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  • BeautyPricelist

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  • C

    Pamper yourself with oneof our luxury treatmentpackages:Detox and Revive 23Full body exfoliation and body brushing,application of body lotion, miniDermalogica facial, shape and polish onhands and feet.

    Holiday Countdown45, 55, 65

    Lash and brow tint and shape, prescriptivemanicure, express pedicure, full leg wax,underarm wax, bikini wax, choice of polish.

    Prom Package 20 Make-up, eyelash extensions Hair dressed /GHD curls/straightening Cupcakes & non-alcoholic cocktails

    Pre-Prom Package 20(Book 24 - 48hrs before the prom date) Fake Bake spray tan Shape and polish on hands and feet Cupcakes & non-alcoholic cocktails

    Or book both packages for only 35!

    Group booking discount: if 5 or morebook youll receive 10% off the total bill!PLUS to finish, pose like a royal and haveyour photograph taken on the dayfor you to keep. Please note there is anextra charge for this.

    Spa Retreat 45, 55Pre-heat treatment, full body massage,mini Dermalogica facial, express pedicure,prescriptive manicure. Lunch available onrequest at an extra charge.

    Relax and Rewind 35Pre-heat treatment (sauna/steam/jacuzzi),mini Dermalogica facial, relaxing backmassage, shape and polish on handsand feet.

    Revive and Retreat 55Pre-heat treatment (sauna/steam/jacuzzi),detoxing body wrap, mini Dermalogicafacial, manicure and pedicure.

    Glam and Glow 40Lash and brow tint and shape, spray tan,shape and polish on hands and feet.

    Enjoy a complimentary glass ofbubbly and goody bag at the end ofthe treatment with all packages.


  • Hands and FeetNailtiques Prescriptive Manicure(45 mins): 7, 9, 11This speedy manicure will include, massageand cuticle care. Nails will be shaped andtreated with a prescriptive Nailtiquesformula finishing with your choice ofpolish.

    Nailtiques Deluxe Manicure (60 mins):8, 12, 15.50

    For more intensity, this manicure willinclude exfoliation, massage, mask andcuticle care. Nails will be shaped andtreated with a prescriptive Nailtiquesformula finishing with your choice ofpolish.

    Nailtiques Express Pedicure (45 mins):9, 11, 15

    This quick pedicure includes a massage,cuticle care and your choice of polish.

    Nailtiques Deluxe Pedicure (60 mins):11, 15, 20

    A luxury treat for your feet, includingexfoliation, massage, mask, cuticle careand your choice of polish.

    Hand Massage with Paraffin Wax:6, 9, 10

    Shape and Polish:4, 5.50, 6.50

    OPI Gel Colour - Hands inc. File, Buff,Cuticle Work: 20 Enjoy longer lasting glossy nail colour withOPI gel polish.

    Feet inc. Pumice, File, Buff, CuticleWork: 25Upgrade to a deluxe for an extra 8.

    Calgel Gel Nails:Clear Gel Tips or Sculpts 30Coloured Gel Tips or Sculpts 40Rebalance Clear Gel 15Rebalance Coloured Gel 20Safe Removal and AftercareNailtiques Manicure 15OPI Gel Colour Removal 10



  • Eye TreatmentsEyelash Tint 5, 6.50, 8

    Eyebrow Tint 4, 5.50, 7

    Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint8, 11, 14

    Eyelash/Brow Tint and Shape11, 14, 18

    Eyebrow Shape (Wax or Tweezers)4.50, 5.50, 6.50

    False Lashes Row 6.50, 9

    False Lashes Full Row 9, 13

    Lash Soak Off 4, 6

    Semi-Permanent Lashes 35Infill 15 (30 mins)Lash treatments are relaxing and enjoyable.Just lie back and relax as your luscious lashextensions are applied, because each lash isapplied individually the treatment timescan vary and may take between 1 and 1.5hours. However, it's time well-spent asyour lashes can last up to 12 weeks.

    MaintenanceEven though your lashes can last up to 12weeks, we do recommend that you havemaintenance treatments every two tothree weeks. Why? Because your naturallashes constantly shed - their individuallifecycle is around 90 days. Themaintenance procedure simply adds extralashes to those places where your naturallashes have completed their natural cycle.

    AftercareAs with any beauty treatment, goodaftercare will help your lashes look betterfor longer. Your therapist will discuss thiswith you during your consultation andtreatment.

    Highly Defined Brows 20The latest in brow enhancement, this highprecision treatment includes tinting andshaping to transform eyebrows into aperfectly shaped brow to dramaticallyenhance facial features.


    Price KeyIntermediate GraduateSenior Therapist

  • Waxing servicesFull Leg 11, 16, 19

    Leg 10, 15, 18

    Half Leg 9, 14, 16

    Full Arm 9, 11, 15

    Forearm 7, 9, 12

    Underarm 4, 6, 8

    Bikini 5, 7, 10

    Specialised Bikini Wax 17

    Chest or Back 11, 14, 17

    Abdomen 5, 7, 10

    Lower Back/Buttocks 17

    Lip or Chin 4, 5, 6

    Lip and Chin 7, 9, 11

    Facial Wax per area 4, 5, 6

    Eyebrows 4.50, 5.50, 6.50

    Full Leg/Underarm/Bikini18, 26, 32

    Half Leg/Underarm/Bikini17, 24, 29

    Threading per area 6

    Epilation Diathermy/Blend 15 mins 1030 mins 16

    IPL Laser Hair removalMake unwanted hair a thing of the pastwith IPL laser treatment - the easy way toeffective hair removal.

    Consultation 15

    Bikini:Full area 135Full area 6 sessions 675Small area 75Small area 6 sessions 375Standard area 105Standard area 6 sessions 525

    Face:Large area 90Large area 6 sessions 450Small area 65Small area 6 sessions 325Upper Lip 30Upper Lip 6 sessions 150

    Leg:Full Leg 1400Full Leg per area 280Lower Leg 165


  • Dermalogica FacialsThese are truly revolutionary because it iscustomised at every step by your skintherapist, based on your skin mapping skinanalysis. This will be unique to eachindividual because of the use of ourprofessional customisation products,including serums, complexes and botanicalmixers throughout the step by step processto provide additional benefits to your skin.

    Dermalogica Customised Facial 30 mins 9, 13, 1960 mins 15, 22, 29

    Specialised Electrical Facial (60 mins)22, 29

    Using Dermalogica products along withelectrical currents to improve your skincondition.

    FaradicIncreases skin-cell regeneration. Buildsmuscles, improving appearance of skin andcontour of face. Stimulates the skin,improving its appearance. Musclecontraction causes increased blood andlymphatic flow, speeding up wasteelimination.

    GalvanicA deep cleansing facial using a machinewith varying currents, heightening theskins ability to absorb products and retainmoisture, its great if you suffer fromconsistently dry and dehydrated skin, yetits also recommend for people with oilyskin as it removes congestion which canlead to outbreaks and acne.

    High FrequencyThe machines produce high-frequencyelectrical currents and infrared light. Theseimprove blood circulation and infuse theskin with ozone molecules, destroyingbacteria and promoting lymphaticdrainage. High-frequency machinesincrease the elastin and collagenproduction of the skin and assist toexfoliate dead skin cells.

    Vacuum SuctionStimulates sluggish lymphatic circulationimproves blood and lymphatic circulation,non-medical swelling and puffiness isreduced, localised fatty deposits can besoftened and skin texture is improved byreducing dead skin cells.


  • C

    Micro Current(Single Treatment)12, 18

    Course of 10 100, 160Micro current reduces the ageing processby increasing the circulation of blood andnutrients to the muscles and cells. Isextremely effective in lymphatic drainage,restoring natural cellular processes andimproving skin function. Gently stimulatesfacial muscles, firming and toning due tosmooth contraction of muscle fibre. Lookradiant and redefine your youth.

    MicrodermabrasionRegenerating TreatmentFace 35Body from 35Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliatingtreatment using vacuum and crystaltechnology. The crystals are delivered athigh speed to the surface of the skin andimmediately vacuumed away, thistechnology removes the top layer of deadskin cells, revealing new, living cellsrestoring a healthy, refreshed glow. Inaddition the epidermis layer of the skin isrejuvenated, meaning collagen productionis stimulated leaving your skin feelingplumped, minimising the look of fine linesand wrinkles. Its deep exfoliating effect canalso help reduce pigmentation patches,stretch marks and scarring.

    Diamond Eye Treatment 15A gentle exfoliation treatment for aroundthe eye area using real crushed diamonds,this treatment is one of the latestbreakthroughs in dermatology. Thediamond peel treatment is much like amicrodermabrasion, but is a less invasiveand more comfortable process becausethere is no chance of stray crystals aroundthe eye area, helping to reduce fine lines,dark circles and puffiness.

    Basic Microdermabrasion 18

    Make-up 9, 12

    Mineral Make-up 22

  • Dermalogica ThermalBody TherapiesDermalogica Thermal Back Treatment25

    Thalgo Marine Algae Body Wrap32

    The original marine algae wrap!Harnessing all the incredible benefits ofmarine algae, rich in minerals,vitamins andmicro-nutrients, this treatment relievesaches and pains and improves skinconditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Cellulite Blitz 12, 15Focusing on the hip, thigh and abdomenarea this treatment includes exfoliation,muscle toning and lymphatic drainagemassage to help minimise the effects ofcellulite.

    Deep Cleansing Back 21, 30A facial for your back! We will use mineralsalt scrub and mud therapy productsalongside deep cleansing electricaltreatments to help smooth and detox thishard to reach area.

    Faradic/PhysiqueSingle Treatment: 12, 15Course of 10: 100, 130Muscle toning system designed to take amore relaxed approach to firming andsmoothing your body. Regular treatmentsrecommended for optimum results.

    Flotation Session 11, 11Float away for 20 minutes with our dryflotation therapy, enjoy a relaxation sessionto help relieve stress

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