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Behavioral Therapy by Kurt Lewin

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Behavioral Theories Were concerned with what leaders did and act than who the leader is Based upon the belief that great leaders are made, not born.

Kurt Lewin

Eminent psychologist Categorized the leadership styles Developed the theory of human behavior Developed the change theory

Leadership Styles (LAD) The manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans

and motivating people. 1. Authoritarian Centralized decision making Leader makes the decision with the use of power to command and control others

I want both of you to.. 1. Democratic Leader participates with authority delegated to others

Lets work together to solve this.

1. Laissez Faire

Passive and permissive Leader defers decision making

You two take care of the problem while I go

Change Theory: 3 stages


Characteristics Members are made aware of problems/perfor mance gap and need for change Change should only be implemented only for good reason Agent identifies, plans and appropriate strategies driving forces exceed restraining forces

Organizational Impact Diagnosis stage is often driven by a change agent


Changing/Move ment Occur

This intervention stage features specific training


People use new skills and attitudes and are rewarded by organization

Changes are institutionali zed in the corporate culture

2 Dimensions of Leadership Behavior

1. Initiating Structure Emphasis is on the work to be done, the task and production 1. Consideration Focus is on employment and emphasize relating and getting along with people

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