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Become a Memorable Teacher for All the Right Reasons

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Become a Memorable Teacher for All the Right Reasons. Western Carolina University Beginning Teacher Support August 2013. Jan Cowan King North Carolina Principal of the Year 2010 jan.king@dpi.nc.gov (828) 606-0177. About Me. Taught elementary, middle & high - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Become a Memorable Teacher for All the Right Reasons

Become a Memorable Teacher for All the Right ReasonsWestern Carolina UniversityBeginning Teacher SupportAugust 2013Jan Cowan KingNorth Carolina Principal of the Year 2010jan.king@dpi.nc.gov(828) 606-0177

About MeTaught elementary, middle & highServed as an Instructional CoachServed as a School AdministratorCurrent Regional Lead for NCDPI

What makes a teacher memorable?Mrs. Grantham

Memorablefor all the right reasons

How do you want to be remembered?Imagine Your Teacher Image Here

Some professional guidanceNC Professional Teaching Standardshttp://bit.ly/13HJXGu

Some professional guidanceNC Code of Ethicshttp://bit.ly/16v4e6f

Some professional guidanceLocal Board of Education Policies

School Policies

School Norms

7Start Getting Your Head Around:Boundaries

Appropriate Methods of:CommunicationClassroom Management/DisciplineGrading AssessmentTime ManagementRigor

If you dont know, ASK a supervisor.DefinitionCharacteristics



ProfessionalismThe competence or skill expected of a professional.Airing dirty laundry in publicDisregard for rules/normsIncompetenceInsubordinationImmoralityWords/deeds that harmReturning phone calls/emailsBeing on timeDressing appropriatelyBeing overly prepared Staying currentHaving boundariesRespecting rules for cell phone useInstructional IntegrityPersonal IntegrityA sense of purpose/teamSelf-awareness as to professional obligationsAdheres to Code of EthicsAdheres to Professional Standards9The What of ProfessionalismImportance of the 3 IsStandards & EthicsCommunication (all forms)DressInteractionsRespect for rules/authorityBoundariesTop of Your GameCompetence

The How of ProfessionalismThink First!Know the NC Code of Ethics and Professional Teaching Standards

Consider Consequences

Think Like a:ParentPrincipalSuperintendentLawyerTV news anchorStudent

The When of ProfessionalismYou are always a teacher.

When am I not Mrs. King?

Integrity doesnt take a vacation in our profession.

Everything we do and say is a reflection of our school.

We are in positions of influence and trust.

We are expected to have a moral compass.

We are modeling the expectation, whether we know it or not.

We determine the weather for students.Because We TeachWe chose this profession.We must continually re-commit.TheNot MeSyndrome

Inappropriate MySpace Account

Inappropriate Relations

Punching a studentBorrowed from An Educational Attorney:Rules for StaffElectronic communication with students should be about school.Electronic communications with students should be on school-supported technology.Urge teachers to refrain from communicating with students through social networking sites, blogs, e-mails, or texts unless supported by school.Counsel employees on appropriate use and making good decisions.

Borrowed from An Educational Attorney:Top 10 Things NOT to post on Facebook

10. Pictures of your Boys/Ladies Night Out.9. Personal contact information.8. Picture of you in a bathing suit.7. Naked pictures of anyone.6. Pictures of your principal/supervisor as a cartoon character.5. Pictures of you partaking of alcohol.4. Pictures of you kissing someone that is not your spouse/significant other.3. Pictures of you kissing your spouse or significant other. 2. Your opinion of your school board/principal, etc.1. Flirtations, teasing with students (Dont be their Friends.)

17The Why of Professionalism

You can and will be a memorable teacherfor all the right reasons!

18The Power of Teachinghttp://pearsonfoundation.org/ccsso-toy/2009/

Jan Kingjan.king@dpi.nc.gov(828) 606-0177Go forthandbe amazing!

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