and how many. See below pic for an explanation. 200k Flame archers have been selected to defend the city ( But are not defending yet as they are hiding) ( The HIDING button is green) ( But defense is ready & standby by when needed) 2
  16. 16. The green HIDING button will turn RED when you click it and NOW you will be defending with the selected troops, in this case the 200k Flame Archers. You see that everything turns red, as a sign that you are defending now. Clicking the DEFENDING button (3) again will set it back at HIDING. This shows the total amount of troops available in the city, categorized by TROOP GROUP, Infantry Ranged Horsed Siege Spellcaster Assign Defenders, from this part you can select and assign troops for the defense of your city. 3 4 5
  17. 17. I have selected FLAME ARCHERS , the pre-defined amount is 200k. I can change this to more or less. By clicking ADD, the 200k Flame Archers will be selected and moved to previous discussed panel, for the defense of the city. I can also build presets here. With presets I can select a group of troops defending for specific defensive strategies. Aka, you can switch a group of troops to defense to suit your needs. In this case I have selected 100k scouts + 200k flame archers + 100k onagers as Defensive preset 1. By clicking the SAVE button, this preset will be stored. By clicking the REPLACE button , the 200k flame archers that were set before, are now replaced by the troops in defensive preset 1
  18. 18. You can build as many defensive presets as you want with different troop types and quantities. By using the drop down box for the presets, you can select the preset you want ( with the troops you want defending + qty already set) Then click REPLACE and the troops will be set for defending. This is useful, when you need to switch defending troops from RANGED to SIEGE troops for example. This depending of course what is attacking you. An Example: You have 300k Heavy cav incoming. You decide to use as defense 300k Catas. You select defensive preset 2 which is programmed by you to have 300k catas in that preset. Now you click REPLACE and the 300k catas are set in defense stance. When the time comes to defend, you click the HIDING button to switch t
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