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Battlestar Galactica and Religion

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  1. 1. Battlestar Galactica and Religion RELI 2850
  2. 2. Religious Themes in Battlestar Galactica Number Twelve Exodus of Hebrews from Egypt Galactica as Noahs Ark/Cathedral Number Forty Betrayal
  3. 3. Gaius and Caprica Six Baltar as Militant Atheist/Caprica Six as Fundamentalist Quandary: Problem of Evil Baltars conversion Pairing of Baltar and Caprica Six
  4. 4. Sharon and Caprica Six
  5. 5. Cylon Models Sharon and Six Sharon linked to Goddess Athena, Helen of Troy, and the Trojan Horse Six linked to Serpent and Mary Magdalene Both characters resonate with Eve from Genesis and Lilith from Zohar
  6. 6. Eve Boomer-Sharon closer to Eve in Genesis Boomers eyes opened afterward Boomer struggles with her choice Caprica Six knew what she was doing Caprica Six sacrifices herself to save Baltar Caprica Six is both dominant and submissive
  7. 7. Eve Act of Redemption: Both Caprica Six and Boomer-Sharon models try and find middle ground between the humans and Cylons trying to focus on new beginnings
  8. 8. Lilith Caprica Six clearly portrayed as Lilith in market Caprica Sixs physical appearance similar Caprica Six honestly loves Gaius Sharon seduces Helo and then betrays him Sharon is sexual dominant Sharon and Six possess immortality
  9. 9. Boomers Struggle Internal struggle between good will vs. wicked passions Parallels with Manichaeans Cylon detector creates dichotomy
  10. 10. Intertextuality Text connects author reader/text text Every text and every reading depends on prior codes Texts cannot be reduced to authorial intent Relationships between meaning inside and outside texts
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